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Important note: Please read the Programme Note and remember that not all entries are meant to be taken seriously! Although the most likely theories are welcome, so are intentionally-silly ones or even ones that completely contradict canon. WMG pages are just for fun!

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Kristoff will propose to Anna at the end of Frozen Fever.

The snowball that crashed into Hans killed him.
Either by the impact breaking his bones or knocking him out and the snow smothering him.
  • Jossed. He's mentioned in a poster in the Frozen Ever After attraction which the film makers collaborated on. He appears to be alive.

Anna and Kristoff broke up between "Frozen" and "Frozen Fever".
This is why Elsa was the one in charge of the party and Anna's "date", and why Elsa is the one holding hands with Anna in the "family" portrait that Elsa gave Anna as a gift. Anna seems surprised when Kristoff tells her that he loves her and doesn't say the same to him because she needs to think before getting back together with him. In "Olaf's Frozen Adventure" it seems that they are together, but that short, about Arendelle's "first Christmas in forever", probably takes place before "Frozen Fever", which is set a whole year after the original movie. In the "family" portrait that Elsa gives Anna for her birthday, not only does Kristoff not hold hands with Anna (unlike Elsa), but he also doesn't seem as happy as the other characters.

At the time of Frozen Fever, Elsa was assuming her powers meant she couldn't get sick; she couldn't be more wrong, she actually has a lousy immune system
Because she lives in the early 19th century, Elsa, like all her contemporaries, thinks that colds are caused by getting cold- and as her Required Secondary Powers stop her feeling the cold, she can't get one. Now, the movie was made in the 21st century, and thanks to advances in medicine, we know that colds are actually caused by airborne germs. The real reason Elsa hasn't had a day's physical illness is that she hasn't let another human being come close enough to breathe on her since she was a child. This also means that her immune system is in poor shape by the time she's 22 for lack of use, and now she's started mixing with all sorts of people- including, as we see in the short, children, who tend to be good vessels for a cold to surface in.
  • Also, cold germs do like temperature slightly below body temperature, which is why they thrive in the nose- and Elsa seems to like to live in a slightly cold environment, with the ice clothes and all. No wonder the cold takes over and she gets really sick.

That cold medicine Oaken offers to Elsa in Frozen Fever is actually an opium derivative, possibly heroin.
This was surprisingly common and totally legal for proprietary medicines at the time (check out these adverts for heroin cough syrup)- nobody thought of these drugs as particularly dangerous. Jennifer Lee does hint that it's a combination of the fever and her medicine that's making Elsa delirious. So it's obvious: Elsa is doped up on what the DEA today classifies as narcotics.


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