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Awesome / DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp

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This is what happens when you manage to anger Scrooge McDuck.

  • Scrooge fighting off the entire crowd of Sumo-Wrestling Scorpions with nothing but his bare hands and his cane. At one point, Webby even helps out!
  • The sheer fact Scrooge was willing to stay and take on Merlock, despite now knowing the full extent of his powers.
    • The first time Genie actually tries to warn him about Merlock coming after him fails miserably. The moment Scrooge recognizes him in the crowd, he tries to make a beeline for him.
    • Scrooge takes exactly zero of Merlock's crap, the entire movie. Even when Merlock uses the lamp to destroy the money bin and create his nightmarish fortress, Scrooge stands up to him.
  • The Genie coming up with a way to save him and Scrooge from Merlock when Scrooge stubbornly refuses to wish them to safety.
  • The infiltration of the Money Bin.
  • Scrooge's free-falling Final Battle with Merlock over the lamp. Bear in mind, Merlock had transformed into a griffin, and Scrooge is freaking ninety, though he's survived so much one doubts terminal velocity would kill him. The old duck whips out his cane and knocks Merlock's talisman out of his hand — thus dispelling the shapeshift and returning him to normal — which sends the sorcerer hurtling to his doom.
    Scrooge: Laugh at me, will ya? I'll show you! GIVE THAT BACK, YOU THIEVIN' BUZZARD!
    • Genie also gets one when he catches up to Scrooge and demands he makes a wish before they hit the ground. The previously hesitant Scrooge doesn't even bother to protest.
    Genie: This time, you HAVE to make a wish!
    Scrooge: Aye! I wish me, and my family, and my bin, were back in Duckburg! RIGHT NOW! (poof!)


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