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Mrs. Beakley left SHUSH because she was pregnant.
After she got pregnant with Webby’s mother she took a job as Scrooge’s housekeeper because she couldn’t do field work anymore and in the hopes that she would be able to provide a safer and more stable life for her this way than she could as a spy. Webby is about the same age as the boys and Beakley was seen working as a field agent for SHUSH around the ‘70s, so Webby’s mother would have been in her 20s or early 30s when Webby was born depending on when exactly Beakley left SHUSH. As for what happened to Webby’s mother, that is a subject for another WMG.

Gyro will turn out to be Evil All Along.
Not only to the other characters and the audience, but also to himself.

Huey, Dewey and Louie will be closer friends with Webby
The original show usually had the triplets ignore her whenever she wanted to be part of their activities for being younger. Since Webby is shown to be around the same age this time around, they all will likely treat her nicer and one of them could even develop a crush on her.
  • Dewey seems to be the one to fit this, as he is consistently seen with Webby in the opening and appears in her introductory short.
  • Both Confirmed and Jossed; while the triplets do have a closer friendship with her than in the original series, Word of God states that there will be no romance between her and any of them. Not like that will stop the fans, though...

Webby will have a Dark and Troubled Past
Since we are promised that Webby in this series will be more than just a cute little girl, we may find out what exactly happened to her parents and how her grandmother Mrs. Beakley became her legal guardian. The two of them won't get along like they did in the original series because of their different personalities. Webby will also hide a lot of her sadness by constantly being hyper and cheerful.
  • The Quacky Patch doll was something that was given to Webby as a means of remembering her parents, possibly her mother. The fact she's using it as target practice, it has become, or has always been, a symbol of resentment her parents, and throughout the series we may see more instances of that doll getting abused in some way.

Bubba and Tootsie have already been revealed
In Scrooge's garage are a caveduck and triceratops fossils set right next to each other. Whether that means that they will be characters or just shot-outs is unknown, but it is those characters.
  • The caveduck skeleton reappears as a prop on Dewey Dew-Night.

Della is actually a Shadow Archetype for both Scrooge and Donald
Notice how shocked and angry Scrooge gets when Dewey throws his words about family being "nothing but trouble" back in his face. What if this was her last words to Scrooge and Donald before disappearing? That she couldn't let go of the idea of adventuring? And thus abandoned both of them for some reason to adventure forever in another setting? This would then cause her to change both ducks as a reaction to this act. Donald reacted by becoming ultra safe, because he didn't want to lose another family member. Scrooge reacted by "retiring" to basic business, possibly out of guilt for seeing himself in Della's actions and reacting to the extreme the other way.
  • Played with. While we never quite learn her full reason for taking the spear for herself, she did seem interested in exploring space without real regard for her brother's thoughts.

Webby is related to Scrooge by marriage
It will be made canon that Matilda McDuck married Ludwig von Drake, then revealed that Ludwig's sister married a Vanderquack and had a son—Webby's father. That would make Webby the grandniece of Matilda, and while she still isn't related to Scrooge by blood, she starts calling him Uncle Scrooge anyway.
  • She's started calling Uncle Scrooge anyway; no word about any relationship by marriage.

Fenton and Webby will have a close relationship that will mirror Drake and Gosalyn's.
This idea originated towards the end of the Boom! Comics and will be carried over into the new show to further the parallels between Gizmoduck and Darkwing Duck, especially now that Fenton and Webby have more dynamic Personalities.

Della Duck's husband will appear and get his own official name.
It would make sense given they added "Cabrera" to the end of a certain superhero's surname. It would was originally rumored that his name was Jamie, due to a certain misconception with the owner of a Duck Family portrait writing his name under the unnamed duck's face.

Everyone will have parental issues
The boys have their missing mom and unknown dad, Webby has missing parents that may or may not be tied to S.H.U.S.H(and she may may not resent for abandoning her), Donald's parents have his temper and a missing daughter and Scrooge has issues with everyone. They might even bring up Fenton Crackshell's father.

The Big Bad will be a Thanos expy
Bonus points if he's voiced by Jim Cummings, who did voiced Thanos in The Super Hero Squad Show.
  • Let's not mention Jim Cummings is actually CONFIRMED for the new series.
    • Maybe not. Given that Magica de Spell seems to be the arc villain, and the showrunners teased her as playing in the same league as Bill Cipher...
    • Jossed for Season 1. The Big Bad is Magica de Spell.

Garvey Gull, the orphan seagull from the comics, will appear.
Anthropomorphic seagulls already showed up as background characters.

Arpin Lusene will appear
Bonus points if he turns out to be connected to the Lupin III reference in the pilot.

Huey, Dewey and Louie's father is a Glomgold.
Flintheart's obsession with one upping Scrooge is so strong, it's not implausible that he would go so far as to get his own nephew/surrogate son sidekick to compete with Donald back in the day. Through their Uncles' tussles, Della and Glomgold Jr. developed a genuine respect for the other, eventually falling in love. As soon as it was out in the open, Scrooge and Flinty vetoed the relationship to high heaven, even when Junior proved his devotion to Della by disowning from the Glomgold name. With no other choice, the couple eloped and had the triplets with Donald's help. Scrooge blamed Flintheart for this falling out with his niece, which is how he was finally upgraded from "obnoxious annoyance" to "sworn enemy."
  • Though Donald didn't recognize Glomgold's name in the first episode.
  • There's also the possibility of their father being Glomgold's nephew Slackjaw Snorehead and everything Donald knew about Scrooge's veto is that Slackjaw is his arch-enemy's nephew. Donald can't keep track of Scrooge's arch-enemies.

Deadpool will Show Up in a future episode or at least, a Female Expy of him
First Disney owns Marvel and now, Fox, why not? Imagine the interaction of the Ducks and Ryan Reynolds doing a Role Reprise of him from the Live-action version as of 2016.

Slash Smashnikov has/wants to have children.
He's the only one even looking at Donald when he's showing pictures. He's scowling, sure, but he's still looking. Maybe he's thinking about kids he already has, or ones he wants to have, but doesn't want anyone to see him as a softie.

As a reference to mainstream Huey, Dewey and Louie...
A flashback will depict a young Donald with a voice very similar to their 80's incarnation.
  • Confirmed! Russi Taylor voices tween Donald in "Last Christmas!"

Gyro is on the Autism Spectrum.
I just got this sort of vibe from during his first episode.
  • I had the same impression too. He pretty much reminds me of an avian Sheldon Cooper, who has an Ambiguous Disorder most often assumed by fans to be a combination of Asperger's and OCD.

Hack or Slash will be a Cool Big Bro to the other.
It's been confirmed that main the focus of the show is going to be family. Maybe that won't just apply to the main characters. Assuming one of the Smashnikovs is older, it could be a nice way to give them some Hidden Depths. Maybe through moments of Big Brother Instinct?

An episode will feature Donald having an adventure of his own with cousins Gladstone and Fethry; we will also meet Gladstone's nephew Shamrock and Fethry's nephew Dugan, who will be Generation Xeroxes.

Webby is homeschooled.
Besides learning martial arts and how to be Crazy-Prepared, Beakley also taught Webby basic education. Although, given Webby's knowledge of impressive material, it could be beyond that.

Webby's grandfather and Beakley's husband is J. Gander Hooter
Just an idea I had and wanted to put out there. It would be an interesting way of connecting Beakley to S.H.U.S.H.
  • It would also mean that "Mrs. Beakley" is just an alias she adopted (as it otherwise would mean she was married to a Mr. Beakley).
    • Either that or it could be that Beakley is just her maiden name which she goes by to avoid being connected to S.H.U.S.H or to avoid attracting attention of F.O.W.L or something.

Lena/Magica was holding the boat down with magic.
At the beginning of the Beagle Birthday Massacre, the boys, their gear, and Webby make the boat too heavy to float (apparently). But at the end it easily supports the triplets, Webby, and Lena. Unless all the gear weighs substantially more than the two girls (Lena being larger than the others), why would it go from scraping the bottom to floating high?

Lena is magically cursed with Magica's essence.
Hence how their relationship is so prickly with each other. Lena doesn't want to be carrying around her aunt's dark presence, even to the point that she doesn't want her harming Mrs. Beakley even when they're all alone.
  • Played with. She was created from Magica's shadow, and thus magically bound to her.

The difficulty people have working out where Lena's loyalties lie is because she has both of them and does not realise that they will conflict
With the family she had she is desperate for a friend, and also wants to help the person who helped anchor her to sanity. So Lena wants both to be friends with Webby, and to rescue her Aunt. Of course the conflict will only become apparent after Lena has got her Aunt Magica's body back. She'll go one way of the other after soul searching.
  • Not exactly, but close enough. She was created by Magica with the intention to get her body back and have her revenge on Scrooge, but she suffers from the abuse by Magica and genuinely likes Webby.

Louie is a Huey/Webby Shipper on Deck.
We saw in "Daytrip of Doom" that in his mind, two people of the opposite sex fighting = romantic attraction ("Wait, are they gonna kiss?"). In "Terror of the Terra-firmians," he finds Huey and Webby fighting "more entertaining than that movie" and is moved to tears of joy when they grow closer after the cave-in. By the end of that episode, he's already jumping to inevitable conclusions.

Donald's been borrowing money from Gladstone
The nephews were never told that Scrooge McDuck is their granduncle, but they know and recognize Gladstone. While Donald dislikes his cousin at least as much as he disliked Scrooge in the pilot, he's not going to let his nephews go hungry out of stubborn pride- so, when times are leaner than usual, Donald begs Gladstone for some extra cash. While Gladstone is a bad influence and an arrogant show-off, he's also less likely to bring the boys on a dangerous adventure like Scrooge does. So, Donald swallows his pride, allows Gladstone to make a fool out of him, and feeds the boys for another week.

Launchpad is part pelican.
He's much larger than most of the other ducks, and has a rather pelican-like bill. While we haven't actually seen any anthropomorphic pelicans that I'm aware of, there does seem to be a larger variety of types of anthro birds than the original series, so it's not too far-fetched. Plus, Gladstone is the son of a duck and a goose, so interbreeding between different types of birds isn't out of the question. It's possible Launchpad's mother was a pelican, and his father was a duck, hence his duck-related last name.
  • One anthropomorphic pelican actually appears in the background: it's the third sea captain that chases away the non-anthropomorphic seagull in the opening scene (it is quite far away so it's hard to get a good look at him, but he seems to have a characteristic pelican bill).
  • Considering in the original series, Launchpad's father appeared to also be a pelican while his mother and sister were clearly ducks, it's entirely possible.
    • Also, Gladstone AND Donald are part coot. As far as we know, the last living pure blooded ducks in the extended Duck/McDuck family are Scrooge and his sister Matilda. So hybrids are long established in this universe, making Launchpad's speculative pelican lineage not just possible, but probable.
  • For what it’s worth, the surname “McQuack” could also apply to a pelican, as pelicans also quack.

Falcon Graves is a rogue SHUSH agent.
Being a Badass in a Nice Suit and an extremely competent fighter, the whole character gives some James Bond vibes. Maybe he worked for SHUSH as a secret agent like Derek Blunt from Darkwing Duck, but his violent temper and/or his lack of subtlety eventually got him at odds with the SHUSH leaders, he went rogue, and now uses his fighting and spying skills for rich people who hire him.

Gyro Gearloose will become a villain.
In "The Great Dime Chase!", we see that Gyro will build the Gizmoduck suit. However, we are also told half of his inventions turn evil by accident. In the future, he could work for Glomgold, and deliberately build an evil robot, to get revenge on Scrooge's Board of Directors.

Gyro will be a double agents.
As an alternative, Gyro will work for Glomgold as a double agent.

Daisy is related to Huey, Dewey and Louie and their father
Don Rosa stated that "Daisy is the sister of Donald's brother-in-law". Since Della is Donald's only sister, that would make Della, Daisy's sister-in-law and Huey, Dewey and Louie's paternal aunt.Not to mention as we all know, Daisy is the aunt of her sister's daughters, who are also coincidentally triplets, April, May and June. But what if its not a coincidence? What if having triplets is a common thing in Daisy's family, which is why her brother has triplet sons? That would make Daisy aunt of all six triplets and makes the boy triplets and girl triplets cousins.

Magica started out like in the comics.
She was depended on magical artifacts and theatrics when she was younger, when she first fought Scrooge. Then after that she gained genuine magical abilities to better beat Scrooge, but it still wasn't enough so she will use a spell to transform herself into a Humanoid Abomination to beat Scrooge. Scrooge, Donald, and Della, will be barely able to beat but they manage to seal her into an amulet which was taken by Poe De Spell which Lena found after Poe had become a raven.

Scrooge wasn't telling the entire truth about what happened to Mallardy.
If he really did cut Scrooge loose early, how DID Scrooge know where the cave was? And why would Mallardy blame Scrooge for his death? Given how Scrooge treats Della's disappearance, we know he's not above hiding things. Maybe he had more of an involvement in Mallardy's death than he's letting on, either directly or indirectly, and now he's too ashamed of his past actions to tell the kids the truth.

Goldie is an adventurer because Scrooge's plan to teach her a lesson long ago semi-backfired.
In the comic, Goldie was a dance-hall girl addicted to wealth. She stole Scrooge's very first treasure, the Goose Egg Nugget, so when he stole it back, he stole HER, too, dragging her to the creek where he'd found it and forcing her to work with him there to teach her - who'd always used her looks to make her money - the importance of hard work. In the reboot, something similar happened, with the unintended consequence of Goldie becoming a treasure-hunting adventurer like Scrooge.

Beakley was originally Donald and Della's nanny.
Donald knows her well enough to informally call her "Mrs. B" and she certainly embodies the archetypal tough but fair, no-nonsense British nanny. While the young Duck twins were spending time at McDuck Manor, or potentially after their uncle adopted them, Scrooge hired Beakley to watch over them when he was too preoccupied with business matters. If the crack about secretly being a spy was true, Beakley accepted the job to infiltrate the manor and keep an eye on Scrooge, but still developed a bond with the wards, being a mother herself. When the twins grew up, Scrooge kept Beakley on as a housekeeper because she had fully integrated into the household, and Scrooge didn't want to lose one of his few real friends.

Webby's paternal grandparents didn't approve their parents' marriage.
With a surname like "Vanderquack", it wouldn't be a surprise if they turned out to be Old Money. They didn't approve the marriage because Webby's mother is the daughter of a servant. Webby's father doesn't mind losing the Vanderquack inheritance but was still influenced enough by his roots to give his daughter a fancy name like "Webbigail". They'll eventually show up because they'll need her to keep the Vanderquack fortune in the family.

Scrooge and Professor Von Drake had a falling out over Matilda.
This hinges on Ludwig actually being Scrooge's brother-in-law and not Donald's Honorary Uncle in this universe. The Professor was once the greatest mind at Scrooge's disposal in a similar position to Gyro. Then he and Matilda fell in love and Scrooge did not approve. Either the magnate didn't want an employee to join his family, or the hidden side of himself that loves his family thought Von Drake was too much of a crackpot to be good enough for Matilda.

Donald will start appearing more when he and Scrooge make up
Maybe the reason that Donald isn't going on the adventurers is because he doesn't want to deal with Scrooge and obviously he doesn't want to see the triplets getting into trouble.We've only seen him going on two adventurers. This first time was unwittingly and the second time was when he thought his cousin was in trouble.So maybe we'll have an episode in the future where he and Scrooge finally bury the hatchet which as a bonus will make him more willing to tag along on these outings with Scrooge and the kids.

Glomgold and Beaks are the resident wealthy villains for a reason rooted in the Disney Duck mythos.
Glomgold is a toughy, and Beaks is a smarty. And as every Disney Duck fan of any kind will know, Uncle Scrooge made a vow about people like them a very long time ago...

The mother of Storkules was a mortal stork-woman.
Perhaps the origin of Storkules is closer to the original Hercules myth than the Disney version: to seduce the beautiful stork-queen (whose name was Storkmene), Zeus turned into her husband and fathered Storkules. This would explain why Storkules is a different type of bird than his father.

Darkwing Duck is Real After All.
While Darkwing does appear to be a Show Within a Show, this does not mean he has to be a complete work of fiction. Perhaps he retired from crime-fighting at some point before DuckTales takes place to be a full-time father and lives off merchandise royalty and/or acting under a false name in the Darkwing Duck TV show. Considering his ego, it's well within the realm of possibility that he would make merchandise and even a TV show about himself once retired. Furthermore, we know that at least the city of St. Canard really does exist. From a more meta standpoint, it would be a bit of a jerk move to make such a big deal about Darkwing Duck returning and only have him appear briefly in a Show Within a Show. Also, this tweet suggests that there may be more to Darkwing in this continuity than what first appears.
  • Jim Starling will be a real Hero who made his adventures as Darkwing Duck into a tv show, Jim Starling will end up passing the Darkwing Duck identity to a successor who will be Drake Mallard.
    • Jim Starling being a real hero is Jossed. Jim Starling is a jerk actor who can't accept that someone else is taking over his role and who hates Drake Mallard when he's cast in a reboot movie.
    • The Darkwing Duck identity being passed on to Drake Mallard is Confirmed. Drake, with Launchpad's encouragement, decides to fight crime for real and actually become Darkwing Duck.

Jim Starling in the present time is a washed up has-been.
Jim Starling in the modern day is an out of shape middle-aged duck signing autographs in comic book conventions. There was a controversy that caused his show to be cancelled (and ruined his career). Launchpad and the nephews will turn his life back around.
  • So a future Darkwing episode would essentially be this show's equivalent to "Beware the Gray Ghost"? I can actually see that working.
    • Partially Confirmed. Jim is a washup doing autograph shows. But he's also a jerk who goes insane when recast and attempts to murder his replacement.

One of Webby's parents is a villain, which is why Beakley's raising her.
  • I call Steelbeak!
    • Does that mean that Webby is part chicken?
  • It's speculated below that Webby's mother is Bianca Beakley, a.k.a. Darkwing Duck villain Bugmaster, who in this continuity is Mrs. Beakley's daughter.

Gyro's father is Steelbeak.
They're both chickens after all. Honestly, I'm not sure if Gyro does have a canon father. Steelbeak though does make sense on a genetic level and could be partially why Gyro has such a hard time relating with people. Steelbeak's "above it all" attitude rubbed off on his son, but not his charisma.

The Board of Directors were hoping that Scrooge would tank his interview in Jaw$ and the resulting bad PR would give them an excuse boot him out of his own company.
Think about they are literally a bunch of vultures who really don't approve of Scrooge's numerous expenses or his employee choices and are perfectly willingly to cut anything from the company to save a buck.

There will be a villain team up in a future episode.
And Magica will be the leader. I mean, you can't make as many enemies as Scrooge had without some of them trying to work together to get rid of you.
  • It appears in the trailer for the second half of season two that Glomgold is leading a villain team up.

That's why he didn't do anything about Goldie breaking into the mansion. After all, it's heavily implied that he's still floating around, managing security.

Duckworth died from a head wound
His ghostly demon form has a crack on the skull so perhaps he was killed via head wound
  • That apparently was a real axe.

Rather than a re-imagination of the same character, Don Karnage from this show is a descendant of Don Karnage from TaleSpin.
This would explain why he is in the 2010s as opposed to the 1930s, why he looks different (notably, much less scruffy and lacking a visible tail) and has a different voice actor, and why none of his crew have the same name as the pirates from TaleSpin. He's probably a grandson or great-grandson who continues the family business of air piracy and tries to live up to his ancestor's reputation.

Ludwig von Drake became an Honorary Uncle to Donald as a cover story.
When Scrooge gained custody of Donald and Della, he was still actively working with SHUSH. Director Von Drake regularly visited Scrooge to send him on missions, but they wanted to keep it secret from Donald and Della, so they told the children that he's just "Uncle Ludwig", Scrooge's friend and/or distant relative.

Hortense was over a 100 years old when she got Donald and Della.
Word of God claims that Scrooge is around 150 and Donald is in his mid-thirties, which makes one wonder, how big age gap is there between Scrooge and Hortense, and how old was Hortense when she had Donald and Della? One possible solution is that, in "The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck!", it was revealed that when Scrooge restored the family castle for his parents, he built in some druid stones that grant immortality. Although the episode does not mention it, but when this happened, Hortense may have been still living with her parents, and thus was over a 100 years old when she met Quackmore Duck (Donald and Della's father). When she left the castle to live with Quackmore, she lost her immortality and died not soon after her children were born, leaving Donald and Della in custody of Scrooge. Alternatively...

Fergus and Downy were over a 100 years old when they got Hortense.
Another explanation for the age gap between Scrooge and Donald is that Hortense wasn't even born when Scrooge rebuilt Castle McDuck, and it was Fergus and Downy who were over a 100 years old when Hortense was born (assuming that the druid stones extend not only their life, but also their fertility). The rest of the story plays out as the above WMG, except there's no May–December Romance between Quackmore and Hortense.

Doofus' backstory
"Doofus" isn't even his actual name. Rather, his grandmother will turn out to have been a Rich Bitch who used that word as a mean nickname for her grandson, who only took it as a compliment. After she died and her fortune was passed down, her heartbroken grandson requested to be called Doofus from now on to honor her memory. His Jerkassery will turn out to have been inherited from her as well.

The board didn't force Scrooge to stop because it was costing too much money, but because it was costing too many lives.
We saw a fleet of ships launching into space to find Della, but we didn't see any return. Not even return empty handed. The board was forced to put their foot down when Scrooge was about to send another fleet to their doom.
  • "What Ever Happened To Della Duck?!" suggests that Scrooge's astronauts did not go too far from Earth, and they did look on the surface of the Moon. We see that an astronaut flies by the Moon and fails a spot check. Nothing suggests that they did not return empty-handed.

The triplets were illegitimate.
We know that Della was a bold, adventure-loving, Thrill Seeker with a stubborn streak. It's not implausible that she would have enjoyed, ah, "sowing her oats", as it were. Huey, Dewey & Louie's father might have been either a one-night stand, or a boyfriend she broke up with (or dumped) because he refused to accept her adventurous nature and instead expected her to become a stay-at-home mother. Of course this can never be stated in canon because DuckTales is still a Disney show aimed at kids, but it makes sense.
  • This idea got a lot stronger after The Last Crash of the Sunchaser showed that their father was absent even before they hatched.

Bubba and Fenton will meet each other.
In the original series despite both getting introduced in the second season the Bubba episodes and Fenton/Gizmoduck episodes were mutually exclusive and the two never interacted with one another, with the closest they ever got was appearing together in the same photograph featured in one episode. In this series the two will meet and Fenton will say something like "do I know you?" or a similar line, as a nod to the fact that they didn't ever meet in the first cartoon.

The De Spell family will be Composite Characters with The Whiskerville Clan.
Magica De Spell mentioned that her family and Scrooge's family having been fighting for centuries, where as in the comics it was Clan McDuck and The Whiskerville Clan that have been fighting for centuries. So in this universe the De Spells will take the role of the Whiskervilles being creating the Hound Of Dismal Downs, only this time it isn't a costume.
  • The Demon Dog of Castle McDuck is sort of a counterpart to the Hound of Dismal Downs, but it was summoned by a McDuck ancestor to guard the Templar Treasure, rather than by any of the De Spell family.
    • Magica will end up summoning the Hound Of Dismal Downs, leave Scrooge's family no choice but to counter it with the Demon Dog of Castle McDuck.

Webby's Friendship made Lena Real.
So, in the Season finale, It was revealed that Lena was always the corporeal form of Magica's shadow separated from her body. But what's odd about this is that clearly there were two personality in this Lena/shadow: Lena and Magica. But if Lena was "never real," and was always just Magica's shadow, why would this be? Shouldn't there just be Magica, with Lena being a disguise for her? Here's what I propose: That's what it was, in the beginning. When we first meet Lena at the beginning of "Beagle Birthday Massacre," Lena isn't real. There is only Magica, in disguise as Lena, doing a put on to Webby to win her trust and manipulate her. However, as My Little Pony as it is, we do know that Friendship magic is in play. So over the course of the episode, Webby becomes friends with Lena, and this does something very unintended that no one even noticed. In order to become friends, you have to bond with someone. And Webby took Magica's behavior and unconsciously formed an image in her mind of who she thought Lena was. World wise, Mischievous, but with a good heart. When the Friendship formed, the magical bond pushed that image in Webby's mind onto the shadow being and essentially created an autonomous Lena Personality for the Shadow, that Magica now had to share a body with, fundamentally altering the nature of the Lena shadow being. And I don't think Lena or even Magica actually noticed. I think Lena thought she had always been real, and Magica didn't fully understand how the power dynamic had shifted. This explains why lena could turn on Magica in the final episode and survive as Webby's shadow there after.

Della's gone forward in time!
The cosmic storm that Della got caught up in after she stole the Spear of Selene, caused a Time Dilation effect which caused her to go forward in time. Which is about what happens to Della in the Dutch comic where her story is based on. From her perspective, she's been stranded in on the moon for only a few months, while years have passed on Earth. This is why Scrooge couldn't find her and why Selene didn't sense her. Della travelled in time as well as in Space. She simply wasn't there at the time Scrooge was looking for her.
  • Jossed in "What Ever Happened To Della Duck?!". She really spent ten entire years on the Moon, and Scrooge's astronauts simply failed to spot her due to a series of unfortunate accidents.

The "Scrooge destroys the steamboat" incident happened in this continuity too.
Instead of Downy's death (who is alive in this continuity), it was his sister Matilda's death that triggered Scrooge's Unstoppable Rage. Yes, this means that Matilda is dead in this continuity.
  • Alternatively, it could've been Della.
    • Della's disappearance happened too recently for that.

Only Lena can hear Shadow-Magica speak.
Before regaining her physical form, Magica never interacts with anyone else but Lena. She also speaks really loud despite being in situations where she should be stealthy. But if only Lena can hear her, Magica doesn't need to worry about anyone overhearing her evil monologues.

Rockerduck was a role model for the young Glomgold.
The teaser images at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con included Glomgold as a child, as well as Rockerduck in an Old West outfit (suggesting that he was a foe of Scrooge in the past). Perhaps Glomgold, as a child, looked up to Rockerduck, or Rockerduck might have even been Glomgold's mentor. Either way, Rockerduck inspired Glomgold to become a Corrupt Corporate Executive and a rival to Scrooge.
  • Unlikely. Glomgold created his entire persona to one-up Scrooge, independently from Rockerduck.

Lena looks exactly like Magica DeSpell as a teenager.
Well, she is literally a piece of Magica's own shadow, given life. Magica didn't seem to exactly have time to put thought into figuring out her form before she was sealed inside Scrooge's Dime, so its unlikely that she gave it any conscious thought. So, a smaller piece of Magica's spirit simply became a smaller Magica. Even her personality might be based on what she was like when younger, though Lena eventually started to develop into her own person.

Scrooge will develop a habit of calling Launchpad "lad" or "my boy" over the series.
Scrooge allowing Webby to call him "Uncle Scrooge" and Launchpad calling Scrooge "Mr. McDee" have already crossed over from the 1987 show, and some fans like the idea of Scrooge's terms for Webby and Launchpad recurring. The authors might not want to have Scrooge use Webby's old nickname, given that "my darling Webbigail" might seem too feminine, but there's no reason why they wouldn't want to use Scrooge's old semi-endearment for his pilot.

Gabby McStabberson and Mark Beaks are related.
They look kinda similar. Since Gabby's species has not yet been determined, she could easily qualify for a parrot like Beaks. The last name difference? They could be cousins, or Gabby changed her name to suit her life of crime.
  • They could just not know they’re related. After all, Gabby was raised by warrior monks who knew only the language of the blade. It’s likely she doesn’t know any of her relatives.

Mrs. Beakley's husband was murdered by F.O.W.L.
The Mrs. prefix in Beakley's name indicates she, at one point, was married to a Mr. Beakley, and her maiden name might have been something different. In "The Confidential Casefiles of Agent 22!", she already introduces herself with the last name "Beakley", indicating that she was already married to a Mr. Beakley at that point. She either became a S.H.U.S.H. agent to get her revenge on F.O.W.L. for murdering her husband, or she was already a spy, and F.O.W.L. tried to make her surrender by murdering him. Sure, it's a bit dark for a kids' show, but the show is already Darker and Edgier than the 1987 series.

Poe DeSpell will have the power to turn into a raven.
In the first series, Poe was trapped in the form of a raven, implied to be caused by Magica botching a curse. In the new series, similar to 80s!Magica sometimes taking the form of a vulture, a raven will be Poe's preferred animal to voluntarily transform into for spying and travelling quickly.

Webby is older than the boys in this continuity.
Okay, I know I'm the one who stated that Webby was the youngest of the kids on her character page, but that was before Angones said that she was a year younger than Lena. If that info is meant to be taken at face value, then Lena may be physically 13, Webby would be 12, and the boys would be 11 (given that the triplets are 10 at the start of the show, and the first season passes through Christmas early on - with the episodes being placed in proper production order).

Gyro will gradually become nicer as time progresses
Word of God says that Gyro, much like his inventions, is simply misunderstood. It could appear he's Not Good with People and finds more sympathy with robots and technology - he even seems to treat his inventions like his own children. But as Characterization Marches On he will grow closer to his non-mechanical allies.

Magica is the DeSpells' Black Sheep.
Although an ancient clan of witches and warlocks, the Despell family is similar to The Addams Family: Macabre and prone to accidental destruction, but friendly people (in their own strange way) and a loving family. Magica is the odd duck out for using her powers for large scale evil.

Scrooge is colorblind
Instead of being a joke, theres a legitimate reason why Scrooge has trouble telling the triplets apart.
  • Contradicted by the fact he mistakes Huey for Dewey when Huey's shirt is covered in blue ink.

Rockerduck will have an English accent.
In some material covering his origins, John or his parents hail from England to contrast Scrooge's Scottish roots. This being Rockerduck's first appearance outside of the comics, it would be great if obscure information about such an obscure character were present.

John D. Rockerduck is Huey, Dewey and Louie's father.
Rockerduck's role as a younger, friendlier business rival of Scrooge who's treated as more of a joke than a threat is occupied by Mark Beaks in this continuity, which leaves few slots for John to fill. This combination of theories is one way to make new use of him; Scrooge had a rivalry with Rockerduck's ancestor, which was passed down to the latter's descendants. Although John was a regular thorn is Scrooge McDuck's side, John was a tolerable, even nice guy for Donald and Della to strike up an unlikely friendship with, and eventually something more with Della. Plus, some of the triplets' traits can be seen as traits Rockerduck is known for: Huey has John's drive to succeed, Dewey has his love of being in the limelight, and Louie has his appreciation for the finer things in life.
  • Since Rockerduck is an old man in the 1930s, it is unlikely he's alive in the present day unless he also has access to some kind of magical life extension method. He could be an ancestor to triplets, but not their father.

Somebody will address Doofus as "Doof"
As a witty reference to another certain Doof of Disney television.

Launchpad really "is" immortal, as Louie suggested
It would explain how he survived serious envenomation in the pilot episode, his surviving crashes, his multiple offscreen girlfriends, and be in line with Scrooge's claim that Louie can see all the angles. As a bonus, Scrooge is already aware (and possibly responsible for) Launchpad's immortality. Launchpad is Obfuscating Stupidity because he's a Nice Guy who's seen a fair share of immortal jerks and wants to avoid becoming like them.

The triplets' father is absent because of a firecracker incident.
Either of the boys' own doing or because he took a job at a firecracker factory belonging to Scrooge and became collateral damage when Glomgold sabotaged it. Glomgold got away with it because, as Donald stated in the pilot, it's hard to keep track of Scrooge's arch-enemies.

Scrooge's detectives are going to show up
In the comics after the first time that Scrooge had faced Magica De Spell, he hired two private detectives to spy on Magica and report any suspicious activity to Scrooge. Seeing as how Magica has fled at the end of the season 1 finale, it is most likely that she has fled to her cabin on mount Vesuvius. Making this a good moment for Scrooges detectives to show up.

The Seven Deadly Sins are represented by some of the characters
  • Pride: Scrooge's biggest flaw is this. On multiple occasions, it has nearly cost the lives of himself and his family. He also kept secret the truth of Della Duck's disappearance until his nephews finally got to him, the following conflict between them not being resolved until the season finale. It also comes into play in The Ballad of Duke Baloney!, as co-producer Frank Angones best explains.
  • Envy: Glomgold envies everything about Scrooge and is not satisfied with being the second richest duck. His backstory takes it Up to Eleven - he was born in South Africa but takes on an exaggerated Scottish persona and wears a false beard in order to one-up the world's richest duck.
  • Sloth: While Louie is pretty lazy, a much more fatal form of laziness comes from Mark Beaks, who is competent enough to build real technology but would rather fake a product or take credit from other sources, to the point where it nearly costs him his life.
  • Greed: Louie's obsession with success and wealth plays a key role in Storkules in Duckburg. That being said, Day of the Only Child contrasts him with Doofus Drake, who was corrupted by wealth.
  • Lust: Della's lust for adventure leads her to abandon three unhatched children and subsequently ends up being lost in space.
  • Gluttony: Characters such as Doofus Drake and Burger Beagle were drastically changed to avoid the Big Eater trope. However, a more abstract version of this comes from Lui Hai, who feasts on luck and fortune. He is initially plump from the good luck of an imprisoned Gladstone Gander. But due to his poor judgement, he later switches to Donald, whose unluckiness brings about his downfall.
  • Wrath: Donald Duck is famously known for his Hair-Trigger Temper, and Word of God states that it prevented him from joining the Junior Woodchucks. That being said, Donald's anger is mostly downplayed and justified here. Then there's Penumbra, whose hostility and suspicion towards Della allowed Lunaris to plot an invasion of Earth; she realizes too late that Della never meant her harm and was genuinely trying to be her friend.

