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Sofia is King Roland's bastard daughter
To put it simply, Sofia's mother, Miranda, had an affair with King Roland, producing Sofia, years ago when his wife was still alive, and waited for her (his queen) to die so he can make Miranda his queen. Seriously, Sofia looks more like him than the other two kids.
  • Fanon truth perhaps, but somehow I doubt it would be revealed on the show.
  • In terms of Fanon this kind of falls under one of those "logical answer but not stated in the show" scenarios. Yes, Sofia is much closer in appearance to the King than the others, and yes it makes sense that he wouldn't just scoop up a random peasant and put her in the line of royal succession (albeit nobody seemed to mind). But, of course, Disney isn't going to "go there"...or maybe they will, who knows. It wouldn't require them to throw around terms like "bastard" or make it seem so "adult"...though the idea that Sofia the First is akin to Disney's John Snow in the Princess Mythos is hilarious.
  • Based on that, the whole "love at first sight" thing when the King summoned Miranda to the palace was something staged he and Miranda planned from the very beginning to avoid admitting the affair.
  • Perhaps he resents James and Amber (albeit trying to hide it since he somewhat knows it's not their fault) for being fruit of a marriage he didn't want and favors Sofia as a result.
    • This would also explain why he gave Sofia her amulet, when you would think he would have already given such an important heirloom to Amber, his daughter he's known since birth, years ago. It's almost as if he knew he about Sofia for years...
    • Although, given how little was required for Sofia to trigger the "curse" part of the amulet, Amber would probably bring the Ten Plagues of Egypt down on herself within a day or so if she wore it.
    • "The Curse of Princess Ivy" is enough proof of that. Amber goes as far as to actually steal the amulet in this special. As a result, Princess Ivy comes as punishment.
    • A later episode showed why King Roland chose to give Sofia the amulet. In short, he was going to give her a different gift, but the amulet "chose" her.
    • I believe Word of God has stated Roland's first marriage was a happy one.
  • Roland and Miranda also had to wait for Birk Balthazar's death.
  • This could also explain Baileywick's comment to King Roland in "The Buttercups" that Sofia specifically reminded him of Roland. Baileywick might not know/suspect anything (although he probably would since he seems to know everything), but it could be further evidence that Sofia has inherited more than just Roland's looks in having similar personality traits.
  • However, this is Jossed in "Dad's and Daughter's Day," as Sofia tells Roland she's not his real daughter. Plus, Sofia's hair is thicker and curlier than Miranda's, and Roland has thin, straight hair—if she were their biological daughter, she couldn't have inherited that trait. "The Mystic Isles: A Very Mystic Wassailia" also shows that Sofia has a round, upright nose, something neither Roland nor Miranda has.

King Magnus is an expy of King Robert Baratheon.

Wormwood will become the real big bad of the series
In the final few episodes of the series (or even more likely the series finally), Sofia will give Cedric the amulet to prove that she believes in him and is the final act to cause Cedric to have that Heel–Face Turn we all know is coming. Wormwood takes the chance to steal the amulet and uses it to reveal that he was an evil sorcerer cursed into a raven's body.
  • Well, it wouldn't be different from what Lanny's pet fish Yamakoshi turned out to be in Pair of Kings
  • Why "Cursed into a Raven's body?" He can probably change his form at will, with Cedric none the wiser.
  • It was recently implied, however, that Cedric actually created Wormwood from a rock, making it unlikely he shares any ties to previous villains. He still may well end up the Big Bad, however. Ignoring all other evidence to the point, the name Wormwood may come from its usage in the Biblical book of Revelations, wherein Wormwood is a 'star' that will descend in the end times, poisoning much of Earth's water and causing great destruction. Basically, they named a creature already associated with omens of misfortune after a harbinger of the apocalypse. ...Yeah, it's fairly safe to assume he'll get more evil spotlight at some point.
    • A kicker to that? There are several theories on what the Biblical Wormwood actually is. Some think an angel, some think a metaphor. Some think a comet which could literally impact the planet. Which is to say, that Wormwood could be a sort of rock.
  • Somewhat confirmed. The big bad of the Mystic Isles story arc in the last season is Vor, but Wormwood also abandons Cedric and joins Vor.

The King's first marriage was arranged.
  • Roland II loved a peasant (Miranda) but his father arranged somebody else.
  • Actually even if the movie takes place in the future where we somehow went back to wearing gowns and stuff- No matter what time period-past present or the future Heirs to the throne have to ask their monarch's permission to get married or risk being drawn out of the sucession. Look at what happened with Prince Charles when he couldn't marry his first choice, Lady Camilla. Prince William also had to ask Queen Elizabeth to marry his wife.
  • Roland's first wish mentioned in "When You Wish Upon a Well" as probably to be allowed to marry Miranda in spite of her being a peasant. But as we see in the episode, you have to be careful with how you say the wish. So his wording was probably something like "I wish I could marry my true love". Or worst, his first wish may have led to his first wife's death.
  • Jossed. Word of God says it wasn't arranged.

Wormwood is Maleficent.
  • That theory has been expressed by someone who posted the pilot at YouTube.

The palms of Cedric's hands are horribly scarred
Which is why he wears those gloves.

There will be a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game based on the series
  • Considering the fact Disney had made 2 MMORPGs based on their acquired and most popular properties, Marvel and Star Wars, Disney will team up with Gazillion Entertainment or Square-Enix to develop an MMO based on a Disney Junior property.
  • For the record, Disney did not make The Old Republic, Bioware did, The Old Republic predates the Star Wars purchase by Disney, and Disney pretty much lets Bioware do whatever they want with The Old Republic anyways since they don't group it with the rest of the franchise.

King Roland only pretended to be a lousy dancer so Sofia wouldn't feel bad about not having much time to practice before her debut ball.
Think about how he let one of his friends win some games during that Tri-Kingdom picnic.

