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Headscratchers / Elena of Avalor

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  • How does the Enchancian royal family not know about what happened in Avalor? It might make sense that due to Avalor's distance, they didn't know all that much about Avalor, but you'd think that they'd do some more research on the place before embarking there.

  • Why didn't any other kingdom do something about Shuriki's takeover?
    • It could be that Avalor didn't have many allies when Raul was in power. Without many allies he wouldn't have people to come to his aide. Especially if Shuriki had kept Avalor locked out of the loop from other countries.

  • In Senorita Marisol's classroom, you can see a globe of the Earth, and in the observatory in "Class Act", Professor Ochoa shows Isabel a model of the Earth's solar system and Isabel sees what appears to be Jupiter (or at least a gas giant that looks a lot like Jupiter) through the telescope, despite "Elena and the Secret of Avalor" showing that the Ever Realm has a different solar system.
    • Series Continuity Error?
    • We could just be seeing some advancements in studying the solar system from Avalor's perspective that places like Enchancia hasn't seen yet.

  • Why does Esteban go by his first name instead of last name (as in, why does he go by "Chancellor Esteban" rather than "Chancellor [father's surname]"? People like Dona Paloma and Captain Scarlett do it.
    • It could be that he had made a name for himself as Chancellor Esteban rather then go by his last name. Why would be another good question.

  • Why did Shuriki go through all the trouble of making a wand when she could've just gotten hold of a tamborita instead?
    • Shuriki doesn't really go with a tamborita because she doesn't feel comfortable with it, doesn't care to know how to use it, doesn't want to know how to use it. A tamborita is like what symbolizes Avaloran culture and she's been suppressing/changing their culture to see how she feels fit.

  • Where are all the wizards in Avalor? Enchancia seems to be crawling with them and students at royal prep are given wands. I get why Mateo is the royal wizard (he helped Elena and all) but there was no other wizard that could have tried out for the position?
    • It could be that Shuriki had driven out all of the other wizards (even those in training) from Avalor in her original take over. Or even killed them like the fire lord did to the airbenders in Avatar The Last Air Bender if you want to see how dark this could get. Fridge horror indeed.

  • Did Shuriki push back any development in Avalor? Despite Elena and Sofia the First sharing the same universe, Avalor appear to not be as developed as Enchancia. In Elena's Class Act, during one of the songs, the science professor sings about how perhaps one day someone will invent an airship to travel the sky in. Yet, as we've seen more than once in Sofia, this technology already exists in their world.
    • I'm pretty sure that she did. Enchancia is miles ahead of Avalor in terms of technology and magic. Sure culturally they'll be different but I'm sure that Shuriki suppressed development in many ways and pushed it (well Esteban did) in many other ways such as the harbor has grown.

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