"Panchito Pistoles" is a Stage Name.
The only time Panchito is referred to as such when he says "The Three Caballeros opening for Panchito Pistoles", i.e. in the context of a concert. His actual name is Panchito Romero Miguel Junipero Francisco Quintero Gonzalez III, which he changed to a shorter, simpler Alliterative Name for his musical career.

What would the harpies try to steal from the characters we did not see?
The harpies are known to steal from anyone what they love and/or value the most. We saw them stealing:
  • A Funso toy from a random child.
  • The costume's eyes from the Funso mascot.
  • The Junior Woodchuck Guidebook from Huey.
  • A bag of money from Bigtime Beagle.
  • Her officer badge from M'ma Cabrera.
  • An ottoman from Johnny.
  • The pug from the pug lady.
  • A cell phone from Mark Beaks.
  • Flintheart Glomgold from himself.
  • The library cards from Mrs. Quackfaster.
  • A hat from Donald.
  • Donald (together with the houseboat) from Storkules.
  • The Harp-B-Gone merchandise (which he spent his entire business money on) from Louie.
What would they steal from other characters?
  • Scrooge: the #1 Dime.
  • Mrs. Beakley: Webby (perhaps they tried to kidnap Webby, but she quickly rescued herself).
  • Launchpad: the Darkwing Duck bobblehead.
  • Gyro: whatever his latest invention is.
  • Webby: The friendship bracelet with Lena (which she is not wearing in this episode).
  • Fenton: The Gizmosuit.
  • Manny: his head.
  • Dewey: The Sphere of Selene (which contains a number of memories of his mother).

Fethry was raised by Prof. Von Drake in this continuity.
Gladstone has a Multiple-Choice Past in the comics, and one of them is that his parents passed away when he was little and he was adopted by Ludwig and his wife Matilda. Fethry doesn't have much of a backstory aside from some snippets of his childhood with Donald and Gladstone, so what if he has his cousin's backstory? Lucky Gladstone was never orphaned, but Fethry (and possibly his sometimes canon brother Abner) lost Eider and Lulubelle and were taken in by Ludwig and Matilda. Fethry certainly acts like someone who had a mad genius for a role model.

Just as the triplets and Webby have one of Scrooge's best aspects they also have one of Della's worst
We know that Huey has Scrooge's mind for research, Dewey has his love of adventures, Louie his cunning and ability to adapt, and Webby his heart and loyalty. What if the four ducklings' worst traits are reflections of Della. We know that when Huey believes he is right it is very hard to convince him otherwise... just like Donald couldn't convince Della not to fly into space. Dewey is reckless, just like his mom. Louie will cut corners and Della wasn't willing to wait for Scrooge to rest the Spear of Selene nor wait for the boys to be born first. And Webby can obsess about things... just like Della did with her need to go into space instead of worrying about her sons.

Generational rhyming
Based in part on coloring and some similarities in characterization, a flashback will reveal that Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby's relationships aren't all that different...from their parents and their cousins's relationships. That back when Scrooge was taking care of Donald and Della, they'd go on wacky and awesome adventures with both Fethry and Gladstone. Fethry wears red and has some nerdage like huey, Donald wears blue and usually powers through situations like Dewey, Gladstone wears green and is greedy and lazy like Louie, and super adventurous, able to do great physical feats, and physically resembled Webby when she was younger.

All of Launchpad's ex's are supernatural creatures.
One was a mermaid, and maybe the one in Macaw was a Chinese Youkai.
  • He also lists a Viking shield-maiden (possibly a valkyrie), a were-duck, a sentient cloud of gas and a clone of himself among his exes, all of which may be supernatural beings.

Donald is a Transman.
In this continuity, it's clear that Huey, Dewey and Louie are fraternal triplets; we see that they each their own egg. However, according to producer Frank Angones Della and Donald had the same egg , meaning they have to be identical twins. Since identical twins always share their biological sex, it follows that Donald identified as male and surgically transitioned (we briefly see him without clothes in the pilot, so if he had a binder, it would have been visible.)

The Funzo mascot is actually Max Goof.
The Funzo mascot is voiced by Jason Marsden, who voiced him in both Goofy movies and House of Mouse. Goofy does seem to be a hopeless romantic and would settle down before they're really ready, hence Max being older than the triplets, and the mascot job being how he helps pay for college.
  • Possibly Jossed. The Funzo Mascot is revealed to be the Phantom Blot. However, in the comics he is a dogface wearing a costume, meaning he could still be Max. It would also explain why Max hasn't been seen yet in things like the season 3 poster.
    • Max being the Phantom Blot would certainly be an interesting plot twist.

Magica will turn into a Harmless Villain in her efforts to get revenge on Scrooge
But unlike Glomgold, she'll remain a Laughably Evil Knight of Cerebus.

Rockerduck is a sharpie.
Based on an above guess about Glomgold and Beaks being the resident wealthy villains because Glomgold is a toughy and beaks is a smarty, there's place for a sharpie.
  • He's a cunning swindler who cheats towns out of their money. That probably does qualify him as a sharpie.

Rockerduck is a Composite Character with Hogg from the steamboat race story from the comics.
John Rockerduck will take Horseshoe Hogg's place as the one demanding Scrooge to settle the unresolved dispute started by Porker Hogg and Angus "Pothole" McDuck. John wears white as a Shout-Out to another character named Hogg.

Ma Beagle was one of the Beagle Babes.
Back in the days when Grandpappy Beagle was the leader of the Beagle Boys, three of his (grand)daughters, Bouffant, Boom-Boom and Babydoll, formed a trio named the Beagle Babes. After Grandpappy's death, Bouffant Beagle, the oldest Beagle Babe, took over the crime business and changed her name to Ma Beagle.

Magica is the source of the McDuck-DeSpell blood feud.
She either has or will go back in time to nip the McDuck lineage in the bud by killing Scrooge's ancestor. To do this, she will team up with her ancestor, the first DeSpell matriarch. Scrooge stopped/will stop Magica and return to the present, but due to Stable Time Loop, her actions in the past kick off the centuries of rivalry between the families.

Launchpad and Della will try dating for a while
As "Nothing Can Stop Della Duck!" reveals, Della never knew Launchpad before she got lost, and she's threatened by him now thinking he'll fill her role as a pilot. Hence in classic form, after Launchpad shows just how agreeable and patient he is with her, she'll be touched enough to try dating him for a bit. Which would also serve as a continuation of his "many girlfriends" plot line, and exploring new territory for the show in teasing the possibility of what it means to have a longtime friend become your stepfather.

Scrooge renamed the Cloudslayer to the Sunchaser because he knew the old name would remind him too much of Della.
When Launchpad took over as pilot in, pilot, Scrooge was asked what the name of the plane was. Not wanting to drag sad memories to the surface—especially every time the plane would get up in the future, he made up a new name for it on the spot.

Mark Beaks was a victim of Parental Neglect
Word of God says that Beaks had a complicated home life. This is further fueled in "The Dangerous Chemistry in Gandra Dee!", which briefly implies that Beaks had a sour relationship with his dad. The lack of attention Beaks got from his neglectful, possibly Abusive Parents would cause him to become the Attention Whore he is now.

Darkwing Duck and Gimzoduck will have an Unknown Rivalry
DW believes that he is better then Gizmoduck and will try to upstage him every time they meet. Gimzoduck however, who wishes to take a breather from being a superhero now and again, will mistake his upstaging as offering to take over from here. Gizmoduck is eternally grateful for Darkwing Duck.

Morgana McCawber will have an Adaptation Origin Connection to the De Spell family.
We'll lean from her that her mother or grandmother came from a family of magic wielders who were caught up in a blood feud with a Scottish duck clan, but said relative grew tired of the multigenerational fight and left to marry into the McCawber family.

Honker Muddlefoot's reboot characterization will make Mark Beaks retroactively his Shadow Archetype.
Given the hints at Mark's complicated home life, there may be a point made of how Honker and young Mark are/were both brilliant young minds who suffered Parental Neglect and possibly bullying from a family member for being more brain than brawn. Honker, fortunately, develops a close friendship with Gosalyn and a connection with the Darkwing crime fighting family, providing him with the emotional support he needs. This is something Mark never got, leading him to becoming the Attention Whore Con Artist he is today.

Storkules has a way better relationship with Hera than in classic mythology.
Initially, Hera wanted nothing to due with the baby born from an affair between Zeus and a mortal stork (as guessed in an above theory). However, his dimwitted yet endearing personality eventually won her over. She hates Zeus for cheating on her, but she doesn't hold it against the demigod that came from it.

Selene has Somnophilia
She keeps an orb of people sleeping hidden somewhere secret where no one can find it.

Bugmaster is Webby's mother.
Taken from Darkwing's own WMG page and modified for reboot continuity. Bianca Beakley, a news reporter from the 1991 Darkwing Duck series who created a criminal persona called the Bugmaster to create news coverage, may have been the daughter of Bentina Beakley. Given Mrs. Beakley in this show is an ex-SHUSH agent known as Agent 22, she may have distanced herself from her daughter in a misguided attempt to protect her. Unfortunately, Bianca never learns any family values nor develops any love for hers as a result. So when she and Mr. Vanderquack end up producing an egg, Bianca wants nothing to do with motherhood and leaves the family to pursue a solo career as a news reporter. Mr. Vanderquack stuck around long enough to give Webby his own last name before something unfortunate happened to him, and Bentina decided to keep her granddaughter close and teach her how to protect herself, not wanting to repeat history.
  • Her signing in Catchphrase is Hi! I'm Bianca.
  • She would be a Foil to Della Duck. Both abandoned their child(ren) to be raised by their relatives. While Della wasn't thinking when she took the Spear of Selene and got trapped on the moon by accident, Bianca purposely abandoned Webby for entirely selfish gains. Della will call her out if she tries comparing herself to her.
  • Bianca will use Webby in a scheme, claiming it to be a long over due Mother/Daughter bonding moment.
  • Bianca will dislike Lena and her friendship with Webby. Almost as if she doesn't approve of them being friends.
  • Bentina and Bianca fought years ago as Agent 22 and Bugmaster respectively. While 22 couldn't bring herself to harm her daughter, Bugmaster had no restraint and almost killed her mother.

The Genie of the Lamp from this series episode "Treasure of the Found Lamp!" is the one from original series episode "Master of the Djinni".
In a case of For Want of a Nail, Djinn's ancestor somehow came across the lamp long before Scrooge and Glomgold would set off to find it themselves. Thanks to the major differences in how the Genie was treated between continuities, he ended up the Nice Guy that married his master rather than the Jerkass Genie the main characters of the original series got. After he was freed, the lamp was returned to the cave where it had originally been for Scrooge and Glomgold to find and discover to be empty.

Mrs. Beakley brought Excalibur to McDuck Manor.
Well, she is British...

The Fearsome Four from Darkwing Duck were Boxed Crooks.
They were actually real supervillains who were captured and thrown in jail. Then when Darkwing Duck started production, the crew gave them the chance to get out of jail in exchange for acting as the antagonists in their show. This is why their powers looked so real on screen compared to much of the other lackluster special effects. Unfortunately, after the show was Cut Short unexpectedly, they ultimately returned to the life of crime only to be caught again and sent back to jail. If Negaduck does try to recruit the Fearsome Four, this is probably where we'll meet up with them.

The Time Tub turned "evil" to avoid a temporal paradox.
In "The Great Dime Chase", Gyro lists the Time Tub among his inventions that turned evil. Perhaps Gyro attempted to travel to a point in time that would have caused a major temporal paradox, so the Tub started disobeying him to avoid the paradox happening.

NORAD gets constant calls by Scrooge every Christmas...About shooting down Santa
Every Christmas Eve when NORAD activates their NORAD Tracks Santa system, they get constant calls from Scrooge McDuck to shoot him down once for all. He's the only one on their blocked calls list.

The girl trio are thematic counterparts to the triplets.
Webby is the counterpart to Dewey, both being daring and adventurous, which is why they become such close friends in Season 1. Lena is the counterpart to Louie, being cunning, street-smart and the most morally shady of the three. And finally, Violet is the counterpart to Huey, both being smart, knowledgable and nerdy, as well as somewhat skeptical about what they don't have evidence for.
  • Possibly supported in "A Nightmare On Killmotor Hill!" for Violet and Huey, and the two appear to hit it off rather well. Shown particularly when Huey expresses delight over Violet's dream realm being the library.

After Darkwing Duck ended, Jim Starling shot in some pornos.
His porn name was Jim Cummings

Mrs. Beakley will hook Drake Mallard up with S.H.U.S.H.
Since Launchpad already made Mrs. B a huge fan of the show, it's not much of a stretch for him to go "Hey, Mrs. B! This is my new buddy Drake, he was gonna star in the movie reboot of "Darkwing Duck" but a bunch of stuff happened and he's going to be Darkwing for real instead. Do you have any tips on how to do superheroing?" and Mrs. B being delighted to get him in touch with S.H.U.S.H.

Rockerduck will have a modern day descendant who will become Gizmoduck's Arch-Enemy.
He will recognise Gizmoducks armor from the originals story of how he lost his fortune and become Roller Dollar from the Ultraheroes comics.
  • He will also team up with Gizmoduck's other Arch-Enemy Mark Beaks.

The rainbow alpaca tells everyone that meets her they're The Chosen One. She just likes knitting things for people and making them feel special.
Given how well-traveled he is, it's entirely likely Scrooge already knew this about the alpaca. He just kept this little detail to himself when Dewey told him his story to spare the kid's feelings.

Donald and Della were not the first people to use "Aw Phooey".
The first people were Quackmore and Hortense who had it as their catchphrase.

Gyro is the triplets' father.
Admittedly, Della and Gyro have had no on-screen interactions, but even without it it's not hard to see that they were SitcomArchNemeses—Gyro's guide to the rocket has a note that even Della could figure it out, which infuriates her, and his Oxy-Chew only comes in black licorice flavor, which Della hates. Now keep in mind that there was plenty of Belligerent Sexual Tension between Hortense and Quackmore, Della's parents, and given what relationship Donald has with Daisy in other series, there's a very good chance that this runs in the family.

The Big Bad of Season 3 will be a foil to Huey
I've started having feelings that the Arc Villains of each season are Evil Counterparts to the triplet receiving a major arc in that season. So far we've had Dewey & Magica and Louie & Lunaris. Since it's obvious Huey will be the main focus of the next season, naturally he's got to have one of his own that will be the major threat to the characters.

And who do I pick? Taurus Bulba.

Taurus Bulba will be a Knight of Cerebus
He might have a bit of dry wit but he'll otherwise be played seriously lacking the silliness or bad luck as most of the other villains.
  • This would be very much in line with his original portrayal, where he was hammy but otherwise humorless and threatening.

Gosalyn will have basically the same backstory as her orginal counterpart and connection to Bulba

The Bombie curse's original target was Rockerduck.
Rockerduck was a Corrupt Corporate Executive who may have been the richest duck in the world at his time, in the early 1900s. He did pretty much what Scrooge did in the original comic, swindling a native village out of their lands and bragged about it. The witch doctor, to prevent anything like that happening again, created the Bombie to hunt down not just Rockerduck, but the richest person at any point in time.
  • In addition, the Bombie could easily be a zombified Jeeves, being the same species with a similar physique. However, the ending of "Moonvasion!" where Jeeves shows up as a different undead being resembling Frankenstein's monster makes this idea very unlikely.

Little Bulb's debut
In its first appearance, it shows aggressive behavior towards the Board of Directors (shaking its fist and showing a Throat-Slitting Gesture) even before it goes mad. But was this because it was a jerk? Or did it sense something was off about them, making this a Chekhov's Gun... and foreshadowing their being F.O.W.L. High Command?

Taurus Bulba's debut episode will end with him becoming the Steerminator.
Just like in the original Darkwing Duck, Darkwing will rescue Gosalyn from Bulba, and he will, seemingly, die, but as a Wham Shot it will be revealed that he's alive, found by F.O.W.L. and given cybernetic enhancements to compensate for his injuries. It was one of the major hanging plot threads from the original show that never had a pay-off, thus it would be very satisfying to see it continued to some capacity.

Season 4 additions
  • Mickey Mouse- The creators outright said they weren't allowed to use Mickey but the tail end of Season 2 started having references to him (Owlson being from Mouseton, Donald making melons into his head and exactly doing his voice, the freaking Phantom Blot showing up as part of F.O.W.L.) so either the creators got extremely creative with the Exact Words or things have changed so they're starting to set things up for his inclusion. Or they still don't have permission but are working to change that hence him being in Season 4 instead of 3.
  • Abner "Whitewater" Duck- Now that four Duck cousins are all reunited, Fethry's big brother is the only one left.
  • Granny Duck- One of the most prominent Duck family members that hasn't been seen yet. Her grandchildren (Donald, Della, Gladstone, Fethry) will adore her when she comes to visit as will the kids but Scrooge will dread seeing her because of old business that never got settled.
  • Morgana Macawber- If the show is doing a slow burn on Darkwing's development then putting her in later instead of next season would make sense. She'll go the route of the original show where she starts as a villain before becoming a hero because of her love for Darkwing.
  • Merlock- An old enemy of Scrooge's that was locked away or banished somehow that returns, possibly because of Magica. He'll be a Knight of Cerebus whose mystical powers make him a dire threat and will fit in because of the fourth season being one focused on magic.
  • Dracula Duck- If the Merlock is not on the table then they'll use him instead. Magica will resurrect him and he'll be a Knight of Cerebus looking to Take Over the World because of his arrogance.
  • Paperinik- As one of the most well regarded parts of Duck universe lore that is almost unheard of in the states Donald will take on the identity but be renamed or just go by PK.
  • Evrons- If they bring in Paperinik then they have to bring in these guys.

Violet's two dads will be different species from her and from each other.
Word of God says Violet's parents are a gay couple. Neither of those two is her biological father - they presumably adopted her as an egg. As biological barriers (if they exist between the various animal-people) are no longer in play, the two can be radically different species - perhaps one is a dog-person and the other is a Seldom-Seen Species of a bird (but not a sabrewing).

Along with retaining his Knight of Cerebus status from the original show, Taurus Bulba will receive Adaptational Intelligence
His image from comic-con depicts him wearing what seems to be a lab coat, so he could probably be posing as a fellow scientist or lab assistant to Professor Waddlemeyer to get at a device the latter is working on before he is killed off.

Huey is so nerdy because he is afraid of his own temper
It's established that he have the same anger issues as his uncle. So he developed various interests and self-discipline because he is afraid that he can seriously hurt someone. It's also not that isn't very creative, he is just holding back, because he don't like himself when he actually is...

Della as kid/teenager had a crush on Donald
In Last Last Christmas! she seems to be a little... too attached to her brother. In many ways, she acts like an possessive girlfriend than actual sister.

Taurus Bulba will operate in both Duckburg and St. Canard.
His operation in Duckburg will force Darkwing to join forces again with McDuck family.
  • His operation in St. Canard may be the reason why Drake Mallard moves there in the first place; Duckburg has Clan McDuck and friends to protect it, whereas St. Canard doesn't have its own Badass Family to look after it. The fact that St. Canard happened to be the setting of the fictional Darkwing Duck show, therefore adding substance to Drake becoming the hero for real, is just a bonus.

Bubba will reappear in the series.
Bubba (And Tootsie by extension.) were both major recurring characters in the original series, it makes no sense to completely throw away a beloved character after only one appearance.
  • Most likely it would be a flashback episode, showing his exploits as the Paleolithic McDuck.
  • Alternatively, the characters might Time Travel to the Stone Age (or the Cretaceous, in Tootsie's case).

Gyro is a redhead
Going by this post from Word of God. Gyro may have once resembled his original red-haired counterpart before deciding to dye his hair white.
  • Or maybe his hair went white from stress or from a haywire experiment.

Bubba and Tootsie will appear in separate.
Both are from different time periods now due to the fact non-avian dinosaurs and early humans lived millions of years apart. The only way for them to meet again is if they face another time anomaly.

    Future Episodes and Plot 
Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel and the Avengers will show up in a future episode, ala Phineas and Ferb Mission Marvel but as animals
Since Disney owns Marvel, why not?
  • If this happens, it'd be their animal counterparts, like Spider-Ham and Iron Mouse. Because this show appears to have a "no humans" policy.

There will be a Geodesic Cast
  • We already have the triplets and Webby, Lena, and Violet Saberwing
  • It could expand with another Power Trio,
    • The Superheroes as Gizmoduck, Darkwing, and a potential third
    • Two other villains joining Magica (Possibly Glomgold and Goldie)
There will be a Greater-Scope Villain
Flintheart will be the Big Bad, but there'll be a darker, more threatening character working behind the scenes. And it will be...
  • Merlock, from the DuckTales movie.
  • Magica Despell. Same deal as Merlock in her capacity for spells, but more recognizable to work with.
  • Blackheart Beagle, leading a villain team up like in the 50th anniversary story.
    • They seem to be going down this route with Magica, who is so far only a Living Shadow, but the creators hinted that at her full powers she may be as dangerous as Bill Cipher.

One of the triplets will take an interest in magic.
Huey seems to be the most obvious candidate, but this could happen with any of the trio, as their adventures reveal to them that actual, factual magic exists in their world. This leads to some tension with Scrooge, due to all of his bad experiences with magic. And of course, there's how Magica inevitably decides to take advantage of this development...
  • Donald might end up learning magic, as a nod to his knack for it in another continuity...
  • It's actually Webby who gets interested in magic.

Mrs. Beakley will not just be Scrooge's housekeeper, but his bodyguard.
The new opening seems that she does not seem to be uncomfortable in dangerous situations, and she is shown striking a fighting pose twice, once in response to the appearance of a dragon. It would make sense that Scrooge would want some muscle to keep his treasure safe, as well as to watch his back while on his numerous adventures. Maybe that's where Webby heard all the stories of Scrooge and Donald.
  • Indeed from what we've seen she appears to be Scrooge's only remaining servant. We've confirmation that Duckworth will be seen, but he may be a former employee that Scrooge either fired or left on his own when his boss lost his zest for adventure.
    • Duckworth is indeed Scrooge's former employee, but he died some time before the triplets met Scrooge.

Mrs. Beakley and Donald will have a bit of a rivalry.
A promotional image shows Donald freaking out over his houseboat catching fire while Mrs. Beakly looks on serenely. We already know that Webby is obsessed with Donald, perhaps the nephews begin to idolize Mrs. Beakly for her strength and general badassery. This will lead to the two being jealous of the other for having the love of their kid(s).
  • Partially confirmed. In "Daytrip of Doom!", Beakley's Control Freak tendencies in running the house run up against Donald's fierce independent streak hard, but by the end of the episode they've come to an arrangement and seem to be friends. We've yet to see whether the peace will hold, since Donald and Beakley haven't shared the spotlight in an episode since then.

Webby's parents will be brought up.
It's possible that whatever caused Donald and Scrooge's falling out involved them and when Donald finds out that Webby's living with Scrooge he is going to be genuinely angry, not just his usual tantrum throwing.
  • Donald raging about it is at least Jossed, as there have been several episodes featuring the two sharing in the adventure.

Webby will be Secretly Wealthy
Her parents were wealthy ducks that were friends with Scrooge and when something happened to them it left her with a sizable inheritance. Webby is too young to deal with that right now however and Mrs. Beakly is raising her without any awareness of such an inheritance, possibly because of having seen what fortune has done to Scrooge.
  • The secret will be revealed to the viewers and to Donald's nephews when the heroes, for some reason, need to seek shelter at her parents' manor.

Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera is mixed race.
Crackshell comes from his "white" American mother, while Cabrera comes from his (presumably Mexican Latino) father. Due to convenient coincidences, Quentin's father was friends with Panchito, allowing him to appear on the reboot, while José Carioca is just...there because Panchito is.
  • Partially Jossed: Fenton is Cubano, not Mexican, so there's no reason for him to necessarily know Panchito. That being said, the Three Caballeros were considered for Season 1, but the episode was axed. Still, Season 2 is already confirmed, so never say never...
    • Also, it's long been established that Jose and Panchito are Donald's close friends, so there doesn't need to be a connection to Fenton to have them in the show.

There will be a musical episode
C'mon, you don't get Kate Micucci and Lin-Manuel Miranda for the same show and not expect a musical episode! The trend is pretty en vogue as of the last few years, as shows like Batman The Brave and The Bold, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Sofia the First , and Steven Universe have shown. The cast reveal trailer showed that the entire cast has a decent set of pipes, actually.
  • Another possible cast member for a theoretical musical episode: Oscar Isaac, who showed off his impressive musical chops in Inside Llewyn Davis. He probably won't be doing much singing as Poe Dameron, and he's already doing work with Disney, so...
  • Riki Lindhome (Kate's partner from Garfunkel and Oates) would be a great casting choice too.
  • "Sky Pirates... in the Sky!" is sort of a Musical Episode - it features a Villain Song that is reprised several times over the course of the episode.

The show will also address the question of who is the boy's father
Perhaps he couldn't accept his wife's disappearance and went looking for her only to never come home himself.

Donald Duck and Della Duck
will have a third sibling.Given that we know Donald at least has a sister in Della Duck, there's no reason to assume there are not more siblings. Indeed, things like twins and triplets tend to run in families, and its possible Donald is part of a set similar to Huey, Dewey, and Louie. it would then follow that Donald is like Huey, being responsible if unlucky, and Della would be more like Dewey, an adventurous type who might have gotten into more trouble than she bargained for (leading to Donald and Scrooge splitting up and being harsh on each other as we have seen). This could also mean the last sibling might turn out to be evil, given that Webby almost immediately asks which of the three is the 'Evil Triplet' as if it were a regular thing.
  • Donald and Della are part of a set of twins, but maybe they have a younger or older third sibling.

If the mystery of what happened to Della is solved, one of the boys will use Scrooge's time machine to try and fix it.
Solving mysteries, rewriting history.
  • Defied. While Dewey's time-travel adventure in "The Last Christmas!" is entirely unplanned, he does try to warn young Della and Donald about the Spear of Selene incident, but they quickly shut him down to prevent a temporal paradox.

Della Duck isn't dead, will be back, and her return will set the stage for a reboot of Darkwing Duck

Since only the first episode has premiered so far, there is a large chance things will be completely jossed fairly quickly, but go with me on this. If Della isn't dead and is merely missing and presumed dead, there is a decent chance that she'll reappear at the end of the season. And if they manage to bring her back with them, it'll seriously change up the dynamic of the family (while paving the way for various episodes dealing with the triplets getting to know her and she and Donald butting heads over parenting styles). But, based on her outfit in the portrait shown in the first episode, Della was a pilot just as Donald is a sailor. If they want to go on adventures together in the second season, she can fly them just as easily as Launchpad (and possibly with fewer crashes). Now, while this might seem like a bad thing that would leave Launchpad superfluous to the team, it would free him up as a possibility to move to St. Canard and become a sidekick for the Terror that Flaps in the Night. And if we end up with "DuckTales" and "Darkwing Duck" running at the same time, it'll be a lot easier to have proper crossover episodes and members of the cast for each show can still interact and appear on the other.

  • Della is alive on the moon, so at least that part is confirmed. Whether it'll lead to more Darkwing, outside of it being a show within a show is anyone's guess.
  • Partially Confirmed. Della has returned and revealed that she was the family pilot and states that she isn't happy with Launchpad replacing her. And Launchpad has convinced Drake Mallard to become a real life Darkwing Duck.

Mrs. Beakley will receive a promotion once Duckworth is brought on
And be made Scrooge's personal assistant. That way she can be justified coming on occasional adventures, and can be put in her place for jokes with Scrooge saying, "As a matter of fact, you are my secretary now."
  • Unlikely, as Duckworth returns as a ghost rather than a new employee of Scrooge.

Webby will make a friend named Sabina
And she'll be Swedish.

Mrs. Beakley is training Webby, not only to protect herself, but to serve as a Bodyguard to the triplets in the future.
Mrs. Beakley has been encouraging Scrooge to reconnect with his family for years (thus her emotional investment in her boss's personal life) because she knows that, despite his eccentricities, he has a heart of gold. Someone with both his morals and his financial power can do amazing things for the world, and if the McDuck fortune disappears or falls into the wrong hands after Scrooge's passing, it could lead to INTERNATIONAL issues. Thus her encouraging Scrooge to, in essence, groom his successors.

Despite her faith in him, Mrs. Beakley understands more than anyone how much help and protection Scrooge needs, so she reasonably (and correctly) assumes the Duck family will be similarly both brilliant and incompetent. Any one of them who inherits the McDuck fortune will need someone like Mrs. Beakley to keep them both in line and out of danger, and with her granddaughter already so interested in the McDuck family and their adventures, encouraging and training Webby means that the McDuck line (and the world's economy, which must have grown at least somewhat reliant on the gold of an altruistic duck) is secure, while also letting Webby grow up to be exactly who she wants to be.

The boys' father was never in their lives
Going off of a couple of earlier WMG, but going a tad darker (at least by Disney TV standards). As far as this troper knows, the triplets father has never been given a name or even a design, and any reference to him involves a bit of digging. One way to explain that (aside from the stereotypical Disney way) is that he simply left. At most he may appear in a Whole Episode Flashback or is mentioned in a couple of throwaway lines from Donald and Scrooge with a heavy implication that he left Della when she learned she was having the triplets (and that the uncles have nothing nice to say about him as a result). Either way, their father was never there, but Donald was.
  • Here is (presumably) the only picture of the triplets' father from the comics. He's never been named, but Word of God supposedly says he's Daisy's brother, so that might be why Donald doesn't appear to be with Daisy in this series. The triplets' nameless dad had a falling-out with Donald, and Daisy took her brother's side, so they broke up. Alternately, the dad disappeared with Della, and seeing Donald makes Daisy too distraught, as it reminds her of her brother.
  • The flashbacks in The Last Crash of the Sunchaser gives a lot of weight to this WMG. In flashbacks to when the triplets were in their eggs, their father was completely absent and Donald had already taken over the role.

Della's husband/the triplets' father will be an antagonist.
Unlike Donald, who blamed Scrooge for the loss of his sister but learned to cope, Della's husband went over the edge with grief, and vowed to take revenge on Scrooge for his selfishness and carelessness. He would ideally be a season's Knight of Cerebus, as he is not about to take Scrooge's money or hurt his reputation, but to break him.

Louie's status as the (supposed) Evil Triplet, while Played for Laughs in the pilot, will come back to bite everyone in the tailfeathers.
Specifically, if any of the villains have a plan to convert/brainwash one of the kids, they will choose him. The McDuck/Duck family will face their Darkest Hour because of it. They pull a "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight and it does not work. An added layer of pain to this is that Louie is the baby of their family.
  • Looking dangerously likely by the end of "The Outlaw Scrooge McDuck!"
  • The WMG as written is Confirmed as of "Timephoon!", though there was no conversion or brainwashing involved; all it took was Louie's greed and lack of concern for consequences. He does not learn his lesson; while he only joins Glomgold as a Fake Defector, he doesn't really learn his lesson until "The Richest Duck in the World!" In the process of learning humility, he wrecks Earth's defenses, leaving the way open for the villain and the Season Finale.

Mark Beaks and Gyro Gearloose have a connection
Beaks made his money through the tech industry. Gyro is an Gadgeteer Genius coming up with break-through technology. Maybe at some point Gyro worked for Beaks.
  • Seems to be Jossed. Gyro is implied to have been working for Scrooge for years in "The Great Dime Chase!", whereas Beaks seems to have become rich fairly recently in "The Infernal Internship of Mark Beaks!".

Little Bulb, Gyro's robot, will be evil.
It (or a giant version of it) is running among the Rogues Gallery in the intro, chasing the protagonists. It will get out of hand and turn against its master. The episode featuring it will practically be a remake of the DuckTales (1987) episode "Armstrong".
  • Little Bulb falls victim to A.I. Is a Crapshoot in the third episode, but mostly because it was mistreated by Louie. The giant version of it comes from when it basically fused with a money-sorting machine.
  • In the eleventh episode, BUDDY's core AI is revealed to be a copy of Little Bulb, for which Beaks stole the blueprints. And it goes on a rampage again after Mark Beaks calls it a "dumb robot". Also, the episode is pretty much a remake of "Armstrong", with a Man Versus Machine race between Launchpad and BUDDY.