In the future, if Sofia has a daughter, she'll be named Sofia the Second.
  • That goes without saying. Not really a "guess" because that's how royalty actually works. (Granted she names her daughter Sofia)
  • If that were true, Sofia would have a stepbrother named Roland the Third.
  • Might I point out because Sofia doesn't really understand how monarch works. She doesn't understand that you don't get to be (number X) until you're on the throne-(or after your off on the situation). For all we know one of Prince James' many names might be Roland. So when (presumably) he becomes King he might choose one of his other names. George VI was known as "Bertie" for most of his life until he become King when his brother Edward VIII abdicated the throne. Number don't apply to Princess (or Princes) but because Sofia doesn't really understand that being too young.
  • By that logic, it's still a guess since Sofia will have to become a ruling monarch on her own right instead of being a Queen Consort like her mother and give her name to a daughter who'll also become a ruling monarch and use "Sofia" as a regnal name.

Aunt Tilly abdicated the throne
It's stated she's King Roland's older sister. Given that male supremacy to the throne in royal heirs isn't something Disney has ever really brought up, she was probably slated to be Queen but gave up the throne so she'd be free to have adventures.
  • Alternatively, each monarch is entitled to pick any of his/her children to become the next one and Roland the First chose his son.
  • This will be explained near the end of Season 4; "Through the Looking Back Glass" reveals that Tilly was originally the heiress, but something happened to make her younger brother become the heir instead.
  • Confirmed as of The Royal Wedding, Tilly passed and gave the position to Roland.

King Roland married Miranda so Sofia could inherit the throne.
Or, at the very least, so she could help shape up his children so they could be decent royals one day.

My theory is that James and Amber's mother spoiled them constantly. Obviously, Amber handled it worse, with her selfish short-sightedness, but James' still has a tendency towards boorishness and bad temper. Any efforts Roland made to try and discipline them were contradicted by his wife, to whom his marriage was probably arranged, as above theories speculate. When his wife died, he tried to undo the damage done to his children, but either realized they were beyond help, or realized he needed help. He found his solution when he met Miranda, realizing she had a humble, sweet, well-mannered daughter.

This is probably why Roland gave Sofia the amulet instead of, say, his own children, because he never plans on letting them inherit the throne. When he dies, she really is going to become Sofia the First. Or, as stated, he wants Sofia to help him help his children become better people so they can inherit the throne one day.

  • First off, Monarchy doesn't work that way. The firstborn will always be King or Queen unless they die or willingly pass it up. Also, How can Sofia help her siblings inherit the throne, if she's already Queen?
  • Monarchy in fiction works the way the writers want it to.

    • Now that Sofia is going to be inheriting Aunt Tilly's role, her also inheriting the throne is probably Jossed, as it'd be way too hard for one person to do both.

  • "Forever Royal" jossed this. The original queen became gravely ill and she passed away from Roland's wish to the wishing well for her to have children, and later met and fell in love with Miranda years later.

King Roland has been shaping Sofia into a marriage alliance pawn
Roland didn't have to give Sofia all of the honors of a princess, and many of her classmates and siblings don't even see her as a full princess. But Roland, often through Baileywick, teaches Sofia things about governing and running a castle, stuff that a ruler would need to know, and believes she will become a great ruler one day. Queen consorts were powerful, and Sofia's lack of royal blood would prevent inbreeding in whatever family she wed into. Roland is a king who loves making alliances, as shown through the Tri-Kingdom Picnic and him wanting another kingdom to trade with in "Elena and the Secret of Avalor." Of course he wouldn't turn down the chance to get someone who could form another alliance through marriage. This is why Miranda pushes Sofia to befriend Vivian, and why Sofia goes to Tangu on her own in "New Genie on the Block;" she's practicing forming alliances. While Amber, James, and Hildegarde didn't think of it, them telling Sofia she's not a princess is only pushing her further down the path Roland wants her to take. Sofia's cobbler dress resembling Belle's only adds to the idea that she may become a queen consort.
  • And in "Coronation Day" in "Elena of Avalor," Amber pulls in Sofia when she says "we queens have to stick together," implying Sofia will become a queen, too. This could mean that the headmistresses' pictures in "Royal Prep" were foreshadowing.

James will marry Sofia and they'll become King and Queen of Enchancia
They're Not Blood Siblings after all.

Miranda will outlive Roland and become the next ruler's Royal Advisor

Birk Balthazar isn't real
Following that theory about Sofia being Roland's bastard daughter, Roland and Miranda made up Birk Balthazar to cover up.

The Series Finale will reveal something important about Sofia's birth father and/or James and Amber's birth mother
  • Confirmed. Sofia's birth father was lost at sea while Amber and James' birth mother was gravely ill, and both are heavily implied to have passed away.

Disney will make a live-action movie focused on Roland and Miranda
It'll be their story but Sofia will be the official protagonist. It'll be focused on their feeling for each other from the very moment they first met until the moment they become a married couple. It'll feature antagonists trying to prevent the marriage and one of them will be a widow from "good family" with two daughters of their own. Obvious reference but not everyone will put it past Disney. Cedric won't be an antagonist because the story takes place before he learns the Amulet of Avalor. The amulet will only make a cameo in a scene with Roland deciding what he'll give Sofia as a welcoming gift.

The show takes place in the present day, only magic is used instead of tech.
Two words: fist bump.
  • Anachronism Stew. Also, this is true in a way, as Word of God states that the show takes place at the same time as the real world's present day.

Roland was once female, but changed by the wishing well
  • As a child, Roland was a girl who wished on the well to have been born able to rule Enchancia some day. The only problem was the law states unless there's a male heir, the oldest sibling gets to take over the kingdom and Tilly was first in line. So the well changed the younger princess into a boy and made it so that she had been born that way, meaning nobody knew he had once been a she and there was nobody she felt who would believe her and help her change back. So only Roland remembers and has had to deal with the confusion since.
    • That would mean Roland was either too afraid of making things worse by trying to undo the wish or decided being the ruler was more important.
    • By extension, the reason why Roland knows that the amulet protects princesses is because the former queen had hoped to pass it along to one of her daughters if/when they were ready for it and so told them both about it.

