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The Comic

    # 0 
  • In the first story of issue #0, Donald has provided his nephews with a list of dangerous things. We don't get to see the top of the list, but at the very bottom, listed as #2347, is "sponges." Right below "wax paper" and "spring water."
    • It gets better when the same story introduces Porifera Elektrikus, a species of sponge that's electric and can electrocute you if you so much as touch the water they're in. One imagines Donald updated his list after that.
    • Becomes either less funny or more funny when you consider that most of those things are perfectly safe... unless you're Donald Duck. Even funnier when you consider that they're all probably dangerous not because they've hurt him... but because he's seen Della hurt other people with them.
  • The titles of Mallard Hitchcock's movies include: The Quacking Dead, The Screaming Duck, and The Screaming Duck 2: The Screaming Duck Screams Again, Only This Time Louder.
  • The scene where Louie negotiates with Mallard Hitchcock to get Dewey a role in his new movie, is hilarious:
    Louie: My brother Dewey's Oliver Twist earned rave reviews at our school.
    Dewey: [Chewing the Scenery] Please, sir, may I have some... [beat] ...line!
    Hitchcock: That's actually... quite professional.
    Louie: So you'll pay him, then?
    Hitchcock: I'll pay him scale and not a penny more!
    Louie: I guess that'll do... as long as the union doesn't find out he's also doing his own stunts...
    Hitchcock: Rrrrrr... fine! I'll pay him one and a half times scale, but that's it! ...I thought you boys were fans!
    Louie: To be fair, I was familiar with money's work long before I knew about yours. [to a shocked-looking Dewey] By the way, you owe me twenty percent.

    # 2 
  • As Della is examining a statue of a golden chicken in a cage, as soon as she says the word "Chicken", Donald immediately says "Stop calling me that!"
  • Scrooge realizing that the the Golden Chicken isn't Monteplumage's greatest Treasure, like he thought, but "his Greatest Nightmare".
  • Donald swearing never to eat eggs ever again while being chased by a giant chicken.
  • Scrooge's explanation of why he has several industrial sized freezers in his money bin.
    Scrooge: Some of my vast fortune is in currency and stock certificates. But it’s all paper that dates back to the 1800’s. It can age and crumble. But deep freezing them slows down my money’s aging process.
    Donald: You're kidding right?
    Scrooge: Laddie, ye've heard of cold hard cash, haven't ye?

    # 5 
  • Dewey wants Launchpad to teach him how to fly a plane while the pilot is grounded recovering from his latest crash. Donald firmly vetoes this. Cue a montage of Dewey's various attempts to sneak into Launchpad's room being stopped short by Donald's stern glare, the only dialog each time Dewey whining, "But Uncle Donald!"
  • In preparation for a new job interview, Donald has purchased a special cologne, "made from a centuries-old formula, scientifically proven to help you nail that job interview every time." The name of the cologne? "Desperation."
    Scrooge: Good heavens, laddie! What is that smell?
    Donald: (smug) Desperation.
    Scrooge: You can say that again.

    # 8 
  • The board is concerned that with all of Scrooge's adventuring, there's nobody to help with the business. Scrooge's solution? Bring back The Headless Man-Horse as his representative. Named Manny!

    # 10 
  • Huey spots Dewey sneaking out of the mansion in the middle of the night. When he returns covered in leaves, Huey confronts him, leading to this exchange:
    Dewey: I was just outside doing some, uh, gardening.
    Huey: Gardening?
    Dewey: Gardening.
    Huey: What kind of...gardening?
    Dewey: ...Fancy gardening.
  • When Huey contemplates snooping through Dewey's bag, he has a brief Imagine Spot of Dewey catching him in the act.
    Imagination-Dewey: (dramatically shocked) My oldest brother is, in fact, a SNEAK?!
    Real-Huey: *gasp* Oh, the shame!
  • In the second story, a vicious nine-headed hydra has captured everyone except Dewey. As the heads round on him...
    Dewey: WAIT! Uh... What did the snake say to the black-spotted salamander?
    (beat panel; the hydra heads look at each other in confusion)
    Dewey: (waggling his tongue snake-style) "Hissssss." Duh.
    (beat panel)
    (the hydra heads snicker, then all burst into hysterical laughter, releasing everyone)

