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Nightmare Fuel / DuckTales (2017)

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Ducktales, woo- BOO!

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  • In the theme song, there's a mysterious pirate ship with red sails out on a hurricane-filled sea. It's kinda curious on what they could have been dealing with there. As well as other monsters like giant scorpions and mummies.
  • Webby and her Troubling Unchildlike Behavior. Is she a genuinely sweet girl? Of course, but that doesn't erase the fact of how deadly she is in combat - as both Black Heron and Magica learn it the hard way.
  • In stark contrast to the largely comedic portrayals of the other villains, the show's version of Magica De Spell is a deadly serious threat that seems straight out of a Lovecraft or Stephen King story. A Sealed Evil in a Can who occupies the shadow of her niece Lena, and pressures the girl into an insidious plan to get close to the Duck family, and also implied to be actively trying to morally corrupt her to the point of murder. And it's all aided by a performance from the typically comedic actress Catherine Tate that's stripped of all her usual hamminess in favor of pure bone-chilling evil. Even when she later becomes more Laughably Evil in line with the original character, it remains creepy because she still occasionally snaps right back to being coldly serious at unpredictable times, and the whole reason she's showing more emotion is that she's getting more of her power back, allowing her to come out on her own without being summoned, and even control Lena's movements.
    • That gets worse in the Italian dub: as usual she was given a heavy Neapolitan accent to reflect the fact she's from there (at least in the comics)... But Neapolitan has the connotations of being extremely hammy even for Italian standards and being generally funny (enough that knowing someone is about to speak in Neapolitan is going to draw a chuckle from an Italian), and hearing it from someone coldly suggesting to commit murder just shouldn't happen.


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