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Nightmare Fuel / So Weird

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  • "Vampire" is about an evil vampire trying to kill Jack as revenge for Rick exposing his father. He, Fi, and Molly are very nearly eaten. Then all the vampires melt away into the night, still out there.
    • It's worth noting that where most of the creatures the Phillips family face tend to be amoral at worst, the vampires are one of the few creatures who are outright malevolent.
    • Also, these vampires make a very reasonable point: much if not all of the the acquired pop culture lore on how to fight or resist vampires is completely useless - would they really let their actual vulnerabilities be known?
  • "Blues" features a very dark murder plot. Natty Bookman turns out to have murdered a relatively unknown blues musician named Addison Foster in order to steal his music and pass it off as his own. We're treated to a flashback from the perspective of his six-year old daughter of him dragging a trunk behind him.
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  • "Werewolf" has a POV-shot of a werewolf hunting down Fi, Jack and Carey. They very closely manage to escape into the protection of the bus. Then The Plan is to trap the werewolf inside the bus by having Fi and Jack slip out the back window while Carey opens the door to lure in the werewolf—with the plan to have Carey leave through the window while Fi and Jack shut the door.
  • At the end of "Oopa", the artifact spells out "FI". Thanks to Executive Meddling, the artifact's true nature is never revealed.
  • "Strange Geometry" has tortured souls press their faces from the walls. The special effects are good enough to be absolutely terrifying.
    • The villain in this episode is pretty terrifying in that he's not a monster or fairy or ghost... he's human. A very selfish human being who's willing to damn countless souls to an eternity in purgatory out of pettiness.
  • "Transplant" has John, an old family friend of the Phillips, slowly being driven insane after a heart transplant. His first scene in the episode has him breathing heavily in a panicked fashion while using black paint to paint over all the windows in his house. The rest of the episode follows him slowly descending into madness.
    • As an added treat, we get to hear his heart beating louder and louder whenever he starts panicking, which makes the episode really stressful to watch.
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  • The episode "Dead Ringer" may be the most terrifying episode of all. Jack stays at home while Annie and Molly have a girl's night out, only for the antique phone that once belonged to his dead neighbor to start ringing. The episode follows Jack as he descends into paranoia and even begins to hallucinate. It's never revealed if the events of the episode were supernatural or if they were all in Jack's head.
  • Bricriu often switches between this and a walking Funny Moment. He's unpredictable, a borderline sadist, and he gets more and more hostile as the series goes on.

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