    # 11 
  • Huey is trying to develop a unique sport for his Junior Woodchuck Sports and Games merit badge. His first attempt is "water balloon tennis." After the predictable results, he sheepishly admits to a soaked Webby that it's still in beta.
  • One of the Scottish townspeople accuses Scrooge of having a fake accent.
    Old man: Aye, sounds like some actor from TV! Like he plays a doctor or a detective or something!
  • When Glomgold is found out, Scrooge accuses him of being the real fake, to which Glomgold responds:
  • Glomgold's vision for Scrooge's hometown:
    • "If you ever made an honest dollar, Glomgold, it would die of loneliness."
  • Beakley really flexing her spy muscles to get Scrooge's location out of Launchpad.
    Beakley: Mr. McQuack! Where is Mr. McDuck?
    Launchpad: How would I know? It's not like I flew him to Bear Mountain then swore never to reveal that information.
    Beakley: Bear Mountain, is it?
    Launchpad: HOW DID YOU KNOW?!?

    # 16 
  • When Gyro's money-sorting machine becomes evil and has to be stopped, he explains he never thought it'd need an "off" button because it's meant to sort Scrooge's money. Webby accepts the explanation.

    # 20 
  • Fethry becomes Gyro's intern, and teams up with Gizmoduck in order to defeat a donut-maker-turned-evil. It's every bit as glorious as it sounds.
  • Fethry's reaction to a "Keep out" sign?
    "It's an obvious exercise in reverse psychology. It clearly means "enter"!

    Silence and Science # 1 

    Silence and Science # 2 
  • A somewhat manic-looking Gyro offering Louie a gerbil in return for helping him with the "ghost."
    Louie: Why not. I've done more for less.
    • Later, when Louie is refusing to let Gyro dematerialize him:
      Gyro: Will you do it for science?
      Louie: Nope.
      Gyro: A gerbil?
      Louie: Already got one.
  • Gyro psyches himself up to fix the problem:
    Gyro: I can do this! Fenton isn't the only one around here who knows science! Why, I practically invented it!
    Louie: You invented what now?
    Gyro: It was a figure of speech!
  • One of the components of Gyro's old dematerializer was a goldfish in a bowl. In the present, the goldfish is still alive when he pulls it out of a locker to reconstruct the machine.
    Louie: Has that goldfish been in there the whole time?


