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"I am the storm."

    Episode 1: Woo-oo! 
  • Within the first few minutes the show namedrops the locations of the other Disney Afternoon shows from the past! The boys wanted to hijack the houseboat to joyride to Cape Suzette, and inside a business meeting Scrooge's investors mention the finances in Spoonerville and St. Canard.
  • Donald manages to trick Scrooge into looking after the triplets showing how this version of Donald can match wits with Scrooge.
    Donald: Ms B said you would watch the boys, can you do that without losing them?
    Scrooge: Of course I can!
    Donald: Fantastic! Thank you so much!
    Scrooge: YOU'RE WELCOME... Wait what now?
  • The line from Donald: "No tricks, no lies, no trouble," seems to be referring to the triplets, but then he clarifies in what is possibly one of the greatest Establishing Character Moments for the series: "I wasn't talking to you." Donald's tone, when delivering this Stealth Insult to Scrooge, gets downright icy. And yes, you can tell through his rasping. This is an awesome line for so many reasons. First, it implies that Donald is a more complex character than he's usually portrayed as, that he has genuine concerns with leaving his nephews, the closest thing he has to children, with Scrooge. Second, it implies huge emotional baggage between the two, that Donald wouldn't leave them with Scrooge unless he had no other choice. Third, it helps set up the Myth Arc for the show, and the future reveal about Della Duck. Fourth, it's clear that Donald blames Scrooge for something or has survivor's guilt, which might be why he's so overprotective of the nephews. Fifth, Scrooge is the most powerful duck in the world, and Donald currently doesn't have a job. In most other worlds, someone in Scrooge's position wouldn't have any trouble crushing someone like Donald, but Donald shows no fear whatsoever. Sixth, it tells the audience that while the show will still be Duck Tales, it can still do serious moments. Seventh, it shifts Donald from a typical overprotective dad into a Papa Wolf, giving another dimension to him. Eighth, it shows off how talented Donald's VA is. And ninth, it does all of this with just five words.
  • When Huey realizes that the ghost of Captain Peg-Hook is riding the Headless Man-Horse and is wielding the Deus Ex Calibur, Scrooge casually remarks that it was a good thing because instead of three targets, it's only one target, and calmly walks out.
    Scrooge: Oi! Beastie! What's it gonna take to shuffle you off to the afterlife?
    Captain Peg-Hook: The head of Scrooge McDuck!
    Scrooge: [cracks his neck, flips his cane around to wield like a sword] Would you settle for his hat?
  • What follows is a glimpse of Scrooge in adventure mode: he uses his hat to distracts the pirate, slides under the Headless Man-Horse, which prompts Captain Peg-Hook to throw the sword at Scrooge's head... that is, the head of a statue of Scrooge.
    Scrooge: [flourishes with his cane and in a cheeky tone] There's your head. [throws at Peg-Hook]
    Captain Peg-Hook: [catches head in shock] I SHOULD HAVE BEEN MORE SPECIFIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC! [Disappears]
  • The dragon Pixiu from the teaser is given more context. And it's a five minute chase that ends with them all working together.
  • Donald working to save his family from the death traps. He also manages to be a Guile Hero distracting Glomgold and his henchmen.
    • Distract isn't the half of it. When Gabby is about to use lethal force against Scrooge and co., Donald fakes tripping and deliberately throws himself on top of a woman who has already demonstrated that she's very good with a blade. And when his "co-workers" don't buy that it's an accident, Donald justifies his actions by telling Glomgold that if they kill Scrooge, they won't be able to torture him later. Any doubts about Donald's adventuring abilities are gone by this point.
    • Adding to the rescue, Donald gets serious rather quickly and uses a near-by METAL shield to block the flames. He's not even worried about potentail burns if it means protecting his nephew/adopted son.
    • Donald's actions through Atlantis are one of the few times he weaponizes his clumsiness to save his family.
  • This episode features one of the most epic versions of Scrooge jumping into his money pit, falling straight through a broken roof after turning a dragon into stone, clearly so good at it, he considers it a SOFT landing. Later in the episode, Scrooge uses his gold-swimming ability to sneak up on Glomgold at the treasure room of Atlantis.
  • Dewey does his "Dewey Dance" across the lasers (which doubles as a Funny Moment), while Donald saves him from the fire traps below. Once he's across, Scrooge just swings across on a cable in a fraction of the time. Dewey scoffs that it's the easy way, but then Scrooge asks why he wouldn't take the easy way if it was readily available. He then invokes his old motto from the comics: "Work smarter, not harder."
  • Launchpad knows Swedish!
  • Launchpad, Webby, Huey, and Louie fighting off Glomgold's mercenaries. Huey manages to disarm Slash by using one of the t-shirts he brought, Webby jumps on top of Gabby and pulls her hair to take her out, and Launchpad, who's currently out of it thanks to being infected with snake venom, still ends up dodging every single one of the Hack's attacks and falls on top of him.
    • Envenomated Launchpad has something of a "Drunken Master" vibe to him.
  • Scrooge upstaging Glomgold's press conference boasting that the real Jewel of Atlantis will be a clean power source for Duckburg and then casually telling Glomgold that bauble he has is "obviously cursed". When Glomgold protests, he's immediately attacked by an angry sea monster.
  • A Fridge Moment of Awesome for Glomgold. He was dragged under the waves by a sea-monster. We know he's going to be a recurring villain. Ergo, while he's no Scrooge McDuck, he clearly was able to fend off the sea-monster and survive.
  • One word when Dewey repairs the painting in Scrooge's garage: "...Mom?" That's right! Della Duck (the triplet's mother and Donald's twin sister) is crossing over from the comics, and we're going to find out what happened to her! Cue the audience's jaw dropping.
  • We see the image of Scrooge, Della and Donald fighting pirates. Deadbeat with a jalopey Donald may be, but he survived going around the entire world with Scrooge McDuck. This is a dangerous duck.