Dewey’s Adaptation Name Change will be referenced as a gag.
Likely in the form of someone who has no clue what ‘Dewey’ is supposed to be short for and takes a shot in the dark. Or if we happen to see a flashback with Della choosing names for the boys and Deuteronomy was her first choice.
  • Well it's neither confirmed nor jossed, but Frank Angones said that Deuteronomy is now Dewey's middle name.
  • We do learn Della's name choices for the boys in "Nothing Can Stop Della Duck!", but it's Jet for Huey, Turbo for Dewey and Rebel for Louie.

Scrooge raised Donald and Della.
Hortense and Quackmore passing away early in Donald's life is widespread in stories about his past. Usually, he and Della were taken in by their paternal grandparents, but in the show's canon, the Duck twins had adventures with Scrooge long enough for Webby to recognize Donald at least as "Mr. McDuck's sidekick." Potentially, Hortense willed her son and daughter into the care of her brother, and he adopted them when Donald and Della were a bit older than the triplets.
  • Scrooge's nonchalance to the triplets and Webby roughhousing in "Daytrip of Doom!", and having ideas of what to expect (forgetting to put the lid on the peanut butter after use and using staircases as skate ramps) does a lot to imply this isn't the first time kids have been running around the manor. Especially since Webby seems to keep a reverent distance from Scrooge and had no friends beforehand.

There will be an episode focused on Webby/the triplets' birthdays
The two events will be very, very close - maybe a day apart, with Webby being just one day younger than the boys. When Webby's birthday happens, the boys will give her a surprise present: they'll tell her that she may not share blood with them, but as far as they're concerned, she's a part of their family - the little sister they never had. Their words will make her incredibly excited, and she calls this the greatest present she could ever get.

Mrs. Beakley’s true job is to keep Scrooge in line.
Daytrip of Doom has Beakley telling Donald she’s a spy and then brushing it off as a Sarcastic Confession. Between that, what she’s taught Webby, and the items Webby just has (her grappling hook gun, her thermal vision goggles) it seems more than obvious that Beakley wasn’t lying. But why would a spy be posing as a trillionaire’s housekeeper? Well, let’s look at some of the items Scrooge has in his garage in the first episode. A vengeful ghost, a sword that doesn’t rest until it’s target is killed, a petrified dragon, and a gauntlet that can turn living matter to stone (not sure how to count the headless man-horse). And later we learn that Gyro’s robots regularly turn on him, and Miss Quakfaster takes her job a bit too seriously. Mrs. Beakley’s true job may very well be to prevent Scrooge from taking over or destroying the world. Think about it, Scrooge has the money, know-how, and items to easily turn super-villain if he wanted. Whoever Beakley works for likely realized the same thing.
  • Partially confirmed — but it's not Beakley, it's the Board of Directors, keeping Scrooge in check so they can run F.O.W.L. right under his nose.

One episode will involve Webby losing her memories
How this affects her is up in the air, maybe making her adorably bashful like her original appearance, or obsessively paranoid like she was before knowing who the triplets were, or violently angry or what have you. It could even be Brainwashing her into being evil. The family will do everything they can to get her back to normal, but it'll be all for naught at first. However, then they'll bring her into her room, and she'll see the board. And she'll see how she's connected to the triplets with the red marker of "friends". And that will be the beginning of her slowly regaining her memories.

Webby's parents disappeared during the Spear of Selene incident
Webby is the same age as the triplets, and she also lost her parents. Mrs. Beakley was already working for Scrooge when the Spear of Selene incident happened, so it is likely that Webby's parents knew Della Duck, and their disappearance is connected to hers.
  • Jossed - unless Webby's parents were among the astronauts that Scrooge launched into space to find Della.
    • So, not Jossed, and that would work perfectly. Webby's parents were among the volunteers who went to search for Della. But they didn't come back and maybe were definitely killed). Beakley doesn't hold it against Scrooge (any more?) because she knows her daughter and son-in-law were adventurous and heroic, so of course they would jump at the chance. Beakley retired from S.H.U.S.H. when she realized she had to raise her infant granddaughter, and Scrooge invited them to live with him out of guilt and oblingation.

Darkwing Duck will try and recruit Fenton/Gizmoduck for S.H.U.S.H.
According to the producers, Darkwing will have a cameo in the Gizmoduck episode. My guess it will be in the closing moments of the episode and Darkwing will give Fenton a speech like Nick Fury did in the stinger to the first Iron Man movie.
  • Jossed. Darkwing is introduced in the opening moments of the Gizmoduck episode - as a fictional character, the protagonist of a Show Within a Show.
    • Or not, as "The Duck Knight Returns" has revealed that the actor in reboot of the Show Within a Show has decided to become Darkwing for real.

Donald being The Unfavorite of Scrooge will be expanded on.
A Whole Episode Flashback in the comics shows Scrooge getting along a lot better with Della than with Donald, who was pushed to the side and made to carry the bags. After remembering this treatment, possibly being put through it again in the present, Donald calls his uncle out for the insensitivity to his feelings. Hurt and ashamed, Scrooge shows Donald a secret: A room in the money bin's archives much like Della's, but dedicated to his exploits. Artifacts he personally discovered, trophies from battles, medals from Naval services, and even awards and ribbons from school functions. With this and an apology, Scrooge proves Donald has always been a precious part of the old duck's life.

There will be an episode where Scrooge has to justify his adventuring expenses to the board
Maybe even have to work to buy it back or something. Because let's face it. As much as the buzzards might be okay with bringing in unique sources of income like he did with the Jewel of Atlantis, I'm pretty sure that Scrooge globetrotting with a pilot who ruins one plane per trip with no true income that comes from it is going to ruffle some feathers with the board.
  • "The Golden Armory of Cornelius Coot!" establishes that it's always the same plane, as incredible as that sounds. Launchpad can basically put it back together from a pile of parts. But Scrooge most likely just uses his personal wealth for that, as it's not something related to McDuck Industries properties. When Scrooge loses his company to Louie Duck, he's not broke, just unemployed.

The Impossible Summit of Mount Neverest provides important foreshadowing for a contrast that will happen later in the series
So Dewey and Webby are determined beyond all else to figure out what happened to Della Duck. Huey meanwhile mentions that one key proviso of being an adventurer is to know when it's time to give up. As such, an important moment will happen later in the series where Huey will confront Dewey over his obsessive ways, and ask if finding the truth is worth the cost in the strain the search might put on their family.
  • It happens, in a way, in "The Last Crash of the Sunchaser": as the last piece of the picture of Della and the Spear of Selene flies out of the window of the Sunchaser and gets caught on one of the propellers, Dewey climbs out onto the wing of the plane, risking tipping it over and crashing it into the ground. However, the entire family, not just Huey, tells him to stop and not risk the life of everyone just to find out the truth.

Scrooge and Ludwig Von Drake had a rivalry similar to Donald and Gladstone.
That is, a one-sided competition over who was the "cool" uncle. As kids, Donald and Della tended to show more enthusiasm for their Absent-Minded Professor uncle than their Gentleman Adventurer uncle. Scrooge resented this and constantly tried to one-up Ludwig, consciously because it wounded his pride and subconsciously out of jealousy. Unlike Gladstone, Ludwig was Innocently Insensitive instead of smug, and he was only the cool uncle in the eyes of the twins for his friendliness in the face of Scrooge's stuffiness.
  • Unlikely, as Della has no reaction to Ludwig's recordings in "Raiders of the Doomsday Vault!"

Blackarts Beagle and Magica will team up.
To advance his skills in black magic, Blackarts Beagle will obtain the medallion from Lena and ends up summon Magica. She will use Blackarts Beagle as a pawn to reclaim her physical form, and possibly turn the other Beagle Boys into her minions in the process.

Gyro intended to wear the Gizmoduck suit himself.
In the episode that first hinted at Gizmoduck, "The Great Dime Chase," when Gyro first thought up the idea of Project: Blatherskite, he said the words "Gyro is Robot." Kind of suggests he's building a robot suit for himself, and never expected anyone to wear the suit.

Perhaps he thought, while building it, that such an invention could prove very useful to criminals, like the Beagle Boys, Glomgold, or even Mark Beaks. (Perhaps Huey and Dewey let it slide to Gyro that Mark faked Project: Ta Dah!, or could see straight through Mark's facade, and knows that perhaps knows that Mark could steal and use Project: Blatherskite as a substitute for the fake project.) So, he made the machine codeword-activatable, and used either "Blatherskite" or "Blathering Blatherskite" as the codeword, believing that he is the only person who would use that word/phrase.

And, of course, it turns out that his intern, Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera, also uses the phrase "Blathering Blatherskite." (Either that, or working with Gyro and hearing that phrase so much perhaps had Fenton eventually saying it.) And, just like in the original show, Fenton says the phrase in front of (unbeknownst to him) the recently-completed Gizmoduck, activating it, and having it acknowledge Fenton as the controller of it.

And perhaps while in the suit, things go haywire (The trousers have gone haywire!) that has Gyro racing around Duckberg to stop Fenton from doing anything stupid, but in the end, he allows his intern to keep the suit, with confidence that he'll do good things with it.

Storkules will be a major recurring character.
He'll possibly even be a member of the Justice Ducks, where he'll be their equivalent to The Mighty Thor and/or The Incredible Hercules.
  • He is set to return at least for one episode, titled "Storkules in Duckburg!"
  • He also returns in "Moonvasion!" and Word of God says we'll see him next season, so I'm calling it Confirmed.

Jim Starling will meet Launchpad in person in a future episode.
He will be a washed-up television actor who only lives off that one role that made him famous, Darkwing Duck. Launchpad, a big fan of him who Cannot Tell Fiction from Reality, expects him to be like his TV character, resulting in a Broken Pedestal moment when they finally meet. However, due to some turn of events, he'll actually have to dress up as his character and team up with Launchpad to defeat a villain. This way, the fans will get the crossover with Darkwing Duck they are longing for.

Jim Starling is Negaduck
Jim Starling and Drake Mallard are two different ducks. Drake became a superhero, modeling himself off of his favorite TV show. Jim Starling is a broken, out-of-work actor desperate to reclaim the spotlight. He makes a deal with a young witch wearing a pendant and restores his body to its prime. His career skyrocketed as a result. Unfortunately, all magic has a price, and the cost of healing Jim's physical stability was his mental stability. He started to grow more violent, aggressive, and sadistic, with an ever-growing fascination with sharp objects. He doesn't take the news of a real Darkwing Duck well. So he creates a new version of the outfit, replacing the purple and green suit with yellow and red, a red hat instead of a grey one, and the purple and blue cape with a red and black one, and decides to pay Drake a visit.
  • Mostly Confirmed. Jim remains older but does become Negaduck and Drake Mallard is inspired by the original Darkwing to become a superhero.

Darkwing Duck, Gosalyn, and all his villains and allies are victims of a Magica De Spell Curse
Word of God has stated there is more to what we saw that just a brief cameo. We know that Magica was defeated 15 years before the start of the series and Launchpad appears to be younger than Donald, which would mean that he could have been a child when she was defeated. When Scrooge confronted her he was aided by Darkwing Duck but she placed a curse on him, Gosalyn, and all of St. Canard so that they were trapped in the TV series. Scrooge and the gang will free Darkwing and he will have to deal with a world that has moved on without him.
  • Jossed.

Magica De Spell will use a spell to bring Darkwing's villains to the real world...
...and Launchpad will trick her into bringing Darkwing, Gosalyn, and their allies to the real world. The episode will end with S.H.U.S.H. deciding to set Darkwing up in St. Canard to help deal with the escaped villains and Launchpad will volunteer to join him to help him and Gosalyn deal with the real world, setting up for a spin-off
  • Half-jossed in that Darkwing and Negaduck are now real, and it's heavily implied the Show Within a Show never had a Gosalyn, rendering their parts in the guess moot.

The ducks will visit a Lost World full of Living Dinosaurs
...And Webby will finally get a chance to high-five a Brontosaurus.
  • It may be a set-up for Bubba's introduction in the show.

The actress playing Gosalyn will appear in an episode.
Word of God confirms that there was a Gosalyn in the Darkwing Duck Show Within a Show that Launchpad grew up watching. A future episode featuring Jim Starling (the actor who played Darwking) will also feature his co-star, the child actress who played Gosalyn. But since Darkwing Duck is a live-action show in-universe that aired when Launchpad was a child, it means Gosalyn's actress is roughly the same age as him, thus She Is All Grown Up by now. Launchpad has a Celeb Crush on her and she may even become his Love Interest.

Mrs. Beakley's brooch is a tracking device.
In the flashback, she wore an identical-looking brooch on her dress that she attached on to Black Heron so that she can track her. She's wearing a similar device (or perhaps exactly the same one), and she will use it in a later episode to track another villain.

A special Halloween episode will feature Paddywhack as an antagonist
It would be a pretty great way to have the show reference the story of It and have him be a full blown nightmarish Knight of Cerebus.

The triplets have Divine Parentage.
Their father will turn out to be the Greek sun god Helios, moon goddess Selene's brother, who is often depicted with a spear in some pieces of art. "Taking the Spear of Selene" is a vague message informing Donald and Scrooge that Helios needs to be rescued (perhaps he's trapped in a fight against something powerful or he's being punished for their Maligned Mixed Marriage) and Della will be taking him back.
  • One part is Jossed: "Taking the Spear of Selene" refers to the space rocket that Della stole from Scrooge.

A future episode will involve lift of the curse on castle McDuck.
Fergus and Dowey will become mortal, and start aging again leaving them with a few decades before they die of old age.

Each season will put focus on one of the kids
Dewey's had the most focus of all of the kids during Season 1 to divisive results. The plan might be for each season to have one of the others in the spotlight like he has been.
  • Confirmed by Word of God. Season 1 is Dewey's with a theme of "solving mysteries," season 2 is Louie's with a theme of "rewriting history," and season 3 is confirmed to be Huey's with no theme yet stated.

The cosmic storm that took Della was actually a time warp
She didn't crash on the Moon until mere weeks or months before the events of the show, which is why Scrooge's space fleet was never able to find her.
  • Jossed. "What Ever Happened to Della Duck?" shows that she did spend 10 entire years on the Moon, and Scrooge's space fleet simply failed to spot her due to bad luck.

Drake von Vladstone, aka Dracula Duck will be brought in from the NES game
His summining was Magica's doing in the games. Considering that she's been highly depowered after the Season 1 finale, but still knowledgeable of magic, bringing him back could be one way for her to gain a means for revenge on Scrooge.

Fethry Duck will pull off his Superpowered Alter Ego Red Bat
He will then compete with Gizmoduck to fight crime in Duckburg.
  • "Compete" seems a little out of character for Fethry... he's more likely to want to help Gizmoduck fight crime. The two do meet and team up in issue #20 of the tie-in comic in order to stop a runaway robot/donut-maker, though there's no mention of the Red Bat and Fethry remains in his normal identity througout.

Della survived on the moon this long due to magical means.
And Scrooge possibly knows about this, because why would he keep searching for years unless he had some reason to believe she was alive? Theories:
  • She also took some kind of magic artifact that keeps her alive in hostile environments; Scrooge is over a hundred years old, he has to have some life-sustaining magical doohickie lying around somewhere.
  • The rocket was named after Selene because it was blessed by the goddess of the moon herself, and that blessing keeps Della alive in space as long as she stays inside part of the rocket.
  • Landing on the moon let her communicate with Selene long enough to make a magical deal; Selene granted her the ability to survive there, but the cost was either that Selene couldn't tell anyone where she was or help her in any way, or that Selene's memories of Della contacting her were erased entirely so the goddess has no idea she's there.
  • Jossed. She survived due to Gyro's "Oxy-Chew" gums.

All three triplets will steadily start to gain disappointment, or even resentment, towards their mother for stealing the Spear of Selene for a joy ride when she had kids on the way.
This will culminate to where after they reunite with their mother, they harshly criticize Della for her actions and tell her they want nothing more to do with her. This will then result in Scrooge having to help Della reconnect with her kids.
  • Jossed. Only Louie shows disappointment and resentment towards her, whereas Dewey and Huey reconnect with her really quickly.

Season 3 will focus on the identity of the triplets' father
In light of the end of season 1, it's a very safe bet that season 2 will end with Della finally being reunited with her family. Once she's back, one of the first questions the boys ask her is very likely to be the identity of their father and what happened between him and Della, since it's implied that Della is the only person capable of providing those answers. Whatever answer she gives, one of the boys, most likely Huey since season 3 is expected to focus more on him, will be inspired to start investigating further, and the overarching plot of the season will be driven by him stumbling onto something that Della either didn't know about or would have preferred to keep hidden.
  • According to Word of God the focus of season 3 will be Huey becoming a Conspiracy Theorist and rooting out F.O.W.L., but the triplets' father could still be a subplot ... or part of the answer to the main one.

An episode will focus on Donald's Hair-Trigger Temper
Scrooge and the kids return from their latest adventure with a mysterious artifact (or even some sort of spirit or supernatural being) that harnesses power by feeding off of people's anger. It will obviously take advantage of Donald's many outbursts, perhaps even doing things that set him off. When it's all up to Donald to defeat the foe, he will have to control his temper in order to save the day.
  • Confirmed as written, though not like this. "Whatever Happened to Donald Duck?!" is a Donald-focused episode with a subplot about why Donald is always so angry.

Della will be called out by everyone when she returns to Earth
Her absence has clearly left the family with wounds and though her inevitable return will lead to a happy reunion, it won't start that way. First she must seek forgiveness from her distraught family members. Scrooge will call her out for sneaking away with the Spear of Selene, which caused him to nearly empty his money bin and left him a decade's worth of traumatic guilt. Donald will call her out for disobeying him and leaving him to raise three kids on his own. And finally Huey, Dewey and Louie will call her out for choosing adventure over her own unhatched children.
  • Jossed. Only Scrooge (indirectly) and Louie call her out.

Launchpad will somehow be instrumental in getting Della back.
Who better to find one crazy pilot than another crazy pilot?
  • It could involve Launchpad trying to pilot a rocketship and crash-landing on the moon.
  • Jossed. Della had help, but not from Launchpad.

Not only will Magica eventually be redeemed, but she and Della will fall in love with each other.

Gladstone and Fethry will bump into each other in the ocean.
Considering the scope of Gladstone's luck, he probably still has that golden yacht, and Fethry was last seen going to explore on Mitzi the giant krill's back.
  • Confirmed, in 'Moonvasion' Fethry and Gladstone encounter one another in the middle of the sea, though Gladstone was in his blimp, rather than his yacht.

The gold money clip was a gift from one of Scrooge's sisters.
While it could easily be a matter of his precious ego being bruised from a bratty kid managing to pick his pocket, the clip prompting such extreme shock and anger from Scrooge may be because it has sentimental value. Donald and Della weren't born yet when Scrooge lost the clip, giving a personalized accessory isn't Goldie's style, and Fergus and Downy are too humble in finances and values. That leaves Hortense and Matilda, both of whom little to no information has been divulged yet.

There'll be an episode focused on Scrooge's relatives on his mother's side.
At some point after Downy's disappearance, the O'Drakes removed the "O'" from their family name to Americanize themselves and Doofus is Scrooge's relative. The O'Drakes already had money during Downy's time but she was disowned for marrying Fergus.

There is or will be a rivalry between Launchpad and Baloo.
Scrooge will try to spend an episode trying to take advantage of that.
  • Or, if not Baloo, then the adult Kit Cloudkicker revealed in the SDCC 2019 promo.

The reason Mickey's off limits is cause Disney wants to save him for the Grand Finale.

Glomgold will screw himself over in the most humiliating way possible in his contest with Scrooge
Glomgold has frequently been known to be a dirty cheater, but he'll actually manage to gain the advantage in the contest near the end. However, he decides to further impede Scrooge's progress which ultimately results in him losing the contest. (and possibly sent to jail)
  • 100% confirmed. Afraid he's going to lose, he decides to go for the throat and kill Scrooge in "Glomtales!" This leads to him winning the bet, then losing all of his money (and a lot of money that was NOT his) when he's outwitted by an eleven-year-old child.

Scrooge's beef with Santa will become Harsher in Hindsight.
It will be revealed Scrooge never forgave Santa for what was his saddest Christmas ever: When Donald and Della first came to live with him, they asked Santa Claus for their late parents, and he did not provide an explanation why this was impossible, much less deliver.

Glomgold is using his mother's maiden name.
His heritage is similar to the one mentioned in the comics except that his Scottish Grandfather Stoneheart Glomgold had a daughter instead of a son. Glomgold had to fake his accent because his mother had already lost hers by the time he learned how to speak.

If and when Della gets back to Earth, Gyro will be in for a world of hurt.
Between making the Oxy-Chew black licorice flavored, insulting her in the rocket's instructions, and making it so the rocket runs on gold, Gyro is probably going to be on the receiving end of a beatdown once she gets back. Bonus points if Lil' Bulb, Manny, or Fenton break out the popcorn in response.

Doofus Drake will be dragged off into a Heel–Face Turn by path of Break the Haughty.
He Used to Be a Sweet Kid before his inheritance turned him into a nightmare, but he may be placed in humiliating and traumatizing circumstances that force him to see how corrupt he'd become one way or another. Seeing him knocked down to his lowest and not knowing what to do with himself, the Duck brothers—even, or especially, Louie, out of sympathy for the rich kid he was previously terrified of—decide to take this opportunity to teach the broken haughty how to be a better person.

When the triplets' birthday is celebrated on-screen, the extended family will sing Happy Birthday to You! to them in a filmed party.
To which Della will express her surprise that Scrooge is actually willing to pay to royalties to do it until someone informs her about the lawsuit that happened while she was on the moon.

Darkwing Duck will deal with Acquired Situational Narcissism
Drake Mallard had already shown that despire being more humble and noble then Jim Starling, he still had a bit of an ego. Him doing the Darkwing Duck stuff for real and getting news media coverage will feed that ego and he would have to deal with controlling it or else he'd end up like Negaduck. Maybe Launchpad and a red headed orphan would help?
  • Happens almost as soon as he appears in "Moonvasion!"

Alistair Boorswan will return and look for revenge.
He wanted to make Darkwing Duck into his "psychological masterpiece," and it got ruined thanks to Executive Meddling (Scrooge insisted on getting involved despite never seeing a movie in decades, then pulled the plug on production when he decided it wasn't worth it; Dewey hijacked the film's finale, making it this crazy mess with dancers and chainsaws, then filmed over whatever Boorswan originally filmed as well as the final fight). Since neither seemed to care about what Boorswan wanted to do or even apologize for messing up the film, he swears revenge and decides to find a way to make them pay for ruining his film. He'll team up with Jim Starling/Negaduck who he'll convince it was Scrooge who didn't want Starling for the reboot film's titular role and asks him to star in his new passion project "Revenge against McDuck Studios", as Negaduck is the "grim and gritty" he was going for in his film.

J. Gander Hooter will be introduced as the present-day director of SHUSH.
Possibly bringing up previous director Ludwig Von Drake being an old mentor of his before passing the role onto him.

The black n' white version of Negaduck will appear.
Jim Starling as Negaduck will gain super powers from Magica. He will turn grey, and become all powerful.

will get a Promotion to Opening Titles in Season 3.In Season 2, Gizmoduck and Magica got incorporated into the opening credits. Now that Della has returned to Earth and got reunited with her family, this would be the next logical step.
  • The shot in the opening credits where Scrooge and Launchpad ride a boat through a storm will be replaced by Della riding a spaceship. Donald will still be there, this time being attacked by aliens rather than pirates.

Negaduck will recruit the actors from the old Darkwing Duck show and form the Fearsome Five.
We know that the in-universe Darkwing Duck show featured Megavolt, Quackterjack, Liquidator and Bushroot as antagonists. The only one missing from the original Fearsome Five was Negaduck. Now that Jim Starling has become Negaduck, he will have no trouble finding the actors who played these characters, and will team up with them (or somehow manipulate them) to have revenge on Drake Mallard.

Negaduck will try to recruit his former co-stars only to find they've not fit for the roles
Negaduck will try to find the actors who play Megavolt, Quackerjack, Liquidator and Bushroot on his old show. But it turns out that many of them refused to work with him because they've either moved on from the role and are doing other work, retired from acting all together, died a couple years ago, don't want to commit actual crimes or just hated working with him back in the day due to his ego and rather not go through that again.

We will meet Professor Waddlemeyer while he's alive.
And we'll get to know and like him for a little bit before the "accident" that kills him.
  • Seemingly supported by this post in which Frank Angones seems to be implying Gosalyn won't be in an orphanage when we meet her.

In life, Duckworth was a Beagle Boy named Butler Beagle
He was the White Sheep in the family and left to work for Scrooge because he had shown more respect for him then any of his family ever did.

Magica/Lena's amulet will be revealed to have originally been Merlock's.
And should Gene show up in the reboot, he'll see it, have a small panic attack, and shakily demand to know where they got it.

This show's version of the Fearsome Five will consist of Negaduck (leader), Flintheart Glomgold, Magica De Spell, Mark Beaks and Ma Beagle.
All of them will be given some kind of superpower. Magica already has her magic and Mark Beaks will re-activate his nanites that turn him into Mega-Beaks, but Glomgold and Ma Beagle will also somehow gain superpowers.
  • This teamup already occurred with Negaduck, and it was very clear that the villains would never work with Glomgold again afterwards.

In response to Negaduck's Fearsome Five, Darkwing Duck and Gizmoduck will create this show's version of the Justice Ducks.
The team, beside Gizmoduck and Darkwing Duck, will include Storkules, Gandra Dee, and perhaps Donald as the Duck Avenger.

Like his original character, Doofus will come to be a Hero-Worshipper for Launchpad
Except this time to the degree of a Loony Fan. If it connects to a potential redemption arc, Launchpad will become his first true friend.

An episode will have the characters visiting Cyberspace
As a modern take on "Scrooge's Last Adventure". In regards to its villain and a bonus Disney movie reference, it will be called Mark Beaks the Internet.

An episode will take place in Cape Suzette and it's return to it's former glory.
Given hints from the brochure, that it's no longer harbor town it used to be, focusing more on neat parks and saltine cracker factories and not on it being the resting place of adventure aviators of lore. This will eventually get fixed when an incident calls for seaplanes like the Sea Duck to fly once more.

Skittles the penguin will appear
While the DuckTales crew is utilizing new bird species, why not throw some penguins in there? Much like Webby, Skittles will also be significantly redesigned in both appearance and personality. She could even be the fourth member of Webby's clique (along with Lena and Violet).

Jim Starling will be redeemed. However, we'll still have Negaduck.
They had Jim be shown as hesitant, guilty, before he sees Launchpad's in danger and tries to rescue him. He's not irreedemable and future episodes will deal with trying to save him from himself.

However at the same time, Negs is an iconic and beloved villain which the showrunners know. They will want to keep the door open for more stories with the character, or at least the concept of Darkwing having a "negative." In addition, they might want to allude to how OG Darkwing Duck had two versions of Negaduck (the first being an embodiment of Drake's negativity, the 2nd a denizen of the Negaverse). So here are two possible options:

  • A. We get a rebooted version of the Negatron Negaduck's episode where Jim Starling's redeeming traits are split from the selfish, murderous, resentful side of his self. While Jim will be finally no longer Negaduck, his embodied darkness will manage to continue on so he can wreak further havoc.
  • B. There's an episode or set of episodes introducing what's more or less the reboot's Negaverse. Here, we meet Drake's counterpart from this universe who's a young man who looked up to villains, crooks, and monsters. He might be the newest one to hold the title of Negaduck in his world.

In either case, the new Negaduck is the one DW and Co. deal with from then on.

Darkwing Duck will be the last one to figure out Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera is Gizmoduck
Despite the obvious clues, Darkwing won't notice Fenton and Gizmo are the same until everyone else has already figured it out.

The Grand Finale of this show will be a Distant Finale
And in it, we'll see whatever happened to the "family" the Ducks created at Scrooge Mcduck's true funeral. Part of it would involve them all going on one last adventure as part of scrooge's last will and testament to determine how his inheritance would be dolled out.
  • Huey's become a professor. With 5 Phd's and working hard to create a new "expanded" version of the JWG.
  • Dewey's been spending some time with his mother, forever following any lead around the world to adventure and make things fun for himself. Oh, and he has a tv deal to record his adventures so his family knows what he's up to.
    • Scrooge left him McDuck Studios, which is where his tv show is being filmed.
  • Louie Inc. finally took off. While not nearly as honest an endeavor compared with Mcduck Enterprises, it did prove successful at last selling insurance as it "involves the least amount of effort".
    • He also ended up employing Donald there as a coin cleaner, finally giving his uncle the stability he's always wanted.
  • Webby serves as bodyguard for the 2 Duck boys still in Duckburg. She was also the last housekeeper of Mcduck Manor after Beakley died.
  • Lena disappeared for a few years, trying to figure out herself after all the magic needed to make her a real duck. Thankfully, she took Violet alongside, and they came back full fledged sorceresses also pledged to the Duck family against vengeance curses.
  • Fenton and Gyro eventually put their heads together to create an even better version of Gizmoduck, while also making it remote controllable so Fenton could also set up a private lab where he could spend more time with Gandra Dee.
  • Mama Cabrerra eventually retired, but refused to go down in life to inactivity in front of the tv. So, she became Gizmoduck's mission control and sidekick.
  • Jim Starling and Drake Mallard continue to battle, their struggle never ending. Although Jim is finally beginning to slow down, indicating that Darkwing Duck's final victory over Negaduck is near.
  • Mrs. Quackfaster finally settled down in her retirement condo in Birbados, but her OCD tendencies made it..difficult to have good neighbors.
  • Launchpad ended up being Scrooge's best friend in his last days, loyal with him to the very last, and inheriting all his vehicles on the condition he never handle landing duties, since "I won't be able to pay your crash bills if I'm dead!"
  • Beakley's ghost visits Webby every Christmas along with her new husband, Ghost of Christmas Future.
  • Owlson will become a better billionaire and surpassed even Scrooge as the Richest Person in the World. She donates half of her profits to charities.
  • Glomgold wanted to gloat about outliving Scrooge, but then he tripped on some loose change and died an hour before Scrooge did, once again being one upped even in death.
  • Duckworth still does his duty, although he's considering returning to the underworld to help Scrooge adjust to the afterlife.
  • Fethry ended up getting a science degree after all. Honorary of course, but he sometimes guest teaches for Huey to help make classes fun.
  • Gladstone and Goldie help pay for the funeral expenses.
    • Gladstone for his part, never really changed. But he does occasionally make anonymous donations of 20 dollars to his family as a way to keep them in his heart. Also, he's forbidden to compete for Scrooge's fortune, since Scrooge actually wants a fair competition rather than have Gladstone luck out and win without trying.
    • Goldie is a fair bit older looking, worn down from a lifetime of scamming and keeping people at arm's length. Eventually, she threw up her hands, and asked for a commission job at Mcduck Enterprises in their exploration wing. That way she could work for herself, but still visit Scrooge whenever she wanted. She is allowed to participate, but in a rare moment of self-reflection, admits that she's too old to pull one over on the Duck clan again.
      • In addition, it'll be revealed she actually has her vast treasure horde willed out to Louie on her death. Because she lived for the thrill rather than the riches alone, she's got quite the bump to give.

Magica De Spell will be invited to join F.O.W.L
Magica (who now works at Funzo's due to losing her magic) is called into the day manager's office for once again declaring magical war on children. Magica will mention wanting revenge on Clan McDuck. Funzo will ask her if she really means that and Magica will proclaim that once she gets her powers back, Clan McDuck will be destroyed. Funzo will then press a button underneath his desk. The button brings both him and Magica to F.O.W.L. headquarters. Funzo, dropping his goofy happy voice, will offer Magica a promotion from birthday magican to sorceress supreme for F.O.W.L. He then takes off his head, revealing himself as The Phantom Blot, and welcomes her aboard.
  • It would make sense since it was never explained where Magica got the invention she used to hijack Lena's dreams.
  • Though to the contrary, none of the F.O.W.L. are childish, obsessive, petty, and constantly keep a cool head. Wild cards like Magica wouldn't qualify.
  • It's worth noting that they had a golden opportunity when Magica was working at Funzo's, given that Funzo is the Phantom Blot, and didn't take it.

There will be a running theme of F.O.W.L. agents recruiting villains at the end of episodes
This will give each of the agents, Gandra Dee, Rockerduck and Franken-Jeeves, Steelbeak, Phantom Blot, and Black Heron a chance to shine and provide hints to the Season Arc.

Season 4 will feature a new character hunting down the heroes

Each season has focused on a line from the theme song as its overarching idea.

  • Season 1: Might Solve a Mystery - What happened to Della and Scrooge
  • Season 2: Or Rewrite History - Della making up for lost time with the kids, frequent time travel plots, the changes to Negaduck and Glomgold's origins, and General Lunaris trying to "rewrite" the relationship between the moon and Earth.
  • Season 3, mostly likely: D-d-danger Lurks Behind You - the arrival of FOWL behind Scrooge's back.

Season 4 would then follow that up with "There's a Stranger Out to Find You." Either a new villain or a villain not usually associated with Ducktales could come to take Scrooge and co. down themselves.

  • A potential candidate for this role could be El Capitan.
  • David Xanatos; what could be more stranger than a human character.