    The Shorts 
  • Donald's Birthday
    • Donald tries to blow out the candle on his cake, but it won't go out. He then tries a candle snuffer but that only makes the candle angry, complete with a blue fiery hand that starts swinging Donald around. When Dewey asks what is happening, Scrooge offers this response:
      Uncle Scrooge: Promethean Candle, guaranteed to never go out by any means necessary.
      (The triplets and Webby give Scrooge a Disapproving Look)
      Uncle Scrooge: You expect me to buy a new candle for every birthday? Do you have any idea what that would cost at my age?
    • If you take his birthday from The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck as canon, he'd need about 150 candles.
      • His "official" age isn't much better, as he'd need 83 candles.
    • Donald eventually tries sticking the candle in the cake only for the cake to explode, and the flame to burn all his presents. Several fans point out that this could only happen to Donald.
    • Becomes a Crowning Moment of Awesome when you realize Donald did manage to put out a candle that is never supposed to go out.
  • Huey
    • The Sasquatch trying to ambush Huey in his tent... only to have it turn out that Huey was actually building a Sasquatch trap.
    • The Woodchuck guidebook itself is even more ridiculous than before, still being a Great Big Book of Everything but pocket sized.
  • Scrooge
    • Louie stumbles upon a grandfather clock and starts fiddling with the clock hands. Unfortunately, it's actually a time machine, and he wounds up accidentally sending poor Scrooge throughout history several times. This becomes more Hilarious in Hindsight when you realize who's Scrooge's new voice actor is and what he's best known for.
    • Each time he comes back to the present, he's wearing a different outfit. They are, in order: a medieval court outfit, a pirate outfit, him riding a penny-farthing, a Victorian dress complete with wig, a cowboy outfit, and a spacesuit that's partly on fire. When Scrooge manages to properly come back, he looks very worse for wear.
    • The end seems like everything is okay, with Scrooge reassuring his nephew...until a Pteranodon flies by outside.
      Uncle Scrooge: Yeah, we should probably take care of that.
    • In a meta example, Scrooge's VA was a Time Lord, so it's hilarious to see him get pwned by time.
    • Frankly it kinda comes across as a sort of a "Yeah, we're gonna make this joke at some point, let's just get it out of our system" moment.
    • In hindsight, the fact that this entire short is effectively a short-form version of "Timephoon!"—Louie messing with a time machine and sending people (or one person in this case) into different time periods.
  • Launchpad
    • Launchpad McQuack writing a note to a person whose car he dented, telling them that Mr. McDuck will happily pay for any damages (though after some consideration, he crosses the "happily" part out). The end of the short reveals the owner of the dented car got off lucky compared to the many other cars he damaged when he crashed his plane.
    • And after we see the full extent of the disaster, Launchpad starts to casually write another note, this time to the owner of a car he effectively completely flattened.
    • Also while writing the note, he comments about a time he crashed the limo into a campsite and one of the RVs caught on fire. They all ended up roasting hot dogs and Scrooge had to pay for both the damages and Launchpad's hospital bill after the latter ate too many hot dogs.
  • Beakley: The short consists of the kids running around in the background from some invisible horror that drags Dewey around at some point, while Ms. Beakley continues vacuuming. When the kids run by and get soil footprints on the floor as the monster is revealed to be a Bedsheet Ghost, she doesn't even flinch as she switches her vacuum from "DIRT" to "GHOST" and sucks up the spectre before going back to cleaning.
  • Webby: Webby is seen scaling a shelf for a golden jar... that turns out to be a cookie jar. And when there's nothing left but a single oatmeal raisin cookie, she tackles Dewey over the last chocolate chip.
  • 360 Degrees Adventure: The Lost Key of Tralla-La
    • When Scrooge hits a ramp and his jeep goes flying, everything slows down as Scrooge freaks out, Webby's hanging onto the jeep with absolute glee and Dewey is freaked out and hanging on himself.
    • After a rough adventure, Scrooge dives into the Money Bin with Webby and the nephews inside. Louie makes the mistake of hitting a Berserk Button for Scrooge.
      Scrooge: Now, that's what I call a splendid day's work!
      Louie: Whoo-hoo! Gold for everybody! Yaaaay! (Scrooge glares and grunts. Louie suffers an Oh, Crap!) Gold for Scrooge! I-I meant j-just gold for Scrooge! Not everybody! (Nervous laughter devolves into an Everybody Laughs Ending)
  • DuckTales - Turn Off Your Phone PSA