    Episode 2: Daytrip of Doom! 
  • When Donald and Beakley go to confront the Beagle Boys over kidnapping the kids, Beakley tries to come up with a strategy. Donald just yells at them to give him back his nephews, turns red with rage, and starts beating the snot out of them. The best part is he attacks Bouncer first. Donald Duck opens a duck-sized can of whoop-ass on a Beagle Boy several times his size, pulling on his eyelids, beating on his back and zipping between him and Burger so quickly and crazily that neither can stop him. He manages to earn some respect from Beakley, who is implied to have taken on the Beagle Boys before. It just shows that, while he and Scrooge may be retired from adventuring, neither of them are any less deadly. And it probably explains why Della left the boys with Donald — just look at him when they're in danger.
  • Webby has multiple moments of awesome in the episode:
    • She takes the nerf gun game very seriously, armed with a grappling hook and night vision goggles, and setting up traps against the boys.
    • She kicks a hacky sack ball at a tree, knocking it to the ground.
    • She climbs up to her room, which is on the second floor, so effortlessly and skillfully it would make Spider-Man proud.
    • When she and the triplets are tied up and locked in the freezer together with Bigtime, she slips out of the rope and knocks out the Beagle Boy with a frozen pizza. She then admits she could have done it all the time.
    • Following some encouragement from the triplets, she sends a threatening note to Ma Beagle telling her that she captured Bigtime. She turns off the lights in Funso's (using her night vision goggles to see) and taunts Ma Beagle with a song, and then leads her into the ball pit, where the triplets capture Ma Beagle with a net trap.
  • Ma Beagle's description of Beakley: "strong, ruthless, and unforgiving".
    • Also when Beakley tells Donald that she's a spy and they both laugh it off on reflex, Donald pausing and giving Beakley a Double Take is both funny and awesome because Donald's thinking, like many viewers, "You know, I can totally see that happening".