     Season 2 
Merlock will be the Big Bad of Season 2, which will loosely adapt "Treasure of the Lost Lamp."
The SDCC demo showed character art for an updated version of Dijon. The trailer for Season 2 that was exclusively shown at SDCC also showed a clip that looks like it's from a straight up remake of the episode "Masters of the Djinni" from the original series, with Scrooge and Glomgold climbing on top a stone pillar and fighting over a magic lamp. Elements from "Masters of the Djinni" and "Treasure of the Lost Lamp" will be combined into one: Scrooge and Glomgold are fighting over the magic lamp, except it will contain the Genie/"Gene" from the film, as opposed to the Jackass Genie from that episode. Them awakening him will lead to Merlock's appearance down the line as he tries to obtain the lamp.
  • And if the lamp plays a big part in Season 2, then one of the main reasons the family is searching for it is likely to use its power to locate or wish back Della from outer space, since conventional means of finding her have been a bust.
  • A cool idea, but I have a hard time believing that they'd have another evil sorcerer with another reluctant minion right after Magica's debut. More likely, the lamp will either be used in a plot unrelated to Merlock, or he will only become a problem in season 3 — maybe allied with Magica at that point?
  • The clip with Scrooge and Glomgold climbing a pillar and fighting over the lamp was used in "The Ballad of Duke Baloney!", as part of a montage about Glomgold trying to best Scrooge in everything. It is unknown whether it will actually be used as a plot point.
  • The episode "Treasure of the Found Lamp!" contains many Mythology Gags to both "Treasure of the Lost Lamp" and "Masters of the Djinni", and prominently features the Lamp of the Genie as a MacGuffin, but there is no mention of Merlock in the episode. The new version of Dijon, renamed Djinn, goes through a great amount of Adaptational Heroism and is unlikely to ever team up with an Evil Sorcerer.
  • Officially jossed. Merlock made no appearances in season 2. However, a season 3 appearance has not been ruled out, since an updated version of Gene the genie is set to appear for real then.

There will be a Yet Another Christmas Carol episode in Season 2.
The SDCC demo showed three characters that appear to be this show's versions of the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future: a small green firefly, a chubby pig dressed in a leaf crown and a green fur coat, and a gigantic Grim Reaper figure. Scrooge, of course, will play the role of Ebenezer Scrooge. The episode will also explore the often-teased Noodle Incident between Santa and Scrooge.
  • Partly confirmed; the episode "Last Christmas!" features the three ghosts.
  • Jossed for Scrooge playing the part of Ebenezer Scrooge. Instead, it's explained that the Ghosts accidentally met Scrooge McDuck while looking for the other Scrooge.
  • Also Jossed for Scrooge's passionate hatred for Santa, which is referenced multiple times for the episode, but never elaborated.

Season 2 will end with Louie taking over both Glomgold's and Scrooge's companies, much to everyone's dismay
Because of the bet, Louie ends up being the richest duck in the world, even if it is just by one cent. It will go to Louie's head but eventually he will realize that he does not like what he is becoming. He ends up giving everything back to Scrooge in what will be one of the most heartwarming moments in the show.
  • Confirmed!

There will be a Time Travel episode where Scrooge, Goldie, Gyro and Fenton end up in the Old West.
The SDCC demo showed pictures of Scrooge, Goldie and Fenton in Old West clothing along with Gyro in his regular outfit, along with a Steam Punk Gizmoduck suit and John D. Rockerduck also in Old West clothing. The story will be Gyro building a time machine that ends up transporting him, Fenton, Scrooge and Goldie back to a town in the Old West ruled by the corrupt businessman Rockerduck, and Gyro and Fenton build a steampunk Gizmosuit to defeat Rockerduck.
  • Alternatively, only Gyro and Fenton get transported back in time, and team up with a young Scrooge and Goldie against Rockerduck (which is possible if the episode takes place at the end of the 1800s).
  • Half-confirmed, half-jossed. Only Gyro uses Time Travel. The duck looking like Fenton is Sheriff Marshall Cabrera, the identical grandfather of Fenton.

John D. Rockerduck will be part of the extended family.
John D. Rockerduck will have no familial ties to Scrooge McDuck in his first appearance in the time travel Old West episode, but when Gyro and Fenton come back and mention him, Scrooge and Donald will quickly tell them to be quiet and not to mention his name to the boys, as Rockerduck is a relative of their dad.

Rockerduck will be referred to by his last name.
Related to the two above theories, Gyro and Fenton travel back to the Gold Rush and be antagonized by Rockerduck. The latter will only be known by his last name to preserve the mystery of which Rockerduck he is, because one of them is part of the Duck extended family. He might be John, John's (grand-)father Howard, or a new ancestor altogether.
  • Jossed, he's explicitly referred to as John D. Rockerduck.

The whole family will have to relocate to Donald's houseboat after the events of the Season 1 finale
The trailer for the rest of Season 1 shows both the mansion and the Money Bin getting demolished as Magica wrecks havoc. Until both are fixed, they have to relocate to the houseboat. It also would serve as a Bookend to the premiere where Donald had to move to the mansion after the boat was destroyed until it was fixed. The SDCC trailer for Season 2 also showed Scrooge on Donald's boat excitedly bursting out of the windows, which supports this.
  • Jossed. The manor's all fixed up by the start of season 2.

Season 2 will involve Time Travel
Specifically, it will be used to save Della Duck. The show runners said, "They solved a mystery, now history is repeating itself. So the question is: can the Duck family rewrite history?"

While in the context of the article it's talking about the fallout of "The Last Crash of the Sunchaser", it could also be a clue as to the next arc.

  • The SDCC 2018 promotional pictures showed Bubba the Caveduck and some of the characters in Old West outfits (including a steampunk Gizmoduck suit), supporting this theory.
  • Time Travel is featured in "Last Christmas!", with the Ghost of Christmas Past taking Scrooge and Dewey back to the past. Dewey meets Della and attempts to tell her about the Spear of Selene, but she shoots it down to avoid a Temporal Paradox.
  • There is also Time Travel in "The Outlaw Scrooge McDuck!"
  • The SDCCC 2019 trailer reveals Gyro's time tub (and it being stolen) will be part of another episode - possibly the one introducing Bubba and Tootsie.
    • Confirmed. In "Timephoon!", Louie steals the time tub and accidentally transports Bubba and Tootsie to the present day.

At least one episode of Season 2 will involve...
Webby discovering Lena isn't gone after all, and trying to restore her to a flesh-and-blood body.
  • Confirmed. In "Friendship Hates Magic", Webby successfully resurrects Lena.

The magpie girl from the SDCC promotional pictures knows witchcraft and will help Webby restore Lena.
Magpies are often associated with gypsies (due to their dark feathers and the Thieving Magpie stereotype) and fictional gypsies often know witchcraft. The promotional picture shows her next to Webby and Lena, implying some kind of connection to them. Perhaps the magpie girl will sense Lena's spirit around Webby and together they summon her, and the three will form some kind of Power Trio.
  • The creators probably don't want to associate a character with racist stereotypes, even that obscurely...
  • Word of God revealed that she's a hummingbird (specifically, a violet sabrewing), not a magpie.
  • She's neither a magpie nor a gypsy, but she is into magic and occultism and helps Webby restore Lena, so the rest of the speculation is Confirmed.

Magica ran away to her brother Poe, and will work with him in season 2
After loosing most, or all, of her magic in the season one finale, Magica will need an ally to continue antagonizing Scrooge. The sorceress will believe she is entitled to essentially freeload on her estranged brother Poe, who lacks his sister's commitment to the DeSpell-McDuck feud and ambitions of world conquest. Nonetheless, he will lend her a hand in regaining her power to get Magica back on her feet and out of his home.
  • Jossed. Poe makes no appearances in season 2, and Magica's stuck working as a party entertainer.

Poe and Minima will show up as Magica's new 'minions'
Sort of similar to the above theory but more my own version of it. I think Magica will attempt to recruit Poe and Minima as her new 'minions' to replace Lena. But due to not having any leverage or magic to use over them she will struggle to get them to do anything. Perhaps they could just act tired of Magica's nonsense. And they will only really be helping her because they are family and/or like in the above WMG, in order to get her out of their house.

Webby's new friend who was revealed at SDCC 2018 will be related to Mark Beaks.
I have seen this theory has been posted around before on reddit and I personally believe it but I have not seen it here so I thought I might as well put it here. The theory is that the girl shown standing with Webby and Lena in the SDCC reel will be related to Mark Beaks. Since she does look like Mark Beaks and it will also be kind of amusing if Webby keeps befriending the family of antagonists. She could possibly be Mark Beak's sister or cousin or niece etc.

Also if she does turn out to be related to Mark Beaks I think it would be interesting if they actually have a good relationship and if she is working with him then she is doing so willingly to contrast with Magica's and Lena's relationship.

  • Jossed, Violet Sabrewing has nothing to do with Mark Beaks.

The Big Bad of season two will be
The main villain of season two will be:
  • Magica DeSpell
  • Flintheart Glomgold
    • By the look of it Flintheart Glomgold, is the Big Bad, since he and Scrooge made the bet which will be one of the season two arcs.
  • A Duck version of [1]'s Shang Tsung, since Disney referenced Mortal Kombat twice.
  • Double Rule of Cool points if Patric Seitz (who voices Scorpion) or Andrew Kishino voices him, although we already had Magica.
  • John D. Rockerduck
  • Merlock
  • Ma Beagle
  • Blackheart Beagle
  • Negaduck II
  • Blackarts Beagle
  • Steelbeak
  • Black Heron
  • Don Karnage
  • Megavolt
  • Count Dracula Duck
  • Mark Beaks
  • Arpin Lusene, aka the Black Knight
  • Taurus Bulba
  • Pete
  • A completely new character
    • Ultimately, there is a Big-Bad Ensemble between Glomgold and a new character introduced in this version of Ducktales, General Lunaris.
    • From the above characters, Magica, Beaks, Ma Beagle and Don Karnage join a Legion of Doom led by Glomgold; meanwhile, The Stinger of "Moonvasion" shows Rockerduck, Steelbeak and Black Heron as F.O.W.L. agents. Blackheart Beagle, or Grandpappy Beagle, makes a brief appearance in "Last Christmas", Megavolt appears as a Show Within a Show character in "The Duck Knight Returns", and in the same episode Jim Starling turns into Negaduck. Taurus Bulba does not appear in Season 2 but is confirmed to appear in Season 3.

Selene is a Obliviously Evil Big Bad Friend and will be the main villain of the season.
Selene lied to Dewey and Webby when she said she didn't know where Della was or what the Spear of Selene was. Della named the Spear after her and told her that it was meant to be a gift to her children. Fearing her best friend would stop adventuring after her children were born, Selene arranged the cosmic storm that caused the Spear to crash on the moon. Her magic hid Della from the search party and keeps her alive on the moon's surface.
  • Jossed by "Whatever Happened To Della Duck?"

The purple girl shown in the SDCC reel is Minima De Spell
She and her father Poe De Spell are now anthropomorphic ravens instead of ducks, which also means that Poe is now Magica's half-brother.

The Rockerduck seen in the SDCC promo art is not John.
It's Howard Rockerduck, Scrooge's rival from the Klondike. According to John's backstory in the comics, his father Howard started the Rockerduck family fortune during the Gold Rush, but was always regarded as second banana to Scrooge, whom Howard both resented and admired. To fit with the reboot's timeline, this Howard will be changed to John's great-grandfather. John will still have grown up hearing tales of Scrooge McDuck, but the one sided McDuck-Rockerduck rivalry has lasted more than two generations so Scrooge and John's age difference from the comics (John is usually Donald's age) is carried over into the series.
  • Jossed. He's explicitly referred to as John D. Rockerduck, who in this version is about as old as Scrooge.

The wager between Scrooge and Glomgold will be lost because of Della
Near the end of the time limit set by the wager Scrooge will have a chance to save Della but it will cost just enough to lose him the wager.
  • Unlikely - she made it back on her own. And from the SDCC 2019 trailer, it looks like Glomgold's going to try and cheat his way into victory anyway by forming his Legion of Doom.
  • Jossed. Louie cheated him out of a fortune.

Glomgold will lose the bet because of the IRS.
His missing poster in "The Ballad of Duke Baloney" says he's wanted for back taxes.
  • Jossed, it was Louie that screwed him over.

Glomgold will lose because of his cheating.
The money spent on his attempts to sabotage Scrooge will be more than the difference that'll make Scrooge the winner.
  • Either confirmed or jossed depending on your point of view. Louie rules-lawyered him out of a fortune because he didn't sign his name in his partnership contract with him. So either he lost because of a minor dishonesty, or Louie cheated him by the book.

The vultures will want to take advantage of the bet to take over McDuck Enterprises.
That Scrooge would agree to such a bet is something they'll use to declare him insane. They'll want to get Glomgold Industries' acting C.E.O. onto the plan out of hope she'll want to declare Glomgold insane and retain her power over his company. He was already considered insane before the bet anyway.
  • Jossed. They made no visible power plays during the events of the bet. It's not until afterward that they show their true colors.

Rockerduck is a parody of Boss Hogg.
That's why promotional material portrays him wearing white.
  • The two characters don't seem to have anything in common besides dress sense.

Glomgold will win the bet against Scrooge.
In the penultimate episode of the season, creating a Darkest Hour before the the season finale where the Duck family has to leave McDuck Manor, dirt-poor. But then in the final episode, Glomgold somehow gets Hoist by His Own Petard and Scrooge gets his money and his mansion back, restoring the status quo.
  • And as Glomgold gloats and laughs in his new office, he stops laughing and it slowly dons on him, that now that he's become the Richest Duck in the World and finally got revenge on Scrooge for "shortchanging" him all those years ago, he has nothing now.
  • Jossed. Louie made sure of that.

Rockerduck will be the World's second richest duck.
When Rockerduck appears in the past he will be the world's second richest duck, this will be because Glomgold has not yet made his fortune. In the modern day Glomgold will of made his fortune becoming the new second richest duck in the world, bumping Rockerduck to the world's third richest duck. He'll show up in the present to reclaim the second richest title once whoever loses the bet (Scrooge or Glomgold) is no longer richer than him.
  • Rockerduck's first appearance takes place in Scrooge's prospecting days, before he has become the world's richest duck, and he appears to be richer than Scrooge at that time.

How Season 2 will end, based on the above guesses
The mid-season finale will have the characters realize Della is alive on the moon. Scrooge will organize a mission to rescue her... costing him the bet against Glomgold. The triplets and Donald will be forced to leave McDuck Manor. Their search for a new home leads them to some familiar faces in places like Spoonerville and Cape Suzette. Meanwhile, a guilt-ridden Della will sink into a Despair Event Horizon, that is until Launchpad boosts her confidence and helps her family restore their faith in her. They eventually reunite to take back McDuck Enterprises and defeat Glomgold. After some long-awaited touching moments, Donald and Della will decide to leave Duckburg to travel the world together on their boat note , leaving the triplets in Scrooge's care. And then, as a Sequel Hook to season 3, Dewey will begin to look at the mystery of his father.
  • At least the first point in this WMG is Jossed — Della makes it back to Earth safe and sound in "The Golden Spear!" Now, DONALD is a different matter altogether...
  • Fully jossed. The bet's over and done with by the time the family is fully together.

Della's reaction upon learning about the bet.
She'll comment that she thought Scrooge was "a businessman, not a gambler". It'll be a reference of the 1987 series episode where Glomgold challenged Scrooge to a bet where the loser gives a million dollars to the winner. Scrooge used those words to refuse but changed his mind when Glomgold proposed that the loser would invest a million dollars on the winner's company.
  • Jossed. She doesn't seem to care.

Glomgold will lose the bet because of lawyers' fees.
In "Storkules in Duckburg", there's a headline about Glomgold accidentally suing himself. He'll lose the bet because he'll have to pay fees to both sides of the case. He'll also be sued for shortchanging the "losing side's" lawyer.
  • Jossed, it was Louie. Though, it's not out of the question for a kid like him to aspire to become a lawyer if his own business doesn't work out....

Guesses as to what was blocking Della's transmissions from getting through:
  • The Vultures
    • Evidence for: They're shady assholes who didn't want Della found because she was costing them money. Against: Scrooge almost went bankrupt because he was spending so much money trying to find Della, so stopping him from finding Della to save money doesn't make sense.
  • The Moonlanders
    • For: They're most definitely up to something, and have advanced enough technology to hide their entire moon city. Against: They didn't even know she was there, although they could have been blocking her signal unintentionally.
  • Magica
    • For: Magica' power seems to be related to the moon in some way, and Della started receiving transmissions from earth after she was released. Against: Della is having tech problems, not magic ones.
  • Selene
    • For: She's the goddess of the moon. Della is stuck on the moon. It seems logical she would know that Della was there, and yet she hasn't said anything. Against: Selene apparently doesn't know about the Moonlanders, so it's possible either she doesn't know everything that happens on the actual physical moon or whatever is hiding the Moonlanders from her also hid Della.
  • The crash itself
    • For: Sometimes the simplest explanation is the correct one, the crash damaged the transmission device and Della never noticed.

The Moonlanders will invade Earth.
Shortly after Della leaves the moon, General Lunaris will die in the most Disney squeeze way possible. This will cause Lieutenant Penumbra to be promoted to the rank of general, and to blame Earth people for what happened, meaning there will be an invasion.
  • Alternatively, Lunaris will be revealed as Evil All Along and will lead the invasion.
    • Confirmed! Lunaris was playing both Della and Penumbra the whole time to make Della look like a traitor and take the Spear of Selene's blueprints to build an armada.

Glomgold will find out about the Moon's vast gold resources
.And the greedy businessman he is, he'll try to conquer the Moon for it.
  • Glomgold is crucial in the finale, but he doesn't seem to have any motivation except trying to save the world from freezing and getting his company back.

The Moonlanders will be the Final Boss of Season 2...
While Glomgold will most likely (and ideally) continue to be the Big Bad of this season via his and Scrooge's bet, the Moonlanders will be the last and ultimate threat of Season 2. They have the chops for such a role, being an alien race with highly advanced technology and, if Penumbra and Lunaris are any indication, aren't the most noble guys around. They also have Della, the central figure of the series' current Myth Arc, in their custody, and the reunion between her and the Duck family obviously isn't going to come so easily. And while they have no reason to be hostile to the main characters, given their hospitality to Della (even if for nefarious purposes), there is a good precedent for there to be violent conflict between them and the main cast via their immense gold supply, which would be too tempting for a certain greedy Scottish duck in the midst of a serious deal, and had lost much of his wealth searching for Della.
  • The season finale is called "Moonvasion!", confirming the main idea of this speculation. Lunaris uses Della's blueprints of the Spear of Selene to build an army of golden rockets to invade Earth.
  • Confirmed.

Going with the above three theories...
The Moonlanders' gold city ends up being destroyed, either accidentally by one of our heroes or by Glomgold attempting to take it for himself. The Moonlanders will then decide to retaliate by invading Earth and turning everyone into gold note . Della and her family will then work to defeat the Moonlanders, who in the end will either swear vengeance or declare a truce.
  • Everything except Mark Beaks trying to take a selfie with the invaders is Jossed.

The Moonlanders will initially serve antagonistic roles, but eventually do reform. Penumbra will get along with Della like what's been implied in their debut and they will help Della return to earth after she does them a grand gesture. Later on, the Moonlanders will aid the Duck family in their fight against the Final Boss - be it Glomgold, Magica or an entirely new Big Bad.
  • Strongly suggested by Gibbous's reaction to Lunaris declaring he wants to destroy the Earth, but only Penumbra actually contributes to Earth's defense.

Scrooge will lose the bet
Only to be bailed out by Della arriving in a solid gold space ship.
  • Jossed. Della was already back, and Scrooge lost to Louie. Who eventually gave it all back.

The Moonlanders will be the equivalents to the Skrulls, keeping with the similarities to Captain Marvel (2019).
They initially appear antagonistic, before it's revealed they're up against an even bigger threat: the Evronians.
  • Jossed, though that would have been awesome.

Fethry will meet Louie.
And it'll be revealed that, while he considers Huey and Dewey "Little Donalds", he considers Louie a "Little Gladstone".
  • Jossed - when he meets Louie, he calls him "green kid".

The Moon Theme will have a Triumphant Reprise.
Likely when Della and the boys are having some awesome climactic moment.

The Moonlanders, while invading Earth, will use one or more of the triplets to get Della to do what they want.
Likely even throwing Della's line, "Because a mother would do anything for the sake of her kids," back at her.
  • Jossed. They don't get the chance to threaten the triplets.

D'jinn is the Genie of the Lamp.
Regarding the Adaptation Name Change of Dijon to D'jinn, Word of God said it's a "minor spoiler". "D'jinn" looks almost like "djinni", which is an alternative spelling for "genie" - and also sounds similar to "Gene", which is the name of the genie from "Treasure of the Lost Lamp". Perhaps he is actually a Composite Character of Dijon and Gene?
  • Jossed. He's actually the eighth-great grandson of the Genie of the Lamp.

Donald will be a pawn in the Moonlander's invasion plot
In "The Golden Spear!", Della finally manages to return to Earth. Alas, Donald accidentally blasts himself into space, just as General Lunaris brings his people to wage war against the planet. Donald will presumably crash land on the moon, where he will held prisoner by the Moonlanders and be forced to help them assist in the invasion by building ships to Earth if he ever wants to see his family again. Worse still, unlike with Della's situation, there will be no search parties because everybody thinks he's out on a cruise.
  • Donald indeed becomes a prisoner of the Moonlanders. However, before they can use him for anything, Penumbra helps him escape, they find an old rocket that Lunaris built and Donald is launched back on Earth.

Donald will be brainwashed by the Moonlanders into becoming Paperinik.
Continuing from the above speculation. After imprisoning him, the Moonlanders will do experiments on Donald, give him superpowers and turn him into a vengeful duck that helps them with their Alien Invasion. However, he'll be snapped out of his brainwashed state, do a Heel–Face Turn and help his family save the Earth from the invaders.
  • Jossed. He escaped with Penumbra's help, and finally reunites with the family in the finale when they land on the same deserted island as he did.

Goldie is secretly planning on playing a Trickster Mentor gambit with Louie.
Sure, she's at least partially agreeing to train him in her underhanded ways to get a rise out of Scrooge. But she also has just enough heart in her to realize Louie is "a good kid with a bright future" and not want the kid to fall down the path she fell down. She plans on teaching him but in ways that will ultimately get him to see the greater value in Scrooge's more honest ways.
  • Not quite Jossed, but it is shown that she actually agreed so she could get into McDuck Manor to rob Louie, and ends up robbing him anyway. She does keep a photo booth picture of him in her wallet next to Scrooge's, though, so this could still happen in Season 3.

There will be an episode where Gizmoduck has a rivalry with Darkwing Duck
Gizmoduck is already known as the defender of Duckburg, but Darkwing thinks he's a better superhero than him, and they will have a rivalry over who is best suited to protect Duckburg.
  • It will start with a series of crime sprees from a mysterious figure matching Darkwing's description. Gizmoduck assumes Darkwing is the perp, and in turn they become bitter rivals. Later on, however, they will find out Negaduck was the true criminal and team up to stop him. Afterwards, the two heroes shake hands, confirming their alliance, before Darkwing decides to go fight crime in St. Canard. And then, a Sequel Hook is established when the imprisoned Negaduck gets a surprise visit from Mark Beaks; teaming up with him in a plot against their respective arch-enemies.
  • According to Word of God, Darkwing left for St. Canard, only coming back to help deal with the invasion in "Moonvasion!" He meets Gizmoduck and immediately dislikes him, but they don't fight; DW just growls at him.

Webby's trying to recreate the gummibeary juice from the vial she took from Black Heron
This will become useful in a later episode.

Johnny from "Ottoman Empire" will become this show's version of Steelbeak
The behind-the-scenes drama between Johnny and Randy parallels the one between Jim Starling and Drake Mallard, and will result in Johnny (who, based on his bitter remarks about Randy, is very hurt by the drama) turning into a supervillain.
  • Steelbeak and Johnny are both roosters with light-colored feathers and similar accents so it's definite possibility.
  • Based on what we've seen in "The Outlaw Scrooge McDuck!", Johnny seems unable to handle the show on his own so it will most likely get cancelled. Blaming his brother for it, Johnny will attempt an act of revenge against Randy only for a freak accident to occur that leaves Johnny horribly disfigured and on the verge of death. Learning about the accident, FOWL will see an opportunity arise from this and abduct Johnny to give him a new metallic beak and subject him to brainwashing so that he becomes an obedient agent for them.
  • Jossed. Steelbeak already exists and was shown with the rest of F.O.W.L. while the brothers were on the news with the Ducks.

Bubba's debut will involve the kids and Scrooge helping him reunite with Tootsie the triceratops
During an archeological dig, our heroes will find Bubba and Tootsie frozen in ice and bring them back to Duckberg for scientific study, only for Tootsie to break free and escape into the city. Upon properly meeting Bubba and learning of his relationship with Tootsie, the kids agree to help the caveduck find his horned friend. Unfortunately, Tootsie's presence in Duckburg has not gone unnoticed by its citizens, specifically catching the eye of an Egomaniac Hunter who seeks to hunt down Tootsie in hopes of selling her for a fortune.
  • Jossed: Bubba debuts in "Timephoon!" and is accidentally brought to the present thanks to Louie mucking about with Gyro's time travel technology. And "Tootsie" is not Bubba's pet, but a regular triceratops brought to the present by the titular storm who Bubba briefly manages to ride.

Penumbra will help Donald escape
The Moonlanders will most likely figure out Donald is Della's brother and use him to gain information about her. While he is being imprisoned, Penumbra organizes a plot to sneak him out. They are initially cold and distrustful to one another until their relationship with Della gradually causes them to bond. The episode ends in either two ways: A) Penumbra's betrayal is discovered by the other Moonlanders and she hastily sends Donald on a ship back to Earth before she is apprehended and turned over to Lunaris. B) Donald makes his escape completely unnoticed, but little does he know that Penumbra has used information from him to aid in Lunaris' scheme. Penumbra, however, remains unsure of whether she did the right thing.
  • Largely Confirmed. Penumbra helps Donald escape, Lunaris finds them and tries to stop them, but Donald manages to fly off in an old cannon-fired rocket built by Lunaris.

Penumbra will pull a Heel–Face Turn at the climax of the invasion plot
Ultimately costing her life. This scene is made even more tragic as by this point she and Della were truly starting to bond. Once the day is saved, Della decides to honor "Penny" by returning to space to explore in a re-rebuilt Spear of Selene. Donald tags along with her and they promise to keep in touch with the rest of the family, making for a Bittersweet Ending to the season.
  • ALTERNATIVELY: She will bring the other Moonlanders to realize that Lunaris has driven them into his invasion plot using fear and deception. Once Lunaris is defeated, the rest of the Moonlanders will establish homes on Earth and experience what the planet is like. Judging by her appearance in the Season 3 poster, it seems Penumbra could be joining the cast.
  • Frank Angones said that one of the "good guys", who is on the Season 3 poster, will not survive into Season 3. This makes Penumbra a very likely candidate.
    • Title guess confirmed; the rest is jossed. Penumbra, already good, shows up at the last minute and destroys the engines of Lunaris's ship, and is then brought back to Earth by the Ducks.

Glomgold will be betrayed by his Legion of Doom.
Likely due to his incompetence and needlessly convoluted schemes.
  • Jossed. They just abandoned him when they found he was planning to betray them.

The heroes and villains will have a big battle, until the finale creates a dramatic turn of events which forces them into an Enemy Mine
Of course I'm referring to the moon invasion. All the villains will ultimately decide to team up with their rivals to save their home from annihilation. Unfortunately, they are all later stabbed in the back by Glomgold, who ends up siding with Lunaris in hopes of finally destroying Scrooge. It massively blows up in his face when Glomgold is not only betrayed back by his former Legion of Doom, but by the aliens as well.
  • Subverted. "GlomTales!" was just over a week before the events of "Moonvasion!", and Glomgold is the only one of the villain group who gets involved in stopping the invasion; Lunaris is as much an enemy to him as Scrooge is.

The Season 2 finale will plot wise be the inverse of season 1
In season 1, Scrooge's family needed to come together to save him from a great enemy. In this finale, Scrooge will need to gather all the employees and associates of his family to save them from the moon men.
  • Confirmed.

Selene will be involved in the final episodes of the season.
While she's not shown in the trailer, she'll show up at some point anyway during the Moonlander invasion of Earth, and will be ticked at them. (She'll also be very glad to find out Della's back.)
  • Confirmed as being involved - and while she's not mad, she does play a role in Lunaris's final defeat.

Don Karnage will pull a Heel–Face Turn before season 2 is out.
On the promo poster for seasons 2 and 3, all but one of its characters are either heroic or jerkish but good-leaning. The one exception is Don Karnage... why would they include him as a lone villain over any of the major antagonists?
  • Well, the poster also has Zeus and Goldie, who are technically antagonistic characters, but they fit into the "jerkish but good-leaning" box and neither of them is a villain the same way Don Karnage is.
  • One possible way of this going down: he doesn't find his place in Glomgold's Legion of Doom, and is is horrified how far his teammates can go when it comes to villainy. Because of this, he turns against his teammates and helps Scrooge and his friends to defeat the other villains.

The little African Grey Parrot seen in the promo poster for seasons 2 and 3 is a robot
Expanding on this theory, he was created by Mark Beaks and given the name AstroBeaks. His initial purpose was to be Mark's successor, but over time he will be reform into essentially a better version of his creator. He will also debut in "Happy Birthday, Doofus Drake!" as strongly indicated by one of the promos.
  • Him being a robot by Mark Beaks and debuting in "Happy Birthday, Doofus Drake!" is confirmed. However, his name is Beaks' Optimistic Young Droid, or Boyd for short, and he was built by Beaks to attract attention, because apparently father-son photos are trending.

Who dies in the season 2 finale?

Penumbra has already been discussed as a likely candidate. But the other...

  • Pre-existing characters are probably off-limits for death, but Della is the most likely candidate. And then everyone watching will be furious.
  • One possibility: Johnny or Randy Empire from "Ottoman Empire" - the trailer from SDCC 2019 shows them in working with the Ducks in a scene likely from the finale.

    • And now we know: it's one of the Little Bulb duplicates, a couple of Gyro's clones, and the Mickey watermelon. Trolling Creator much?

The original Gyro really was killed off as he and the clones can't tell each other apart.

Louie's decision after the cliffhanger from "GlomTales!"
He'll give his newly-earned riches to Scrooge, but only if Della takes him to wherever the heck the family was going to while he was grounded. That, or he'll give Scrooge's fortune back while keeping everything else for himself.
  • Nope, he kept it until he learned better, and then handed it all over to Scrooge.

The thing that will make everyone furious is Della and Donald's reunion will be drawn out even more
In "Whatever Happened to Donald Duck!", Donald flew back to Earth and crash-landed in an unknown location. Pretty much like an an inverse of the season 1 finale, this season's finale will reveal Donald stranded on an island. He receives the news that Della is back in Duckburg and desperately begins a quest to get back there himself.
  • Even more infuriating? Something happens to Della at the end of the finale (hopefully not killed off, but maybe kidnapped or she goes on a solo adventure) and Donald returns just minutes later. Either way, the two won't see each other again until mid-season three.
    • Jossed, according to Frank the moment that would frustrate people was Bubba being the first McDuck.

    Season 3 
Scrooge will find himself in the same situation from Captain America: The Winter Soldier and end up destroying his own company
Scrooge's Board of Directors are the F.O.W.L. High Command, not unlike how Alexander Pierce was had control over S.H.I.E.L.D. while leading Hydra. This means any McDuck Enterprises employee we haven't seen before could be a F.O.W.L. operative. Considering Scrooge's company is a powerful institution, and that the Board of Directors have been around for longer than 10 years, F.O.W.L.'s infiltration may as well be very deep. That being said Scrooge will have to destroy his company entirely to stop whatever designs Chairman Brad Buzzard has on him, his family, and the world.

Season 3 will focus on Huey and give him the largest arc
Season 1 dealt with Dewey examining the secret of his missing mom as well as him learning the lesson that you can't assuming to know all the answers if you don't have all the facts. Season 2 dealt with Louie and him having to realize that there is a difference between seeing all the angles to make things easier and just being lazy. Season 3 will then focus on Huey, most likely with his trust in authority. F.O.W.L. is a bureaucratic group with structure and rules and who want to keep the world the same so they can continue their schemes. This could appeal to Huey and see him believing that they are right and Scrooge is wrong before he snaps out of it.

F.O.W.L will have more Mickey Mouse villains than just the Phantom Blot as agents
Most likely Pete (tying in to Goofy's eventual appearance) and maybe Mortimer Mouse, who'll possess a dynamic similar to Drakken & Shego where one is a Ditzy Genius and the other is a Hypercompetent Sidekick.
  • Alteratively replace Mortimer with Peg.
    • Pete and Peg could have an Unholy Matrimony situation like the Goof Troop episode where the two were mobsters taking on Elliot Goof.