    • It starts out the same as the normal opening... until someone's phone goes off, bringing the opening to a screeching halt as they try to figure out who did it!
    • And the big scorpion monster very politely asks if they can get going with the filming since he's got an appointment at 4:00 to which Scrooge apologizes for the hold-up.
    • One of the top comments makes it even funnier: (for reference, the gang figures out "the guy in the third row" was responsible for the phone ringing)
      Jocabed Rivera: I started laughing really hard when this came on. mainly because my dad was the only guy on the third row with his phone out and they were pointing and looking at him.
  • The World's Longest Deathtrap
    • Dewey attempting a Three-Point Landing, and his subsequent painful acknowledgment of its inefficiency.
    • Part One ends with Dewey and Webby screaming as the walls begin closing in. Part Two picks up with them still screaming...then trailing off as they notice that death isn't quite as imminent as they thought.
      Dewey: Hey is it just me, or is it taking a really long time to die?
    • Dewey claims that he has an amazing plan that will certainly get them out of the deathtrap...which consists of shamelessly crying out for Scrooge to save them. Webby gives him an unimpressed look, then shrugs and joins in.
    • Louie complaining that forbidden temples never have good wi-fi.
    • When Launchpad discovers Louie's phone, Dewey, Webby and Louie all shout his name to get his attention. Launchpad looks at the phone, then holds it to his ear and very seriously responds, "...this is he."
    • Dewey and Huey's situation-inappropriate sibling tiff when Dewey gets annoyed by Huey's instructions.
      Dewey: You're so smart, you come down here and press it!
      Huey: Fine.
      Dewey: Fine!
      Huey: Fine!
      Dewey: Fine!
      Huey: Fine!
      Dewey: Eh-fiiiiiine!
    • The trap has closed and they've all made it to safety...and then every single apparatus from the trap activates from the ceiling. Everyone's too done to panic this time. "Of course."
  • Dewey Dew-night
    • In The Sidekick, Webby reveals how Dewey creates all his sound effects.... the keytar he uses when he is "DJ Daft Duck."
    • Also in "The Sidekick," the fact that Webby has obviously never been in an Internet video before culminates in some great moments that won't be spoiled here.
    • At the start of The Interview, Dewey complains how the original guest he wanted to bring on turned him down and is now dead to him. Cue a picture of Scrooge.
    • The guest he DID end up bringing on was Manny the Headless Horse. When Dewey asks him about his childhood, the music begins to turn emotional. However, unlike other times we've seen Manny click his hooves, we aren't provided subtitles, so neither the viewers, nor Dewey, can understand what he's saying.
    • After Manny leaves in a huff, flipping Dewey's desk in the process, Dewey himself goes to fix the camera, cracking a joke about Manny being "hard headed." This causes Manny to come back on screen in a way that makes it look like he's threatening Dewey. Dewey's response is priceless.
      Dewey: I'm sorry! Please, don't hurt me!
    • In Will It Crash?!, Launchpad accidentally unleashes a fanboat in McDuck Manor. Of course, Donald ends up being pursued by the vehicle despite the fact that it's on land the whole time, and seems to follow Donald no matter where he runs.
    • In what seems to be a running gag at the end of each short, Dewey apologizes to Flintheart Glomgold, who's been bumped. The fact that Glomgold even WANTS to be on the show in the first place can be seen as hilarious, but the best part is his indignant offscreen response.
      Glomgold: What?!
    • Bedtime makes it more hilarious as after Glomgold does his response, Huey shushes him and Glomgold repeats it in a hushed tone. Louie then asks why Glomgold is in their bedroom.
  • The theme song takeover with Launchpad is absolutely hilarious. Put simply, his attempts to catch up with the others when seeing Scrooge's dime results in him repeatedly being smacked around and crashing into everything . As for the ending, he sees his smaller self in the logo , and then gets hit by the dime again , starting the cycle over again.
    I'll catch up in a second or two.
    You guys look out, some guy's behind you.
    Even worse, here comes the key change.
    • It was so hilarious the Disney released an hour long version with absolutely no surprises and easter eggs.
    • The easter eggs in the hour long video, includes the storyboard version, the small and big Launchpad screaming at each other for almost a minute, Launchpad sleeping, Launchpad singing without the music in the background with the sound effects kept in, and blinking a lot at the end.
  • Glomgold's theme song takeover is really hilarious. Its essentially 90 seconds of him inflating his own ego. It ends with him getting sued by Scrooge's legal team .