The kingdom operates on male preference succession
  • This has been brought up, but really we have no proof against it and plenty of proof for it. Tilly is older than Roland, and Amber is older than James (by a few minutes) but Roland still constantly reminds James that he will be king someday and changes the subject when Amber demands it. This will get a episode dedicated to it at some point.
    • The episode dedicated to it will make reference to England and the recent changes made to succession rules there and will first be aired the same say Queen Elizabeth II will break Queen Victoria's record as England's longest reigning monarch or, if not ready in time for this, will first air the day "Queen Diana" would visit Washington, D.C. if the 2015 described in that film became real.
    • "Through The Looking Back Glass" did briefly mention this idea when Sofia and Callista went back to the incident that caused Cordelia to resent Cedric. It will be brought up again in the future, as revealed by Word of God.
    • Jossed. It's eventually revealed in "A Royal Wedding" that the ruler's firstborn child is the heir regardless of gender. Roland only became King because Tilly renounced.

Cedric's age...
  • He is 20 years older than Sofia
    • JOSSED Wordof God said that he and King Roland are on their late 30's

Cedric will end up marrying Sofia
  • Sofia will give up her title for this
    • No. Again, this is a preschool show that wouldn't touch this idea with a 10 foot pole.

One of the characters has a tattoo
  • Just because...

Roland is responsible for Tilly's unusual behavior.
Back when they were kids, King Roland I, unlike previous Kings of Enchancia, didn't care if the next ruler was male or female and would pick Princess Matilda as Enchancia's next ruler. Prince Roland was upset but couldn't do anything about it until he found a wish-granting water feature and wished to be chosen instead of his sister. The water feature granted the wish by making Tilly behave in a way King Roland I deemed unfit for a ruling monarch. Prince Roland wouldn't try to undo the wish because he was afraid he'd mess up again, a fear that would later be proven reasonable when Princess Amber wished Princess Sofia would no longer be a purple cat.
  • She wasn't deemed unfit, she just didn't want the throne, and Roland didn't even know he hadn't been first in line until Tilly and Grand Mum told him that Amber came before James.

The events of "The Secret Library" will result in a diplomatic incident.
Prince Roderick will go to Enchancia to complain about "stolen" horses and a pair of invaders who claimed to be Princess Sofia of Enchancia and her Aunt Tilly.

Prince Roderick has a twin brother named Daniel.
Daniel will be a Shout-Out to a franchise now owned by Disney that features a set of twins named Roderick and Daniel.note 

King Roland II will cast a spell.
Like everyone else who attended Royal Prep, the King was taught sorcery. No matter how much he forgot for not doing magic regularly, there's still something he remembers and he might have to use it for some kind of emergency.

Princess Amber had her turn as "Queen for a Day" during the events of "Stormy Lani".
There must be a reason Amber and James were absent from that episode.

The Amulet of Avalor is subtly reforming Cedric to be the perfect Royal Sorcerer for Sofia's reign.
The Amulet has a will of its own, meting out rewards and punishments as necessary. The Amulet knows that Cedric wouldn't stoop to harming Sofia to take possession of it, so when it does punish him for bad behavior, it doesn't do anything too horrible to him. However, it has also manipulated events so that he has been in the position of protecting Sofia and her family and friends. This is also why Sofia never suspects Cedric's intentions to steal the amulet. The Amulet itself is keeping her blind to his scheming so that she'll be able to trust him without hesitation once he's fully reformed.

There'll be an episode where King Roland's father comes to visit.
He'll be revealed to be stubborn and old-fashioned, as he doesn't approve of his son marrying a commoner, and for not acting like what he believes a king should act. Sofia will try to him and Roland to reconcile. Roland's father may take a liking into Sofia due to her kind-heartedness, but whether or not this changes his mind is for the writers to decide.
  • If such episode is made, it'll be in flashback mode.
  • He's presumably deceased, as Roland's mother shows up by herself instead, so jossed.

The Amulet of Avalor favors magical users.
Tilly had the amulet before Sofia, and she lives in a magical manor with gargoyles and enchanted objects. Word of God revealed the amulet was put away against Tilly's wishes. That was likely because there was no one with the level of magic suitable for using it. When Cedric gets his hands on it, he is able to adapt to its powers.

The Amulet of Avalor's powers are evolving with Sofia.
When Sofia first becomes a mermaid, she has to dip her bare feet into ocean water, then when she gets out of the water, she's wet in her human form. But in Elena and the Secret of Avalor, Sofia becomes a mermaid at will, and turns back into a human, dry and wearing shoes. Sofia's shrinking power also seems to have evolved with age and possible magic growth, as Sofia first can only shrink to sprite size, but then can wish to shrink even smaller. With this all in mind, Sofia may be able to turn into any animal at will in a year or two.