Mark Beaks will reform
Frank has stated that Beaks' insecurities will be fully revealed this season. And he's certainly not as threatening as the other villains as "GlomTales!" has shown. What's more? He was among the four villains displayed in the intro along with Glomgold, Big Time and Ma Beagle; Big Time would later be replaced by Magica in Season 2, and like Beaks he was in a red panel while Glomgold and Ma were in grey panels. In the Season 3 intro, Beaks will also be replaced by another villain (maybe Lunaris, a member of F.O.W.L., or even Merlock). Now the series has Boyd, the robotic son Beaks created who could potentially serve as a counterpart of Beaks as he is now being raised by a loving family, as opposed to Beaks' apparently tragic upbringing.

The villain actors from the In-Universe Darkwing Duck show will join F.O.W.L.
Assuming they are Boxed Crooks seeking revenge for the cancellation of the show and the end of their careers. Jim Starling/Negaduck will join forces of F.O.W.L. and convince his old colleagues to do the same.

Daisy will have a major role in the third season
Aside from being Donald's love interest, the show will have her retain her job as a reporter like in Quack Pack, only this time she will be an investigative journalist seeking to expose F.O.W.L.'s criminal activities. They will obviously take issue with this and send their agents out to silence her, which drives Daisy to the Duck family for protection, leading to her and Donald falling in love.
  • The major role is Confirmed, but not the specifics.

Daisy will hate Della with a passion
Going off a below theory in the Disney Crossovers section, Daisy and Donald were dating/engaged in the time before the boys were hatched and until the Spear of Selene ordeal happened, making them break up due to Donald's grief over losing his sister and decision to raise the boys as his own. As a result, Daisy blamed the whole thing on Della's impulsivity and resents her not only for ruining her and Donald's engagement but also for the grief she unwittingly brought upon her family due to her actions. When she and Della meet each other, Daisy will make clear that she is NOT happy to see Della back and becomes even angrier upon realizing Della's joyride nearly enabled the end of the world through Lunaris getting his hands on the Spear of Selene's blueprints. This will lead to Daisy's own character arc where she learns she needs to let go of her bitterness over the past in order to have a happy future.

April, May and June will also appear along with Dapper Duck
Corresponding to the theory above, Donald will try to win back Daisy's heart, only to discover that she is now dating Dapper. April, May and June are under Daisy's care and are essentially female counterparts of Huey, Duey and Louie. The six of them will team up to help Donald with his second chance at love. Meanwhile, Dapper will go the route of Adaptational Villainy; he is revealed to be a F.O.W.L. agent whose charming mannerisms are all a facade.

F.O.W.L. will exploit Fantastic Racism against the Moonlanders
There is no way the Moonvasion won't cause some hostilities between the Earth and Moon. Realizing this, FOWL High Command, will have agents stoke the flames and maybe outs McDuck enterprises for there unintended help in Lunaris' plans.

Negaduck will form a Fearsome Five composed of villains who don't belong to other organizations or were castaways who also serve as Evil Counterparts to the Duck Clan and their allies
Negaduck will see soon enough he needs minions (if only as cannon fodder). Rather than doing the route of having the villains from his old show be legit supervillains, Ducktales 2017 will have Starling recruit villains who are alone or cast out. Possible candidates:
  • General Lunaris: Serves as Penumbra's rival and could provide tech.
    • And like with Glomgold and Magica, everyone will think Lunaris' is the mastermind behind this and not Negaduck.
  • Doofus Drake: Could probably jump at the chance at joining Negaduck to get revenge on Louie and maybe become Super Doo like in the original show.
  • Falcon Graves: Especially if it turns out that a below theory about Graves being a rogue SHUSH agent is true.
  • Allister Boorswan: As revenge for his cinematic masterpiece being destroyed. Also a Tuskernini expy.

Ludwig Von Drake will revealed to be Not Quite Dead
He's seen in the Season 3 poster and was the director of S.H.U.S.H. when Beakley was still an agent there, so chances are he'll play a big role in the upcoming season.
  • One option is that he's cryogenically frozen in the S.H.U.S.H. headquarters and he'll be thawed out when his genius is needed.

Huey will serve as Drake Mallard's new kid sidekick
Both Huey and Drake would wish to investigate F.O.W.L.'s scheme once they both catch on to them. Being an adult, Drake would let Huey be able to access places he couldn't as a minor (and without dragging in Scrooge or Della or Launchpad etc.).

From a meta perpspective, Huey would also be able to serve as something of an Expy of Honker from the OG Darkwing Duck. Especially once Gosalyn gets introduced, the two could even hit it off well considering Huey currently doesn't really have another child as a friend or foil in the way Louie (Doofus) and Dewey (Webby, who herself has Lena) who could bring out more sides to him beyond being a straight man.

Possible Agents of F.O.W.L.
Let's have fun with this. Anyone could be a member, or potentially a new recruit.
  • The Not!Roxanne - She shows up quite bit whenever the Ducks are doing something. Too much to be a coincidence.
  • Tad the Security Guard - Just because, plus Tad Stone's would probably love the chance to play a F.O.W.L. bad guy.
  • Allister Boorswan - If not the Fearsome Five, then here.
    • And he'll have henchmen he designs on the Fearsome Five
  • Shere Khan - As a leader or chair of the Cape Suzette branch. Or an expy if legalities with The Jungle Book (1967) are involved.
    • There could be a son, grandson, or some other relative considering Kit and Molly are adults here.
  • Roxanne Featherly - Got to have the media covered.
  • Violet Sabrewing - To date, we still only know so little about her. She may be a junior operative planted to spy on Webby and Mrs. Beakley/Agent 22.
    • Alternatively, one of Violet's dads. The other dad is a S.H.U.S.H. agent.
  • Fat Cat - To counter the Rescue Rangers
  • The Ugly Failures - Keep tabs on one of the biggest crime families and move up to being The Ugly Winners.
  • Morgana Macawber (or at least the actress who played her on the Darkwing Duck show) - Starling's Ex-Wife and magic user on par with Magica De Spell.
  • Pete - He's the agent of the Spoonerville branch while posing as Goofy's next door neighbor.
    • Peg - She was the more alert and capable of the Petes in Goof Troop. She can easily turn on the suburb wife charm if need be. Pete is far too big of a blatant Jerkass to be a good spy.

Violet will get a Gummi Medallion
With Black Heron returning the Ducks will likely encounter more Gummi artefacts. They will find a Gummi medallion which Violet will take so she can learn to use magic - like Zummi, she is a purple hued bookworm.

Jim Starling will hate the name Negaduck
Negaduck will be named as such by the media after his first bought with Darkwing Duck. However Negaduck believes he's the real Darkwing Duck and the other guy is the impostor. So being called Negaduck will be his Berserk Button.

Boyd will meet the other Duck siblings, Webby, and her friends
He will probably consider Louie his best friend for giving him new parents while Huey, Dewey, and Webby will be amazed and delighted to learn their new friend is a robot.

Violet's dads will be introduced yelling as Scrooge for using their daughters in his fight against the moonvasion
They will burst through his office doors demanding to know why their daughters were drafted into Scrooge's war while he had his grandnephews and grandniece kept safe from the action.
  • To which Scrooge will respond with 2 things: They knew what they were getting themselves into, and he took all his grandnephews into space for the final part of the battle, so they did get involved after all.

Baloo and Rebecca will not appear in the show...
Because with Kit and Molly getting an Age Lift into adults, Baloo and Rebecca will most likely be either retired or have passed away before Kit and Molly's debut, which will explain why Kit has Baloo's beloved Sea Duck.
  • Alternatively, only Baloo won't appear, given the same guess as Shere Khan in the wmg above, and only appears in darken photos taken from the past.

Launchpad will have an episode focused on him.
His Theme Song Takeover will be used.

It'll be revealed that Rockerduck was frozen during the Gold Rush that made Scrooge rich.
Rockerduck took Soap Slick's role as the loan shark Scrooge borrowed money from.

Once defrozen, Rockerduck will have to meet his current heir in a court of law to reclaim his estate.

Emil Eagle will make his debut.
As a foil to Gyro Gearloose, Emil will have social skills and work at Glomgold Industries.

Upon being defrozen, Rockerduck will start eating his hat.
Not because he was bested by Scrooge but because being stuck in amber did things to his mind.

Gandra Dee will be revealed to be a mole for Shush in FOWL.
She will really be a member of SHUSH.

Season three will have a Big-Bad Ensemble.
The two Big Bads will be FOWL High Command, and Flintheart Glomgold.

Magica knew the Funso mascot was the Phantom Blot all along
He was blackmailing her into working at the Fun Zone with the intent of killing her or worse if she told anyone or went against him. Their interactions in "Glom Tales" could back this up; he was making her go along with singing birthday songs and not declare war on children and birthdays. Who's to say that's not just a boss making sure a surly employee is kept in line?

Huey will investigate F.O.W.L. with aid from Gosalyn, but refuse to let his family help
He'll work with Gosalyn in his war on F.O.W.L., seeing that she was hurt deeply by them (going with Taurus Bulba killing off her grandfather under F.O.W.L.'s orders) and that she provides handy info. He won't, however, drag his family or Webby or other friends in since:

A. He doesn't want to risk them getting hurt.

B. He's still sore over the Spear of Selene incident and how Dewey with Webby looked into Della behind his back. He'd hide his research into F.O.W.L. as his own way to get payback.

Scrooge will see the Rescue Rangers as invaluable allies
Despite whatever history Donald has with Chip and Dale, Scrooge may see them and the other Rescue Rangers as useful to be on his side because their small size makes them inconspicuous and thereby suitable for missions that require a certain degree of discretion that he or Gizmoduck can't pull off due to being too well-known throughout the world and Duckburg. He could easily hire them as spies to keep an eye on people on his payroll he doesn't find particularly trustworthy.

The Gummiberry Juice will come back.
Since Black Heron is still alive and the vial of gummiberry juice hasn't appeared since, it will become relevant in episodes involving her. Becauses macguffins like that are only mentioned when they're relevant to sequel episodes.
  • It doesn't even have to be the same vial. Nothing happened to the berry bushes; they're still there, and Black Heron, Mrs. Beakley, and possibly Scrooge and Webby all know the formula.

If Sara Bellum appears, we will see the Nice, Mean, and In-Between dynamic with her, Mark Beaks, and Gyro not unlike what we saw in season 2 with Fethry, Gladstone and Donald
Sara will be the Adorkable Nice Girl scientist to the Brilliant, but Lazy Bitch in Sheep's Clothing Mark and the Insufferable Genius Jerk with a Heart of Gold Gyro.

S.H.U.S.H. will have a proper name
With F.O.W.L. set to rear its ugly head next season, S.H.U.S.H. will come back to combat it, and it will be revealed what the agency's name stands for
  • One name for them could be the Strategic Headquarters for Undercover Security and Heroism.

The Roxanne looking woman will be Owlson's replacement
They've set her up looking for jobs at least once before, it wouldn't be unbelievable for her to go looking for a new job again and stumbles upon the opening Owlson left.

If she really is Roxanne, then this could serve as a way to introduce the Goof Troop cast too. Maybe she gets a call from Max or Goofy and that leads to the Ducks heading to Spoonerville.

It helps that Word of God confirmed that the replacement is a character we've already seen. That rules out someone like Daisy. Someone like Penny or Gandra might be capable in their field but doesn't really show the skillset needed for Owlson's work.

  • Since she lacks the beauty mark that Roxanne has, maybe she is instead Roxanne's mother who has divorced her husband and moved from Spoonerville to Duckburg to start over with a clean slate.

The opening of the season will feature Breaking the Fellowship
As shown in the closing moments of season 2, Mcduck has an elite force capable of taking on an army together with his family, friends of family and employees. So, as their first move with "the pieces in place" will involve FOWL splitting up the family and scattering them across the globe in some manner. This will then give the season structure. With the cast divided, different groups will try to reunite with each other, having adventures with each other and playing off each other in new and different ways. Some will also remain in hiding among Duckburg forming The Resistance to the organization that's taken over in the process.

Della and Lena will go to therapy
These two had been through intense, post-traumatic experiences in isolation (The Moon and Shadow Realm respectively), and suffered physically, mentally and emotionally. They have both have trouble keeping track of time and can barely look in the mirror. They could go together and give them something to bond over.
  • Don't you know anything about media? Rule of Drama dictates There Are No Therapists. It's more fun to write those 2 as perpetually screwed up in small ways to keep them interesting.
    • Don't you know this is a show that takes pride in using Reality Ensues any time it can? It's already been established that Donald gets anger management therapy, so There Are No Therapists does not apply here.

There will be a Darkwing/Gizmoduck Episode
And it will go completely differently from how it was in the past. Darkwing will be all passive aggressive, irritated and go about how "I worked hard to get to where I am. All you have is a fancy suit to do all the work for you!" However, after messing up a mission (maybe failing to protect one of the kids from FOWL due to Darkwing getting in the way rather than actually solving the problem), Gizmoduck will instead give "The Reason You Suck" Speech, and more importantly, step out of the suit. Giving a huge lecture on how it took him a long time to realize "I am not the suit. It's only a tool so don't you dare say that I haven't worked to earn the accolades I have." And that more importantly you need to earn glory and fear. There are no shortcuts to get to where I am now. Thus served his Humble Pie, Drake and Fenton work together to complete the mission, ending with them going out for coffee to talk about their lives under the mask.

Darkwing and Gizmoduck in this incarnation will be Vitriolic Best Buds
Related to the idea above - after all, the both have so much in common - like similiar goals, problems and flaws. Plus, with Drake beign much more friendly to Launchpad here, someone must endure Darkwing's jerkass tendentions.

Glomgold unknowingly has agents of F.O.W.L. within his own company

The rebooted Don Karnage is actually the son or grandson of the original Don Karnage from Talespin
Complete with Jim Cummings reprising his role at Karnage Sr.

The Phantom Blot actually cares deeply about Funso's
Because he turning out to be a Family Values Villain who's genuinely good with kids would be hilarious.

Rockerduck is actually FOWL's founder
A rich man who made his fortune on conning others and stealing their resources? And is definitely somewhat part of the organization? Seems like an easy line to draw to connect them.

Owlson's two week notice will last until the season 3 premiere.
Since Owlson is staying on until she trains a proper replacement, this will cause her to stay longer then intended. As her potential candidates keep quitting due to interference from McDuck adventures. Since Owlson's professionalism keeps her from just getting out of there without the replacement, she has to continue her search. Only when the premiere episode takes place does she finally find a candidate who not only can handle her role as CFO but also handle the insanity that Clan McDuck seems to attract. This will be established when an interview gets interrupted by McDuck shenanigans. And the candidate effortlessly takes care of the situation.

F.O.W.L. knows Darkwing Duck's secret identity, because Scrooge owns the rights to the show.
Since F.O.W.L. High Command is the Board of Directors, they would have access to the paperwork for everything McDuck Industries owns. Including the casting list for the unreleased Darkwing Duck movie.
  • This does assume one makes the leap of logic that the real Darkwing Duck is the actor cast as Darkwing Duck. Not out of the question, but not something someone would necessarily assume. It's possible, though, that if Drake was stupid enough to actually use the movie costume to fight crime (as opposed to something, say, lined with kevlar or at least homemade), some telltale feature of it might be recognized in a photograph.

the crossover with Talespin will be either a Launchpad-centric or a Della-centric episodes
Launchpad and Della are the resident pilots while Molly and Kit seem to have experience with aircrafts. The episode featuring the two of them could be one where it's revealed that Dewey is fan of the two bears, which makes either Della or Launchpad jealous that Dewey is looking up to a pilot that's not either of them.

F.O.W.L. will take an interest in Boyd and try to exploit him
He's a Robot Kid with above average strength, Eye Beams, is capable of flight (judging by the comic-con poster), and one of the settings on his control phone is labelled "Overlord". F.O.W.L. will probably find out about him and send Gandra Dee to abduct and dismantle him to see how he works for the purpose of mass-producing an entire army of robot soldiers like Boyd.

Gosalyn will not get off on the right foot with the kids
Unlike them, Gosalyn will be introduced as grounded, jaded, and pessimistic from both her grandfather's death and having to grow up in St. Canard, which in this show could be portrayed as a Wretched Hive and an idea of what would happen if Duckburg did not have the likes of clan McDuck to combat its more dangerous inhabitants. When she does meet them, Gos will probably dislike the triplets and Webby because in her mind, they get to live easy and fun lives under Scrooge's care while she's off fending for herself following the murder of her grandfather.

Della will give Selene a What the Hell, Hero? moment
When given a moment alone, Della will ask the Goddess of the Moon why she never came for her or told the others she was on the moon for 10 plus years.

Part of the reason Daisy will become attracted to Donald will be because he raised the boys as his own following Della's disappearance
In a case of Single Woman Seeks Good Man, Daisy will come to admire Donald after learning he essentially raised Huey, Dewey, and Louie as if they were his own sons despite his poor financial state and perpetual bad luck, and sees him as a good man who uses his anger as a means of protecting "his kids".

Daisy Duck will be (or at least start as) a downplayed Hero Antagonist.
In an ironic take on Adaptational Nice Girl, Daisy could be portrayed as a girlfriend who's strictly sympathetic toward Donald Duck's Butt-Monkey status and tries help fend off his misfortunes however she can. However, she could start off by coming on too strong and too bossy (essentially turning Donald into a boyfriend equivelent of a Henpecked Husband) trying to make Donald change his lifestyle in ways he's simply not comfortable with at best or accidently makes his life more miserable at worse. The conflict may be balanced with it being a Both Sides Have a Point scenario where Donald's family tries to get Daisy to see that her controlling ways aren't making Donald's life much better while Daisy calls them out for only rarely doing anything to help Donald whenever he gets in a bind. Donald may temporary break up with her after she crosses a line, Causing Daisy to eventually undergo Character Development on learning to be more considerate of Donald's feelings and thoughts while trying to get back in Donald's good graces.

There will be definite conflict between Della and Daisy over Donald
After spending a decade away from her brother and not liking the idea of someone else becoming the most important female figure in Donald's life, Della will probably become a Clingy Jealous Girl over Daisy's closeness with Donald and think she's not good enough for him. Daisy, meanwhile, will have her own impression of Della soured upon hearing of the Spear of Selene ordeal and will most likely think of her as in irresponsible Woman Child who hasn't fully recognized the impact her actions had on her loved ones.

    Original Series and Comics References 
The original cast will return in some capacity.
Maybe Terrence McGovern will appear as Launchpad's father or a relative of Scrooge being a tribute to Alan Young.

Brentalfloss will appear.
And he'll sing "Just One Duck."

The reboot will Ret Gone the original series, as well as the entity of the The Disney Afternoon
Also, it will be the start of a Shared Universe for rebooted Disney Afternoon shows that will also include rebooted One Saturday Morning shows.
  • Halfway Confirmed, halfway Jossed. The series is not in continuity with the original four seasons, you go that right, but it doesn't so much Ret Gone them as take place in an entirely new continuity. It's not in continuity with the comics either.

The series will have elements from both the comics and the original show.
According to the press release, the characters created for the original series, such as Launchpad and Webby, will appear in the new series, but it also strongly implies that Donald Duck will have a role equal to the one in the Barks/Rosa comics (in the original cartoon show, he only made cameos and guest appearances). Perhaps the new show will be more faithful to the comics, with the premiere episode(s) being an adaptation of both "Christmas on Bear Mountain" and "The Richest Duck in the World" — Scrooge starts off as a reclusive antagonist, then gains respect for his nephews, and ultimately has his adventurous spirit rejuvenated.
  • The basic idea seems to be confirmed; only time will tell about the more specific ones.

The reboot will include the animated debut of a number of popular comic book characters
Namely, Dickie Duck (with all the double-entendres that come from her possible origins), Brigitta McBridge, Jubal Pomp, and Paperinik (with the name of "Phantom Duck the Devilish Avenger", given to him by the Italian fans).
  • No mention of the above characters yet, but the second season will introduce two comic-exclusive characters, Fethry Duck and John D. Rockerduck, in animated form.

The new DuckTales will include the animated debut of Blackheart Beagle/Grandpa Beagle.
He is one of Scrooge's main enemies who has not appeared in animation. He will serve as the Big Bad of some episodes.
  • Ma Beagle will reappear as his wife in a case of Ascended Fanon.
  • Or Ma Beagle will be Grandpa Beagle's daughter. Note that "Ma" implies she's the Beagle Boys' mother, whereas Grandpa implies he's their grandfather.
  • He will be a Retired Badass, until the Beagle Boys will convince him to come of retirement, mentioning he used to be a big deal, which like with Scrooge will convince him to come out retirement to prove them wrong. He will also mentor the Beagle Boys to improve their skills.
  • In the episode "McMystery at McDuck McManor!" Ma Beagle mentions her Grandpa, and a picture is shown of an old Beagle with a beard and a cane, so it seems like Blackheart does exist.
  • Confirmed, he and his family appear robbing Scrooge in the past, in the episode" Last Christmas".

Merlock will be one of the returning villains.
Corey Burton will voice him.
  • Webby owns a spellbook called "Grimoire du Merlock", indicating that Merlock existed in this continuity. Whether he will show up in person in the show is to be seen.
  • The SDCC 2018 teaser included a design for Dijon, Merlock's minion, which indicates Merlock's return.
  • The redesigned Dijon (now named Djinn) is an Adaptational Badass with a connection to genies, but Merlock never appears or even gets mentioned. Gene the Genie does appear on the poster, though, so Merlock may still be coming.

The Phantom Blot will be one of the villains
And he'll be a recurring villain, unlike in the original series where he only appeared once.

Some of the episodes from the original series will be remade.
Most likely these will be either the episodes that were based on Barks' stories to begin with or the more popular episodes.
  • Confirmed:
  • So far, the closest we get to remakes of classic episodes are "The Living Mummies of Toth-Ra" (to "Sphinx for the Memories") and "Beware the B.U.D.D.Y. System (to "Armstrong"), but both of these are just borrowing plot elements from those episodes instead of being direct remakes.
  • With one and a half seasons in, it seems that the creators' strategy is that, rather than remaking any of the classic episodes, they borrow elements from them at most and turn them into new stories. "The Shadow War!" takes elements from "Magica's Shadow War", "Treasure of the Found Lamp!" takes elements from "Master of the Djinni", etc., but none of them are direct remakes.

Some events from The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck will be seen in the series
If not made into complete episodes. The series does look like it will at least bring up Scrooge's more memorable escapades from the past.
  • Scrooge's run-in with Glomgold back when both of them were poor will be one of these events. Unlike how it ended in the comic, Scrooge knows it was Glomgold back then.
  • Or Scrooge won't know who he is because Glomgold never gives his name, but the next time Scrooge meets Glomgold he will recognise Glomgold from back then with out even knowing his name, and this time he will learn Flintheart Glomgold's name.
    • The series showed Scrooge and Goldie's encounter in the Klondike, but the details differ from "The Life And Times".
  • More or less Jossed: Scrooge's past, while heavily inspired by The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, also differs from it in many points.
  • Bombie has shown up in "The Richest Duck in the World!", but is pretty much In Name Only. He looks different (thank Selene), is part of a curse that predates Scrooge, and punishes arrogance, not colonialism.

Admiral Grimitz will appear.
He'll be voiced by either Gary Chalk or David Kaye.

We will see a recreation of the famous "A SEA MONSTER ATE MY ICE CREAM" scene.
It is an iconic scene and achieved meme status briefly that is just begging for the modern treatment.
  • Let's face it, who doesn't want to see David Tennant's take on that scene?
  • One way this could happen without adapting the original episode's plot is for someone (most likely either Donald or Beakley) to recall Scrooge throwing the tantrum when Donald and Della were kids. This would create a flashback for the characters and older audiences.

Alternatively, they will include Scrooge's other, currently comic only major love interest, Brigitta MacBridge
Not only for the love interest angle, but also for having her as a rival who happens to be a Friendly Enemy for Scrooge, unlike Glomgold and apparently Mark Beaks. She could even have some elements of Scrooge's other Friendly Enemy in business, John D. Rockerduck, incorporated into the show's version of her.

At some point, Flintheart Glomgold will call Scrooge "shortie".
Anyone who read "The Second-Richest Duck" will enjoy the reference.
  • I mean it's possible, but this version of Glomgold is significantly shorter than Scrooge.

John D. Rockerduck will appear as Scrooge's Friendly Enemy in business.
They will show the difference between him and Flintheart Glomgold, as well as the difference between him and Mark Beaks.
  • Jossed. Rockerduck is introduced as a swindler who cheats towns out of their wealth in the Old West.

Scrooge, Matilda, and Hortense will have an episode centred on them.
Where they will reconcile with each other. Maybe with Quackmore in as well, as he is Hortense's husband.

Donald will wear his Paperinik costume at some point
Either as a Mythology Gag or for story driven reasons, such as jealousy over Darkwing Duck.

The Legend of the Chaos God will be adapted for this series
It will be a multi-part episode and Solego will serve a similar role to Bill Cipher. Magica will be the one responsible for his entering the story and the ending could have a Sequel Hook hinting at Merlock.
  • All in all, if they try to make it fairly faithful to the original story, with the confirmation that Darkwing is canon to this reboot, and the references to Spoonerville and Cape Suzette, they could at this point incorporate all parts except the Rescue Rangers parts faithfully (and let's be honest, the Rescue Rangers part was always the hardest to justify continuity-wise. See the Willing Suspension of Disbelief entry on that page for more).
    • With the recent revelations about this continuity's Darkwing, and the announcement that Goof Troop and Rescue Rangers are going to be incorporated into this continuity, they now have every part represented, so it's still possible.

Despite Ma Beagle leading the Beagle Boys in the series, Black Heart Beagle/Grandpa Beagle will still exist in some form
Either he'll be the leader of another branch of the Beagle family who will turn up some point either to help her, or to answer a challenge and try to prove he's better criminal than she is. Or he'll be the founder of the Beagle clan and a Predecessor Villain, who Scroogle met and faced back when he was a young man still trying to make his fortune. He'll be referenced by the other Beagle's and Scrooge, and possibly even appear in a flashback episode.
  • A brief flashback scene in "McMystery at McDuck McManor" shows an old bearded beagle as Ma Beagle's ancestor. He is not identified as Blackheart or as Grandpa Beagle, but it might as well be him.
  • Him being a Predecessor Villain is Confirmed in "Last Christmas!", where Grandpa Beagle is leading the robbery of McDuck Manor in a scene taking place in the past.

Ma Beagle is the daughter of Blackheart Beagle, and looks like a saint compared to her brothers
This is why they refer to her conscience as "clean." There are some levels to which Ma will not stoop. But the same will not be true of her brothers, making them and their offspring even more dangerous to Scrooge.

Merlock will enter the series in a role similar to Bill Cipher or Toffee
Disney is loving its enigmatic villains with unknown goals when it comes to cartoons lately. Why not do something similar for this show with a villain that's already known as an extremely serious threat? His main goal could be gathering magical artifacts to increase his own power, which would put him in conflict with the treasure hunting McDuck clan.
  • Perhaps he played a part in the rift between Scrooge & Donald and the disappearance of the boys' mother.
    • The latter is Jossed, Merlock has nothing to do with the Spear of Selene incident. That said, he may return in the second season.
    • He didn't return in the second season, and Djinn (the 2017 version of Dijon) is so far unconnected to him. Gene the Genie is on the 2019 SDCC poster, though, so the jury's still out on season 3.

The series is set in the 1950s, but with 21st century tech
The series follows the Barksian timeline, but because of Scrooge's business success, technology has advanced crazy fast to the point that they have 21st century tech in 1952.
  • Or the Schizo Tech exists because of Scrooge's Time Machine that is shown in one of the promo scenes.
  • Jossed. The series explicitly takes place in the 2010s, with Launchpad being born in 1987 and the triplets sometime in the 2000s. Scrooge's early life still follows the Barksian timeline though, with magical life-extending means explaining how he can be over a century old.

Dracula Duck will make an appearance
The final boss from the DuckTales nes game will appear on the show.

Masked Mallard will make an appearance
Instead of being Scrooge under the mask, the Masked Mallard will be a separate person and a rival for Darkwing.
  • Nobody referred to as "Masked Mallard" has appeared yet, but Scrooge swapped clothes with Darkwing in "Moonvasion!" as a Mythology Gag.

More obscure villains from both past cartoons and the comics will appear
Such as Ben Buzzard, Dangerous Dan and Idget the Midget, Sylvester Shyster, and other villains who have only appeared once or never made the jump to television.
  • None of these have appeared, but, out of all things, an updated (read: less racist) version of Bombie the Zombie did.

"The Impossible Summit of Mount Neverrest!" will feature references to "Lost Crown of Genghis Khan"
Both the comic and the 1987 episode of the same name take place in the Himalayas, just like the upcoming episode, so expect a lot of Mythology Gags.
  • Jossed, apart from a few thematic elements.

Someone of the Duck family will be very critical and distrustful of Darkwing Duck and/or Gizmoduck

Don Rosa in one of his comics snuck a Take That! against Super Hero comics in form of the nephews reading few and deciding that Donald is much better because he can solve his problems without violence. As a reference to that, when Darkwing or Gizmoduck will show up, either one of the triplets or (more likely) Donald or Scrooge will dislike them, claiming all they do is punching stuff.

  • Considering the fact that Scrooge and Darkwing actually met in the now non-canon "Dangerous Currency" arc of the Darkwing comics and didn't get along, my money's on Scrooge disliking Darkwing.
  • Jossed. Darkwing takes the cowl and we don't see him again until the season finale, where his issue isn't being disliked, it's being ignored.

Darkwing in this universe will be more competent and serious
DW in this show will not be the bumbling slapstick hero like he was in the past. He'll still be funny, and make one-liners.
  • Darkwing in this show is actually a character from a Show Within a Show, which is a very accurate depiction of the original Darkwing Duck series, with the one-liners definitely being there. He has a bumbling moment (failing to leap on his motorbike), which is due to his actor doing his own stunts and insisting on keeping the botched shots in the show.
  • The real Darkwing has shown up now, and Confirmed. Still insecure though.

Just like in the comic, the Beagle Boys will serve as the Starter Villain for Scrooge.
Scrooge will be in America, and working on his Uncle's Angus "Pothole" McDuck's boat. They will of been hired to sabotage Angus boat, and after beating them for the first time, he will tell the police that these are the godawful Beagle Boys. Which will lead to the Beagle Boys calling themselves that as they had trouble coming up for a name for themselves.
  • The current rivalry between Scrooge and the Beagles stems from Scrooge's (apparently legal) seizure of the deed of Beagleburg (resulting in it being renamed Duckburg). Ma Beagle wants the deed back, but unless an obvious opportunity to take it arises she seems to be trying to avoid Scrooge (and Beakley) whenever possible.

At some point, an episode will be done using the same art style, voice actors (that are still alive) and theme song from the 1987 DuckTales series
.Transportation into an Alternate Universe? Meet Your Early Installment Weirdness? Who knows? Just think it would be a good tribute to the original DuckTales series.

If the 1987 DuckTales is indeed an alternate universe...
Scrooge and the kids are sent through a portal and wind up in this universe where they meet their counterparts. Scrooge will be amazed that Duckworth is alive and the kids will interact with their counterparts. Glomgold, Magica and/or the Beagles also wind up here and team up with their counterparts to exact revenge on both Scrooges.
* There will also be a previously unseen 1987 version of Mark Beaks, who will turn out to be an expy of Bill Gates on the verge of inventing the internet and carrying one of those old-fashioned brick cell phones.
  • There will be a version of John D. Rockerduck.
  • The '87 version of Flintheart Glomgold (a real Scot) will berate his 2017 counterpart for pretending to be Scottish. He'll also lose his patience over '17 Flintheart's idiotic schemes.
  • The Duke of Baloni exists as a separate character in the 1987 verse and lost the second-richest-duck title because Glomgold conned him.
  • The long-lost '87 Della Duck finally returns.
  • The '87 Webby would ask to tag along with both Triplets. The '87 Triplets would tell her no and they don't want a girl hanging with them. This causes the '17 Triplets to come to '87 Webby's defense and berate their counterparts for being mean to her. The '17 Webby will also try to help her counterpart by toughening her up.
  • When they see '87 Gizmoduck unmasked there will be an awkward silence from the fact this one's white and not Latino.
  • The fact '87 Donald is in the Navy will be treated as a joke by the '17 cast.
  • '17 Webby will at first assume '87 Beakley would've taught '87 Webby the same things her Beakley would. Then she sees how '87 Beakley acts and she's completely aghast by this big a personality change.
  • The triplets have difficulty understanding their '87 counterparts because their Donald-like speech.
  • '87 Lena will have her original Lena LeStrange design. She will have no relationship to '87 Magica, but is a budding witch. '87 Webby and her will hit it off, and '17 Webby supports them.

John D Rockerduck will eat his hat.
When he is defeated by Scrooge in the comics, he sometimes eats his hat. So when Scrooge beats him in season 2 he will eat his hat.
  • Sadly, jossed. When his plan is foiled by Scrooge he only reacts with a frustrated "well darn".
  • Rockerduck has now been established as Not Quite Dead and an agent of F.O.W.L. So he could still engage in a chapeaux-consuming antic.