  • In the intro what formation does the family run in while chasing the dime? Why a flying V of course, because they're ducks.
  • The Don Cheadle interview released during Comic Con 2018 lists him as "Thanos Survivor" in addition to "Actor" and "Voice of Donald Duck".
    • According to Cheadle he apparently took a heavy Method Acting approach to play Donald, which involved among other things only eating duck for a whole month and not wearing any pants.
  • The announcement video for season 3 showing Danny Pudi, Ben Schwartz, and Bobby Moynihan in the recording booth being unprofessional. Meanwhile, David Tennant is in a recording booth in London, at midnight, very annoyed, and having to listen to them. They then criticize him for missing his cue.
  • This interview with Ben Schwartz, Bobby Moynihan, and Toks Olagundoye opens up with Ben casually referencing a major spoiler from Avengers: Infinity War...except Bobby hadn't seen the movie yet. Cue the former trying to stop the latter from jumping off the balcony they're on while Toks cracks up.

    Suspenders Of Disbelief 
The funniest lines from Frank Angones' tumblr page
  • When asked who his favorite Darkwing Duck villains were, his answer was Negaduck, Megavolt, Quackerjack, and Darkwing's own ego.
  • Why does Frank Angones envision Scrooge as ambidextrous? "When you're tied up over a volcano, you need to be able to write a HELP message with whatever hand you can get free."
  • What are the character's favorite food? "Bread, Ducks like Bread."
  • Which character is more into anime? "Mark Beaks loves Magical Girl Anime."
  • Donald always loses to Della every time they have a prank war.
  • Huey has been stated to be older than Dewey by three seconds, so how much older is Dewey than Louie? "Dude, like 48 minutes. He's that lazy."
  • According to Frank, Mickey Mouse is the triplets' father. "That's why Donald's so mad at him all the time."
  • When asked if Donald and Gladstone were Junior Woodchucks like Fethry and Della, he replied that Donald got kicked out for his anger problems, while Gladstone happened to inherit a sash that had every merit badge.
  • If "nothing can stop Della Duck," is the same true for her kids? "A slight incline could stop Louie Duck."
  • Whenever Gladstone receives scam emails, they turn out to be legitimate. "He has aided several real Deposed Nigerian Princes and Stranded Russian Astronauts and been handsomely rewarded for it."
    • Also on the subject of Gladstone, he doesn't know anyone's name - he just guesses and is always coincidentally right.
  • DJ Khaled exists in the show (because Glomgold was playing his song in "The 87-Cent Solution"). and he's a quail. DJ Quailed.
  • When asked which of the triplets has the best singing voice, he replied that it's secretly Huey, "But he doesn’t flaunt it because that information would DESTROY Dewey."
    • In "The Dangerous Chemistry of Gandra Dee", we actually hear Huey sing at Fenton and Gandra's date - in a beautiful countertenor voice, confirming the above Word of God in-universe. Granted, ""Double-O-Duck in You Only Crash Twice" shows that Dewey is no slouch himself.
  • What was the absolute weirdest change in society Della found when she came back home? iPhones. "She cannot figure out the front camera to save her life."
  • Now that Della's back, Dewey has a grand total of six online followers. The others are Launchpad, Huey, Webby, himself, and himself under a fake account.
    • Why isn't Louie following his own brother? "Louie has high follow standards." (Which, according to a follow-up question, include Randy and Johnny from Ottoman Empire.)
  • What was Goldie doing during the Moonlanders' invasion? Stealing stuff.
  • What are Doofus's parents' names? "They've long since forgotten..."
  • Despite all the mentions of Scrooge's will throughout the series, the truth is he doesn't have one as he believes he'll never die.
  • Doofus is the most likely of the cast to enjoy the Minions, "but for just horrible reasons."
  • In-universe, Della was the "Ermahgerd, Gersberms" girl.
  • Steelbeek was in jail in St. Canard for cockfighting. That's some major Furry Confusion.
  • Which kid would be most horrified/embarrassed about one of the adults accidentally butchering a meme? "Dewey. Obviously Dewey."
  • Approximately how is old is Jim Starling/Negaduck? "His IMDB profile swears he’s 28."
    • In a followup question, Frank reveals that Starling himself wrote said account.
  • The reason the boys weren't named "Jet, Turbo, and Rebel" like Della wanted? The nurse at the hospital who asked for their names mistook Donald yelling "PHOOEY! PHOOEY! PHOOEY!" in response to a series of accidents as him naming the boys "Huey, Dewey, and Louie".
  • "Do Donald, Beakley, and Della know that Fenton is Gizmoduck?" Angones's reply was that a better question is that who doesn't' know Fenton is Gizmoduck.


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