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This show will soon become a breakout hit, equal to that of Kim Possible and Phineas and Ferb.
  • Well, the show was renewed just a few weeks after its premiere and the premiere itself was reported to be the No. 1 telecast among all kid-targeted TV networks in total viewers (4.5 million), kids 2-11 (2.4 million) and adults 18-49 (1.2 million). In February 2017, it was reported to be the number one show for girls 2-11 in the U.S., as well as in a number of non-U.S. markets, and renewed for a third season before the second season had premiered.
  • As of May 2018, while it does seem to have positive reception, it doesn't seem as popular as Kim Possible or Phineas and Ferb.
    • No surprise there since even the most acclaimed Disney Junior shows with dedicated followings are pretty much cult classics at best.

Enchancia's Royal Family will visit Avalor for a Required Spinoff Crossover.
  • Jossed, as they visited as part of Elena's origin story.
    • It doesn't rule out the possibility of another visit.
    • It seems to be jossed according to this tweet. Sofia will not be part of Elena and Shuriki's future story.

Elena will be put in the official Disney Princess lineup.
While Elena is only in a TV series, and one of the rules for being a Disney Princess is that they must be the star of a movie, Elena has received a lot of fanfare. The series has already had a lot of merchandise akin to the Disney Princess franchise. She has even gotten a classic doll, which are pretty much exclusive to the Princesses, their princes, the main Frozen characters, and Tinker Bell. Elena got the full park welcome and is part of the Disney Princess Pavilion Meet and Greet. I don't think anyone would care if she was added, especially since it adds some more diversity to the lineup
  • Sofia is in roughly in the same situation as Elena, yet she's also not in the lineup. However, in her case, her lack of age is a further complication.
  • I think in order to be part of the lineup, one of the requirements is to start with a theatrical movie. Elena and Sofia started with television movies, so they wouldn't be in the lineup despite meeting the other requirements. I bet if the Disney Animated Canon makes a movie about an original Latina princess, they'll put her in the lineup.

Enchancia's Royal Inventor Gwen was one of the entrants at the Inventor's Fair.
  • Maybe not there, but she makes a cameo in the college Isabel attends in "Class Act".

Esteban will overcome the Poor Communication Kills aspect of his relationship with Elena and will make peace with her, dropping the evil part of his job.

Elena and Sofia come from the same world as Harry Potter
Shuriki's death curses are flashes of green light, wand-flashing wizard duels have happened in both shows, and there are schools of magic.

Alacazar will appear again.

Esteban will lose his place in the Grand Council.
His real role in Shuriki's coup d'etat will be revealed and he'll be at least demoted as punishment. He'll be otherwise forgiven like Cedric in Enchancia.
  • Or alternatively, he will just get suspended, which is more realistic considering that he helped Elena in the end.

Elena will be get into a relationship with Naomi, becoming the first LGBT Disney Princess.
Disney is clearly becoming more and more open in regards to gay characters. We've had Le Fou be openly gay in Beauty and the Beast (2017), the married couple next to Judy Hopps in Zootopia , and the hints of Oaken from Frozen having a husband. It's not really a matter of if they have a full-fledged gay/bisexual character in a leading role, it's when. This show is probably the best chance at testing the waters for a gay character since it's not a movie, nor is it tied to a specific movie, so they have less to lose. In particular, Elena and Naomi have had a lot of ship teasing, like their picnic in Elena and the Secret of Avalor, and the bouquet scene stand out.

Elena will use the Scepter of Light to defeat Shuriki.
It is clear Elena will have to face Shuriki again, but this time, she has the Scepter of Light, so she should have a better advantage than she did before.
  • Confirmed for now.

Shuriki will use the Scepter of Light to regain power.
Elena has a difficult connection to the Scepter, meaning that she isn't that protective of it. Add on Elena being easily deceived a few times and the Scepter not having strong protection charms, and it's got a risk of falling into the wrong hands.
  • It seems to be jossed as of "Rise Of The Sorceress". Elena manages to overpower Shuriki with the scepter, and they eventually find out it has an alternate counterpart called The Scepter Of Night, which they both want to get. . Of course, this could change in the future.

Doña Paloma will challenge Esteban in an intellectual battle.
To date, much of Doña Paloma's and Esteban's rivalry has consisted of them using others as pawns in their game of one-upsmanship rather than challenging each other directly, (notably in "My Fair Naomi" and "Three Jaquins and a Princess"). Doña Paloma will decide to settle this woman-to-man, and offer to challenge Esteban in a game of chess (or some intellectual equivalent).