Reginella will appear in season 2
With Della lost in space, it's likely the Ducks will eventually go there looking for her... And who is the most popular space-based character?
  • As a Mythology Gag, she'll be voiced by Jodi Benson.
  • Jossed. Could still be coming in the future.

Season 2 will introduce the time travel-related comic book characters
Because time travel and time machines are a recurring theme in the Italian comics. Thus we'll have professors Zapotec and Marlin (who, with their time machine, actually star in a series of time travel-related stories) related to the time machine, the Time Police from Paperinik New Adventures as a recurring Lawful Good antagonist, and the Raider from the same series as a flat-out antagonist.

There will be Green Cheese on the Moon.
Which is what Della has been eating in the last 10 years.
  • Jossed, so far. All she consumed on the Moon was Oxy-Chew, another Mythology Gag to the same game.

"Once Upon a Dime" will be referenced.
It'll turn out that, in the 2017 series, it was Glomgold who was arrested for wearing a "skirt" in public. There'll be implied that the judge suspects Glomgold is a Fake Scot but kept quiet because Glomgold already had enough punishment. Back then, Glomgold commented that it must be why Scrooge doesn't wear a kilt.

"Duck to the Future" will be referenced.
Part of how Scrooge can be alive in 2017 in spite of being old enough to have entered the Klondike Gold Rush is the fact he disappeared into a magical dimension where he didn't age. It'll be revealed that he had trouble reclaiming his fortune because people didn't believe who he is, reviving the "disappeared 40 years ago" Running Gag from that episode.

Mickey's Christmas Carol happened in this universe.
Ebenezer Scrooge was a greedy old duck living in England in the 1800s as a completely separate person from Scrooge McDuck. He had an assistant named Bob Crachit, who was an anthropomorphic mouse, and he was visited by the three Christmas ghosts (after they had a great party with a young Scrooge McDuck).

Gladstone's luck has the origin given to it by Don Rosa in "The Sign of the Triple Distelfink".
It'll be revealed that the reason he needed help in his debut episode was because he forgot that his luck doesn't work during his birthday and didn't take the necessary precautions.

Major Courage is one of the astronauts sent by Scrooge to look for Della.
Just like Darkwing Duck was changed from a real in-universe hero to an actor, Major Courage was changed from an actor to a real hero.

Giggy, Gyro's nephew, and his father will appear.
And the former may end up having a Defrosting Ice Queen effect on Gyro. Given the effort the show has made to include other formerly comics-exclusive characters, it's entirely possible.

The Darkwing Duck Show Within a Show meant to follow that ultimately unresolved cliffhanger up...
With the In-Universe introduction of Negaduck. In the in-series show, the last episode before it was Cut Short ended on Darkwing discovering the villain was himself, and the villain was likely played also by Jim Starling via splitscreen filming. If the show hadn't been cancelled, the next episode would've further explored the evil Darkwing, who would've gone through an Evil Costume Switch and started being addressed as Negaduck. Since Starling was likely informed by the writers how this plot line would run before they learned about the cancellation, he will probably use that inside knowledge to model himself into the real-life Negaduck.

    Disney Crossovers 
One of the specials will have Darkwing Duck as a major player
Set it up ahead of time with notes about A mysterious Avenger in St. Canard when Scrooge reads the newspaper. Then, for a special, HDL somehow fall into the middle of a FOWL/Negaduck/Megavolt plot. Darkwing Duck swoops in to save the day, and those three have to tag along as for some reason they can't go back to Scrooge yet. Gosalyn might be a bit of a question mark, but Launchpad can fly them around too. And maybe Darkwing fights with GizmoDuck.
  • Bonus points for Darkwing still being a bit of drama queen and finding an excuse to play his theme song.
  • Could even act as a poorly disguised pilot for the network execs to see if a Dark Wing Duck reboot would be feasible.
    • Alternatively, since Darkwing was an Expy for Donald and Paperinik and other adventures, maybe they'll make Donald Darkwing.
  • A DWD centered special might have a nod to his old show where he scouts Scrooge's sidekicks as possible sidekicks for himself up until he looks at Launchpad as a candidate, where he rejects the pilot for his buffoonish self. The special could have Launchpad redeem himself in DW's eyes, possibly setting the stage for the aforementioned reboot.
  • If they could find a way to gloss over the non-duck parts (which wouldn't be too hard) maybe an adaptation of The Legend of the Chaos God would be the Poorly Disguised Pilot for Darkwing.
  • D23 and Oh My Disney said they were remaking "Double O Duck". which was initially a backdoor pilot for a DuckTales Spy show spin off with Launchpad as the lead. FOWL and SHUSH were introduced there in prototype forms. The initial pitch was heavily modified into Darkwing Duck and the rest is history. With DuckTales remaking Double O Duck, now would be the time to add in some... later additions. Such as Steelbeak and his rival Darkwing maybe?
  • Partially confirmed in one specific way: Darkwing Duck is IN THE SERIES!
  • In "Beware the BUDDY System!", Darkwing finally makes an appearance as a character from a Show Within a Show, along with three members of his Rogues Gallery, Quackerjack, Megavolt and the Liquidator. Despite being fictional in-universe, he is still important to the plot as Launchpad's role model.
    • So we're told. Given Frank Angones says this is 'just the beginning' and with the reveal that S.H.U.S.H. itself is canon, one of two things is possible: Jim Starling (Darkwing's actor) will end up Becoming the Mask and ends up a spy/superhero, or the 'tv show' was a cover story the entire time and he's already a spy/superhero.
      • Alternatively, the old tv show will inspire fan Drake Mallard to become his favorite superhero for the recognition and to become someone better than he is. Think about it, if the old actor become Darkwing, everyone who knew about the show would immediately suspect him. Also, this honestly would tie into Drake Mallard's character nicely, especially during the pilot. He's always considered himself to be Darkwing Duck, ditching being Drake Mallard until needed to in order to adopt Goselyn. A fan with self-loathing problems deciding to embody his favorite hero would be a reboot that's still aligned with the essence of who he is. Besides, it also circumvents having another elderly duck that's surprisingly spry for their age.
      • Confirmed in that Drake Mallard was inspired by his favorite superhero, but much of the specifics are jossed. Instead, he was hired as the In-Universe Other Darrin for an ultimately failed reboot project, but he is inspired by Launchpad into Becoming the Mask after Jim Starling seemingly sacrifices himself to save them both from an exploding set.

Madame Mim will appear
She was Magica's friend in the comics, so while unlikely it would still be awesome.
  • The showrunners established a strict "no humans" rule (that's why the Ghost of Christmas Present is a pig instead of Willie the Giant), which, sadly, makes Mim's appearance almost impossible. An animal Expy of her can still appear though.
  • The expy will probably be another pig.

Daisy will appear in episodes that give the focus to Donald.
She's not off limits, so if there are episodes that give more focus onto Donald, there's no reason for Daisy to not at least appear in a small role.
  • She won't appear "in 2017", but it sounds like she might appear in the future.
  • Maybe she and Donald were a thing, but when Donald had to start raising the triplets they grew apart and broke up. A potential 2nd season episode could have her show up and the boys try to get them together again to have something go right for their uncle for once.
  • Don Rosa once mentioned that Daisy's brother is the father of Huey, Dewey and Louie. Given the show's direction of using cues from the old comics and original writers mythology, she may become an "Aunt Daisy".
  • Daisy is now confirmed to appear in season 3.
  • Going off on the above theory, Daisy could've been Donald's girlfriend/fiancee back when before the triplets were born, and they were planning on getting married until Della disappeared with the Spear of Selene, causing Donald to cut ties with Scrooge and take in the triplets as his own while also forcing them to break off the engagement.

Mickey Mouse and Goofy will appear in this show as either guest stars or cameos
Because they're Donald's buds, and this revival is going to star him just as much as the other ducks.
  • Frank Angones, one of the co-producers, has gone on record saying that Mickey is off limits, and indeed the only thing really off limits, and that's unlikely to change. But there's nothing that's keeping a Goofy cameo from happening.
  • Alternatively, they'll be mentioned as fictional characters, like in the Don Rosa comics.
  • How about this? We see a silhouette of a person with a circular head with two smaller circles on top. The figure then removes his ear-net, turning the circles into long bunny ears. That's right, instead of Mickey Mouse, I suggest they use Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
  • Goofy will be based on his Goof Troop version and Pete will be greedily interested on the fact Goofy is close friends with Scrooge's nephew.
    • Goofy was VERY important to Donald as he was raising the nephews; as he understands what it's like to raise a child as a single parent.
      • Or vice versa, as Goofy may have turned to Donald for support after losing his wife. In A Goofy Movie Max thinks Donald Duck is Goofy's best friend.
  • Spoonerville, the setting of Goof Troop is mentioned in the pilot.
    • Goofy will appear in season 3, with his Goof Troop design.

Roxanne will appear.
One of the characters in a preview looked like her, so its plausible she will make her first appearance since 2002. At the very least as a background character.
  • This goes well with an earlier WMG suggesting Goofy (specifically his Goof Troop incarnation) might appear. Roxanne (if that is her) might even be important in a future Goofy (or perhaps Max) centered episode.
  • A girl interviewing for the same job as Donald looked like her, as did one of the reporters at the end.
  • And she reappears in the second episode as a passenger on a bus.
  • She is also in the audience watching Mark Beaks presenting BUDDY.

The characters will age each season
Given how the kids are supposedly 11-12, maybe in later seasons they'll be 13 and recieve slight redesgins in clothing. Sound familiar?

DuckTales 2017 will place past The Disney Afternoon shows (or at least new versions of them for the reboot) into one world
Older WMGs have suggested Darkwing Duck and Goof Troop versions of characters will appear in the reboot. Combining the guesses, this WMG proposes the reboot will subtly Canon Weld past Disney Afternoon shows together. This ranges from including the Goof Troop versions of Pete, Goofy, and Max (with Canon Foreigners like Peg and Pistol, maybe) to featuring Darkwing Duck (possibly even by modeling the DWD episode after the comic crossover between it and DuckTales, complete with Scrooge and Drake coming into conflict) to even taking more from Quack Pack (like say, having Daisy Duck as a reporter).
  • Well, They have confirmed Darkwing Duck for the first season, and material for TaleSpin has been glimpsed, so it's more than plausible.
  • Saint Canard, Spoonerville and Cape Suzette have been explicitly mentioned in the pilot. At the moment they did not go beyond a simple Shout-Out, but they might hint towards a future Canon Welding.
  • While the Gummi Bears have not appeared in person, Gummi Berries, Gummi Berry juice, and the Great Book have shown up collectively as one episode's MacGuffin.
  • Don Karnage has now appeared on-screen. He's still flying the Iron Vulture but his modus operandi is completely different (and given that TaleSpin seemed to be taking place during the early Cold War, he may be a Legacy Character).
    • Older versions of Kit and Molly from Tale Spin are confirmed to appear in season 3.
    • Rescue Rangers are on their way.

When Darkwing Duck appears...
Not only will he be voiced by Jim Cummings, he'll also give one of his famous "I am the terror that flaps in the night" speeches. He will also be depicted as confused by modern technology, as a reference to how long his own series has been off the air.
  • Alternatively, due to them getting pretty big names for the voice cast, and Darkwing being a Batman parody, they'll steer into the skid and cast Christian Bale as Darkwing. And he'll do an "I am the terror that flaps in the night" speech in all his Batman voice glory!
  • Another alternative is they'll get Kevin Conroy to voice Darkwing, in keeping with the Batman parody.
  • The DuckTales Theme Song Supercut features a brief moment that strongly suggests, if not confirms, that Jim will be "the terror that flaps in the night" once again.
  • Confirmed, in a way. Darkwing gives an "I am the terror that flaps in the night" speech in the TV show Launchpad and Dewey watch. And he is voiced by Jim Cummings (although in-universe he's played by the live actor Jim Starling).

  • Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers:
    • The team will be living in a tree on Scrooge's estate and be glimpsed briefly throughout episodes.
    • Donald, Scrooge, and Beakly get captured, so the kids use a contact that Donald gave them in case of emergencies. Said contact brings to the Rescue Rangers and in an inversion of their usual relationship the chipmunks are actually good friends of Donald's.
    • The Rescue Rangers show up in Duckburg for a mission and Donald won't be happy to see them because of his past problems with Chip and Dale.
    • Fat Cat will be an associate of Glomgold or Ma Beagle.
      • Alternatively, Glomgold or Ma Beagle will be Fat Cat's owner, making one of them a Composite Character with Aldrin Klordane.
    • An animal version of Dr. Norton Nimul will be a recurring villain.
    • The Rescue Rangers will be "created" in a lab. Sometime in the future Professor Nimnul will experiment on two chipmunks, lab mice, and a fly. These experiments will give them the ability to talk and walk. They will eventually escape his lab and become crime fighters.
    • If/when the Rangers appear, and in the event they are not reprised by their original voice actors (like we've seen with Don Karnage and Drake Mallard), they could be voiced by Reid Scott as Chip, Nate Torrence as Dale, Lacey Chabert as Gadget Hackwrench, Fred Tatasciore as Monterey Jack, and either Frank Welker or Dee Bradley Baker as Zipper.
      • If this is the case, it will allow for a Reunion Show between Scott, Torrence, and Kate Micucci who voiced three of the main characters in Motorcity
      • It's confirmed that the entire Rescue Rangers team will appear in season 3.
    • Each of the Rescue Rangers form friendships with each of the kids due to character traits that they have in common:
      • Huey and Chip - They're both Control Freaks and The Leader to their respective groups.
      • Dale and Louie - Both are known for being habitually lazy.
      • Dewey and Monty - For being habitually adventurous and hot-blooded.
      • Gadget and Webby - For their being the main female out of their groups.
  • TaleSpin:
    • Cape Suzette will be the nu-Ducktales-verse version of Gotham City. Instead of TaleSpin taking place in the 1930's as per the original, it'll instead evoke the thirties.
    • Baloo will appear as a pilot friend of Launchpad's.
      • Maybe, that is who Launchpad learn to be a pilot from?
    • A pilot race that takes place at Cape Suzette.
    • Something will happen to Launchpad so Scrooge needs to find a new pilot, leading him to look up Higher for Hire.
    • Don Karnage will be an enemy that Scrooge and Donald dealt with in the past.
      • Adding on to this, he'll be voiced by Jim Cummings and be as hammy as ever.
      • This one's Jossed. Scrooge runs into Karnage for the first time in "Sky Pirates in the Sky." And he's voiced by Jaime Camil rather than Jim Cummings.
    • Shere Kahn will appear as a businessman that Scrooge has dealings with.
    • The Sky Pirates will attempt to hijack Scrooge and Launchpad when they're in the middle of flying towards a destination on another treasure hunt.
      • Confirmed in "Sky Pirates in the... Sky!", except Scrooge & Co. are flying home from a treasure hunt when they are hijacked by the pirates.
    • Early in "Woo-Oo!", Dewey refers to Cape Suzette, which is where TaleSpin is set. We also see a newspaper clipping about sky pirates on Webby's board too. The newspapers work as Foreshadowing in some scenes, so Scrooge may encounter the Air Pirates?
      • Confirmed.
    • Gabby McStabberson and Hack & Slash Smashnikov will reappear working for Don Karnage.
      • Or Hack & Slash already worked for Don Karnage before. They look like wolves or dogs, just like the majority of the Air Pirates, after all.
    • Baloo will be voiced by John Goodman since Ed Gilbert passed away in 1999. Goodman voiced Baloo in the Jungle Book 2.
    • An alternate theory, tying into the above theory that this show's Don Karnage is a Legacy Character—the Baloo we meet will also be a Legacy Character, named in honor of the original and descended from either him or Kit. The original Baloo's adventures still took place in the same time period as the original Talespin; Baloo in the reboot will just a later generation.
      • Kit and Molly are confirmed to appear as adults in season 3.
    • In the poster that shows an older Kit and Molly, Molly is dressed in an outfit that resembles stuntmen such as Evel Knievel and Super Dave Osborne. It may be that Molly is a stuntwoman by trade and, if so, there is only one name she can go by. In the DuckTales (2017) continuity, Molly Cunningham is none other than Danger Woman. In this case, it's simply a name she uses for performances, since the "fictional superhero made real" angle has already been used with Darkwing Duck.
  • Goof Troop:
    • Goofy will appear as an old friend of Donald's. A Running Gag will be Goofy trying to bring up Mickey but Donald keeps interrupting him because of apparently bad memories.
      Goofy: A-hyuk. Just like old times Donald, when it was you, me, and Mi-
      Donald: Don't remind me. That's exactly what I wanted to avoid when I retired.
    • Max will appear as a teenager and be a Big Brother Mentor to the triplets.
      • Alternatively to the above, although Max will appear as a College aged Teenager akin to An Extremely Goofy Movie, his Characterization will also be inspired by Mortal Kombat's Liu Kang, Marvel's Bucky Barnes/Winter Solider/Temporary Captain America, Tekken's Jin Kazama and Street Fighter's Ryu, where he is an Adaptational Badass who is a Karate Master, a Crazy-Prepared but Rule of Cool Teen and a Brotherly Figure at the same time.
      • And don't forget some bits of Spider-Man and Batman Beyond.
      • Don't forget Debbie into the Mix too. They would be Bash Siblings.
    • Pete will appear as an Unwitting Pawn to an enemy and help out when he realizes he's been duped.
    • Pistol and PJ will be referenced as friends of Webby or the boys, with the latter Grown up. Or perhaps they will even appear themselves.
    • Since Goofy will appear in Season 3, maybe it was he who taught Dewey the Perfect Cast.
  • Darkwing Duck:
    • In a reversal it will be revealed that Launchpad worked with Darkwing before he worked for Scrooge.
      • Jossed. Launchpad refers to Darkwing Duck solely as being a fictional character. It's not until mid season 2 that he becomes real.
    • In order to get help against Magica De Spell Launchpad will bring up Morgana Macawber as an ally.
    • There will be a Justice Ducks episode.
    • Gizmoduck will have mentioned teaming up with Darkwing in the past.
      • Jossed. Gizmoduck is just beginning his career. A season before the real Darkwing Duck did.
    • Similar to the Shere Khan idea, Bud Flud aka Liquidator will appear as another businessman Scrooge knows about.
    • The Fearsome Five will eventually appear and like the DuckTales cast will be recast due to the death of Bushroot's voice actor Tino Insana, possibly with the exception of Jim Cummings as Negaduck.
    • Gosalyn would instantly hit it off with the triplets and Webby.
    • The Grand Finale will be an adaptation of Dangerous Currency.
    • At least one or two members of DW's Rogues Gallery will appear, most likely Megavolt and Bushroot.
  • Adventures of the Gummi Bears:
    • The events of the original show did happen, but due to the show's "no humans" rule, the human characters will be represented in animal form.
    • New versions of the Gummis will appear as descendants of the original six.
    • The descendants of Cavin and Calla will also appear, becoming friends with the kids when they cross paths.

If Baloo, Louie and Shere Kahn appear in the series...
They will be voiced by Bill Murray, Christopher Walken, and Idris Elba respectively as a shout out to The Jungle Book (2016).
  • No, more likely they'll be voiced by Joel McCrary, Jim Cummings, and Corey Burton, respectively. That is, unless, they're willing to splash out to get John Goodman to voice Baloo like he did in The Jungle Book 2.
  • Louie will likely be a hard pass, thanks to the ongoing legal drama with Louis Prima's family concerning the character's depiction in animated media. Of course, that's not to say the writers won't find a way to sneak in a King Louie reference. Especially since there's already a Louie in Ducktales...
  • It's very unlikely we'll see Baloo or Louie, given that Talespin is being established as decades in the past. Kit Cloudkicker and Molly have been confirmed, as adults.

Cape Suzette is now in southern Calisota instead of the Gulf of Mexico
Dewey did seem to think they could sail there and back in two hours.

By the same token, Spoonerville, Duckburg, and Mouseton are all suburbs of St. Canard, which is somewhere along the norther Cali coastline

The Series Finale will be a big Crisis Crossover with other Disney shows
The plot of the finale will be similar to the finale of the original cartoon, namely Scrooge and the gang go on a whirlwind, multipart adventure after the entire MONEY BIN gets jacked. However, the concept will be cranked Up to Eleven.

It will start out with a powerful cosmic villain wishing for domination of the omniverse and wishes to use already powerful cosmic artifacts in order to do so. He is unable to go for his initial target, however, due to varying reasons, but he instead finds an alternative: Namely, an object can be given incredible, reality altering power if said object is split into six parts in a special ritual and back together into a single whole, and only if said object has such a presence through all of reality it is essentially an inactive Cosmic Keystone. The villain then decided to use what he sees as the easiest target: Scrooge's Moneybin.

Thus, reality warping shenanigans happen, Scrooge's Moneybin goes missing, and the McDuck crew has to travel to various alternate dimensions to collect the various "essences" of the Moneybin to complete it, unknowingly completely the villain's plan in the first place. Along the way, Scrooge and family meet and team up with various heroes from other Disney shows in their quest:

After all the essences are collected, the Moneybin is reformed... and the Big Bad finally enacts his plot, leading to a massive, climatic battle with all the allies Scrooge and family made teaming up to take on the villain. The villain himself will then be revealed as either Bill Cipher, seeking to transcend the need of a physical body to wreck all reality, or Mephisto, who seeks the power needed to finally kill the One Above All and reign supreme over reality.

  • Perhaps as an alternate or additional twist, one of the universes they encroach on is- what you might call- the "Golden Age" Duck Tales universe.

Scrooge fought against Don Karnage and the Air Pirates when he was a young duck.
Instead of updating it to modern times, the events of TaleSpin took place in the 1930s in this continuity too. Scrooge is old enough to be already alive and adventuring in the 1930s, so maybe during these adventures he went to Cape Suzette and teamed up with Baloo and his friends against the Air Pirates. Maybe, in the modern days, Don Karnage will show up as roughly the same age as Scrooge, seeking revenge against the duck who defeated him a long time ago.
  • Unlikely - when Don Karnage robs Scrooge in "Sky Pirates in the... Sky!", there is no mention of a previous encounter.

Should Darkwing Duck get a series...
The characters' mythos will take elements from Paperinik, culminating in an Evronian Invasion.

Drake Mallard and Mrs. Beakley are related
She's wearing Darkwing colors, the creators said there may be a connection (Though they could be trolling) and it's an easy way to get Darkwing in if they don't want to go the "FOWL steals from Scrooge" route. Have Mrs. Beakley call Drake to get him "Out of retirement" for whatever reason. (People are captured?)
  • Darkwing Duck, so far, only appears as a Show Within a Show, making such connection unlikely.
  • Drake Mallard has now appeared — that was not Darkwing Duck's secret identity in the Show Within a Show — and become a real-life version of the comic character. He's Launchpad's age and only just starting his crimefighting career. (Mrs. Beakley does dress up as Darkwing, but it's to make a Fan Film with Launchpad.)

The Mad Doctor will appear.
He may be more of a Mickey Mouse villain, but he'd be a fitting antagonist for a Halloween Episode.
  • Unlikely, unless he's redesigned as a Dogface - the original character is a human, which don't seem to exist in this show.

Darkwing Duck will be real, but shrouded in mystery to the point where it's debated if he exists or not
Similar to some versions of "The Batman," the triplets and Webby will have a Cold Open where they are having an argument over whether "The Darkwing" actually exists. Webby and Dewey will strongly argue that of course he exists, while Huey and Louie argue that he's a myth. Launchpad will keep trying to chime in with evidence (either that he's worked for him, or that he's just seen him), but none of the kids are paying attention to him. Right before he actually gets to say, Scrooge will cut him off with the hook for today's episode.
  • Jossed. Darkwing Duck is a fictional superhero from a TV series that Launchpad is a fan of. Unless he's revealed to be Real After All in a future episode.
  • Darkwing Duck wasn't Real After All — but an actor who was going to play him in a movie version decides to take on the role for real. So Darkwing Duck wasn't real before, but is now.

The House of Mouse will appear as a nightclub that Donald has been before
Mickey himself won't appear and no shorts would be played, but his classic three circles head shape will appear and it will be suggested that he's the unseen owner of the establishment. The Big Bad Wolf will also appear and, like in his first appearance in the series, be portrayed as a popular jazz musician called Big Bad Wolf Daddy, with his band consisting of the pigs and three Phineas and Ferb-style Fanservice Extra backup singers taking the place of the Bimbettes.

Darkwing Duck is a Show Within a Show, but Morgana MacCawber really exists.
She's a Stalker with a Crush who Cannot Tell Fiction from Reality, and eventually puts a spell on Jim Starling to "return him to his prime."
  • Jossed. Someone else, who happens to be the real Drake Mallard, takes up the mantle, while Jim Starling turns into Negaduck.
  • Morgana, like J. Edgar Hooter, Sara Bellum, Agent Gryzlikof, and Professor Waddlemeyer, have never been shown in the Show Within a Show. Any or all of them could turn out to be real. S.H.U.S.H., F.O.W.L., and Gosalyn have all either shown up in the "real world" or been confirmed by Word of God.

There will be a reference to Robin Hood.
Maybe the Ducks will visit Sherwood Forest in a treasure-hunting episode, and there will be a flashback where Robin Hood will appear as a fox with a design similar to the 1973 movie. Considering the diversity of Funny Animals in this show, it wouldn't be out of place.

Darkwing Duck will turn out to be Real After All and Launchpad knows it
I mean, c'mon, who was DW's sidekick and right hand man in the original show? Launchpad himself!
  • Jossed. Instead, Drake Mallard is a young actor inspired by the Darkwing Duck character, as well as Launchpad's encouragement, to become a real life Darkwing Duck.

90's Morgana will appear to help Ducks stop Magica.
While the original Darkwing had several time and dimension hopping episodes ("Life, the Negaverse, and Everything" and "Darkwarrior Duck" for example) the sequel comic book had in their adventures Morgana sacrifice herself to seal Duckthulu away and they were both lost in alternate dimensions. While Darkwing tried to get her back, the series ended before he could.

As it stands, no one in DuckTales has the Magic to take on Magica. But if they find Morgana from the 90's - who likes kids and has enough magic to at least STALL Magica while the Ducks come up with a better plan - it would fit well with both the original and the comics.

Plus she can teach Webby and Lena magic as they try to find out how to send her home.

Gosalyn is grown up and runs under the name Quiverwing Quack
Mostly just aging her up is a respectful way to change VA's after Christine Cavanaugh's death.
  • Likely jossed. It's heavily implied Jim Starling, the original Darkwing, never had a Gosalyn in his life, which was a contributing factor to his eventual fall from grace as Negaduck.
  • Jossed by the Season 3 concept art and promotional poster, which both show Gosalyn as a pre-teen, similar in age to the triplets.

Baloo will be an expy of Han Solo.
And the Sea Duck will be an expy of the Millennium Falcon.

The episode featuring Panchito and José will serve as a Poorly Disguised Pilot to Legend of the Three Caballeros.
Legend of the Three Caballeros has not premiered in America yet, and it is likely that it will premiere only after Season 2 of DuckTales. Although the two shows appear to be in a different continuity (notably, Donald in Legend doesn't take care of his nephews and isn't in touch with Scrooge), the DuckTales episode will introduce the Caballeros to a new audience who may move on to watch Legend.

In the crossover with Goof Troop, Max will end up dating NotRoxanne.
Spoonerville is name-dropped in the pilot, so it's only a matter of time when Goofy and Max would make an appearance. NotRoxanne is the dogface Recurring Extra who bears a lot of resemblance to Roxanne, Max's Love Interest from A Goofy Movie, so her and Max going on a date would be a nice Mythology Gag.

In 2022, this show will have a crossover with DuckTales (1987).
The story of this crossover will involve multiversal travel, likely due to one of Gyro's inventions. Somehow, the ducks, and a few others, will be pulled through a portal that lands them in the 1987 version of Duckburg, where they meet their alternate selves. Some of the villains from the 2017 universe will also follow, and the meetings between the cast and their 1987 counterparts will affect the latter group in many ways. Examples include:
  • The 1987 triplets meeting Della Duck, who never appeared in the '87 show, and bonding with her while befriending their 2017 counterparts.
  • Original Webby learning from 2017 Webby how to stand up for herself and grow out of being the Tagalong Kid.

And since much of the original cast has now passed away, much of the cast from the remastered SNES game will return to reprise their roles as the 1987 characters they played in the game. Classic Scrooge will also get a new voice actor to fill in for Alan Young.

Boarway is a former Thembrian state.
The Von Drake Doomsday Vault is apparently located in Boarway, this country's counterpart to Norway. The country's name suggests that the boarwegian citizens are anthropomorphic boars. TaleSpin established another country in the North, inhabited by boars: Thembria, the Soviet Union's counterpart. In this Alternate History, Thembria fell apart when the Cold War ended, and Boarway became a free state, and that is when Von Drake established the Doomsday Vault.

The Mighty Ducks will appear
Though they're not officially part of the Ducks canon, they're all still anthropomorphic ducks and can easily fit into the setting. They could either make them more mundane (a normal duck hockey team) or lean into the ridiculousness of their original cartoon. The only thing standing in the way is, potentially, rights issues with the actual hockey team.
  • Frank Angones addressed this on his tumblr - rights issues were in the way, so they had to resort to a lawyer-friendly reference (one of the Beagle Boys wearing a Mighty Ducks hockey mask during a heist). The only thing that could change this is that if the real-life hockey team decides it'd be a good marketing idea for them to feature the characters in the show, and make a decent deal with Disney.

The Wuzzles will be the creations of a Mad Scientist.
The SDCC 2019 panel showed character designs for Rhinokey and Butterbear as non-anthropomorphic, non-cartoony animals. They are the results of either genetic experiments or an instant hybridizing device, created from normal, non-sapient animals. The person behind their creation may be Gyro Gearloose, Ludwig von Drake, or a villainous mad scientist who has not yet appeared in the show. Bonus points if Eleroo, Hoppopotamus, Moosel and Bumblelion also appear in similar non-anthropomorphic designs or at least are referenced in some way.

The Rescue Rangers will be Uplifted Animals
So far, all Funny Animal characters in the show (apart from the Gyropuddlians) have been human-sized and used as a stand-in for humans. Regular-sized animals, such as Nanook the bear and the various background critters, have shown no sign of sapience. The Rescue Rangers, in their original incarnation, are regular, rodent-sized Funny Animal characters, and it's unlikely that they'd be scaled up to human-sized in this series. Instead, they'll start out as regular animals, but either magic or science will give them human-like intelligence.

Peg and Pistol will return
With the appearance of Goof Troop!Goofy, we will get an in-universe explanation for what happened to Pete's wife and daughter.

The title characters of Gargoyles will make a cameo appearance
I know that show took place in a more realistic setting populated by humans and not anthropomorphic animals, but the titular Gargoyles could at least appear in stone form as statues.

The crows from Dumbo will exist here as a jazz band
The show's universe is populated predominantly by anthropomorphic birds, so the crow brothers may appear as a jazz band that some of the characters like

Similarly to the above suggestion about the crow jazz band. Bonus points if they perform in Cape Suzette, because the town already has three characters borrowed from the same movie.
  • Bonus point if they are related to Scrooge's Board of Directors, who don't think highly of their "dumb hippie cousins".

The Pete family will appear with ties to FOWL
Assuming that FOWL will maintain a major presence in next season's episodes, including those that have the Ducks travel outside of the Duckburg, then one would figure that they will continue to encounter FOWL's agents across their adventures. Spoonerville is an obvious stop for them, namely for Goofy. If the showrunners include Pete and Pete's family, wish to allude to Pete's appearences as a villain, and have FOWL be relevant to the Spoonerville visit, then they could have either Pete or his wife Peg work for FOWL.

Possible scenarios for this:

  • PJ is the family's Token Good Teammate (it helps that he already was the White Sheep in the original show).
  • Peg is an agent who uses her cover as a trustworthy real-estate saleswoman to do her tasks for FOWL (selling homes to unknowning victims who she or local eggmen can do larceny against knowing their addresses and/or weakpoints in security, bug houses of wealthier or politically important clients). Her charm and good looks would make her a hit and also guarentee she wouldn't be suspected. Which leads into...
  • Pete is not a FOWL member whatsoever. He is however a suitable frontman and/or decoy for Peg since he's a loud-mouthed Jerkass used car salesman with the reputation to match. When the kids are investigating FOWL, they'll quickly blame him first since someone that nasty HAS to be a master criminal, right?

Characters from The Jungle Book who didn't appear in TaleSpin will make appearances if the family goes to Cape Suzette
  • Bagheera will be the firm but understanding mayor of Cape Suzette and an acquaintance of Baloo and Rebecca
    • Alternatively, Bagheera can appear as an Ace Pilot and Baloo's former friend who worked for Khan Enterprises (considering the black panthers that worked for Khan in the original show).
  • Colonel Hathi would be the leader of a military squadron that oversees the protection of the city from the likes of Don Karnage.
  • Kaa would be a hypnotist-for-hire willing to use his powers for profit.
    • Or a Con Artist who would use his hypnotic powers to scam people out of their money.
  • Also, as mentioned above, the vultures may appear as a barbershop quartet.
  • Akela is also a good option for the mayor, although Bagheera is more iconic.

