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"I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the overstuffed burrito that spills onto the lap of crime. DUCK!"

     Episode 1: The Most Dangerous Game...Night! 
  • Scrooge easily guessing all of Donald's charades.
  • Scrooge wielding Donald as a quite effective improvised club. After all, the duck's got quite a hard head.
    • Not just that, Donald tanks it without even flinching. Scrooge is swinging him around, smacking every Gyropuddlian within reach and Donald isn't phased at all. It probably explains just how Donald survived travelling the whole world with Scrooge - it seems he is literally made of Iron!
  • After seriously doubting his own role in the family's adventures, Louie discovers his real skill is being "sharper than the sharpies," quickly analyzing a complicated battle and assigning roles to each family member. Scrooge later tells him his natural skill means he might be an even bigger billionaire than him someday. He gives Louie the golden idol from the beginning of the episode as his own "#1 Dime."
    • Equally awesome is the implication that the other triplets inherited Scrooge's other oft-repeated skills: Huey being "smarter than the smarties" and Dewey being "tougher than the toughies".

     Episode 2: The Depths of Cousin Fethry! 
  • Before the episode even began, Fethry managed to acquire the skills and knowledge of an elite marine biologist... while working as the janitor. How good is he? He has a team of trained krill.
  • Launchpad once again going on an epic off-screen adventure with an old flame, coming back wearing armor and armed with a trident.

     Episode 3: The Ballad of Duke Baloney! 

     Episode 4: The Town Where Everyone Was Nice! 
  • The Caballeros' introduction. José dives from a plane with a parachute while playing his umbrella as a trombone; Panchito appears in the shadows, strumming his guitar, as flower petals fly by.
  • The Three Caballeros defeat a giant Man-Eating Plant and save Donald's family while playing a new version of their iconic theme song.
    • Just the fact that Donald was ready to single-handedly fight said plant after seeing his family in danger.

    Episode 6: Last Christmas! 
  • Scrooge tricking the Ghost of Christmas Past into going back to the start of their duel so he can grab the time-brella and get away.
  • Proving he's always been a scrapper, Preteen Donald's first instinct in a Wendigo attack is to get to high ground and pelt it with pinecones.
    Donald: I'll deck your halls, ya big palooka!
    • Despite his cynical attitude, Donald is no slouch in the brains department either. He treats tracking Della more of a chore than something dangerous, and proves to be very attentive at deducing minor clues that lead him and Dewey to his sister.
    • And then the Wendigo busts Donald's guitar, causing him to hit his Rage Breaking Point and launch himself at the creature with all the same fury he would later use against the Beagle Boys, and no less ferocious for his youth or small size. He even headbutts the monster into the net that Della and Dewey had waiting.
  • Donald and Della taking on the Wendigo together. Seconds after having a fight, they're on the beast like a well-oiled machine, helping each other to make coordinated attacks. Everything you'd expect from a couple of kids living under Scrooge McDuck's roof.
  • Scrooge one-shots the Wendigo by emerging from a portal and bumping onto its head with his cane like a pogo stick (in his signature attack from the NES game) as he descends.
  • Jörmugandr, the monstrous serpent from Norse Mythology said to be so big that he encircles the world, and destined to kill and die fighting Thor himself, actually exists... and Scrooge is keeping it at bay! He's doing something that Thor can't do without a Mutual Kill.
  • On a Meta-Level, the fact that Russi Taylor (the voice of Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby in the original series) voices young Donald in this episode is a HUGE plus for fans of this series and the original.
  • For a meta-example, the crew actually got Mike Peraza, who designed the end credits for Mickey's Christmas Carol, to do the end credits here, looking very close to how the original looks. Talk about going above and beyond.

    Episode 7: What Ever Happened to Della Duck? 
  • Della managing to survive on the moon for ten whole years and rebuild the Spear of Selene from its scraps.
  • Della finds her leg hopelessly pinned under a part of the rocket, requiring a Life-or-Limb Decision before another part comes down and crushes her. Her response? A perfectly calm "Ah, phooey," after which she seemingly just gets on with cutting her leg off, and then even makes a fully functional artificial one.
  • Thanks to this episode, one of the most beloved pieces of video game music from the 8 bit era now officially has lyricsnote . And they fit perfectly into the franchise's spirit of adventure, so that a lot of people will probably now be singing along on the Moon level.

    Episode 8: Treasure of the Found Lamp! 
  • Just D'jinn himself, a badass and noble warrior who won't let anything get in the way of his quest. A far-cry from his '80s counterpart.
  • As a homage to the original series, Scrooge and Ma Beagle racing for the lamp on top of a tower of tires.

    Episode 9: The Outlaw Scrooge McDuck! 
  • After getting caught in rubble from a dynamite blast, Scrooge is left with a dislocated leg. However, upon hearing someone is getting in the way of his prospecting claim he simply pops his leg back into place and angrily goes to confront them good as new.
  • After his pickax breaks, Scrooge simply attaches the blade to his foot while grabbing another one, letting him dig twice as fast.
  • Gyro builds a working time machine. What really puts it over the top is that it’s apparently so far beyond even Scrooge’s comprehension that he never once considered the weird scientist with futuristic ideas who looked and acted exactly like one of his employees actually was him.

