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Nightmare Fuel / Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit was a subtle deconstruction of cartoon antics and the idea of toons and humans living with each other, even as it popularized the latter idea, so there's quite a bit in the film that's just a bit uncomfortable, even when it's also funny. And that's when it wasn't going for horror outright...

WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

     Judge Doom 

Toons in General

  • Many scenes in Toontown, demonstrating how actually dangerous and insane the seemingly perpetually fun and happy place that doesn't obey the natural laws of physics actually is for normal people, where everything is alive/can potentially come to life at any moment to potentially endanger you with their insane antics.
    • The sequence where Eddie meets Tweety Bird, Bugs Bunny, and Mickey Mouse (while falling from a skyscraper. They're less than helpful, even though Mickey felt sorry for Eddie. And Bugs did warn Eddie he wouldn't want the "spare").
    • The singing trees, even with their genial natures and goofy faces they're a little too happy and almost human-like.
    • Lena Hyena. Starting off as a seeming carbon copy of Jessica, she quickly morphs to her true Gonk self that's a pure Yandere causing Eddie to flee in horror from this loved-crazed loony that's bent on taking him for her own desires.
      • Add to that the implications of what would have happened had Lena actually managed to keep a hold on him. Eddie managed to escape because of luck and quick thinking using his experience of toon Genre Savvy to bend the rules of Toontown in his favor. It’s pretty clear from the implications that Lena had way more plans for Eddie than just kissing him, likely ending in an unhappy marriage against his will enabling her to force herself upon him.
      • In a squicky example, albeit in a very darkly humorous way, we see that Lena before charging at Eddie was sickeningly licking her lips and adjusting her saggy breasts. Talk about Dirty Old Woman. Eddie is very lucky to have just been kissed and nothing more.
      • On top of all of that, Lena’s still out there. What happens the next time some poor schmuck runs into her and doesn’t have Eddie’s luck or quick wit? Are those wedding bells I hear or a funeral march?
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  • The straitjacketed weasel Psycho is practically a Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant. Just listen to him coo, "Time to kill the raaaab-biiiiit..." He even turns the Dip on Jessica and Roger AFTER HE'S DEAD. His ghost was that invested in killing them.
  • Roger's reactions to shots of strong alcohol (rocketing into the air while shrieking like a steam whistle, shattering everything breakable in Maroon's office and later the bar).
  • Eddie driving into Toontown, a land of eternal sunshine and everything is alive and happy and singing. The idea being the only real person in a land of cartoons is just creepy.
  • The opening cartoon. It plays out exactly like a slapstick cartoon from the Golden Age... except that it's highlighted with horrifying, tense music and dramatic, dizzying camera angles. The whole thing is just nerve-wracking.
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  • When Wheezy is dying, his angelic soul floats out of him. Coughing, he desperately reaches out for it, but it flies away and he dies.
  • Roger chewing out Eddie over the idea of finding a new girl after seeing the Patty Cake pictures is kind of creepy.
    R.K. Maroon: Roger, I know this seems pretty painful now, but you'll find someone new. [to Eddie] Won't he, Mr. Valiant?
    Eddie: Good-looking guy like that? Heh. Dames will be breakin' his doors down.
    Roger: Dames? What dames?! [angrily grabs Eddie by the lapels] Jessica's the only one for me! You'll see! We'll rise above this piddling peccadillo! We're gonna be happy again! You got that?! HAPPY! Capital H-A-P-P-I!!! [runs through window]
    Eddie: At least he took it well.
  • Doom draws Roger out of hiding by repeatedly rapping the first part of "Shave and a Haircut," as toons have an irrepressible instinct to finish it. Roger desperately tries to resist in what's basically the old "Try not to cough while the killer's looking for you" times a thousand while he twitches and his eyes swirl in an unsettling manner from trying to suppress a primal urge built into his system. The implications that a toon is physically compelled to act on Rule of Funny even if it's against their genuine interest of self-preservation is unsettling in its own right.
  • The Singing Sword with Frank Sinatra's vocals. Even if he's not dangerous, there's something creepy about how almost humanlike his features are while have exaggerated features like enlarged ears and a dead look in his eyes with a perpetually dissonant expression of happiness. Eddie was understandably horrified when he realized he had pulled this out and not just because it was useless against Doom.
  • The Pistol Packin' Possum. Even without physically appearing, his sole poster in Maroon's studio paints an image of a possum wearing dark gangster style clothing wielding a pistol, and giving a Slasher Smile- indicating a very violent character that dealt in Black Comedy. A rather dark piece in the otherwise colorful collection of Roger Rabbit posters. It's not helped by the fact that his gun reflection blends with Doom's own before the latter shoots down Maroon. And there's the fact that on close inspection, he has red irises in his white sclera eyes....kinda like Doom's own true horrifying toon eyes.

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