A quintet of weasels resembling the Toon Patrol from Who Framed Roger Rabbit will appear as either agents of F.O.W.L. or henchmen of Taurus Bulba
Only they will be renames/re-characterized to seem more appropriate for the show's audience (i.e. Greasy being re-characterized into a Dashing Hispanic, Wheezy using chewing gum or lollipops in place of cigarettes, etc).

Stegmutt will be in the reboot
Either he will have the same origins as in Darkwing Duck as a duck turned into a Stegosaurus. Or he will be a normal Stegosaurus (likely revived Jurassic Park style) that would become mutated into a humanoid dinosaur, similar to how Neptunia was a normal fish before she was mutated into a fish-person.

The raptor from Donald's Dino Bash will appear
Especially considering the attraction had references to the show. As a bonus, it will be the opportunity to feature a feathered dinosaur (even if it's not enough feathers).

Characters from Timon & Pumbaa will appear.
Of course here they would be full time anthropomorphic animals instead of the occasional Anthropomorphic Shift.
  • This may also include a dogface version of Quint.

Characters from The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad will appear.
Ratty and Mole already appeared in Disney Ducks media as the charity collectors in Mickey's Christmas Carol, a cartoon that was already referenced in the "Last Christmas". McBadger can easily fit in as someone Scrooge knew from his time in Scotland, whereas Toad can be yet another Eccentric Millionaire with a Manchild personality who would fit in well with the likes of Flintheart Glomgold, Mark Beaks or Doofus Drake, only he'll have a stronger moral compass than those three that lets him realize when his antics hurt someone. And of course the weasels (who are already mentioned above as the Toon Patrol) can be among the crooks working for F.O.W.L.

Neptunia will have an Adaptation Origin Connection with someone on the show
The original Darkwing Duck had her come into being when barrels of radioactive waste that were dumped into the ocean caused her to be mutated into her current form. This time around, her existence could be indirectly caused by Flintheart Glomgold recklessly polluting into the ocean, causing her to mutate and swear revenge on him for polluting her ocean.

    Meta and Shout-Outs 
They're gonna give some Gravity Falls shout outs.
The new show seems to have a similar family adventure vibe GF has, Webby looks like she's got Mabel's personality, and Uncle Scrooge was probably a big inspiration for Stan. Plus GF was Disney XD's biggest show. My guess is the nephews will be calling him Grunkle Scrooge occasionally.
  • Well, one of the promo images show Webby with a grappling hook.
  • Plus a few people that worked on Gravity Falls are working on the show.
  • Guess: Bill Cipher will be an antagonist at some point.
  • Scrooge will be revealed to have a polydactyl but otherwise identical twin who, on Scrooge's opinion, wasted a college grant on the supernatural.
    • They've already started the 'missing twin' plot with Donald's sister and the triplets' mom Della.

There will be a show that's a parody of Doctor Who
Either Huey will be the biggest fan of the show or there will be an episode where Huey and Scrooge bond over a shared love of the show.

An episode involving Scrooge turning evil or having an evil clone will have him acting like Kilgrave
And it'll be just as scary as anything Kilgrave ever did.

This show exists in the universe of the original series (which itself is a part of the overall Disney universe).
It's an in-universe (general) adaptation of the adventures of Scrooge and his family, which he, his nephew Donald, and his great-nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and Webby (at least) are personally involved with. However...

Except for Scrooge and Donald themselves, the other characters are played by professional actors.
For the most part, it wasn't their decision, but Scrooge was able to convince the (in-universe) makers of the show to let him play himself, even though the makers would have preferred to have everyone (with Donald originally planned as the lone exception) played by actors.note 

There will be some Doctor Who shout-outs.
Even if it's something as simple as Scrooge saying "Allons-y!" once.

There will be some Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja shout-outs.
We have Ben Schwartz, the voice of everyone's favorite freshman ninja voicing Dewey, an his new persona seems similarly keen and "bruce"!.

There will be some shout-outs to Marvel and Star Wars.
Perhaps many references to Iron Man when Gizmoduck enters the picture.
  • The way Fenton summons the Gizmoduck suit and it goes flying to him is very similar to how Tony Stark summons the Iron Man suit.

If Magica DeSpell appears in the series, she'll use her magic to brainwash one of the triplets (except Dewey) or Webby.
The spell she uses will only work if her target is feeling negative emotions, and Dewey will be the one who figures out how to break it.
  • The person Magica brainwashes is Lena. It doesn't work like in the other show.

there will be a Kingdom Hearts shoutout
  • Keith Ferguson plays Marluxia. Have him and Donald face off with Donald holding a wand that casts elemental spells
    • bonus if the wand casts the wrong spells/spells too late. His AI is a tad glitchy
  • Alternatively he wears his kh outfit at some point.
    • Or maybe Glomgold wears a black coat at some point like Organization XIII.

Paperinik will be a separate character inspired by Donald's adventurer past

Fenton will express a desire to write a Broadway musical about Scrooge's life one day.
  • Fenton himself will play the lead character, of course.

A plot point from Gravity Falls is going to end up repeating itself here.
Basically, Dewey and Webby keeping secrets about Della is going to blow up in a spectacular fashion once Huey and Louie find out, and a villain of great power — like Magica or Merlock — is going to use this to their advantage. It might even merge with the above mentioned Magica DeSpell brainwashing theory.
  • Jossed. The secret's out, and while it did blow up, it wasn't that spectacular and no one exploited it.

If Della's on the moon, and we get an episode featuring her there, we'll hear the beloved Moon theme from Ducktales.
  • Confirmed! In the final scene of the Season 1 finale, a snippet of the theme is played as Della is revealed to be alive on the Moon.
  • And in the first Della-centric episode of Season 2, it gets lyrics.
  • It turns out to be the lullaby that Donald sang to the triplets when they were young.

One of the agents of S.H.U.S.H. will be a blue platypus.
He will be more anthropomorphic than Perry, but he will have his trademark fedora, and his codename will be Agent P.

The Moonlanders will have a queen whose looks will be based on the Grand Councilwoman.
The Grand Councilwoman already looks like the same species of alien as Lunaris and Penumbra. Incorporating her design in the show would be a nice Shout-Out to one of the less exposed Disney characters.

There is an anthropomorphic version of William Shakespeare.
And he's written various plays, including one called Simba that's basically The Lion King except anthropomorphized and slightly closer to the real-life Shakespeare play it was loosely inspired by.
  • The original series episode "Much Ado About Scrooge" revolves around the works of a playwright named William Drakespeare. Perhaps Drakespeare exists in this continuity too?

Every episode with Darkwing Duck in it will have a cameo by Tad Stones.
And in every episode, he will play a different character - similarly to how Stan Lee had a cameo in every movie based on a Marvel property.

If Darkwing Duck does get its own reboot series, it will premiere in 2021.
30 years to the premiere of the original. Just like this series to is own original.

A Darkwing Duck reboot would be full of Leaning on the Fourth Wall meta humor.
Because the original was made a Show Within a Show in the DuckTales reboot, references to the old show will often be sprinkled throughout. And writers will use this as a way to reference moments in the actual old show under the pretense of characters referencing the in-universe old show.

Darkwing Duck is getting a reboot.
When asked if Darkwing would be a part of DuckTales now or getting a reboot, Frank Angones replied, "Darkwing will return in DuckTales for sure." But he's doing the exact same thing he did when asked whether or not Gosalyn was part of the Show Within a Show version of Darkwing Duck—he didn't say yes or no, he just said "Darkwing without Gosalyn is not Darkwing," and let the fans come to their own conclusion before revealing the truth in "The Duck Knight Returns!" He's invoking Exact Words to avoid spoiling. Otherwise, he would've said, "Darkwing's staying on DuckTales; no reboot." This is because Darkwing's not leaving the show right away, but he will be getting his own show soon enough after this one establishes his real-life superhero career enough.

There will be some shot-outs to the Buffyverse
Like the three books with Wolf, Ram & Hart insignias on their covers respectively inside the Magica's library. C'mon, such a murderous and depraved sorceress like Magica almost certainly would be considered by Senior Partners as a valuable ally in spreading their influence.

Beakley and Monterey Jack will have a rivalry similar to that of Chef Louis and Sebastian
The introduction of the Rescue Rangers into the show will involve Beakley discovering Monty chowing down on some of Scrooge's cheese and her attempts at catching him will lead to a comical sequence where she gets increasingly unhinged in her efforts and wrecks the kitchen in the process

The crossover with Goof Troop will have a couple shout-outs to Kingdom Hearts
Goofy will use a shield or something resembling a shield to fight with during an action sequence


    Voice Actors 

The McElroy Brothers will guest-star on an episode
Lin-Manuel is a Big Name Fan of the Brothers, they've shown an interest in voice acting (with Griffin even appearing in an episode of Clarence), and Gravity Falls showed they're not against casting podcast stars in Disney shows, with Cecil Baldwin of Welcome to Night Vale fame playing a bit role in one episode. (It'd be bizarre if it did happen, considering "DuckTales" was their parents' safety word when growing up, in case of stranger danger.)

Karen Gillan and Peter Capaldi will guest star
Any flashback to Scrooge's youth in Scotland will feature characters voiced by fellow Scots and fellow Doctor Who alumni Karen Gillan and Peter Capaldi, for no other reason than to make the universe collapse into itself.
  • I hereby nominate Karen Gillan for the voice of Magica DeSpell.
    • Except DeSpell is an Italian name. Karen should instead voice Hortense, who is also a Fiery Redhead.
    • We do have a Doctor Who alumnus voicing Magica, but it's not Karen.
  • I nominate Capaldi as the voice of Fergus McDuck.
    • Nope, Graham McTavish.
  • If Karen Gillan is voicing Hortense Duck, then I suggest having Arthur Darvill voice Hortense's husband Quackmore Duck.

Andrew Caldwell will guest star
Webby and the boys would need other friends their age then each other. Perhaps even a best friend to Dewey like someother pair I know.
  • Doofus Drake?
    • Doofus is voiced by John Gemberling, and instead of being a friend of the triplets, he's an antagonist.

Magica De Spell will be voiced by June Foray.
  • She's almost 100, but she's still pretty damn active in the realms of voice-acting. Alternatively, they'll find a suitable impersonator like Tress MacNeille.
  • Even if Foray doesn't voice Magica, she will still get some sort of cameo.
  • Sadly Jossed. Unless it's posthumous, as Foray died on July 26, 2017.
  • It's Catherine Tate.

If April, May and June appear, who will voice them?
Leave suggestions below.
  • April Duck
    • Michaela Dietz
    • Gillian Jacobs
    • Jeannie Elias (Huey from Quack Pack)
  • May Duck
    • Jennifer Paz
    • Jenny Slate
    • Pamela Adlon (Dewey from Quack Pack)
  • June Duck
    • Shelby Rabara
    • Cameron Esposito
    • Elizabeth "E.G" Daily (Louie from Quack Pack)
  • A same person for all of them.
  • Jessica DiCicco voices all three of them on Legend of the Three Caballeros . She could either voice all three of them here, or they will get individual voice actors.

Who will voice Fethry Duck and John D. Rockerduck when they make their debuts?
  • Tom Kenny is Fethry, while Rockerduck's VA is John Hodgman.

Jack McBrayer will voice at least one of these characters
  • Dijion - He sounds like he could imitate the character's original voice or come close to it.
  • Bubba the Caveduck - Perhaps Gyro will invent a device to make his speech intelligible (like Donald in "The Shadow War") and it will make him sound just like Jack.
  • Gene the genie - He could pull off a comical little genie as easily as he did a comical little alien.
  • An entirely new character
    • Confirmed. He's the Ghost Of Christmas Past.

Merlock's voice actor
Similar to Magica, Merlock as one of the darker villains will be remodeled to look more fearsome than ever. I envision him having a deep and intimidating voice, possibly portrayed by Kevin Michael Richardson.

Gosalyn's voice actress
In regards to who would voice this show's version of Gosalyn Mallard, I'd recomend Stephanie Lemelin. She has the experience voicing tomboy characters, and after hearing her as Audrey on Harvey Street Kids, I think she'd be an ideal voice for Gos.
  • Gossalyn's new design seems like a color swapped, duck version of Ivy. It's very likely.
    • Which Ivy?
  • I think Letitia Wright would be a good choice as well since Gosalyn's relationship with Drake does remind this troper of T'Challa and Shuri.
  • Word of God seems to be deliberately trolling on this point, which probably means it's either a very recognizable name or Stunt Casting. My guess is Riki Lindhome, but it's a shot in the dark.

Taurus Bulba will be voiced by an actor of Russian descent
Taurus Bulba is named after a Cossack character from a book by a Russian writer, and Tim Curry used a faux-Russian accent for the character. Since the creators use Actor-Shared Background whenever possible, they'll hire a Russian actor for the role (although if no Russians are available, they might opt for someone from another Slavic country). Vladimir Mashkov is one option.

Monterey Jack will be voiced by an Australian actor
If the creators use Actor-Shared Background with Monterey Jack as they do with other characters on the show, Monty's voice actor will be Australian just like he is, or at the very least Australian-sounding. Candidates for his VA could be either Barry Humphries or Rhys Darby.

If Jim Cummings is not brought back to reprise Fat Cat, then Fat Cat's new VA could be Wayne Knight

Riki Lindhome will play a character in Season 3.
Because it would be great to see a Garfunkel and Oates reunion with Webby.
  • One option is Gosalyn, as suggested above.
  • Another option is Gadget Hackwrench. She definitely looks the part.

Webby will introduce herself to the nephews by kidnapping them
A shot in the 1st trailer has the 3 nephews hanging upside down in what appears to be Webby's room. And in a talking clip, you have Webby helping the 3 up while asking them questions. Conclusion? Webby will capture the 3 of them, hang them, then interrogate them as a fangirl.
  • Confirmed.

Goldie will appear in the show
And Scrooge will marry her. Because it would be awesome.
  • Goldie is confirmed to appear, but now she looks significantly younger than Scrooge, which would mean that would be a May–December Romance.
    • She could be older than she looks.
    • Or it could be that the Goldie seen so far is Scrooge's memory of what she looked like in his younger days and that, if Goldie appears outside of a flashback or a dream, she will be an older woman.
  • Or it could be that she'll appear in a flashback.
  • She appears in "The Golden Lagoon of White Agony Plains!", and she is indeed older than she looks - in fact over a hundred, being already an adult during the Klondike Gold Rush. She mentions to Scrooge she had a bath in the Fountain of Youth, hence her apparent young age. She and Scrooge have heavy Belligerent Sexual Tension, but only the triplets believe that they would get married.

Scrooge will dive into his Money Bin at the end of the pilot
Or end of the final part if it's a multi-parter like the original. For added humor before doing so he'll say "I haven't done this in about 30 years!"
  • Word of God from David Tennant confirms that Scrooge will dive into the money, but if/when in the pilot is uncertain.
  • The story will have other characters trying the trick but not having the same results.
  • Partly confirmed: he dives into the money bin around the midway point of the one-hour pilot; if you'd divide the pilot into two half-hour regular episodes, it would happen at the climax of the first one.

Donald and Scrooge's falling out ten years ago:
Is directly tied to why Donald is raising Huey, Dewey, and Louie rather than their parents.
  • Perhaps they disappeared on one of Scrooge's treasure hunts.
    • All but confirmed in the first episode, while their father isn't mentioned something happened to Della on the quest for the Spear of Selena.
      • This may also be why Donald Duck is so protective of Huey, Dewey & Louie and seems so against Scrooge Adventuring too, He's concerned that any thing like what happened to Della shall happen to the three, too?
  • Or Donald was just too busy to go adventuring and Scrooge simply didn't take it well.
    • The boys are about the right age and the ten years thing would make perfect sense. Maybe Donald is reconnecting with Scrooge now because he thinks the boys are finally old enough for it. Heck, they're probably the same age Donald was when he started adventuring with Scrooge.
  • Donald felt he didn't keep enough of the treasures to keep going.
  • Donald never cared about the treasure in the first place and just liked going on the adventures with his uncle, but Scrooge's Gold Fever started getting the better of him, and then the boys came along...
    • Keep in mind that Scrooge's Gold Fever getting the better of him was why his sisters (One of whom is Donald's mother) disowned him in Life and Times, so it's not like there isn't a precedent.
    • Or his Gold Fever got even worse and it caused the incident why Della is not with her kids...
      • In; "The Great Dime Chase", Dewey & Webby find a Note from Della about how she has taken The Spear of Selene, which both Donald Duck & Scrooge McDuck were arguing about in; "Woo-Oo!". Did she take the Spear, cause she concerned that it would corrupt either Donald Duck or Scrooge McDuck?
  • Confirmed in The Last Crash of the Sunchaser!. Scrooge built a rocket for himself, Donald and Della, but Della took it herself and was lost in space, something Donald blames Scrooge for both because he built the rocket and because he didn't stop Della from going.

Della Duck will appear in an episode.
Explaining why her sons live with her twin brother. As well as some past adventures with her brother Donald.
  • Confirmed! She appears at the end of the first episode, although not in person, and one subplot in the third episode is about Dewey and Webby trying to find out what happened to her.
  • Della's disappearance forms the Myth Arc for at least the first season.
    • Also, she appears in the last minute of season 1, showing she's trapped on the moon.

The original Theme Song will be used in some way in the new theme song
It's only one of the catchiest songs of all time! And also, they seem to be using it some in their promoting the series, so obviously they plan to be including it in the process in some way.

To balance out traits from her 80s self, and avoid Unfortunate Implications that a girl can't be tough and feminine simultaneously.
  • Confirmed: she covers her journal in red sparkly glitter, and she wears pink and purple clothes and a bow in her hair.

Lena is either working for Magica DeSpell, or is Magica DeSpell herself.
A new, edgy female duck character that seems to have come out of the blue? Suspicious. She's probably trying to get close to Webby, posing as a Cool Big Sis character, so that she can get closer to Scrooge and get the lucky dime. In the latter case, she might have used magic to appear younger than she actually is.
  • Her connection to Magica is Confirmed. Given The Reveal at the end of "The Beagle Birthday Massacre!" that Lena is Magica's niece, it's possible that she might be the show's equivalent to Minima DeSpell. And, considering her sad look when leaving the triplets and Webby at the end of the episode and her frequent mentions of disliking family, it's possible that she might undergo a Heel–Face Turn.
  • At the end of "The Other Bin of Scrooge McDuck!" she attempts the Heel–Face Turn. Unfortunately, Magica has realized that she can directly possess Lena's body, preventing it.
    • Also, she's really just a shadow brought to life, though it's indicated by the finale that she's truly become her own person and, after acting to save Webby, lives in Webby's shadow now.

Gladstone Gander will be a role model for Louie.
Gladstone is lazy yet super lucky, and he's still significantly rich. These are all traits that Louie admires.
  • They're primary colors are both green to boot.
  • Confirmed. In "The House of Lucky Gander!", all three triplets look up to Gladstone, seeing him as their "cool uncle", but Louie is the one that bonds with him the most. However, by the end of the episode, even Louie dismisses Gladstone, who turned out to be a selfish, smug jerk, and almost allowed his whole family become the slaves of Liu Hai.

Scrooge is slightly less greedy compared with past depictions
Possessive perhaps, but listen to what Donald says when arguing with Scrooge in Atlantis. "Crazy old man! All you care about is the next adventure!" Donald's known Scrooge for a very long time, and is clearly still angry with him over their history, but why doesn't he say all he cares about is money? Why say the adventure is more important? Because for scrooge in this continuity, he always planned to have making money be his excuse to see the world. His focus on reputation? Love of getting into trouble? The fact that he's more interested in the jewel of Atlantis rather than the mountains of gold around it? Seems to me that Scrooge here is more interested in the stories and the journey than the wealth at this point.
  • Confirmed. The show creators explicitly said that this incarnation of Scrooge is more addicted to adventure than to money. The intention behind it was probably to make him a more sympathetic character.

Beakley is (or at least now, was) a spy of S.H.U.S.H.
She made a Sarcastic Confession to Donald about being a spy. But given how she is one of the good guys, she was an agent of S.H.U.S.H., an organization bent on keeping the world peaceful. But, something happened in her past that made her take up being Scrooge's maid, teach Webby martial arts, and keep her granddaughter in McDuck Manor most of her life.
  • Confirmed in "The Confidential Casefiles of Agent 22!"

The SHUSH Connection...
(I don't know where to put this better) The SHUSH Agent is Mrs. Beakley. She's retired and working for Scrooge, because he's one of the few who know of her previous occupation and can give Mrs. Beakley a secure place to hide from any enemies that may want her head. Think about it: why would she teach Webby all that spy stuff and how did she herself know what to teach, unless she was a secret agent herself.
  • At the end of "A Daytrip of Doom", she mentions to Donald that she's a spy, to which Donald reacts with laughter. If she wasn't joking but telling the truth, it is more than likely that the agency she's working for is SHUSH.
  • Confirmed in "The Confidential Casefiles of Agent 22!"

One episode will feature Scrooge and Glomgold teaming up to take on Mark Beaks.
Due to both of them being old and rich industrial millionaires, it would only make sense that Beaks would try to run them both into obscurity or shame. Scrooge, of course, would try to stop him, but Glomgold would also try to help out...only because he doesn't want anyone else but him to beat Scrooge.
  • Confirmed, in "The Infernal Internship of Mark Beaks". It doesn't work out well though, as Glomgold comes up with an overly elaborate plan which Scrooge finds ridiculously complex - and then Glomgold accidentally reveals that he intends to stab Scrooge in the back.

Della is still alive somewhere.
Come on, that has to be the reason no body hasn been found, right?
  • Confirmed - she's on the moon.

Dewey will attempt to take after Donald after the events of "The Last Crash of the Sunchaser!"
(This also contains spoilers for promos for the shadow war, just a heads up.)

Now that Dewey knows what happened to Della I think he is going to realise that he has similar reckless and impulsive tendencies to his mum which will cause him to get closer to Donald and also perhaps try to take after him more than Della. One of the things which leads me to believe this is how in the promos for the finale Dewey is seen wearing a sailor's outfit and is the only kid who is shown wearing one. Which could mean that he is attempting to take after Donald.

  • Confirmed! At least, in trying to wear a suit like Donald's.

There will be an arc structure.
Presumably with their own villains, with arcs involving Magica De Spell, another involving Glomgold, etc.
  • David Tennant claims we shall learn more about Scrooge & Donald Duck's relationship, with each Episode, include what happen ten years ago, to cause this suppose rift between the two?
  • Confirmed, the first season has three main character arcs: one exploring Della Duck's disappearance, one about Magica De Spell pursuing the Number One Dime to regain her physical form, and one about Gizmoduck's origins.

Della Duck
is not dead, but stuck in the Moon."Spear of Selene after all, and she was an astronaut in the Dutch comics. Maybe she got teleported there.
  • Or the Spear of Selene is the name of a spaceship she flew to the Moon. After all, a rocket ship is shaped like a spear.
    • The Spear of Selene being a rocket is confirmed. Della's exact whereabouts are still unknown.
    • Confirmed! The final minute of the season 1 finale shows Della and her ship crashed on the moon.

Gabby Mcstabberton will return
She Awesome Mccoolname (almost literally) voiced by Jennifer Hale. She's too interesting not to bring back.
  • Maybe she'll end up as Donald's Love Interest.
    • Seems likely (Gabby showing up again, that is). Upon closer look at the intro, you can actually see her chasing Scrooge and Co with an assortment of villains.
      • On the other hand, Little Bulb also shows up there, and the episode with him indicates he is a one-time villain.
    • She cameos in the finale, being arrested by Fenton's mom.

Lena is going to become the mask.
Eventually, she's actually going to feel a personal bond with Webby, and as a result start questioning whther her aunt's plan is worth it.
  • Comfirmed! In Jaw$, Lena makes it clear that she no longer wants to be a part of her aunt's plans and tries to leave. Unfortunately, Magica has other ideas.....

Magica de Spell needs an artifact in the Manor to regain a body
Hence why Lena said she was "playing the long game" by getting permission to enter McDuck Manor at any time in the future.
  • Confirmed: She needs the Number One Dime, which she was trapped in.

Fethry will be in a future episode.
Possibly Season 2, because there doesn't seem to be any plans for him to be in season 1.
  • Confirmed by his appearance at the panel at the 2018 San Diego Comic Con.
  • In Season 2, he is a central character in the second episode, "The Depths of Cousin Fethry".

It will turn out that no one is responsible for Della's disappearance besides herself.
She wasn't influenced by an outside source. She just took the spear, under some reckless thought, and ran away. She might be dead. She might be alive, stuck on the moon or something similar. Either way, it was her idea and no one can be blamed but her.
  • Half-confirmed. She did indeed take the Spear under some reckless thought... and despite Scrooge's aid after she launched, she got herself stuck on the moon, with no active way to get back.

Gyro will know that Fenton is Gizmoduck in this continuity.
And he'll be Giz's Sidekick in order to further expand his and Darkwing's status as Foils.

The episode "From the Confidential Casefiles of Agent 22!" will deal with Beakley's past as a spy.
Bonus points if she is the titular Agent 22 herself!
  • Confirmed. Beakley is Agent 22, working for S.H.U.S.H.

An episode will involve The Three Caballeros
Huey, Duey, Louie and Webby discover that Donald was once part of a famous band that broke up many years ago, a memory Donald now holds as an Old Shame. The ducks will then contact José and Panchito to reunite with their old friend, Putting the Band Back Together so they could perform at a concert in Duckburg.
  • It is confirmed at SDCC 2018 that José and Panchito will appear in an episode of season 2. Although we do not know the plot yet. The exclusive SDCC trailer also confirms Donald viewing his past with them as an Old Shame, as he confesses to the kids that him being a member of "The Three Caballeros" is his dark secret.
  • Also Confirmed that they try Putting the Band Back Together. Scrooge sabotages it though.

Jose Carioca and Panchito Pistoles will make an appearance.
There'll probably be at least one episode where the gang visit a Latin American country, and this would be a great opportunity for these Ensemble Darkhorses to return.
  • Apparently there was an episode pitched that was basically a reunion of The Three Caballeros, but was shelved. They might have a cameo, or the pitch could be revisited later.
    • They're now confirmed to appear in Season 2.

The Three Caballeros episode will include the original song.
Except they'll replace the word "gay" with "great".
  • Or "brave", since that's what they did for the animated show.
  • Confirmed, they perform the song in their debut episode. The line "Three gay Caballeros" is changed to "Yes, three Caballeros".

Flintheart Glomgold will be South African again
If not, he could at least have ties to South Africa.
  • Perhaps they will make an amalgamation of his comic and cartoon self and have one side of his family be Scottish and the other Boer. Or maybe born in South Africa, raised in Scotland etc.
  • His family history will be how Glomgold described it in the comic book story "The Glomgold Heritage".
  • Or Flintheart Glomgold will be posing as someone from Scotland for a trick, but is really from South Africa.
  • Pretty much CONFIRMED! He's even played by an African American putting on a hammy Scottish accent!
    • Not entirely confirmed. Although his voice actor is a Fake Scot, and he is acting up the Scottish stereotype, nothing indicates that he is a Fake Scot in-universe too.
  • His Scottish act is less about pretending to be a Scot and more about hiding his Boer heritage so Scrooge will never figure out he's the "bushwhacker" Scrooge met back in the Transvaal. He picked Scot over any other ethnical groups he could pretend to be of so Scrooge will assume it's just to upset him.
  • Or, to tie everything together, he's Scots-South African, and the uber-Scots act is him trying to get in touch with that side of his family (or just to bug Scrooge).
  • Confirmed. The episode "The Ballad of the Duke of Baloney" reveals that Glomgold was born in South Africa, and took on a Scottish persona to compete with Scrooge.

Someone with the initials D. B. will become an important character in Season 2.
Webby's String Theory chart contains a lot of notes with all sorts of Foreshadowing for Season 1. One note that never came to play says: "Who is D.B.? GiGi?" No character with the initials D.B. or the name GiGi has appeared yet. Unless it's an obscure Mythology Gag, it's likely a Foreshadowing for a Season 2 episode.
  • Confirmed. D.B. stands for Duke Baloney, which is Glomgold's original name. Not sure what GiGi means, though.

Della's note is more innocent than it sounds.
Coinciding with the theory that the Spear of Selene is a rocket rather than a magic artifact, Della was not apologizing to Scrooge for an unforgivable betrayal. It was more akin to a teenager "borrowing" her parent's car without permission and leaving a quick explanation on the fridge.
  • Confirmed: Della stole the rocket that Scrooge was building for her. The reason he doesn't like bringing it up is because it was the last time he saw her before she got lost in space.

Della will return in the mid-season finale
Paget Brewster is set for a recurring role as Della this season. Her entrance will be similar to Ford Pines, appearing at the very end of the first half of Season 2 and having larger roles in the second half after a hiatus to keep the fans up in eager anticipation.
  • Confirmed. She returns to Earth in the 11th episode of Season 2 and becomes a regular afterwards.

Louie and Gladstone will be good friends
They're both lucky, lazy and greedy for money.
  • Or Gladstone will be a bad influence on Louie for awhile until Louie decides that, however easy Gladstone's life is, it's still hollow and purposeless.
    • The latter. In the episode proper, Louis looks up to Gladstone right up till he realizes that Gladstone is just using everyone for his own purposes. he's even the one to finally make the comment that "luck's overrated" to Gladstone as a parting shot.

Fenton/Gizmoduck will replace Little helper instead of Donald Duck
We already know Fenton is going to be Gyro's assistant and a laser shooting and non-functioning version of Helper can be seen in the intro, meaning gyro will try to build a (Big)little helper robot for security that will somehow result in the creation of Gizmoduck.
  • Partially confirmed in the third episode, when Little Bulb malfunctions, and Gyro begins work on Project Blatherskite, presumably Gizmoduck's suit.

Launchpad Really Gets Around.
In both "The House of the Lucky Gander" and "The Depth of Cousin Fethry", Launchpad gets an off-screen adventure with a woman he seems to be romantically involved with (Ziyi and Oceanika, respectively). He has a number of other girlfriends all around the world (possibly including Feathers Galore from the original series).

Flintheart Glomgold is not actually Scottish.
Although there is some Word of God hinting towards this interpretation (as an in-joke resulting from his originally being South African and then made Scottish in the original cartoon), technically it hasn't been directly confirmed yet in the show itself. In any case, as part of his Inferiority Superiority Complex Glomglod even tries to be more Scottish that Scrooge just to try and one-up him in that part of his life as well, so it's not a huge stretch to suggest that he's not even Scottish to begin with.
  • Confirmed. It's revealed in "The Ballad of Duke Baloney" that he's South African.

Della was formerly Scrooge's personal pilot
Following Della's disappearance, Scrooge considered looking for a replacement, but was not willing to trust strangers with his money and because he simply couldn't find it in his heart to replace one of his own family members. Launchpad, who happened to be already be acquainted with Scrooge in some way, offered to do the job. Scrooge also appreciates Launchpad for being as "dangerous and crazy" as himself.
  • Confirmed. Della was a bit angry about "being replaced" as Scrooge's pilot in "Nothing Can Stop Della Duck!" and is back to flying Scrooge in "Raiders of the Doomsday Vault!"

When Dewey runs into Donald again, he will complain about not being named Turbo.
  • Confirmed. It happens in "Moonvasion".

the first special will feature the 3 nephews being kidnapped
Why? Who knows? But in order to prove to his nephews and to himself that he's still a big Deal, Scrooge McDuck is going to rise to the occasion with Webby and Launchpad to save them.
  • Jossed, no kidnapping happens in the pilot. However, the nephews and Webby get kidnapped by the Beagle Boys in the second episode, although Scrooge is not involved in rescuing them.

Donald's actually an agent of the US government in this continuity
Thus combining the 2 views we know of Donald in the old and new DuckTales. Old DuckTales had him joining the navy and thus handing the nephews over to Scrooge. In the new trailer, Webby says that Donald is "one of the most daring adventurers of all time." The theory here is that Donald was hired by the US government to recover lost treasures for the government. And this will actually lead him to coming into conflict with Scrooge over the course of the series, with Donald being the patriotic duck serving his country, while Scrooge is trying to recapture his spirit by claiming the treasures for himself.

Alternately, Webby's introduction involves a misunderstanding.
One shot in the first trailer shows Dewey holding a small bag while addressing his brothers with a smug look. Perhaps suggesting that they'll be able to score some cash here, one way or another? Webby overhears this and, mistaking them for regular thieves, apprehends the boys herself, dragging them into her room for an interrogation. The boys then blurt out their relationship with Scrooge/Donald (or scream for help from either one), leading to Webby cutting them down, snapping a picture and interrogating them in order to learn more about them.

The fat Scotsman looking duck seen in the newest trailer isn't actually Flintheart Glomgold or he otherwise isn't a straight expy of the older DuckTales' version of the character
When asked what ethnicity Glomgold will be in the reboot, Frank Angones said "I have plans." This a curious choice of words.

