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No, he does not know how to read... or spell.

  • Anna is STILL not a morning person!
  • Olaf denying that he is eating the cake, after Elsa catches him in the act. After Elsa reminds him it's for Anna's birthday, he puts his chewed portion back on the cake.
  • Olaf stating that he can't read or spell. Y'know, in his typical "out-of-nowhere" style.
    • The letters that Kristoff has hung up reading "Happy Birthday Anna" fall down because of the snowgies messing around, and Olaf tries to repair it. The letters he arranges end up reading "Dry Banana Hippy Hat".
    Olaf: There, all fixed!
    Kristoff: DRY BANANA HIPPY HAT!?
  • As Elsa leads Anna in her present hunt, Kristoff is tasked to make sure the party is ready. It sounds easy enough, until Elsa's sneezing created an army of tiny snowgies all trying to steal the cake.
    • More funny points for Kristoff's What Could Possibly Go Wrong? mentality at the start of the short.
    • Elsa mentioning she got Sven and Kristoff to shower... when at the same time both are covered in punch trying to catch a snowgie.
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  • Elsa singing, "A cold never bothered me anyway"
  • Elsa's behavior as she is weakened physically by her cold, as her behavior toward the end of the hunt is similar to that of a drunk (since Oaken's remedy has to be opium). It turns into Nightmare Fuel when she almost falls off the clock tower, but fortunately Anna catches her in time.
  • Elsa takes a snow globe to give to Anna and sneezes, summoning some Snowgies on the cart; one of them waddles past a snow globe and turns and grins in delight at the snow globe distorting his/her image and making it larger.
  • Oaken's cameo in "Making Today a Perfect Day", popping out of his sauna to sell Elsa a cold remedy. While Elsa brushes him off, Anna takes it.
    • And the steam from the sauna covers his lower half completely. So he just addressed the Queen and the Princess of Arendelle while totally naked.
      • It's actually very likely he was naked, given that it's customary (in Europe at least) to be totally naked in saunas. So in fact, Elsa is actually the rude/antisocial/totally misbehaving one for randomly yanking a sauna door open like that; that would normally be totally out of bounds! Because of her illness and being the Queen, she can get away with a lot... And Oaken himself doesn't seem to care anything at all about modesty in his monarch's presence, only about promoting his products.
  • When Elsa sneezes into the birthday bukkehorn, a massive snowball flies all the way to the Southern Isles and slams a screaming and terrified Hans into the huge cart of manure he was shoveling!
    • And then the horses start "laughing" at him.
    • The fact that the snowball is shown traveling over a map to reach him. It's like a Monty Python gag!
  • Kristoff's face when he takes the snowgies to the ice palace. It just screams "I am so done with this". Even better is when his hat starts moving, he just lifts it up and lets the snowgie go down to join the others without ever changing his expression.
    • Even Marshmallow has a "WTF?" look.
      Kristoff: Don't ask.
    • In the same scene, Olaf names every single Snowgie in tow as he escorts them through the ice palace door.
      "This way, Sludge and Slush and Slide and Ansel and Flake and Fridge and Flurry and Powder and Crystal and Squalor and Patch and Sphere and William..."
  • The hat thing Olaf wears at the end has sparklers on it. This means someone gave Olaf FIRE! Not sure if this is funny, given his fascination with warm things, or terrifying, given his clumsiness!
  • When Elsa is deciding what miniature ice sculpture of herself and Anna she should put on top of the cake, she considers one of herself crying over Anna's frozen body from the movie. She decides not to use it.
  • Anna and Elsa's respective reactions to the many Snowgies at Anna's party:
    Anna: (excited) Wow!
    Elsa: (surprised, but somewhat deadpan due to her sickness) Wow.
  • Anna's Rapid-Fire "No!" when Elsa resists going to bed for just one second longer so she can finish off the celebration with the birthday bukkehorn.
  • Elsa's cute honk when she blows her nose.
  • In the music video for "Making Today A Perfect Day", Olaf comes up to Elsa and offers her a flower. Elsa, touched by this action, crouches down to sniff it...only for the pollen to make her sneeze all over Olaf, promptly freezing him.


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