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  • Near the end of the Secret of Avalor movie, Elena and Sofia rallying the citizens of Avalor against Shuriki. With everyone marching on the castle together and singing a reprise of My Time.
  • Esteban chalking up the courage to grab Shuriki's wand just as she's about to strike a spell at Elena and the crowd before tossing it to Elena so that she can finally defeat Shuriki for once and for all.
  • When Elena, in "Royal Retreat," frees the Mariposa dolphins over King Hector's assurance that she'll never in the Kings' Club, she points out she's going to be the Queen.
  • "The Princess Knight" has pretty good moments.
    • Elena fencing in the tournament
    • Nobody in the crowd during the tournament knew that Elena was Sir Elezar. When she won the tournament, she revealed her true identity, and the whole crowd cheers for her.
    • Francisco tells Elena that her mother, Queen Lucia, entered a fencing tournament and dueled a knight from Brazendell but broke her wrist and had to forfeit. Later, Elena spies on her mother's ex-fencing opponent, Lord Elrod, who reveals to his son Sir Cassius that he broke Lucia's wrist on purpose. When Elena reveals to her grandparents that she's Sir Elezar, she reveals the truth behind her mother's injury. After Elena wins the competition, Luisa goes Mama Bear at Lord Elrod, threatening to challenge him to a duel for injuring her daughter on purpose.
  • "Let Love Light the Way" from "Navidad" is epic on a number of levels. First off, Elena could have pulled a tyrant move, using her power to force everyone to celebrate together; instead she leads a carol to encourage positivity. Secondly, the point of the song is that celebrating is about being with those we care about, not who's right or wrong or who wins. And third, background characters are actively seen reconciling with an exchange about how we should all be respectful of each other's traditions, even if we don't understand them.
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  • Esteban dancing his way through the booby-trapped treasury room and not getting a single scratch on him in "King of the Carnaval".
  • Victor's (and/or Shuriki's) evil plan in "Realm of the Jaquins" works flawlessly. Though the heroes think they've save the day this time, Victor, Carla, and Shuriki got what they wanted. Those sly, sneaky bastards...
  • In "Realm of the Jaquins", while Marimonda attacks the palace, Esteban and Abuelo charge at Marimonda with swords along with Gabe and the Royal Guard. It doesn't work, but points for trying.
  • Just like Victor/Shuriki's plan with Marimonda, Carla's undercover arc in Season 2 works perfectly. At this point, perhaps now you understand why Shuriki was in power for so long.
  • Gwen from Sofia the First makes a cameo in "Class Act".
  • Elena mastering the "Vanish" spell from the Scepter of Light at the last minute in "Song of the Sirenas", which is followed by a "Blaze" spell that apparently incinerates Shuriki to death. That's right, a Disney Princess on a Disney Junior show fired off a spell with justifiable lethal intent, and apparently succeeded.
    • Mateo showing off some serious magic parkour in his rematch against Fiero.
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  • Armando standing up to his snooty older brother in "All Kingdoms Fair".
  • In "Snow Place Like Home", Victor Delgado goes full Papa Wolf and carries Carla, who has strained her leg and cannot walk, through a blizzard all the way to their house.

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