Sofia is a sorceress.
In the pilot, Sofia tries to turn a frog into a rabbit, but instead turns the entire class into frogs. She later successfully casts Cedric's sleeping spell. In "Cedric's Apprentice," Sofia's first attempts at turning a rock into a ruby create red objects, and in "Substitute Cedric," it is clear that Sofia is the best Sorcery student. Sofia's powerful and close magical attempts resemble errors that Cedric makes—her classmates don't make such dramatic results when they goof up at magic. Going along with the idea that the amulet favors magical users, Sofia was born with abilities that allow her to work with the amulet. Sofia thinks sunny thoughts because Miranda didn't know how to handle negative emotion-charged magical accidents. Sofia's magical powers are a big reason why Elena chose her, in addition to Elena's stated reasons of youth and bravery—there was a chance Shuriki would try to attack whoever freed Elena, so it would be too dangerous for Elena to pick a Muggle princess for the job.
  • That would make sense, until you start watching Elena of Avalor. Elena discovers that even though she was not magical before Shuriki attacked, after 41 years in the amulet, she has developed abilities like talking to her spirit guide without magic, talking to ghosts on the Day of the Dead, and being able to channel magic through the scepter of light. While her abilities are nothing like what the Amulet of Avalor can do, they are impressive. Also, after Elena was released from the amulet, it was revealed that the original rules of the amulet no longer apply. Sofia can access any power she chooses from the amulet without doing a good deed first. It is unclear how this affects curses, though Word of God revealed that it "doesn't do that anymore."
  • Yes, but compare Elena's powers to those of Sofia. Elena struggles with the Scepter of Light, but Sofia easily adapts to whatever magic she's around. Tilly, who is magically skilled, unlocked powers from the amulet, while the Muggle Princess Charlotte did not. Sofia being magical would also explain why she became a Protector of the Mystic Isles—those in the Mystic Isles are connected to sorcerers, so bringing in a sorcerer Protector would help them. She conjures magic in "Pin the Blame on the Genie," becomes Cedric's official apprentice to help his magic in "Day of the Sorcerers," and becomes well-connected to the magical world in "Too Cute to Spook." All of this supports the idea that she had magic before she received the amulet. And there may be a reason why the amulet's rules changed.

Elena wasn't alone in the amulet when Sofia received it.
Elena and the Secret of Avalor reveals that the now-pink amulet was originally red, and the Elena of Avalor episode "Blockheads" reveals via its prototype the Coza Kex that the warm amulet was originally cold. This episode in tandem with "Beauty is the Beast" reveals that the amulet always possessed its major three abilities; blessing, cursing, and connecting princesses. But after Elena is freed, the amulet becomes more alive, growing warmer, moving on Sofia's neck, and, in "The Mystic Isles: The Princess and the Protector," acting independently to save Sofia from the Baronga. In "The Mystic Isles", Sofia wonders why the amulet made her the Storykeeper, showing that it is still sentient. What if the amulet's behavior is because someone else got trapped inside before Sofia received it? The amulet's color changes when new magic enters it—for instance, it turned purple due to Elena's magic being blue, as revealed by the Scepter of Light. But when Elena is freed, the amulet doesn't stay purple due to the abilities she left behind, implying there is another being still with Sofia, who kept the powers Elena left, and maybe even created the powers for her. In the Elena of Avalor special "Realm of the Jaquins," Elena reveals that she can take the responsibilities of other people's faults to cover for them, and she could have covered up the existence of someone else trapped in the amulet as to not overwork Sofia. Sofia even thinks that she should not retain her powers after she freed Elena, adding to this idea of someone being with Elena when Sofia received the amulet.

Season 4 will feature a story arc.
Grimtrix might have already been captured but the Order of the Wand conquered other Kingdoms and they have yet to be rescued. Sounds like a good arc theme. It'll also be a case of Never Live It Down for Cedric.
  • Jossed. Word of God confirmed the Order has been defeated. However, Season 4 featuring a story arc in general is correct due to its "Mystic Isles" storyline.

Something will happen to make Amber involved in more of Sofia's adventures due to her having either a power or magical object
  • Amber had major roles in many of the Sofia the First specials, such as "The Mystic Isles" and "Curse of Princess Ivy", as well as being part of other adventures. Considering how the show's creators develop characters, it may be possible for Amber to play a role as well.
  • Also, Amber seems to be interested in finding magical amulets/objects. She wanted to borrow Sofia's amulet, and in "The Mystic Isles" she wanted a magical amulet of her own. One adventure may involve her finding an amulet. Maybe the crown she got from the giants does have magic?

Roland's first wish made Cedric a bad wizard.
While "the incident" in "Through the Looking Back Glass" was bad enough, one accident wouldn't be enough to permanently brand Cedric with a bad reputation. It would have to take many more similar "incidents" for that reputation to form, especially as Cedric was originally good at potions. Roland likes being king and he loved his first wife, as revealed by the show and Word of God, so his first wish couldn't have impacted them. But Roland may well regret accidentally cursing Cedric to be a failure as part of a "prank." This would also explain Cedric's desire to get revenge on Roland by taking over Enchancia; he's angry at him for sabotaging his magic.
  • Jossed. His first wish was for his wife to have children.

Every episode of Sofia the First is personalized
Let the good times troll uses a Mel Blanc voice clip. That same clip was used in the beta of Super Mario 64. This is a vague clue towards an experimental AI put in by Disney. Every epsode contains an AI that makes small changes to each epsode. Small things are changed from epsode to epsode based on the subconscious of the viewer to make it more appealing. This goes even into the pilot, as some viewers remember Princess Leia as the featured Princess instead of Cinderella. This was used in the very first running of the pilot in Disney's test audiences.This was also used in some airings of once upon a princess.


    The Ever Realm/Timeline/Worldbuilding 

Royal Prep was created as a substitute to Arranged Marriages
  • With one Rebellious Princess after another, several Kings and Queens decided to send their children there so they'd get along and minimize the chances they'd fall in love with people "not good enough".

It's set in the 1790s, 1780s or the Regency era, but in an Alternate Universe that has magic!
Well, there's a court sorcerer, (but there's no mention of The French Revolution, so perhaps it's an alternate universe which also does not have said event. And the fashions... does this seem familiar to you?or this? But Sofia's dress looks like it might belong from the 1850s.
  • It's clearly not in our universe. There's mention of "the 17 seas" and the solar system they make for science class has 7 planets and a sun
    • That would be consistent with a setting on Earth in the late 18th century. Neptune had not yet been discovered. Nor had Ceres, which is a large asteroid between Mars and Jupiter, thought to be a planet during much of the 19th century. A system with the sun surrounded by 7 planets would be a common representation of our solar system during this time period.
    • Why are there two purple planets? And what's the explanation for the different world map?

But it's OK... it's the WMG anyway!