Gabe might be Elena's Love Interest.
While it is clear Elena will not get a love interest of any kind at all in the show, it's kind of implied. He doesn't serve much of a purpose and could easily be replaced in some episodes that don't focus on him. The creator confirmed that he wanted to portray a platonic boy girl friendship and the main guy is clearly Mateo, as he is more useful. Plus the essential guide that he does have a Bodyguard Crush on Elena. This is a Wild Mass Guess though...
  • If one is Genre Savvy around Disney Princess stories, Gabe's the safest bet for Elena's love interest. He looks and acts the part the most out of any of Elena's potential suitors.

Coco takes place in the future of Elena of Avalor.

Victor and Carla will have a Heel–Face Turn.
Victor's motive is that he wants to get back at the world for putting him down as a kid, and Carla is only following him because she doesn't know anything else. Shuriki will probably betray them once they outlive their usefulness, but then they will do an Enemy Mine with Elena and co. to stop her once and for all. During that process, they end up being heroic and earn the respect of the other characters for their heroic act(s). After Shuriki is defeated, they go rogue again, but stop going after the crown and throne, perhaps becoming vigilantes or travelers or instead settle down and seek out a normal life. Kind of like when Dr. Drakken and Shego became good (or stopped being huge villains, at least) at the end of Kim Possible or when Dr. Doofenschmirtz decided to stop being evil and joined OWCA at the end of Phineas and Ferb.

Elena of Avalor will be in Kingdom Hearts.
...but only in a minor side-story like Kingdom Hearts χ.
  • Maybe she's one of the new Princesses of Heart in Kingdom Hearts III or a future game...
    • Has there ever been a character who started in a television show appearing in these games? I don't think so, and I doubt it will happen.

Esteban is Avalor's foreign relations representative.
It's already been established that he and Dona Paloma are in charge of Avalor's trading relations, and given that he's almost always present and in charge whenever representatives from other kingdoms visit Avalor, you could assume he's this. Plus, given his position (he's a duke, like the Duke of Weselton and the Duchess of Quintonia; he's also close to the throne but not anywhere close to inheriting it in the near-future, like Princess Valentina and Prince Hans), it would make sense. This would also explain why he's absent from some episodes. So now you can imagine that he was at Elsa's coronation and Rapunzel's coronation.

Shuriki will confirm to Elena that what Victor said about Esteban is true...
...while Esteban is present in the room, leading to an exchange like this:
Elena: Esteban... is she telling the truth?
Esteban: Yes... this is true.

There will be a flashback to what exactly happened when Shuriki took over.

Carla isn't Victor's biological daughter.
Victor doesn't seem to be the type to settle down with someone and have kids, especially since he's been on the move ever since he was exiled. Those who have known him since his childhood also act like he hasn't changed at all, which might mean that he never tried matured enough at one point to try settling down. However, Carla must've been from an ally of Victor's (like a fellow thief) who had trusted him enough to leave their baby daughter in his care, considering Victor probably wouldn't bother kidnapping someone's baby either. This would also make her Not So Different from Elena, Isabel, and Esteban, as her biological parents are gone.

Elena of Avalor will also have its own spinoff series.
  • A spinoff of a series that's a spinoff of another series? By Jove, we could have a Disney Junior Princess universe at this rate. Not that I'm complaining.

Shuriki did something... despicable to Esteban during her reign as queen.

There will be a Distant Finale showing Elena's child.
And in Fairly OddParents style, the kid(s) resembles one of their parent's love interests, but we'll never know who.

There will be a point where once again, everyone thinks Shuriki killed Elena.
Star vs. the Forces of Evil style. Elena disappears, Shuriki brags that Elena is gone and starts walking away, everyone is shocked and on the verge of tears, Mateo attempts a magical spell on Shuriki only for it to be a No-Sell, Esteban makes an attempt on Shuriki's life only for it to also be a No-Sell (using one of the scepters?), and it seems like Avalor's Darkest Hour for a few minutes until Elena comes back all magically powered up.
  • Half-confirmed? There was a point where Shuriki herself thinks she killed Elena.

Esteban helped Shuriki by giving secret incentives/bribes to prominent families and figures.
That way, they would be loyal and thus would not cause a rebellion. With the "Song of the Sirenas" book adaptation, we know that this happened with Elena's cousin, Duke Cristobal.

The scepters are more complex than they seem.
When Shuriki duels Elena, her scepter briefly overpowers hers, something that good magic often does to evil. Elena is able to trap or destroy Shuriki, either thing generally seen as villainous. As good and evil are rarely completely separate, and go together, it's imaginable that the scepters' magic shifts to adjust for each other. While perfectly understandable, Elena does use her powers wrathfully. The Scepter of Night might react to this by becoming more "good."
  • Word of God though has said that the Scepter of Night is evil and evil only, just as the Scepter of Light is good and good only.

