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"You guys, our family is awesome!"

Ducktales! WOO-HOO!

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Other media

    The Comic Book 
  • He may not be completely ethical about it, but there is something impressive about Louie's sheer cheek in getting money out of the guest characters in both the stories of #0.
    • In "Big Trouble at Little Lake," he sells a space on an emergency raft, and casually says "no refunds" when the raft is destroyed before it can be put to use.
    • In "The Repeating Revenge of the Screaming Duck", he negotiates for Dewey to be paid "one and a half times scale" for Mallard Hitchcock's movie... and then tells Dewey "By the way, you owe me twenty percent."

Issue 2

  • The fact that we are getting an entire issue about Della Duck!
  • Della defeats four vikings at once on her own.

The New Theme Song
  • The Theme Song has a lot of highlights. Including:
    • A few action shots of the Duck family and Webby chasing after the Lucky Dime.
    • The family and Webby sitting in a pile of treasure.
    • Sailing through a stormy sea.
    • The kids riding a rhino while Beakley's driving a safari jeep, still chasing after the Lucky Dime.
    • Dewey drawing a sword just before a golden dragon attacks.note 
    • Scrooge, the Nephews, Webby and Donald taking down a mummy.
    • Scrooge taking a dive into the gold to go after his Lucky Dime, dodging past all the villains.
    • Mrs. Beakly helping the nephews and Webby up from a ledge they are dangling from... by lifting all four of them at once with one hand!
    • And finally Launchpad crashing into the title screen to knock down the villains.
    • The fact that the theme song portrays the characters going in and out of comic panels, showing inspiration from the original comics right off the bat. And the animation is amazing!
    • Heck, most of the background panels themselves are straight out of the comics, most are the establishing shots Barks created for his stories.
    • The fact that theme song intro shows up at the start of second half of the premier episode, as if to represent where the series truly begins.
    • A subtle one, but when Scrooge sees his number-one dime bouncing off into the distance, his first reaction isn't panic. He looks like he just found his next rainbow and can't wait to start chasing it.
    • And now Gizmoduck and Magica De Spell make their debut in the Season 2 sequence as well!
      • Next season follows this by adding Della to the season 3 sequence!.

The first trailer

  • Scrooge sliding down a wire and bypassing what looks like a laser grid.
  • Donald here is apparently "one of the most daring adventurers of all time." And you see him escaping pirates and dodging fire... and getting his tail stuck in a pipe, but hey, you can't win 'em all. This feels especially good for fans of the Duck comics, especially Carl Barks' stories, where Donald often ends up traveling all around the globe, discovering lost treasure and even entire kingdoms on multiple occasions... but his achievements are rarely acknowledged. Donald deserves every bit of praise he gets from Webby here!
  • Scrooge fighting what looks like a demon Ghost Pirate.
    • And another shot has him climbing A DRAGON!
    • Culminating in his loud declaration: "I'm BACK!"
  • Dewey sums up their new life in one phrase. "Guys? Our family is awesome!"
  • Scrooge gets to speak his famous mantra of being "Tougher than the toughies and smarter than the smarties".
  • Carl Barks' famous Always Another Rainbow gets to make an appearance.
  • The way the iconic theme shows up. It starts playing in the background, as the characters and setting are introduced. It begins to get louder as Scrooge promises a "low-key day". Then finally, after a huge orchestral swell... DuckTales! Woo-oo!