Sofia's classmates are the descendants of other Disney Princesses
I think Prince Zandar is related to Aladdin and Jasmine.Prince Desmond and his sister Princess Mae are descended from Beauty and the Beast.
  • Look at a picture of Beauty and The human Beast, you can kind of see the resemblance
    • Also, Desmond is very smart and good with flowers
    • But why does Cinderella not appear with her kids?
      • Descendant could imply more than one generation; it could be centuries in the future.
      • Or Cinderella is from a close enough time period (maybe a couple of years prior) that she doesn't have children old enough yet.
  • Word of God has stated that this WMG is possible, but these classmates were not seen in the show.

The Amulet of Avalor doesn't actually summon princesses through time; it creates simulacrums of the princesses specifically designed to guide the wearer into doing what's right.
Admittedly this is a pretty crazy guess, but that's why we have Wild Mass Guesses. This could explain any minor inconsistencies noted by Sofia the First fans, such as Cinderella portraying her conflict with her siblings as just a spat that could have been resolved by talking. The Amulet of Avalor seems like an artifact specifically designed to guide princesses along the correct ethical path; it's possible that instead of actually summoning Disney Princesses, it summons a reasonable facsimile of the needed Princess but "writes the script", so to speak, as to what the princess needs to say to coax Sofia into taking the correct course of action.

The Amulet of Avalor does summon "real" princesses- but the official Disney Princess Lineup is, in this universe, actually a pantheon of DEITIES.
Similar to the above theory, this would speculate that the "truest" of princesses ascend to goddess-hood, with their domains associated with the stories they were best known for in life. This would explain Ariel's being a mermaid even with all her knowledge as well as Rapunzel's golden hair.

It also explains why everyone recognizes them. Perhaps in this world, the goddesses are known to help mortals, but only rarely. Everyone has heard of them, and everyone knows what they look like, but their intervention is still rare enough to explain the surprise when people see them. Additionally, it explains their uncanny knowledge of the problems at hand upon their arrival, with rarely a hint of explanation needed. Tiana does say "if what Mama Odie told me was true", but this could be an exceptional case given Tiana is the most modern-day official princess, or she could be referring to an explanation she received of what her role as a deity would be.(I believe Tiana is also the only princess to introduce herself, perhaps because she is the newest goddess; or perhaps because as a goddess she is timeless, but from mortal perspective she hasn’t been born yet. :V)

  • Jossed because of Sofia getting summoned in a newer episode. That only works if we assume Sofia is a goddess as well since she gets summoned to help Princess Charlotte in the Beauty is the Beast.

Finally, it works well with the case of Princess Ivy. While other princesses appear to faintly glow at times, Ivy does not. While other princesses show up with a "Hello Sofia" and immediate advice, Ivy shows up with "Where am I?" Unlike the others, she is not a classic princess, and not part of the Princess Pantheon; she is a living princess who was summoned only through space, not realms. (It does still connect ‘all the princesses who ever were’.) Which means that while the amulet offers divine protection, it only offers physical retribution, which goes in line with Roland's knowledge of it. While it is a dual-edged sword, it is primarily a Good artifact, after all.

    Crossovers with other Disney Media 

Wormwood is/was Cedric's heartless born out of the sorcerer's bitterness and desire for retaliation against those who made fun of him
Which made him leaving Cedric inevitable because unfortunately, unlike Cedric, he's unable to grow past this mentality. And Cedric never knew what his "pet"'s true nature was.

Enchancia and Arendelle are neighbour kingdoms.
The prove? The trolls! It may not be a coincidence that both kings and queens from different kingdoms have trolls as friends. Alternatively...
  • Except the trolls are nothing alike. Unless there are different types of trolls in different lands, who are actually far cousins. Even then, just stating "They both have trolls" to proof continuity, is a massive stretch. Middle-Earth and Tamriel have trolls. Do they exist at the borders as well?
  • Possibly confirmed, or both kingdoms have some form of relationship, as the next episode will feature Sofia meeting Olaf.
    • Wrong. That meeting was a result of Miss Nettle's crazy crystals tampering with the Amulet of Avalor so it brought Olaf instead of Princess Anna or Queen Elsa.
  • How come Sofia has no idea what Winter is talking about with a story about "a princess who could control ice" or who Olaf is, then? Surely, because they're neighboring kingdoms, the story of Frozen would've spread very quickly and become well-known.

Roland, the former king of Arendelle, and the queen of Corona are all siblings.
  • Jossed. That would mean Amber is Rapunzel's cousin and this kinship would have been brought up in "Curse of Princess Ivy".

If Cedric ever gets his hands on the Amulet, he'll end up summoning King Candy.
It would give himself a good look at his own egotism and selfishness - and through Turbo, a look at where such things can lead.
  • So the amulet can also summon villains depending on who's holding it? Also keep in mind that Cedric was never that evil to begin with, and in fact has been becoming a better person as the series' progresses. He doesn't need a villain to "show him the error of his ways"
  • The amulet apparently can summon villains - Promos for the upcoming "Curse of Princess Ivy" say that Amber gets her hands on the amulet and summons the evil Princess Ivy,
  • Maybe he'll summon Queen Elsa. She's not a villain, but I imagine she could talk to him about how it was only with sisterly love that she found happiness, and have it parallel his friendship with Sofia.
Alternatively to the above, once Cedric gets his hands to the Amulet, Gwenpool will appear
Because, why not? If Deadpool can be toned down for family viewers in the 2012 Spider-Man show but still faithful to the roots, then Disney Junior could possibly do the same with her for younger girls, but much more comedic than Wade with guns being replaced by water guns complete with cartoony sounding effects.
  • Bonus points if she is voiced by a Promoted Fanboy of Marvel Comics or Eden Sher, who would sound similar to Star Butterfly.
    • Or maybe Laura Bailey, as this wouldn't be the first time she played a role who fought everyone else with weapons like swords and such.

There will be an episode where Megara will help her
(She's not a Princess, but then again neither is Mulan so....) She will sing to help Sofia learn that you shouldn't be ashamed of asking for help. But she can't sing the song on her own, so she has the Muses help her, to further structure the lesson.