    Episode 3: The Great Dime Chase! 
  • Miss Emily Quackfaster is set to become the ultimate Scary Librarian. Her introduction, when Webby opens the archive doors and a haze of light fills the room before Quackfaster arrives to forbid them is ominous and then it gets crazier from there with Quackfaster making a dusty library and archives into a boss-room as she unleashes "the Trials".
    • During the time when she's chasing Dewey and Webby around the library with a sword, the kids start throwing books at her. She catches all of them, and balances/stacks them neatly on the flat of her blade before throwing them into the air where they all slide perfectly into place on the shelves, the last book landing on a display stand open to a chapter titled 'Organizing'.
  • From an animation perspective, the way the show elaborates by visual storytelling the entire Money Bin is amazing, and the animation work in the coin sorting room is quite impressive given the art style and limitations. There had been concerns about the show's approach differing from the 1987 series by being more cel-shaded rather than hand-drawn, but the results on offer show that the series can get the same results from their art-style just as well.
  • Scrooge's deft personnel management shows off in an understated manner why he is so impressive. Even when he's not adventuring he's pretty good at business, knows how to bring people who are weird to work for him, and likewise even makes those he dislikes, like the Buzzards, help his business.
  • Two words in Gyro's notebook: Project Blatherskite. Gizmoduck is coming!
  • Louie swims through the gold at the bin! In this universe, Scrooge said that he had to build the muscle to even attempt that. And Louie, despite some resistance due to the fact that it's, you know, metal, he was able to get to the fake #1 dime and back up in record time.

    Episode 4: The Beagle Birthday Massacre! 
  • After infiltrating Ma Beagle's birthday party with Lena, Webby has to get back to McDuck Manor with various themed Beagle Boys from around the world chasing them. The plot is more or less one extended shout-out to The Warriors, from the costumes to the shots used to the set-pieces. And it's AWESOME!
  • Lena turning the whole Beagle family against each other by asking a simple question of who would get the credit of giving them over to Ma Beagle.
  • The reveal at the end: Lena is Magica DeSpell's niece, helping her aunt infiltrate McDuck Manor for God knows what. We only see her communicating to a shadow with glowing red eyes and a slasher smile, but that's all we need to know this version of Magica isn't messing around.

    Episode 5: Terror of the Terra-Firmians! 
  • Lena disobeying Magica's orders to leave Ms. Beakley to die, using her magic to levitate the subway car she's pinned under and even succeeding after she trips and loses control of it. All to majorly heroic music to boot.
  • On a meta level, there's also the depiction of Lena's magic. She is shown to have a significant amount of power, as she could levitate a subway car. However, it was also shown that doing so was no simple, easy feat, that it required effort and concentration. It's a good indicator for future episodes about the potential dangers of magic, especially if Magica proves so powerful that she can perform similar feats effortlessly.
  • Webby convincing Huey to set aside his fears and make a break through the dark subway tunnels for safety. The Power of Friendship combined with Awesome Music helps make it one of the Signature Scenes of the episode.
  • Huey establishing first contact with the Terra-Firmians.
  • It's subtle, but Grandma Beakley wrapping her body around Lena as they hang on for dear life on the runaway subway train. She may dislike the newcomer teen, but she won't let a child be killed if she has anything to say about it.