    Episode 10: The 87 Cent Solution! 
  • In order to stop Scrooge from diving into the bin and potentially dying from gold fever, the triplets, Webby, Launchpad, Gyro, Manny and Gizmoduck all dogpile on Scrooge to try to hold him down. An enraged Scrooge throws them ALL off of him. And this is Scrooge when he's weak from illness and lack of sleep.
  • A villainous example for Glomgold, who actually comes up with a surprisingly clever plan to drive Scrooge mad and draw in his investors. If he hadn't been prodded into Evil Gloating, he could've easily gotten away with it.

     Episode 11: The Golden Spear! 
  • Donald fighting zombies with a chainsaw, à la Ash Williams from the Evil Dead franchise.
  • Della piloting the Spear of Selene back to Earth...and finally making it.
    Della: I'm home.

     Episode 12: Nothing Can Stop Della Duck! 
  • Della finally reuniting with her uncle and sons after all these years.
  • The family taking down El Dorado's golden robot together.
  • Equal parts Funny and Awesome: the Gilded Man finds a loophole in using the Sword in the Stone - it pulls the sword together with the stone out of the ground and uses it as a mace.
  • The Gilded Man uses the Sword in the Stone to knock out Mrs. Beakley. This enrages Webby, who proceeds to use her grappling gun to pull the sword right out of the golden robot's hand.
    Webby: You just knocked out the wrong old lady!

     Episode 13: Raiders of the Doomsday Vault! 
  • Della using her skills she learned on the moon to rebuild the vault.

     Episode 14: Friendship Hates Magic! 

     Episode 15: The Dangerous Chemistry of Gandra Dee! 
  • Beaks effortlessly dodging the security system for Gyro's lab and hacking said system on his phone, all the while dancing to music on a hoverboard.
  • Gizmoduck fighting the mutated Beaks is pretty much Iron Man vs The Incredible Hulk.
  • Fenton and Gandra defeating Beaks with their respective inventions.

     Episode 16: The Duck Knight Returns! 
  • From the title, the return of Darkwing Duck!
  • For what it's worth, the replacement Darkwing Duck is actually a really good fighter; he's able to take on Launchpad, who's twice his size in width and a full foot taller than him. Yeah Launchpad wasn't wanting to hurt him, but he had some good moves on him and was able to keep it really well.
  • The second Launchpad sees Jim Starling pointing the lightning gun at the film's director, he immediately jumps in front of the director to shield him. Keep in mind, this is Launchpad protecting the person he thought was ruining Darkwing Duck from the person he idolizes the most. And then this is immediately followed by the moment right below.
  • Just when Jim Starling is about blast Launchpad who is defending Boorswan, he is interrupted by the sudden arrival of a mysterious figure making a Badass Boast that sounds too familiar. There on the rafters, the figure emerges from a puff of smoke, and it's the replacement actor now in his superhero guise for the movie, as shown in the page image. Ladies and gentleman, Darkwing Duck is back!
  • The fight between Jim Starling and his replacement while the place is on fire.
    • Props to the replacement actor taking repeated hits from Jim Starling (including getting caught in a fireworks explosion, having a piano dropped on him, etc), and not staying down. It culminates in him taking direct hits from Starling's commandeered lightning gun...and striding forward like Darth Vader against the Emperor, refusing to let anyone else get hurt.
      Fan/Darkwing Duck: Keep...getting...up...!
    • The replacement keeps advancing and getting hits from the Lightning Gun until it overheats and explodes.
  • Jim Starling's replacement's name is revealed to be Drake Mallard. And Launchpad convinces Drake to become Darkwing Duck for real and help people like Gizmoduck.
  • Unfortunately, for every hero, there’s an archenemy to oppose them...and Drake's nemesis is none other than Jim Starling, who's just become this series' incarnation of Negaduck.
    Jim Starling/Negaduck: It was all a setup. That hack put my fan in danger to steal the glory and humiliate me! They want “grim and gritty”, huh? Happy to play the part... (Evil Laugh)
  • The animation deserves a lot of credit in this episode. It does little things, like giving the in-universe Darkwing Duck show Special Effect Failure, and the overall style replicates the Cartoon Physics of the classic Darkwing Duck show. Then we reach the proper hand-to-hand fight between the old and new, and we suddenly get a well-choreographed martial arts showdown that looks fantastic.
  • This is the single ballsiest reboot of any reboot ever. Not just because it changes so much from the original, but because it took so many risks while clearly understanding what made the show special in the first place.
    • The ballsiest part of the episode has to be the casting, putting original Darkwing Duck voice actor Jim Cummings against a new Darkwing voiced by Chris Diamantopoulos. The Cummings voice is iconic for many Disney fans, but by the end of one twenty minute episode, you'll fully buy Diamantopoulos as a sincere and worthy successor to the role.
    • Just as awesome is how they handled Negaduck. In the original cartoon, there were two different versions of Negaduck: the first version was a Literal Split Personality representing all the evil within Darkwing (subtly referenced throughout the episode, especially at the climax), while the Negaduck that most fans are familiar with came out of nowhere from a Mirror Universe. Here, Negaduck is given a new origin story that makes him a chillingly believable Evil Counterpart to Darkwing Duck, without being a literal inner manifestation of Darkwing's darkness or an Evil Twin from another universe!
    • To put more emphasis on the balls of the reboot, this episode was the pay-off from all the build-up the team had been playing since the initial episode back in Season 1 that revealed Darkwing Duck was a Show Within a Show, which caused quite a bit of backlash from fans of the original show at the time. Despite all the criticism and hate, the writers stuck to their guns and kept the train going until this episode aired, revealing it was all intentional for the grand origin story of so many fans' favorite terror that flaps in the night! The writers played us in the best possible way, and it was amazing.


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