Anna and Elsa's appearance is being saved for the Series Finale.
Although they are very popular nowadays, it wouldn't make sense to have them appear ASAP. Maybe they are being saved for a big event in the series like the Series Finale.
  • I don't know if they'd wait that long, but they might be saving them for a movie special at least like Rapunzel in "Ivy"? Olaf at least is going to appear in a regular episode.
  • Word of God says they will not appear due to Frozen 2 until after it's release.

Being a princess bride is enough for the Amulet of Avalor even if she doesn't marry the Prince she's engaged to
That's the reason the amulet works on Mulan and viewers can expect it to work on Giselle.
  • For clarification, this relates to the sequel of Mulan, where Mulan becomes engaged to a prince to prevent lost love for the princesses under her protection.

All Disney Princesses who ever appeared in the series or in movies will be Back for the Finale.
Without the crazy crystals tampering with the Amulet of Avalor this time around, Princess Anna will join them and Amber will be wondering things like "Is that a real Princess?" or "Are you sure Queen Elsa is the only one with magical powers in Arendelle's Royal Family?"
  • Confirmed. When Sofia gets sucked into her amulet with Vor, images of all of the Disney Princesses who have appeared (meaning no Olaf) silently encourage her to find the strength to defeat her.

The 2014 Maleficent film will be referenced.
  • Sofia and her step siblings will hear two versions of Aurora's story - one closer to Sleeping Beauty and one closer to Maleficent, and will ask Aurora what version of the story is the true version. We won't find out her answer.
    • Jossed. Aurora only mentions her forest friends in her cameo.

Wormwood is Maleficent's raven from the original movie
Magically immune to aging, biding his time, waiting to get the amulet for himself to use it to resurrect Maleficent. Which will be the series' finale. Maybe Sofia will use the power of friendship in which her entire family, friends, Cedric and the Princesses of the past will be summoned into a final confrontation though being a Disney Junior show, there is no actual fighting, but instead Sofia uses the Amulet (Which she gets back at some point) to project the love of all her friends, family and princess mentors to defeat Maleficent.

Princess Ivy lives at the Isle of the Lost.
  • Her dress was Cruella's design and she has a crush on Carlos.
    • If the other Disney Princesses are adults during Descendants, then Ivy is certainly an adult too and Disney is not touching pedophilia ships with a 10 foot pole.

The Prince who joined Amber's Adventure Club is Cinderella's son.
  • His name is Chad. In the movie Descendants, Cinderella has a son named Chad. He had a lot of negative Character Development from the small child he's portrayed as in "Sofia the First" to the jerkass he is in "Descendants". I don't think so because of the fact Sofia's Kingdom is very different then United States of Aurodon. For one thing there's magic in Enchia and there isn't in Aurdon (magic is OUTLAWED) according to the youtube specials made for the movie prior to the movie
  • If those specials were canon, Princess Audrey would have reported Mal for using magic on people's hairs. Prince Ben might have refused to do anything about it but she could have reported it to King Beast and Queen Belle. They were quite reluctant about having Maleficent's daughter in Auradon.
  • As for Enchancia being different from the United States of Auradon, maybe not all Kingdoms agreed to join and King Beast decided it'd be conter-productive to force those that didn't.

The other four rules are those mentioned in Aladdin.
During the "Genie Rules" song, Sergeant Fizz says he'll make Kazeem follow all 200 rules but later admits that, technically, there are 204 rules. The other four are rules restricting what genies are allowed to do regardless of being wished to: don't kill; don't make anyone fall in love; don't resurrect; and none of the three wishes can be used to wish for more wishes.
  • That, and also "No substitutions, exchanges, or refunds."

How they're going to excuse Olaf's appearance in the show.
Since he's certainly not a princess:
  • The Amulet was going to send Elsa or Anna but they were both busy so Elsa got it to send Olaf instead.
  • Olaf wasn't summoned by the Amulet, he was just in the neighborhood wandering around for some reason.
  • Sofia runs into him in the enchanted library since it seems to be some kind of hub world for all the princesses' stories.
  • Sofia goes to him when the library shows he's being threatened by Miss Nettle.
    • All jossed but the first and fourth theories came close to the truth because it involved the Amulet and Miss Nettle. Miss Nettle's crazy crystals tampered with the Amulet, making it bring Olaf instead of a princess.

The formation of the United States of Auradon worried Enchancia and other nearby Kingdoms.
Out of fear Beast would conquer them to expand Auradon's territory, Enchancia and several other Kingdoms signed a mutual defense treaty but, unlike the Kingdoms that became Auradon, they retained their autonomy.

Pocahontas will be featured in Elena and the Secret of Avalor
While she lacks the star power Cinderella, Ariel, and Rapunzel had, she's the only Princess that has yet to be shown, and each movie as featured a Disney Princess.
  • But it looks like Elena will be the "summoned" princess.
  • Pocahontas will probably be summoned in one of the Season 4 specials.
    • Jossed. Pocahontas never appears in the series. Craig Gerber did try to think of a story for her, but couldn't find one that satisfied the higher ups.

Kronk will teach Sofia how to speak squirrel.
The reason Sofia and her animal friends can't understand Whatnaught is that squirrels speak a language of their own so they need to be taught.

Merlin brings modern day things and concepts to the series.
The hand-cranked elevator featured in the sleepover episode; the go-carriages from "In the Tizzy"; the bicycle in "Two Princesses and a Baby"; and the light bulb with a firefly powering it in "The Great Aunt-venture" are stuff brought by Merlin, who, as revealed in "Gone With the Wand", is the same Merlin from The Sword in the Stone, meaning he has the power of Time Travel.

Madam Mim will appear in one episode.
She's from the same animated movie that features this series' version of Merlin. And if she does appear, she might have a shape-shifting contest with Sofia.