    Episode 6: The House of the Lucky Gander! 
  • For the first and so far only time in the entire series, Launchpad actually lands the plane properly. Don't worry, he gets his chance to wreck it at the end of the episode.
  • While no match for Gladstone in terms of luck, Donald wins Liu Hai's challenge with his own power: Unstoppable Rage! Running on pure anger, Donald screams away a magic tiger, runs vertically up a giant pachinko machine, and smashes through every obstacle straight to the finish line. Even before that, Donald is able to make his way through the trials by relying on his own skills, whereas Gladstone is content to let his insane luck take care of it. Donald really is one of the greatest adventurers of all time.
  • Scrooge manages to trick Liu Hai into showing him to the exit, by pretending to give in and agree to stay the night - since the reception is usually right at the entrance - and then later convinces Liu Hai to trade Gladstone for Donald. He also correctly deduces that Donald's bad luck would ruin Liu Hai and his casino.
  • Scrooge's whole demeanor once he finds out about the trap. Kitschy tourist trap casino? Bored beyond belief. Evil spirit siphoning the luck off of one of his relatives (even a layabout like Gladstone)? Finally, some action. And when Donald is chosen as the competitor for the Ducks, Scrooge's complaint isn't that Liu Hai chose their weakest member (in fact, Scrooge probably guessed the outcome from the get go), it's that he doesn't get to participate.
  • Launchpad has an epic offscreen adventure helping his old girlfriend fight gangsters, and casually plays off how he's wearing armor that has arrows sprouting all over, plus a baby panda on his back.

    Episode 7: The Infernal Internship of Mark Beaks! 
  • A villainous example in Mark Beaks. He becomes Duckburg's newest billionaire by hyping a product that doesn't exist and then hiring a corporate saboteur to 'steal' it as he trends the whole event. He nearly dies, sure, but he ultimately gets away with everything.
  • Despite Huey looking down on Dewey for not being as smart as him, it is Dewey who figures out the purpose and logic of Mark Beaks' Xanatos Gambit. Dewey may not be as academically capable as his older brother, but he more than makes up for it with street smarts and social savviness.

    Episode 8: The Living Mummies of Toth-Ra! 
  • Toth-Ra started out as an Oz hoax, then when he enters the rune circle he truly comes to life into a powerful undead mummy.
  • Toth-Ra being defeated by epic burrito-making skills. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • Scrooge working burritos into an inspirational speech. Talk about taking a joke to its logical extreme!

    Episode 9: The Impossible Summit of Mt. Neverrest! 
  • Louie gets one when he uses Launchpad's delirious state to call out the scam artist that sold Launchpad a bunch of over-priced junk. Either the scam artist has to give Launchpad a full refund (and Launchpad bought a lot of stuff) as well as actually help the seemingly very ill and dying Launchpad recover, or he has to admit that 'Ice Fever' isn't real. In front of at least half a dozen new marks that he was currently working. A rare heroic version of the Morton's Fork.
  • Huey, when he actually talks Scrooge into throwing in the towel against the Impossible Task before it gets all of them killed. In all honesty, getting Scrooge to give up on any challenge can be considered an Impossible Task in and of itself.]]
  • The final moment of the episode. After Huey puts back the map with his scribbles on the map stall, a gust of wind picks it up and blows it through a wormhole... which leads to the summit of Mount Neverrest. While Huey and Scrooge never reached the summit, the map will remain there as a reminder of how far they got.

    Episode 10: The Spear of Selene! 
  • After spending the entire episode refusing to do any type of adventure, Donald steps up to the plate when a brainwashed Storkules has been ordered to kill his family.
    Donald: Hey, you big palooka! Nobody gets hurt today!
  • Mixed with Heartwarming Moments, Scrooge helping Donald fight a brainwashed Storkules. And Donald's reaction indicates He’s Back to adventuring after a very long retirement.
    Scrooge: Seems like old times, eh lad?
    Donald: *laughs and gives a Let's Get Dangerous! face*
  • Just the fact that Scrooge McDuck has earned the wrath of Zeus by the mere fact of how awesome he is.
  • Dewey and Webby brawling it out when the former wants to quit searching for his mother, rendering their quest All for Nothing. Despite Webby being a master at several styles of martial arts, Dewey uses wits and pragmatism to even the odds. Even though he eventually loses, that doesn't negate the awesome fact that he fought toe-to-toe against Webby for several minutes.

