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Awesome / DuckTales (2017)

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"You guys, our family is awesome!"

DuckTales, WOO-HOO!

WARNING: Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies to Awesome Moments pages. All spoilers are unmarked!

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Other media

    The Comic Book 
  • He may not be completely ethical about it, but there is something impressive about Louie's sheer cheek in getting money out of the guest characters in both the stories of #0.
    • In "Big Trouble at Little Lake," he sells a space on an emergency raft, and casually says "no refunds" when the raft is destroyed before it can be put to use.
    • In "The Repeating Revenge of the Screaming Duck", he negotiates for Dewey to be paid "one and a half times scale" for Mallard Hitchcock's movie... and then tells Dewey "By the way, you owe me twenty percent."

Issue 2

  • The fact that we are getting an entire issue about Della Duck!
  • Della defeats four vikings at once on her own.

The New Theme Song
  • The Theme Song has a lot of highlights. Including:
    • A few action shots of the Duck family and Webby chasing after the Lucky Dime.
    • The family and Webby sitting in a pile of treasure.
    • Sailing through a stormy sea.
    • The kids riding a rhino while Beakley's driving a safari jeep, still chasing after the Lucky Dime.
    • Dewey drawing a sword just before a golden dragon attacks.note 
    • Scrooge, the Nephews, Webby and Donald taking down a mummy.
    • Scrooge taking a dive into the gold to go after his Lucky Dime, dodging past all the villains.
    • Mrs. Beakly helping the nephews and Webby up from a ledge they are dangling from... by lifting all four of them at once with one hand!
    • And finally Launchpad crashing into the title screen to knock down the villains.
    • The fact that the theme song portrays the characters going in and out of comic panels, showing inspiration from the original comics right off the bat. And the animation is amazing!
    • Heck, most of the background panels themselves are straight out of the comics, most are the establishing shots Barks created for his stories.
    • The fact that theme song intro shows up at the start of second half of the premier episode, as if to represent where the series truly begins.
    • A subtle one, but when Scrooge sees his number-one dime bouncing off into the distance, his first reaction isn't panic. He looks like he just found his next rainbow and can't wait to start chasing it.
    • And now Gizmoduck and Magica De Spell make their debut in the Season 2 sequence as well!
      • Next season follows this by adding Della to the season 3 sequence!.

The first trailer

  • Scrooge sliding down a wire and bypassing what looks like a laser grid.
  • Donald here is apparently "one of the most daring adventurers of all time." And you see him escaping pirates and dodging fire... and getting his tail stuck in a pipe, but hey, you can't win 'em all. This feels especially good for fans of the Duck comics, especially Carl Barks' stories, where Donald often ends up traveling all around the globe, discovering lost treasure and even entire kingdoms on multiple occasions... but his achievements are rarely acknowledged. Donald deserves every bit of praise he gets from Webby here!
  • Scrooge fighting what looks like a demon Ghost Pirate.
    • And another shot has him climbing A DRAGON!
    • Culminating in his loud declaration: "I'm BACK!"
  • Dewey sums up their new life in one phrase. "Guys? Our family is awesome!"
  • Scrooge gets to speak his famous mantra of being "Tougher than the toughies and smarter than the smarties".
  • Carl Barks' famous Always Another Rainbow gets to make an appearance.
  • The way the iconic theme shows up. It starts playing in the background, as the characters and setting are introduced. It begins to get louder as Scrooge promises a "low-key day". Then finally, after a huge orchestral swell... DuckTales! Woo-oo!