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Hats off, for a moment. The premise of the Wild Mass Guessing section of the wiki is that the theories being offered are being taken seriously, by at least one nutcase. This is what is known as a comedic premise. The theories are not meant to be serious. The entries are written as if someone believes them.

Of course, there may be sincere items sprinkled in, but they are more the exception than the rule.


If you are tempted to make an entry refuting a theory, the discussion pages are there for that purpose. The article itself should be used for tongue-in-cheek "proofs" and "evidence" supporting the theory, or for yet wilder theories.

The dead serious theories, the crazy-yet-scarily-accurate theories, and the out-there-with-no-basis theories all fit in WMG. Don't remove them just because they are Jossed or had barely any relation to reality.

Some folks have been missing the joke, so we've put up this programme note to make it clear. You may now put your Tinfoil Hat back on.

Oh no, the tropers plan to trap you in the infinite loop at the top of the page, exit out before its too late!

Alternative Title(s): Program Note