    Episode 11: Beware the B.U.D.D.Y System! 
  • The episode's Cold Open. Darkwing Duck is finally shown!
    • Even better? it plays out JUST like an episode of the show. It's like a lost episode!
    • Including the confirmation that Jim Cummings himself was brought back to do the voice again. The Squee! from people of a certain age could be heard across the country at the first "I am the terror that flaps in the night."
    • The scene also includes Michael Bell returning as Quackerjack and showing he can still do the laugh, and while they couldn't get Dan Castellaneta back as Megavolt, Keith Ferguson does a pitch-perfect impression so you'd never know the difference.
  • Despite being overly cautious to the point he gets a late start, driving distracted as he tries to memorize dozens of driving tips sticky notes, crashing a limo, a motorcycle, a bicycle, and a pair of roller skates, Launchpad still almost wins the race against B.U.D.D.Y. In fact, if he'd tried to finish on foot instead of making a dramatic lunge (that lands him mere inches short of the finish line) Launchpad would have won.
  • Launchpad saving Scrooge, Dewey, Gyro, and Mark Beaks from BUDDY.
    Launchpad: Let's get dangerous!
  • Fenton finally activating the Gizmoduck suit in the climax.
    Fenton: Operating passcode: Blathering Blatherskite!

    Episode 12: The Missing Links of Moorshire! 
  • Dewey's natural talent when it comes to Druid Golf.
  • Say what you will about Golf as an episode, but in a meta context, this episode takes the extremely minor comic about "black Donald" inventing the sport, and managed to make a magical adventure out of it. Talk about digging into the lore for inspiration.

    Episode 13: McMystery at McDuck McManor! 
  • As soon as Duckworth is summoned back, he and Scrooge are immediately able to put together a plan to kick all the villains out, and teach Huey the lesson he needs.
  • A quick moment showing Scrooge's business saavy: he doesn't literally own Duckberg, but he owns the land Duckberg is on, which he leases to the city for a tidy profit.
    Louie (admiringly): Oh he is the best!

    Episode 14: Jaw$! 
  • After Scrooge, Donald, and Huey have been struggling for a while to hold onto a giant coin, Mrs. Beakley casually picks it up with one arm.
  • Scrooge jumping into the money shark to retrieve his Number One Dime.
  • Webby fighting the money shark after the shark eats Scrooge.
  • Lena going against Magica to save Webby and the others.
  • Webby tapping into the Magic of Friendship even after she's been explicitly told that it isn't a thing. Lena is visibly freaked when her magical aura changes color due to this. What's even more awesome is that Lena later on deliberately invokes it to save Webby by destroying the money shark. Doubles as Heartwarming.

    Episode 15: The Golden Lagoon of White Agony Plains! 
  • Goldie O'Gilt, reimagined as "the catwoman to Scrooge's Batman" is quite the thief in this continuity. Stealing a mammoth head in a matter of seconds, pickpocketing easily several times.
  • When Goldie breaks into Scrooge's mansion, she manages to subdue two of the show's most competent fighters, Beakley and Webby, tie them up and toss them into a cupboard. Too bad we don't see how she did it.
  • Scrooge tames a bear named Nanook and uses it as his packmule. Only Scrooge McDuck could pull of something like that.
  • The tool duel between Scrooge, Goldie and Glomgold. More specifically, the duel between Scrooge and Goldie that Glomgold keeps trying to cut in on and how effortlessly they work together to dodge him only to go right back to fighting each other. And the whole fight is set to tango music to make it feel even more elegant and sensual.
  • Goldie manages to escape from drowning and/or burning in molten gold by using the Demigorgon medal, and sabotage Glomgold's Death Trap by stealing the gold he wants to drown Scrooge in.

    Episode 16: Day of the Only Child! 
  • Dewey once again proves his skills as a brawler when an irate Huey starts wrestling with him in the Cold Open. Dewey easily flips and pins Huey, and the older brother only manages to get the last hit with a cheap shot.
  • For Launchpad fans, seeing him as a Junior Woodchuck troop leader is reassuring that some of his competence is intact.
  • Once reunited, the brothers easily overpower their attackers. With each brother solving another one's problem, no less: the brainy Huey fixes the haywire security robot, the daredevil Dewey (with some help from Huey's robot) subdues Doofus, and the smooth-talking Louie convinces the Beagle Boys to go back to their old ways.