Tangu is one of the kingdoms in Aladdin
So in Aladdin there is said to be the seven deserts. Each of them might have a ruling family and Tangu is just another one of the seven.

Princess Eilonwy will eventually make an appearance
Eilonwy is the same age as Sofia will be at the end of the series, so if they were to meet, it'd be more of a one-to-one dynamic than the usual mentoring of the past princesses, which would be fun.
  • Jossed.

There will be a crossover with The Lion Guard
They're among Disney Junior's best known shows. That aside, Kiara has never been categorized with the other Disney princesses (for obvious reasons), but it feels like she and Sofia could get along well. And when you've got a character who can talk to animals, she could very well communicate with the inhabitants of the Pridelands, making for a pretty interesting crossover (though probably non-canon in a similar manner to Timon & Pumbaa, the only Lion King adaptation so far to feature humans).
  • Jossed.

The season finale will be a Crisis Crossover featuring all the Disney Princesses and Sofia.
It would be a nice way to wrap up the season, with it focusing on the Wicked 9, who all come from Disney Princess films. Elena could also show up.
  • Word of God revealed there will not be another Sofia-Elena crossover.
  • Confirmed, though not to a significant degree. All the princesses that appeared in the show do appear in "Forever Royal", but as a silent cameo encouraging Sofia to find the strength to defeat Vor.

Sofia the First (and by extension, Elena of Avalor) take place in the Second Age of Fairy Tales.
Link, scroll down to Mystic Monkey's comment. And in case the link goes dead...

"What if, throughout all of Kingdom Hearts, at the very end or beyond the series, what if eventually all the worlds of Kingdom Hearts finally came together and reunite into one whole new world, just as it once was in the "age of fairy tales"?

Long before the Keyblade War, in this "age of fairy tales", the World was whole and full of light, however people came to desire the power of Kingdom Hearts, introducing darkness into the World, which ultimately lead to it's destruction. But since children held light in there hearts, the pieces of the world was restored as many different worlds, each based on various Disney movies and the worlds where Sora and other heroes go to.

This is my theory to show that Enchantia isn't just a world of Kingdom Hearts but a land that's part of the whole new world of Kingdom Hearts.

Sofia the First is regarded as a "new Disney Princess" but also, she could be a "new Princess of Heart" who lives on the now complete world that was made from the Heart of All Worlds; Kingdom Hearts. She was given the Amulet of Avalor which allows her to call on the hearts of the pasts princesses which have long gone. These pure hearts, by the amulet, may take temporary form and assist the new princess. This is why that once the summoned princess has helped Sofia in one way or another, the moment Sofia turns her back on them, they dissapear in wisps of light.

This leads to what happened to the worlds of Kingdom Hearts and where are they in the world of Sofia the First. Why are these princesses known in Enchancia but not there worlds or kingdoms? This is because all those Disney worlds are finally united as one and that through descendants and history, the names of these lands have change to fit in with the new world. Enchancia is just one of many lands on these new complete world that could of once been the world of Enchanted Dominion. King Stefan's royal bloodline eventually continues onto King Roland's bloodline who over the history of the family and the separate worlds reuniting as one big world, the kingdom itself has been renamed (Either that or since Sleeping Beauty never stated the name of the kingdom, it could have always been Enchantia and that Amber and James could be descendants of Aurora herself).

Another example, the kingdom of Tangu could of once been the World of Agrabah and that Prince Zandar could be a direct descendant of Aladdin and Jasmine. Princess Jun and her kingdom of Wei-Ling, she could be a descendant of the Emperor who ruled over the world known as the Land of Dragons. Oona could be a descendant of Ariel and Merrowave Cove could have once been Atlantica, these comparisons could go on as more kingdoms around Enchantia are explored.

This also explains why the young royals of Sofia the First are not only pampered but have free reign to behave like children. Sure they are expected to behave like royals and some of them see themselves above common children, but all in all they are allowed to behave like children as well as have as much royal say in matters as there parents. It's as if this new whole world has learned it's lesson from before it was destroyed by darkness and that since it was children that held light from its complete destruction, it is royal children now who are revered of great importance, in hopes that darkness shall never break this world as it has once before.

Also, (and this is the kicker!) the Amulet of Avalor bears strong resemblance to a Summon Charm from the games, artifacts that Sora collects that allows him to summon the heart of a Disney hero to take temporary form to assist him in battle."

Tangled and Frozen really did happen in the Ever Realm and they happened recently.
  • Reality Subtext:
    • Amber acts like the story of Rapunzel is famous. If it happened recently (especially with the events of Tangled: The Series), it would make even more sense since Rapunzel would essentially be more of a celebrity than a historical figure.
    • Winter says that where she lives, the story of a princess with ice powers is a well-known one, but Sofia is unfamiliar with it. Likewise, Sofia doesn't know who Olaf or Princess Anna is when Olaf shows up.

Lucinda is named after the Odd Sister of the same name.

    Elena of Avalor crossovers 

Shuriki will join the Order of the Wand.

Gwen's cameo appearance in Elena episode "Class Act" will be referenced.
  • Jossed. Sofia ends before that can be brought up.

Sofia characters will make occasional guest appearances on Elena of Avalor

  • While Craig Gerber did say that Sofia would not be involved in Elena's story, that doesn't rule out the possibility of the characters occasionally popping up for guest appearances , i.e. Gwen's appearance in "Class Act". Plus, it would be in a similar vein to Milo Murphy's Law having Phineas and Ferb pop up even after the season 2 crossover premiere since both of those shows have the same creators.

    Miscellaneous Crossovers 

The series takes place in one of Phineas and Ferb's many parallel universes
Hence the Tri-Kingdom area instead of the Tri-State area. Specifically a fairy-tale universe, obviously. Is Cedric possibly connected to Doofenshmirtz? Maybe.
  • Similar level of competence perhaps…..
  • Actually the episode "Excaliferb" had a Tri-Kingdom Area. As it was a medieval fairy tale/fantasy setting. And Doofensmirtz was "Malefi-Smirtz" (Even dressing the same) though to be fair, it had more "Dungeons & Dragons, The Lord of the Rings, and King Arthur" references than Disney Fairy-Tale references.
  • And there's a song Once per Episode.

