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Awesome / Frozen Fever

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"I've got big plans, I've got surprises for today!"

  • Sven slicing the cake with his antlers.
  • Oaken's singing line "...of my own invention...". Not only is his singing voice great, he also still has a hint of his (Finnish?) accent when he sings, and his whole tone and body language shows "I'm so proud of the products I sell!".
  • Kristoff singing "I love you baby!" to Anna. His performance makes this otherwise corny-sounding line brilliant. His singing style and body movements are 60s rock 'n roll which is totally out of place period-wise, but it fits perfectly. Anna's reaction shot to this is also a Heartwarming Moment, and together it shows so well just how crazynote  these two are about each other.
  • Kristoff keeping the snowgies away from the cake shows some impressive coordination and reaction time. When they start climbing on top of each other to get on the table, Kristoff used Olaf's head as a bowling ball, and when the snowgies used a spoon as an impromptu catapult, Kristoff grabbed the empty punch bowl and used it as a giant catcher's mitt to block each one that came flying toward the cake.


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