    Episode 17: From the Confidential Case Files of Agent 22! 
  • Just the concept that Scrooge and Mrs. Beakley were spies back in the day! And keep in mind Scrooge is already a billionaire at this point, so he's just doing the whole thing for kicks.
  • Despite Black Heron holding Webby at gunpoint, the young duckling tells her grandmother to just let her die so that Black Heron doesn't get the secret formula.
  • The juice-fueled final fight between Webby and Black Heron. Culminating in Webby (possibly) killing her.
  • After all the excitement over the likes of Darkwing Duck and Talespin being incorporated into the show, they slip in one no one saw coming as the Gummi Bears are a legendary ancient race whose juice is still fought over like a WMD.
  • Ludwig von Drake makes his debut appearance! As the head of the organization S.H.U.S.H.!
  • Webby impresses Scrooge with her outside the box thinking to get rid of the bubble guardian...the same way her Granny did on the first mission.

    Episode 18: Who Is Gizmoduck?! 
  • Fenton impressed Scrooge enough to get a paying job as Gizmoduck!
  • Fenton's mother is an Adaptational Badass as a cop in this show, and pushes Huey to safety during the climax.
  • Fenton finding his resolve to declare who he wants to be:
    Fenton: I am not a mascot, or an intern, or a fancy tool... I. Am. Gizmoduck!!!
  • Huey again shows his mastery of robotics by managing to improve the Gizmoduck suit and give Fenton more control. Picture that. This is something that Gyro invented, something that both he and Fenton, both very intelligent birds, had difficulty with managing, and Huey FIGURED IT OUT!

    Episode 19: The Other Bin of Scrooge McDuck! 
  • Louie outsmarting Gavin by tricking his brothers into thinking the latter has gotten sick from living in the mansion. Gavin can do nothing to stop the kids from kicking him out of the mansion at the end or when Louie smugly whispers "I win" to him before Louie slaps him repeatedly.
  • Webby vs Unicorn. Webby wins.
  • Just the fact that the writers were able to and allowed by Disney to write an episode that realistically showed just what a child's life is like when under the oppression of an Abusive Parent.
  • Adding to the previous note, the writers taking advantage of the All Just a Dream cliche to push the climax of the episode into sheer Nightmare Fuel - Webby getting turned into a puppet and being disintegrated onscreen, all the while screaming in agony, while Lena screams in despair. Looks like the show has finally escaped the Animation Age Ghetto that's typically associated with Disney.
  • Kimiko Glenn (Lena), Kate Micucci (Webby), and Catherine Tate (Magica) really hit the voice acting out of the ballpark in this episode. From Magica's verbal abuse, to Webby's screams of agony, to Lena's Big "NO!"... the word "wow" is an understatement.

    Episode 20: Sky Pirates... in the Sky! 
  • You have to give Don Karnage and his crew credit for how they pull off their heist. Instead of going into battle with the Duck family, they board the plane and perform an elaborate musical number, during which they sneak off with all of the treasure as the Ducks just stand there confused.
  • Dewey getting the crew to mutiny on Don Karnage.
  • Dewey goes from being stranded in a jungle, alone and empty handed, to the undisputed commander of an airborne armada in less than an hour (even engineering a mutiny while tied to a post and under guard). The real kicker is that he pulled it off by the seat of his pants!
  • The way Dewey leads the crew into taking his own family captive. It's clear that he does not intend to actually hurt his family by any means, but he does it with such grace and ease that one wonders if he has not done it before. It's a good thing Dewey is a very loving person at heart, because this part of the episode makes it clear that if Dewey were to ever pull a Face–Heel Turn, it would not be pretty.

