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Important note: Please read the Programme Note and remember that not all entries are meant to be taken seriously! Although the most likely theories are welcome, so are intentionally-silly ones or even ones that completely contradict canon. WMG pages are just for fun!

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Hans' father is based on the evil troll king/devil who made the Mirror in the original story.
Since Hans was based on the mirror from
The Snow Queen, his father may very well be a Satanic Archetype, as he molded his 13 sons into mere reflections of himself not for their benefit, but to fuel his bloated ego. He slowly corrupted them so they'll be forced to emulate him and regularly demands them to be obedient and perfect by subjecting them to intense emotional and physical abuse, and encouraging violence within his family as a way to indoctrinate them into his twisted Social Darwinist beliefs, causing them to become emotionally dependent on him over time. Any son who fails to exceed or even meet the extremely cruel goals he set is forcibly toughened up, as to him, meekness and kindness are for weaklings, traits he frequently saw in Hans. Also, it's a Crapsack World out there, so it's My Way or the Highway and Might Makes Right, according to the king. Hans' actions in the Tie-In Novel are drawn from his hopeless desire to earn his father's respect, but deep down, he always knew the king will only ever see his sons not as human beings, but as disposable henchmen and a fan club.

Hans' family and kingdom are expies of the Fire Nation.
The Southern Isles is basically the Frozen version of the Fire Nation, as both kingdoms are absolute monarchies with prosperous economies. The two nations are also island nations with royal families that are totally dysfunctional.
  • Hans' father, the King of the Southern Isles, is very much like Fire Lord Ozai, as both are tyrants who abuse their power of authority and frequently look down on their youngest child, Zuko and Hans, respectively while favoring their older children.
  • Except for Lars, most of Hans' brothers are very much like Azula, as they abuse and play cruel tricks on their younger sibling.
  • Lars, the only one of Hans' brothers who didn't abuse Hans, is pretty much like Iroh. Both Hans and Zuko respectively see them as Parental Substitutes and mentors.
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  • Hans' mother, the Queen of the Southern Isles, is very much like Ursa, as both are Broken Birds who care for their children, but are forced to see their older ones pick on their youngest siblings, and are pretty much wed to men who don't even care for them.

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