For the "Not Glomgold" scenario, the character could be a henchman, impostor, or otherwise a fakeout. For the other scenario, there are more possibilities.

  • Jossed, it is indeed Glomgold.
  • Or he will have a henchman pose as him who has the same look as Flintheart Glomgold's old design.

Gizmoduck will appear, but Fenton Crackshell won't.
Fenton was part of the original cast because the producers couldn't have Donald. Granted, Launchpad is also a Donald Expy, but he seems more distinct from Donald's characterization than Fenton is. The producers may want to bring Gizmoduck back, especially if they're toying with the idea of also rebooting Darkwing Duck, but not want to bring Fenton back. Therefore, someone else will be wearing the Gizmosuit. Possibilities:
  • Donald. This one is iffy, given that the producers may want to keep him open for the role of Paperinik, but he does resemble the original Gizmoduck.
  • One of the kids. They used the Gizmosuit in one episode of the original series. If it turned out being Webby, it would also go along with their idea of xenafying her.
  • Mrs. Beakley. They hinted at her being given more to do in this series. Also, it would make a good Mythology Gag.
  • Launchpad. Again, Rule of Mythology Gag. Besides, if Darkwing is rebooted, it would provide an opportunity for an interesting conflict, with Darkwing being unaware for the first part of the series that his best friend and greatest rival are the same person, and there being a terrific blowout when he inevitably discovers it.
    • Jossed. Fenton is appearing and has been heavily redesigned to differentiate him from Donald.

Alternately, PK (AKA: the previously mentioned Paperinik) will be featured as an alternative to Gizmoduck.
Not only that, but he may even be used as an alternative to Darkwing Duck as well.

The Beagle Boys will be played by a group of Relationship Voice Actors.
Jossed. All three are voiced by the same voice actor, Eric Bauza.

The first episode will end with a tribute to Alan Young.
"To Alan, the true richest duck in the world. Thanks for all the memories."
  • Alternatively or additionally there will be a dedication to Carl Barks.
  • June Foray, too, since she was the voice for Magica DeSpell in the original show and she passed a month before the show aired.
    • Sadly, Jossed. No such tribute appears at the end of the first episode to any of these late creators.

Duckworth is related to the Beagle Boys.
And Scrooge has earned/will earn his Undying Loyalty by giving him the chance to escape the criminal lifestyle, allowing him to prove himself through hard work.
  • And his real name is Butler Beagle.
    • Jossed, he's apparently died before the events of the series and comes back in "McMystery at McDuck McManor", and Ma Beagle talks about him without indicating that he's a relative.

We haven't seen Duckworth because that's Beakley's maiden name
.There is a reason all the things Duckworth used to do for Scrooge is now being done by other characters, mainly Beakley, who acts as his butler and confidant. Also it would only make sense for a character named Duckworth to be an actual duck.
  • Jossed. Duckworth (as a ghost) appears in "McMystery at McDuck McManor", and is a dog just like in the original show.

Della's last mission was going to be her last mission.
While the triplets were still eggs, Della looked upon impending motherhood with eagerness. Scrooge, however, dreaded the idea of losing her as a partner. A short time before the triplets' due date, Scrooge offered Della to go on one last escapade with him and Donald and end her adventurer career with a bang. Subconsciously, he hoped he could convince his niece to not give up their life of action. Unfortunately, it was on this mission that Della either lost her life or disappeared, and the care of her boys was left in Donald's hands after they hatched.
  • Jossed. Della had no intention of stopping when she stole the spear of selene, and paid the price for it.

Who will voice Della when she appears?
Leave your suggestions below.

Miss Quackfaster is Magica Despell.
Either she's in disguise at the moment, or she will learn sorcery later. Either way her new personality is far too crazy to just dismiss the idea.
  • Jossed, as we have seen the new Magica, and she's totally unrelated.

Beakley is a former villain.
Instead of working for S.H.U.S.H. or whomever, Beakley was a villainous Battle Butler or The Dragon. After a lifetime of working for selfish jerks and fighting heroes like Derek Blunt or perhaps even Scrooge himself, Beakley retired, started a family, and went to work for Scrooge. After all, Scrooge may be grouchy and miserly, but he appreciates talent and hard work, has enough money and influence to keep Beakley safe from legal repercussion, and can protect himself and Webby. And if Beakley has some old enemies lurking about, that might explain what happened to Webby's parents...
  • Jossed - she's confirmed as a S.H.U.S.H. agent.

The Spear of Selene originally belonged to Magica.
Maybe the incident where Della stole the Spear of Selene is directly connected to why Magica is trapped in an amulet.
  • Jossed. The Spear of Selene was the rocket that Scrooge built so he, Donald and Della could go into space.

Lena is Donald's daughter, and is partially responsible for Della's/Magica's fate.
Donald, having served in the US Navy or just having been off on adventure a lot, had a daughter but barely knew her. Lena's mother took her away after Donald's temper, possibly shared by Lena's mother, drove them apart, thus why Lena remembers her parents fighting. She ran away from her mother some time later due to this temper, settling in with Della; her mother died (perhaps due to a temper-related incident) before reconciliation was possible. Della had been dabbling in sorcery and tutoring Lena in it, to the point that Lena nicknamed her "Magica". Della was drifting toward villainy, but protected Lena like her own daughter - even from Donald (in her eyes) by hiding her from him. After the triplets were born but before they were old enough to recognize Lena, Della took the Spear of Selene to try to help Lena (perhaps to try to resurrect Lena's mother, or at least summon her ghost, to allow reconciliation), but the result killed her. (Scrooge figured all this out, and was not fond of Della's antics, but did not tell Donald - perhaps afraid of Donald's worst-case reaction toward her - until it was too late. This contributed to the bad blood between them.) In a desperation-fueled heroic feat of necromancy, Lena bound Della's/Magica's soul to her shadow, and then went feral. Now completely dependent on Lena, Magica subjected her to intense tutelage, not only enabling her to survive on the street but helping her grow as a person and as a mage, with the end goal of sweet revenge and resurrection. Scrooge or Donald might figure this out if they got a good look at Lena, so while at the mansion, she has so far (as of the first two episodes she has been in) avoided being in the same room as either of them. The triplets have only seen their mother in pictures, and have never been told of Donald's daughter; meanwhile, Donald views raising Della's children as a heroic form of revenge.

  • Jossed. She's a magical creation of Magica De Spell.

Lena's birthname is Minima De Spell
.She also used to have black hair like her original series/comic and stuff counterpart. But she started going by Lena and either used magic or dye to change her hair in part due to teenage rebelliousness and also to distance herself from her aunt. Just an idea I had.

  • Jossed. She was always Lena, and was a magical creation of Magica.

Fergus and Downy McDuck are ghosts
"The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck" seems to be building up to Scrooge facing his disapproving parents. But, if Webby's blabbing about Scrooge being born in 1867 are correct, that would make Fergus and Downy over 170! Assuming, of course, this isn't an imagined story, or that it's not the "modern day" in that it's our time, the best logical sense is that Downy and Fergus are haunting Castle McDuck until they can see that their son is taking better care of their great-grandchildren than he did for Hortense's children.
  • Jossed - they're alive and well (if rather cranky in Fergus's case), having been made immortal due to some of the materials Scrooge used in the rebuilding of the castle.

Della chose to never return to Earth
.Della survived the cosmic storm that blew her out of contact with Scrooge, and then never bothered to try and find her way back. Maybe because she didn't want to be a mom, maybe because she's gotten so caught up in the thrills of exploring space that she's forgotten all about Earth, but the truth is, she's out there and doesn't give a damn about her family. This is a really dark WMG, but not totally implausible, given the kind of selfishness and short-sightedness displayed in "The Last Crash of the Sunchaser!"

  • Jossed. She hasn't been able to get back because she crashed on the moon.

Poe De Spell is Lena's father
Like in the original series, he was transformed into a raven. Desperate to return her father to normal, Lena makes a deal with her aunt, only to get caught in her scheme. How did this happen? Poe and Magica had a falling out that ended with Magica (discreetly) unleashing a transformation curse on her brother. This works in a few ways: 1) The original series never gave a reason to Poe's raven state. 2) In the original, Magica actually wanted to help her brother turn back to normal. Making her the one who did this to him is a great way to contrast this Magica and make her even darker than her predecessor. 3) It's never been previously established whether Poe and Minima De Spell (supposedly Lena's inspiration) are related.

  • Jossed. Lena was a magical creation of Magica, albeit one who just wanted to be free.

Della Duck is dead.
The incident with the Spear of Selena that keeps getting brought up ended up being the one that did her in. Donald blames Scrooge for this, which is why they haven't spoken to each other in years. The triplets were told that she'd abandoned them; why they were told that, I don't know, but it's going to cause some friction between them, Scrooge, and Donald when the truth finally comes out.
  • Della was reckless and headstrong like the nephews are which what got her killed. Scrooge tried to rein her in, but she was too stubborn which is why he keeps insisting what happened wasn't his fault.
    • Still unconfirmed. As of The Last Crash of the Sunchaser, all we know is that she's lost in space.
    • Jossed. She's alive and on the moon, as of the end of "The Shadow War!".

The Spear of Selena incident involved a scuffle between Scrooge, Donald, and Della, which ended in the latter dead.
This troper's guess is that the death involved was gruesome enough (perhaps impaled) that Donald couldn't tell the likely extremely young triplets what really happened to her.
  • In "The Great Dime Chase", it is implied that she stole the Spear; it might still have resulted in her death, but probably not stabbed by the spear.
    • The Last Crash of the Sunchaser reveals that she's lost in space The Spear of Selene was the rocket she took.
    • Jossed. She lives.

Magica will use Della against the triplets.
After spending some time spying on McDuck Manor to learn more about Scrooge's young nephews, Magica will make contact and try to convince the boys that she can help them find out what happened to their mother. Part of this involves the claim that if she just had Scrooge's Number One Dime, she could use it to divine her location — it has to be that dime due to its connection to their kin. This lets her frame Scrooge's reluctance to part with it as more selfishness on his part — because what matters more to him: money or family?

Or she might briefly disguise herself as Della in order to trick them. While Donald, Scrooge and others who knew her would be able to see through this, the boys were too young to really remember her, and she weaponizes this — and rubs it in upon the inevitable reveal.

To twist the knife further, Magica may actually be aware of the truth of the matter. If so, she'll use this information in the most painful way possible, in order to hurt the boys... or tell a bold-faced lie or use Exact Words in order to sow discord.

  • Jossed, she never brings up Della.

Della Duck
is trapped in the pastThe Portrait is the whole key. Not just that Scrooge is fighting Peghook with both nephew and niece, but that it's aboard a pirate ship. What if Della was trapped in the past somehow? But the twist? She chose to be stuck there. Unable to give up the idea of a perpetual adventure, and saying before tricking Scrooge and Donald back to the present, "Family is nothing but trouble".
  • Jossed. She's lost in space, having crashed on the moon.

Donald has Survivor's Guilt from whatever happened to Della
All right, here is what we know so far from the premiere episode. Donald, Scrooge, and Della used to go on adventures together and apparently all adventuring stopped upon her demise/disappearance. Donald and Scrooge stopped speaking ten years ago around the time that Donald took over raising the triplets, who he is extremely overprotective of. The fact that Mrs. Beakley and Donald know each other and are familiar enough with each other for him to refer to her as "Mrs. B" indicates that she was around prior to the decade of no contact. This also implies that she probably knows what happened to Della. Donald also gives every indication that he blames Scrooge for what happened to Della while Scrooge claims that it wasn't his fault. And since Mrs. Beakley states that Webby is safe with Scrooge even while exploring dangerous locations, she apparently doesn't believe that it was his fault either.

Now, taking all this into account, here's a working theory. Della's fate was an accident. Something went wrong during an adventure. But rather than it being something that just threatened her, perhaps it put her and Donald in danger. And while Scrooge might have been able to yank one of them out in time, the other was lost. It wouldn't be Scrooge's fault what happened to Della and Mrs. Beakley would certainly still believe that he would do his best to keep those he cares about safe. But it would be enough to cause Scrooge to stop adventuring. And it would be enough for Donald to blame Scrooge for what happened to his twin sister.

But Donald would also internally blame himself for escaping alive when Della did not. He would try to claim that Scrooge was at fault, that they should have never gone, that the old man only cared about the adventures. But Donald would know that if Scrooge didn't save Donald first, Della would still be all right. So to make up for the fact he's alive when his sister is gone, he puts all his efforts into raising the triplets and keeping them safe. He failed Della, but he wouldn't fail these three kids.

  • Jossed. Donald's anger is more at Scrooge being an enabler for building a secret rocket rather than any guilt of outliving her.

Neither Donald nor Scrooge is actually certain what happened to Della
When Donald drops the boys off with Scrooge, he pointedly asks "Can I trust you to watch the boys without losing them?". He emphasizes the last two words. That suggests that maybe Della isn't dead, or suffering some known fate like being trapped on the moon. Instead, she simply vanished while on an adventure with Scrooge.
  • Jossed. They know she's lost in space. The "losing them" refers to the communications between Earth and Della's ship being cut off. However, they still don't know she's crashed on the moon.

When the Gizmoduck armor finally gets built, things will go horribly, horribly wrong.
It's been stated that a lot of Gyro's inventions turn sentient and/or evil in this series, so this might be a given. Here's how I picture the scenario going:

After building the armor (and installing an AI a la JARVIS), Gyro needs someone to test it out. He's not going to do it, since he's become wise about his various inventions going nuts at this point, so he tries to find another person to do it.

Enter musical-loving, Adorkable intern Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera.

Gyro, seeing an opportunity, asks Fenton to try on the Gizmoduck. Fenton, being the Nice Guy he is, agrees to do so.

Now, once he gets in, something happens. Maybe the AI is pissed that its "father" isn't in the machine, maybe something else. But however it happens, the AI locks Fenton in the suit and utterly messes with his mind, getting Fenton to renounce his humanity (duckmanity? Whatever) and lead an electronic uprising to take over Duckburg.

Cue multiple electronic appliances rising up against their masters, a Continuity Cavalcade of Gyro's inventions attacking him, etc.

Eventually, of course, the Duck-McDuck family (and Webby and Beakley) will find a way to save the day and purge the AI from the Gizmoduck's systems, allowing Fenton to try using the suit for more heroic deeds.

But I, for one, support Hamilton as our new robot overlord.

  • Jossed so far. Fenton is Gyro's assistant who knows about Project Blatherskite, and summons the Gizmoduck suit in an emergency situation. The only problems the suit causes are due to Fenton's lack of experience with using it.

Della Duck took The Spear of Selene to save Donald or prevent some other crisis
Della, in the comics, is an astronaut. The Spear of Selene, as mentioned in other WMG, is likely a spacecraft, probably designed by Ludwig von Drake. Either it hadn't undergone sufficient testing or Scrooge deemed it too unsafe for use and had it set aside, and some sort of catastrophe rose up, giving Della need to use the craft, even knowing the danger. She left Scrooge the note apologizing for taking it because she knew that it was likely she wouldn't be around to apologize in person, i.e. the use of the Spear of Selene, even for noble purposes, would likely be a suicide run. Donald, unaware of these facts, blames Scrooge for Della using the craft, and Scrooge, though denying responsibility, believes that he should have put more safeguards in place to keep Della from harm. Since he didn't want anyone to remember Della for a failure, he wiped her from the records, but kept a space for her in his Archives, so that he, and his future family, would never forget her sacrifice.
  • Jossed. It was a desire for more adventure that led to her going into space and getting stuck on the moon.

Magica DeSpell and Della Duck are the same person
Given that Magica DeSpell is one of the more prominent villains from the comics and 1987 series, the fact that she hasn't been shown or mentioned in any trailers, nor does she show up in the title sequence with the other villains, is suspicious. It may mean that not only will she be a major arc villain on par with Bill Cipher or Toffee, but that the creators also don't want us knowing what she looks like yet. Given that Della apparently took the Spear of Selene, perhaps it corrupted her and turned her into Magica, creating a new dark and personal twist for an old villain. This may also be an explanation for why Scrooge and Donald don't talk about her.
  • Jossed. Della's stuck on the moon, and Magica was imprisoned within the Number One Dime five years before.

Della Duck and Mrs Beakley are the same person
Needing to hide the spear of Selene from Scrooge, Della went to the only place safe from the greatest adventurer and richest duckperson in the world: in the past. There she grew old, and learned to disguise herself as Mrs Beakley (probably by magic). As Mrs Beakley, she got hired as Scrooge's maid to keep an eye on him, and erase all traces of her and the Spear from the archives. She did so because the Spear is an empathic artefact prone to grant wishes of destruction (hence the Spear). The kicker? Estranged in time, the Spear did grant her wish for a family by turning into Webby, which would be a distaff counterpart to the triplets.
  • Jossed. Della's stuck on the moon.

Della's fate will turn out to be a "You Didn't Ask" situation.
Scrooge is a cantankerous old man at times, but he's been shown to be reasonable, and despite claiming at times that family is nothing but trouble, he's shown to be glad to have them around. He would understand why Huey, Dewey, and Louie might be curious about their Missing Mom. He may have erased Della from the eyes of the world, but he keeps records of her in his own personal archive, an archive that grants access to people from his bloodline. It'll turn out that Scrooge would have happily told the triplets about their mother if they'd asked, because he would understand that it was something of value to them as her (and his) family.
  • Possibly Jossed. He wasn't particularly willing to do it, and only told the truth under duress from Dewey's insistence.

Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera will be introduced as an intern for Mark Beaks.
After Beaks is defeated at the end of "The Infernal Internship of Mark Beaks!", Fenton will move over to work with Gyro instead, discovering the Gizmoduck suit he is working on.
  • Jossed for "The Infernal Internship of Mark Beaks!", where Fenton does not show up. It might happen in a later episode though.
  • And jossed in general - Fenton is introduced as Gyro's intern, and has apparently been in the position for quite a while.
  • In fact, in "Who Is Gizmoduck?" the exact opposite happens: Fenton gets fired from his internship by Gyro and then gets recruited by Mark Beaks.

Louie and Huey will eventually get curious about what happened to Della as well, and due to Dewey and Webby locking them out of the loop, will form their own investigative team with a third person.
I'd say the third member would probably one of Scrooge's employees. My money is that it'd be either Launchpad or Gyro.
  • Jossed. They find out about it when Dewey confesses in "The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck!".

There will be a Calling the Old Man Out moment later in the series
That for some reason, the true reason behind the connection between Della and the Spear of Selene was something the nephews believed they could handle. And so in a change of pace, all three of them will call out both Scrooge and Donald for their secretive choices with FAMILY, calling them selfish, stupid cowards.
  • Oh there was definitely a calling out, but not for these reasons. So, Jossed.

Mark Beaks will have someone steal Project Blatherskite for him.
"Infernal Internship of Mark Beaks!" showed that Mark Beaks's big "Ta-Da" project was just a big stunt to get investors. So, he could possibly hear about this big tech project going on at McDuck Industries and could hire someone to get it for him. Which, could also be a possible way to introduce a certain terror that flaps in the night so he could help get it back....
  • By the end of "Beware the B.U.D.D.Y. System!", Mark Beaks learns of Gizmoduck's existence, and plans to steal it. Whether he'll hire someone to do it for him is still up in the air.
    • Jossed. In "Who Is Gizmoduck?!", Beaks steals the Gizmosuit himself in a plan to persuade Gizmoduck into working for him.

"The Living Mummies of Toth-Ra!" has a Double Meaning in its title.
Beside featuring actual animate Egyptian mummies, the episode will end on a reveal that suggests that Della Duck is still alive, making her also a "living mummy".
  • Jossed. Della doesn't get mentioned in the episode.

Webby is Della Duck
Della confronted Magica de Spell in an epic battle that left Magica as Sealed Evil in a Can, and Della an amnesiac who was permanently de-aged. Beakly took her in as her own. On some level she still remembers her past, which is why she's so obsessed with McDuck history, and was the first to insist that Donald was a great adventurer. It's also why she was so quick to take to Huey, Dewy, and Louie. Some part of her still remembers her past connection to her own children. (And also why the show's producers insist on No Hugging, No Kissing.)
  • Jossed. Magica vanished five years before Della did, and Della is stuck on the moon.

Dewey fighting Don Karnage and the Sky Pirates is a fantasy sequence.
TaleSpin was implied to take place in the 1930s. Assuming that the same is true here, there's no way Dewey can encounter them (unless Time Travel is involved). The two short scenes we see in the trailer are part of a fantasy sequence: Dewey reads or otherwise hears about the Sky Pirates that plundered Cape Suzette in the 1930s (perhaps from Scrooge, who is old enough to have encountered them), and then imagines himself as an air captain fighting them and dueling with Don Karnage.
  • Alternatively, TaleSpin is a Show Within a Show similarly to Darkwing Duck that Launchpad used to love as a child (and perhaps inspired him to become a pilot). Dewey gets obsessed with the show after Launchpad introduces it to him, and that's when the above fantasy sequence happens.
  • Both Jossed: Don Karnage and the pirates attack Scrooge's plane in the present day in "Sky Pirates... in the Sky!".

Professor Von Drake created the Spear of Selene.
Coinciding with the theory that the Spear is a rocket or spaceship, Della's brilliant uncle designed the craft for her to explore outer space. When the incident happened, Ludwig blamed his invention and himself, and cut ties with the family in shame.
  • Jossed. Scrooge made the rocket, and as a result, Donald blames him for Della's disappearance.

"The Day of the Ducks!" will be the big one revealing Della's fate.
A clue to Della's disappearance will be revealed to the entire family, and when Scrooge recognizes it for what it is but tries to tell them not to worry about it because "It's nothing, really", Dewey will counter that "This is a clue to what is, as far as I'm concerned, the biggest mystery of all." At his response, Scrooge will immediately realize what he means, but presses him to explain... and Dewey admits to everyone that he's been trying to find out what happened to Della, because dang it all, she's the triplets' mom, and he wants to know why he and his brothers grew up without she or their birth father. (There will also be a heartwarming bit where one of the boys tells Donald that "You've been a great parent to us... but sometimes, I can't help but wonder where our other dad went.", with the others agreeing. And Donald will have a tearful smile at them calling him their dad.)
  • Half-Jossed. The boys learned about Della in the last episode before the finale... but Della's true fate is indeed revealed in "The Day of the Ducks!", as we see her ship, and Della herself, on the moon.

The season 1 finale will end...
with the computers in Scrooge's secret room coming to life, as Della's voice is heard - either a recorded message, or Della herself in person, having managed to reconnect with them and saying she's on her way back.
  • Jossed, and inverted: Della's on the moon, and picks up a broadcast from Earth showing her Scrooge and the boys.

Della is living on an alien planet
The Spear of Selene crashed on a planet that happened to have very similar qualities to Earth. The ever-curious Della Duck found herself surrounded by its alien inhabitants, so she made the best of her situation by studying these beings and their lifestyle, ultimately becoming a member of their community. That, or they enslaved her.
  • Jossed. She's on Earth's moon.

He will be turn out to be John D. Rockerduck, the Third Richest Duck in the world.
  • Jossed - Beaks is a completely new character who is both too young to be Rockerduck and the wrong species (a parrot rather than a duck). At most, he's a substitute for Rockerduck.
  • And now Rockerduck is introduced as a completely separate character.

Mark Beaks will turn out to be The Fourth Richest Duck in the world.
After first, second, and third richest ducks in the world. Scrooge McDuck, Flintheart Glomgold, and John D. Rockerduck, respectably.
  • Beaks isn't even a duck.
  • Jossed. Rockerduck is introduced as a historic villain from Scrooge's prospector days, and it's unlikely he's alive in the present day.

Scrooge crossed the moral event horizon in the past; driving Della and the rest of his family away.
Much like in the comics; his desire to be the richest duck in the world drove him to do something terrible in order to make money. This created a rift between him and the rest of his family; and caused Della to steal the Spear of Selene.
  • Jossed. Della was seeking adventure when she took the Spear to go into space.

Why Lena is working for Magica.
Lena's disinterest in family implies she is not in league with her aunt simply because she wants to. Just as was in the original cartoon, Magica's brother Poe has been transfigured into a raven. Lena is Poe's daughter and she wants to change him back.
  • Alternatively, the rest of Magica's known family from the comics will show up, and considering how insanely annoying they are, Magica is her only anchor to sanity.
  • Jossed. Lena is a creation of Magica, spawned from her shadow.

The triplet's father's identity...
... is Darkwing Duck. Why not.
  • Unlikely, as the images of Darkwing that we've seen show him as a much younger duck in his 20's or so, as opposed to the middle-aged Darkwing of the original series.
  • Pretty much Jossed, as Darkwing Duck is a Show Within a Show in this setting, with an actor named Jim Starling playing Darkwing.

Donald's service in the Navy will be canonized and used to explain why he hasn't got a stable job in Duckburg
He's only recently gotten back into civilian life. This might give the writers an opening to reintroduce Von Vulture (although presumably updated since Nazis would be a bit anachronistic and wouldn't match the tone).
  • Isn't Von Vulture a Looney Tunes character, an enemy of Daffy Duck?
    • I think that he got Von Vulture mixed up with Don Karnage...
      • But Don Karnage isn't a Nazi. I think the OP was thinking of Von Vulture but remembered incorrectly that it was Donald, not Daffy, fighing him.
      • OP here: Whoops, that's embarrassing.

Lena's full name will be revealed in a future episode.
Lena's full name will be Minima Lena De Spell, and she is using her middle name as an alias.
  • Alternately, Minima is a cruel nickname that Magica uses for her after she's back in the material world and their relationship is revealed to the heroes, and Lena, during a Heel–Face Turn, will royally chew her out and yell "And my name is Lena!"
  • Jossed. She's revealed to be created by Magica from her own shadow, and the name "Minima" is never mentioned.

Lena is not a Minima De Spell Expy but rather her older sister/cousin
.And Lena is taking the burden that should have been Minima's to protect her but will ultimately side with the McDuck Clan and throw off her ties to Magica.
  • Jossed. There is no mention of Minima, and Lena is created by Magica's shadow rather than being her biological niece.

Gyro is hiding his chicken comb under his hat
It's so small that he's ashamed of being seen with it.
  • Jossed. In "The Shadow War!" he takes off his hat to get rid of the water in it, and there's no comb under it.

While this clashes with Rumpus's usual characterization, it would make his and Scrooge's rivalry either Harsher in Hindsight, Hilarious in Hindsight, or - for some - both.
  • Jossed: Glomgold is actually Duke Baloney, a simple shoeshine boy from South Africa that got shortchanged by Scrooge.

Tenderfeet will have an appearance in "Storkules in Duckburg!"
Frank Angones said that Tenderfeet "will return in stupid ways", and the official synopsis of said episode claims Louie invites Storkules to Duckburg as a monster slayer. One monster we know of that Louie has a personal grudge with is Tenderfeet. It may be plot-relevant, but will more likely be just a brief, few-seconds gag, with Storkules chasing or punching out Tenderfeet while Louie gleefully watches.
  • Jossed. The monster-slaying business focuses solely on harpies, and although the episode has a bit of a Continuity Cavalcade with many characters reappearing, Tenderfeet is not among them.

The magic lamp subplot will feature internal conflict over whether it should be used to bring back Lena or Della.
How can they not bring up the possibility for both when they have a proper Genie at their disposal? But since you can't have a Deus ex Machina solving all the show's problems, there'll have to be a restriction on the wishes, limiting the possibility to just one. And that's going to lead to some angry words between Webby and the triplets....
  • Jossed. The lamp was empty, and no discussion of the Ducks using it was ever brought up.

Darkwing/Jim Starling was actually a secret agent of SHUSH. The tv show was a cover story.
He was a secret agent who was very bad at the secret part, so they invented the Darkwing Duck show to cover for him. That way if the general public saw him running around fighting crime, he could just pass it off as part of the show and no one would question it.
  • Jossed.

Launchpad is actually the father of the triplets, and Della was one of his Amicable Exes
  • Given the other things the two of them have been involved in separately, imagine the two of them working in tandem.
  • Since we know (from two different episodes) that Launchpad was born in 1987 and the triplets were born between 2000 and 2009, this means that if Launchpad is their father, he was at most 22 years old when he dated Della. At that age, he was probably even more immature than now, so he wouldn't have been a very responsible father...
  • Jossed. When Della meets him in "Nothing Can Stop Della Duck!" she give no indication of having ever seen him before.

Negaduck will appear, but as Jim Starling's twin brother
Jim will have a jerk brother who is jealous of his wealth and fame. There will be a scene where he knocks out Jim and pretends to be him on the set of Darkwing Duck. Only the nephews and Lauchpad will notice Jim's change in behavior.
  • Jossed. Jim IS Negaduck.

The caveduck skeleton in Scrooge's mansion will get resurrected and become Bubba.
The skeleton is clearly implied to be Bubba, as it has scraps of red hair. It's currently serving as a prop on Dewey Dew-Night. For example, it might be hit by one of Gyro's inventions that can resurrect fossils. Bonus point if the Triceratops skeleton also gets resurrected and becomes Tootsie.
  • Jossed. Bubba is brought to the present day when Louie steals the Time Tub. This does not exclude the possibility that the skeleton is Bubba's (and then, it's lucky Bubba didn't find it).

The triplets were an unwanted pregnancy.
A darker twist on the WMG about Huey, Dewey and Louie being illegitimate. We know from "The Last Crash of the Sunchaser!" that Della literally couldn't wait to get off into space, even when she had three chicks on the way, and ultimately abandoned them by going up in the rocket before they hatched and getting lost. That is not the behavior of a woman who was looking forward to motherhood. A logical inferral is that Della didn't want to be a mother, but couldn't terminate the pregnancy because Scrooge would have enforced Good Girls Avoid Abortion; so she settled for abandoning her kids at the first possible opportunity.
  • Regardless of how Scrooge would feel at the idea, it's impossible to "abort" an egg. It's already laid and the mother can simply walk away.
    • It's possible to "abort" an egg by, say, cracking it or boiling it. So if Della didn't want to walk away from Donald and Scrooge to avoid motherhood, and didn't want to give up the eggs for adoption, such "abortion" would have been an option.
  • Jossed. Della loved her eggs and even wrote a song to them. After crashing on the Moon, she tries her best to get back to her family.

Bubba will undergo Adaptational Villainy and be an antagonist.
The main reason Doofus became an antagonist was because the creators admitted to hating him in the original series. As Bubba was The Scrappy to many for the original cartoon, the creators may attempt to appease the audience by making him an antagonist in the show to give them an excuse to humiliate him as much as possible.
  • Jossed. Bubba is a good guy, and the show attempts to make him more likeable by making him a bit smarter. Also, he's the ancestor of the McDuck clan.

Zan Owlson is Magica in disguise.
Following Glomgold's disappearance, Magica took on the form of Owlson to take over his company in an elaborate scheme to form a partnership with McDuck Enterprises; earning Scrooge's trust just long enough to steal his dime from under his nose. Unfortunately for her, Glomgold returned. Eventually, she will be so fed up with Glomgold and his idiotic plots holding her back that she either turns him to stone or traps him in a crystal and then locks him away in a secure location where the real Owlson is also being held.

Why else would Magica be given a Promotion to Opening Titles in Season 2 but have yet to make a single appearance this season? note  Because she was here all along and we didn't even know.

  • Jossed. At the end of "GlomTales!", Owlson and Magica appear in the same scene together. Also, it's implied that Magica lost all her magical powers, so she wouldn't have the means to shapeshift into Owlson.

Her return is Confirmed: she'll appear in the Season 2 episode "The Dangerous Chemistry of Gandra Dee!"
  • Being an Adaptational Nice Guy, however, is jossed. She's actually a morally ambiguous freelance scientist here who was initially working to betray Fenton to Beaks.

Ludwig von Drake is married to Matilda McDuck.
The creators refer to Ludwig as Donald's other uncle, but he's hard to fit on the existing Duck family tree. Although he might be simply an Honorary Uncle, it is also possible that he's married to Scrooge's sister Matilda, making him the uncle of Donald by marriage.
  • This was true by Word of God in earlier comics despite it being basically an Informed Attribute.
  • Implicitly Jossed: in "Raiders of the Doomsday Vault!", Ludwig von Drake's three children briefly appear, and they treat Scrooge as an old family friend rather than a relative.

Rockerduck is Glomgold's shark guy.
Jossed. Rockerduck was a villain from the time Scrooge was young, so he's presumably already dead.
  • The Season 2 finale shows him cyrogenically frozen, so he is still alive, but not active, so he cannot be the "shark guy".

Bubba, before arriving to present day, spent some time in the 1980s and/or early 1990s.
The promotional clips of him show him to be Totally Radical, with skateboards, sunglasses and a keytar. Perhaps the Time Tub took him to the 1980s first, where he fell in love with these things, but another Time Tub accident took him forward to the 2010s (or, if not the Time Tub, then another form of time travel).
  • Jossed. Bubba is transported directly from prehistoric times to the present day and learns these Totally Radical things from the kids, primarily Dewey.


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