    Episode 21: The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck! 
  • Huey, Dewey and Louie along with the spirits of their ancestors, scaring away the hound of the castle by roaring together.
  • Huey and Louie are able to solve a series of puzzles set up by their legendary adventurer mother in just a few hours, and with Dewey trying to stop them the whole time.
  • The way Huey has no problem calling Dewey out for keeping secrets. He has no patience for Dewey's excuses.

    Episode 22: The Last Crash of the Sunchaser! 
  • Mrs. Beakley carries a freaking butterfly knife with her! Never Mess with Granny indeed!
  • Scrooge's agile, death-defying scramble to save Launchpad from falling out of the plane. Looks like Launchpad's faith in his boss was well-placed.
    • Credit goes to Launchpad too, for how easily he navigated getting on top of the falling credits so Scrooge could save him.
  • With Louie and Huey on board, Dewey and Webby make more progress in a few days/couple of weeks in the search for Della than they did with months of searching on their own.
  • Launchpad manages to keep a cool head throughout the entire episode, even when he almost falls out of the plane.
    • He also manages to pull the plane out of a nosedive inches from the ground once the mountaintop breaks.
  • Though the situation is NOT awesome, Beakley sticking up for Webby after Scrooge lashes out at her.
    Scrooge: This is a family matter! You are NOT family!