Fiero is the long-lost father of Carla's mother.
Which will also make him Victor's father-in-law and Carla's maternal grandfather. Once he is unfrozen (again) and discovers this, he'll be nicer towards Carla, but not Victor.
  • This would also make Carla's interactions with Mateo ironic, because their grandparents were rivals.

There will be a Disney Animated Canon movie that adapts the show.
Like with Dragon Ball: The Path to Power, Pokémon: I Choose You!, and the upcoming Miraculous Ladybug animated movie, Elena of Avalor could get an theatrical animated movie that is an alternate and compressed telling of the show.
  • Sofia the First and the more slice-of-life aspects would probably be adapted out for storytelling's sakes.
  • It would seem kind of depressing if Disney made a new Latina princess for its theatrical movies instead of acknowledging Elena at all.
    • I wouldn't be surprised if this happened. Elena is like Sofia in that they started with television movies, not theatrical movies. The Disney Princesses in the line up had movies that were not only successful critically and financially, but they also started with theatrical movies, unlike Sofia and Elena.

Shuriki or something/someone from the Northern Isles is responsible for the death of Esteban's parents.
In "Snow Place Like Home", Esteban says that his parents died in a storm in the northern seas. We know that Shuriki is from the Northern Isles and we still don't know anything about the Northern Isles.

The show will end with Season 3.
Craig Gerber said that the show is supposed to span five years in-universe, as that will be when Elena becomes the queen. As of December 2018, we're have three Dia de Los Muertos episodes and two of them were in Season 2, and we skipped the second year's Navidad. At this pace, we might get to five years quicker than we thought as opposed to a season for each year.
  • Given this tweet he put out in March 2019 about how they haven't gotten a 4th season yet, and how season 3 was announced back in February 2017, over 2 years ago , this seems very likely.
    • Confirmed ish, the creator would like to go on and has plans. However, Andrea Navedo who plays as Queen Lucia did post the Coronation Day special on her instagram stories. There has been no official word from Disney about a season 4.

Rafa and Marlena are romantically involved.
Marlena seems close to the de Alva family, but Word of God is that she isn’t a relative. Word of God also says that Mateo's Disappeared Dad is irrelevant and will never be addressed in the show. Marlena could just be a good family friend... and/or is perhaps in a romantic relationship with Rafa, making them LGBT+ parent representation on a Disney Junior show.

Elena will die young.
Like with Aang in between Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, who spent 100 years in the Avatar State trapped in ice at the age of 12 and died at the age of 166 (biologically, 66), Elena might pass away in her middle age because of the stress of being trapped in a magical amulet for four decades.
  • Alternatively, her being knocked out easily could come from this stress.
  • Counterargument: The magic of the Amulet could just let her live a normal lifespan, maybe even extend it past the normal age expectancy.

Chatana was Ash's mentor.

Chatana is the ultimate final villain of the show.

Chatana is the darkness that Elena has to face.

We will get another Dia De Los Muertos episode, but it will be about Esteban's parents this time.

Luna is Skylar's maternal cousin.
She isn't shown to get involved in royal matters.

Naomi will become Esteban's successor as Chancellor.
Everyone else among the four amigos already has a successful future position in Elena's court (Mateo as Royal Sorcerer, Gabe as Captain of the Royal Guard, and Elena as the future Queen of Avalor), and Elena's council is supposed to dissipate after she ascends to the crown. There also seems to be some emphasis on the older cast's ages (Abuelo having outlived his friends in "The Return of El Capitan", Abuela trying to reopen her parents' chocolate shop in an upcoming Season 3 episode, Esteban lamenting his old age in "Island of Youth"). Given Esteban's growing fondness of Naomi, he may take her under his wing (and we've already seen how surprisingly well they did as a teacher-student duo in "My Fair Naomi"). It'd also be a Book-Ends, considering that Esteban spent most of his life as chancellor serving a foreign queen and now a foreign chancellor will be serving the native queen. Plus, considering Esteban's fussiness, he can rest peacefully knowing that Avalor is in good hands. Elena and Captain Turner half-jokingly telling Naomi that her leadership skills could lead to her running Avalor one day in "Finders Leapers" and Elena joking she could be her new chancellor much to Esteban's exasperation in "Naomi Knows Best" could also be foreshadowing.

In Season 3, Esteban will lose his job as Chancellor when his role in Shuriki's invasion is revealed.
Esteban will not be allowed to stay scotfree from his crime of treason and he will be punished with being removed from his position as chancellor. Might be amplified with Esteban getting exiled or something and perhaps the above WMG about Esteban having to teach Naomi how to be chancellor.

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