Based on the above, it's the same universe of the Tri-Province Area and Princess Isabella will attend Royal Prep
  • Doofus Khan was the reason it wasn't safe for Princess Isabella to venture outdoors with other kids. Once he's defeated, Regent Monogram will enroll her at Royal Prep.

A future episode will have Sofia's amulet summon Princess Leia.
Since Star Wars is now owned by Disney, Leia is a now Disney princess. And since Sofia's amulet can summon ANY Disney Princess, she will be able to summon Leia.
  • What about Honey Lemon? She's close enough to a modern princess. And the episode she could appear in will teach little girls that science is cool.
    • Nowhere in the movie, states or even implies she's a Princess aside from WMGs that she's descended from Rapunzel. Even then that's fanon.
  • This troper would rather see it summon Kiara. It's been stated that the Amulet of Avalor connects "every princess that ever was" and nothing ever said anything about being limited to human princesses (hell, it includes Ariel, as a mermaid mind you). As Simba's daughter, Kiara certainly qualifies as a princess, and a Disney princess even. Understanding her wouldn't be a problem for obvious reasons and maybe she could give advice about pursuing something that's important to you but forbidden by others or whatever. Although this troper doesn't think Sofia or anyone else would recognize her right away like they do the others, in fact they'd probably scream if a lion suddenly appeared behind them out of nowhere.
    • The problem with Kiara appearing is that it is implied in The Beauty is the Beast that only princesses who have worn or heard of the amulet can be summoned/summoned to. Charlotte states "I used to have an amulet like that" when she sees Sofia. Elena was only trapped in the amulet for 41 years, and we only know of it being in Enchancia for at least 15 of those years since Tilly had it as a girl and is Roland's older sister. We also don't know where the amulet was before those events took place, only that it was given as a present. Unless Kiara at some point had access to the amulet in the past or future, it's unlikely she'll ever show up.
  • Jossed, as the series is now finished and Leia was not summoned.

Star Butterfly will guest star in a future episode
  • Considering the fact Star Butterfly is a princess, this wouldn't be the first time Sofia summoned a princess before through Star would have mild to moderate modifications and in fact, she is from a Disney XD cartoon.
    • If it happens, then a fan of both of these franchises' life is complete.
  • Perhaps she will be joined by Flying Princess Pony Head and Princess Marco if she does.
  • Jossed.

The amulet will summon Candace's royal look-alike
That Princess from Drusselstein is a Disney character after all. In fact, Candace herself might be an option after her brief time as Queen of Mars.

Valeria Richards or Valeria Von Doom will appear in one episode
Either as Doom's daughter or goddaughter, she's a Latverian "Princess" and the Marvelverse belongs to Disney. Practically everyone in the castle will be on their tiptoes around her out of fear of wronging someone under Doom's protection. Doom being from the "future" doesn't make this impossible because he's no stranger to Time Travel and must not be underestimated.
  • If Valeria appeared in the show, Estelle will guest star.
  • It could be possible, as of December 2017, Disney had bought 20th Century Fox, the people who own the Fantastic Four live-action film rights.
The Amulet of Avalor will summon Princess Calla of Dunwyn.
Sofia the First takes place where creatures like the gummi bears can be real even if most humans don't believe they exist.
  • Similar reason to the Valeria theory but an another Steven Universe cast member would voice Calla would be Deedee Magno-Hall, who would sound similar to Pearl.

Cedric's older sister is Mary Poppins.
They're both tall, dark, slender, and British. They also share quaint old-fashioned names, magical powers and a preference for long robes or coats. More importantly, they have an appeal for small children (though this is rather accidental on Cedric's part). Mary would have been a much better Royal Sorcerer of course, but she had other ambitions.
  • More likely that Cedric is related to Bert, given that both of them have "English" accents that are quite atrocious.
    • Or Doctor Doofenshmirtz.
  • Jossed. Cedric's sister is Cordelia the Conjurer.
  • If anyone in this show is or is going to be related to Mary Poppins, it would be Aunt Tilly. Mary could easily be her descendant.
    • Or Aunt Tilly was trained in the same place Mary does.

The series takes place in Etheria.
It's a distant future where technology has been long destroyed because the Etherians from the old days associated it to the Horde and the Whispering Woods became a part of the Kingdom of Enchancia, which had been founded some time between She-Ra's series and Sofia's. King Roland II and his subordinates were able to go ahead with the building of that road and almost took down that tree without magical interference from the Whispering Woods because they had no evil intentions about that.

The Amulet of Avalor is the same object as Marle and Schala's pendant from Chrono Trigger.
They both have magical powers: the Amulet of Avalor grants Sofia powers and pulls Elena into it to protect her from Shuriki, while the pendant has the power to open sealed doors and chests, and triggers the Ocean Palace incident. They look very similar, and are a necklace with a jewel. In both stories, the jewel has uncertain, ancient origins (from the Kingdom of Maru in Sofia the First, and from the Kingdom of Zeal in Chrono Trigger).

Perhaps most notably, the amulet is said to connect all princesses throughout time. The two bearers of the pendant in Chrono Trigger - Schala and Marle - are the princesses of Zeal and Guaria, respectively.

Under this theory, the timeline of Sofia the First (and Elena of Avalor) take place in the middle of the Chrono Trigger timeline: between the Ocean Palace incident (and the fall of the Kingdom of Zeal) in 12,000 BC and the founding of the Kingdom of Guardia in 1 AD. During that time, the Kingdom of Maru was formed from the remains of Zeal, and Schala's pendant became the amulet that was eventually passed down to Elena and Sofia. Thousands of years later, the Kingdom of Guardia was formed, setting forth the start of Chrono Trigger.


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