     Episode 23: The Shadow War! 
  • Just how amazingly powerful Magica is in this version. To clarify:
    • While the original comic book version of her was a formidable foe, she (initially) relied on gimmicks and stage tricks more than actual magic.
    • The original Ducktales version of her, on the other hand, did wield actual magic from the get-go, but was something of an Inept Mage who had her spells blow up in her face half the time.
    • By comparison, this version of Magica de Spell is a masterful Evil Sorceress who knows exactly how to wield the powers of the artifacts she gets her hands on. By the middle act, she's sealed Scrooge inside his own dime, and turned his money bin into her personal throne room, and unleashed an army of shadows on Duckburg!
  • The fact that Catherine Tate nails the role of evil sorceress so perfectly. Given how menacing she comes off in her voice acting, one wonders if she hadn't taken something that made her completely insane while voicing Magica.
  • Webby, Launchpad, and Mrs. Beakley's "Family Trap" plan working.
    • Speaking of the Family Trap, as soon as Beakley realizes what Webby and Launchpad are up to, she immediately declares that she wants in.
    Beakley: I’m a former agent and a grandmother. I know how to weaponize guilt.
  • Doubles as a Tear Jerker, considering Donald hates adventure and blames Scrooge for what happened to Della, but when he sees Magica's forces surrounding Scrooge's manor, he starts a Rousing Speech about how they have to help Scrooge. With some help from Gyro's Barksian voice modulator, which makes him sound like Don Cheadle, he invokes Let's Get Dangerous!.
  • On their way to save Scrooge on Donald's houseboat, established badass Beakley tries to take the helm from Donald: he immediately takes it back without missing a beat, so much that she backs down and settles for the role of his second-in-command, which leads to Donald's Pre Ass Kicking One Liner.
    Beakley: Get ready for the storm.
    Donald: I am the storm.
    Beakley: Seriously, have you been saying things like that this whole time?
  • When Fenton's shadow steals the Gizmoduck suit, he shows he's perfectly capable of being a hero without it, saving Gyro and Manny with a new invention.
  • The entire climax of the episode which include:
    • Donald single-handedly fighting a horde of shadows while he's being electrocuted by the Barksian voice modulator.
      • This includes Fenton's shadow, which earlier stole the Gizmoduck suit from Fenton. And though the battle is not shown, the fact that Donald and company enter the bin while Magica is still empowered implies he beat the Gizmoduck armor.
    • The fact that Don Cheadle actually did the trademark angry garbled quacking that Donald is known for.
    Donald: Get away from my kids!
    • Even without the Gizmoduck armor, Fenton kicks some serious ass, saving Manny and Lil' Bulb from a horde of shadow creatures, which he then proceeds to effortlessly mow down thanks to a Lil' Bulb-upgraded laser blaster.
    • Launchpad fighting the shadows while singing his own version of the Darkwing Duck theme song, no less!
      • And he doesn't fight them just anywhere, but on the hood of his own plane while in mid flight! Provided that Launchpad isn't ignorant of the danger, he's truly fearless.
    • The kids vs Magica. All of it. It begins with Dewey declaring, "Do what we do best. Make trouble." What follows is a showcasing of each of the kids' core strengths, displayed before throughout the season:
      • Huey using his natural curiosity and thirst for answers to coax Magica into almost revealing how her powers work, dodging her magical blasts all the while.
      • Louie using his talents as a silver-tongued trickster to con Magica into believing that she's put a curse on herself by breaking a mirror with her reckless spell blasts, setting her up for a sneak attack...
      • ...From Webby, who proceeds to battle the sorcereress one-on-one. And despite her powers, years of experience, and status as the most terrifying villain on the show, Magica actually gets so rattled by Webby's ferocity that at one point, she's visibly backing away in fear as she tries to put some distance between them. Sure, she manages to recover and knock Webby away, but it's still worth noting.
      • This can't be understated - Webby manages to scare Magica de Spell, which arguably only Scrooge is said to have done. And not without reason - Webby's blows were landing with enough force that despite Magica's Deflector Shield, the Number One Dime was still rattled from her grip. On top of that, the fight is straight up personal for Webby, considering everything that Magica’s done to Lena. The moral here? Chief among the things you should do to survive in Duckburg: never, EVER make Webby angry.
      • Dewey attempting to tackle Magica from behind. And then, after a heartfelt apology to Scrooge for their previous argument, he ends up using the Number One Dime to counter Magica de Spell's killing blast, and ends up inadvertently setting Scrooge free.
    • Related to the above: no attention is drawn to it, but Huey and Louie deserve recognition for being able to dodge Magica's magical blasts like pros. Huey especially, because she shot at him point-blank a couple of times and he still dodged it with a smirk on his face.
    • Lena's sacrifice. She likely knows that she's got no real chance against her Evil Aunt, but keeps trying to wrestle the staff away from her right to the very end.
    • Scrooge vs Magica. We see him at his best, the legendary adventurer that Magica described him as earlier, using all his skills and cunning to duel her with smooth, masterful ease. She's got a magic staff that shoots magical bolts? He's got a cane, getting in close and parrying the focusing crystal of her weapon so that her shots go wild. She tries to mock him for what a pathetic wreck he was at the beginning? He actually thanks her for helping resolve the conflict between him and his family. She tries to go right for the kill? He fences the staff out of her hand, disarming her without breaking a sweat.
  • The episode doesn't bring much attention to it, but unlike the rest of the kids, Louie actually managed to learn how to swim in Scrooge's money.
  • A couple reveals lead to much awesomeness in hindsight:
    • Magica wants the dime in this version because her body is sealed inside it. For the last fifteen years, Scrooge has been keeping the dime close at hand not just for its sentimental value, but to keep an eye on his greatest enemy and make sure she never escapes.
    • Lena isn't just a relative of Magica but actually her shadow brought to life, literally a part of her designed to do her bidding. And yet she was still able to create her own mind and ultimately decide to turn against Magica, knowing the whole time she was risking her entire existence to do it.
    • The above is also an awesome moment for Huey, Dewey, Louie, and especially Webby, for facilitating it. Simply by being genuine in their friendship toward her and providing a positive example of a family instead of the dysfunctional relationship Lena and Magica had, they encouraged Lena's growth into her own being and gave her the courage to stand up to her creator.
  • The ending of the episode where we learn that Della is alive! Plus, the Moon theme starts playing!
    • Consider this: unless confirmed otherwise, Della Duck survived at least 10 years in outer space, on the Moon, by herself. She hasn't gone insane, she still looks organized (unkempt hair aside), and she doesn't look anywhere near throwing in the towel yet. And then the news broadcast of her family comes up, giving her hope and further motivation to survive...


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