  • This show took Webby, flipping Webby, and turned her into an awesome, quirky and downright fun character. That alone deserves props.
  • Disney thinks the show is something pretty special already, having renewed it for a second season before the date of the series premiere was even announced.
  • When EW revealed most of the voice cast, the entire list was very impressive. But Tony Anselmo, after 30 years, finally gets top billing and the credit he deserves. He even beats out Emmy and Oscar winners.
    • This is even cooler when you know Tony Anselmo's history. He actually started with Disney as an animator, not an actor, and befriended Donald's original voice, Clarence "Ducky" Nash. Anselmo thought Nash taught him how to do the voice for fun, but Nash actually personally chose him as his successor. Anselmo's top billing is richly deserved, yet he didn't even set out to be an actor!
    • Donald didn't play much of a part in the original series partly because Disney didn't want to overexpose their second-most popular character, and also because Anselmo hadn't gotten a complete handle on regularly doing the voice yet. His thirty years of experience shows, as he's now able to effortlessly express all kinds of emotions as Donald.
  • San Diego Comic Con 2017 revealed that someone else will be coming back alongside Gizmoduck: Darkwing Duck!
  • Also revealed at Comic Con 2017 was the Iron Vulture, the Air Pirates' ship from TaleSpin, suggesting that multiple shows from The Disney Afternoon could be crossing over, not just Darkwing. Which seems to be reinforced when the pilot mentions the home cities of both shows as well as Spoonerville.
  • Behold, an epic combination of the old and new themes! And one with the new theme with just the old's instrumental! The trumpets are back!
  • In a supercut video featuring stars from four Disney-owned networks with scripted programming singing the DuckTales theme on the original series's 30th anniversary, Jim Cummings makes a brief appearance holding up a sign reading #Darkwing Duck. Let's get dangerous indeed. And in the video, there is a box in a small corner that pop up to show us what series the cast comes from. For Jim Cummings? Cast of Ducktales. Ergo, he may well be doing a Role Reprise, one of only THREE confirmed in the entire series!
  • The show's version of Magica De Spell very quickly became one of its most popular elements as a near-Lovecraftian piece of Nightmare Fuel who instantly turns the mood serious every time she appears. The entire portrayal is so awesome that the fans have wholeheartedly embraced her despite her essentially being the character In Name Only, in stark contrast to all the other modifications of the source material.
  • Della Duck is not only going to be in the show but she's a major plot point! Quite a step up from her previous state of "if you read the comics, you know she exists and is a pilot...and that's about it; if you just watch the cartoons, you wonder 'Who?'"
    • Even if you just watched the cartoons, she went from just a name in "Donald's Nephews"note  to a fully-fleshed out character.
  • EW named the show one of 2017's [1] in its annual countdown list. This on the basis of little more than a quarter of the first season, which allows it to stand alongside Rick and Morty (the only other animated show on the list) and its live-action counterparts, which includes heavyweights like Mr. Robot and The Handmaid's Tale.
  • A recent statement by Disney Television Animation News has announced that the series will officially move from Disney XD to the main Disney Channel in May! Making that even more awesome is that the series will officially come off its hiatus then!
  • Who's the first Disney Afternoon character to make the jump to Ducktales? Why none other than Don Karnage!
  • Like Mother, Like Son.
  • After many viewers expressed their disappointment of the way Darkwing Duck appeared in the show (namely, as the main character of an in-universe television show), Frank Angones posted a picture on Twitter of himself as a child dressed as Darkwing Duck to demonstrate that he's a dedicated fan of the character and this is not the last time we hear of the terror that flaps in the night.
  • San Diego Comic Con 2018 revealed that in Season 2 Donald is going to be accompanied by two familiar characters: Panchito and Jose!
  • Brent Black (aka Brentalfloss) the person who originally unofficially put lyrics on the Moon Theme has noticed that the Moon Theme now officially has lyrics. He and a lot of fans took it rather well.
  • Chris Diamantopoulos’ performance as Drake Mallard in “The Duck Knight Returns!” His voice sounds very similar to that of Jim Cummings, to the point that some fans couldn’t even tell the difference at first!
    • But fear not, longtime fans! Jim will still play a major part in Darkwing's the fan-favorite Negaduck!
  • At San Diego Comic-Con 2019, a humongous bombshell was dropped with a massive load of returning characters for Season 2 and 3! Seen here! Among the reveals:
    • Chip and Dale are coming in, but they're not alone! They'll be joined in with Monterrey Jack, Zipper, and Gadget Hackwench! That's right, "RESCUE RANGERS, AWAY!"
    • Daisy Duck will be dropping in for a visit as well!
    • Want an Unexpected Character? Well, gawrsh! Why not Goofy?! For bonus points, he's in his Goof Troop outfit.
    • On the poster, look up at the upper right corner! It's the Sea Duck! But, the pilot isn't Baloo - it's an older Kit Cloudkicker! And he's partnered up with a more daredevilish Molly Cunningham!
    • When the creators said that a Darkwing Duck without a Gosalyn wasn't a Darkwing, They weren't kidding. Not only is Gosalyn coming in too, so is Taurus Bulba! Dun-Dun-Dun!!!
    • Even more unexpected; right above Bubba, there's a bear with butterfly wings and tongue. That's Butterbear! Concept art also confirmed a similarly redesigned Rhinokey.
    • The most unexpected? In the bottom left corner there's a beaker full of a familiar looking juice, which just might hint at an appearance by the Great Ones.
  • The San Diego Comic-Con trailer for the second half of season two reveals that an invasion from the Moon isn't the only threat the as it shows Glomgold forming a Legion of Doom made of past villains including Magica.
  • The San Diego Comic-Con trailer gave Darkwing fans another thing to be excited about-he and Gizmoduck are meeting face to face.



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