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Nightmare Fuel / Piranha 3D

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  • The piranhas from the original looked like props and did kind of look ghoulish. Here, they look positively demonic...and there's a good chance that they HATE you as well as want you for food. The last shot of one of the trailers can attest.
  • The piranha attack at the wet t-shirt contest. Dear God, the horror. It's the Eclipse Up to Eleven, just replace demons with piranhas and with no one to blame. Just imagine: Your spring break vacation has just turned into your own personal nightmare, your friends have been brutally murdered either by the piranhas, the panicked people trying to get out of the piranhas' path, or accidents caused by the piranhas. The picturesque lake is red with blood, and the beaches you visited are covered with the dead, dying, and desperate.
  • The attack on the divers.

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