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Nightmare Fuel / Disenchantment

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"It's like ham, but it's not ham."

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Season 1

    "The Princess of Darkness" 
  • The whole exorcism scene definitely took a few pages from The Exorcist. When Big Jo is sent to remove Luci from Bean's room, the Enchantress casts a spell that forces Luci to possess Bean for real (by going down her throat) to try and fool Big Jo into thinking there's no demon to exorcise (very poorly).
    • Bean's eyes are glowing red and she's blankly staring into space with her mouth wide open, exposing Luci's eye. But the real sickening part is when Luci contorts her body in different ways that the human body can't, starting by twisting her head around 360 degrees For the Lulz. And the fact that Bean is aware of what's happening to her (and groaning in pain) is even worse.
    • But what's more frightening than Bean's demonic possession? The exorcist, Big Jo himself. This guy, who's acknowledged to be creepy even in-universe, seems a bit too zealous about hunting demons. When Jo's first few tricks fail to expel Luci, he resorts to setting Bean's bed on fire. Not because he expects to hurt Luci (he knows demons are immune to fire), but because he's crazy enough to risk burning Bean to death just to deprive Luci of a body to hide in. Luci, while pointing out how insane this is, voluntarily leaves Bean's body and surrenders himself to Jo just to save his friend's life.

    "Castle Party Massacre" 

    "Faster, Princess! Kill! Kill!" 

    To Thine Own Elf Be True 
  • Elfo's death. At the end of the knights' raid on the village of Elfwood, one of them fires an arrow into Elfo's back, killing him while Bean and Luci watch in horror. Unlike all the other deaths and violence in the show that were played for black comedy, Elfo's demise was treated with dead-seriousness.
  • The flashback narrated by Zog, where he recounts how he and a much younger Bean saw Dagmar being turned into stone after drinking poisoned wine. Like the incident with Elfo above, there's nothing funny about it.

    Dreamland Falls 
  • Queen Dagmar proves to be one hell of a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing. Little did Zog or Bean even know, Dagmar was the one who poisoned the wine with the intention of killing her own husband, only failing because she accidentally drank the wrong glass. After being brought back from death, Dagmar continues to set her true plans in motion. She turns several people to stone with the same poison and frames Oona for it, causing Zog and Oona to turn against each other out of fear. When Zog eventually figures out what's really happening, Dagmar tries to kill him again, and then releases a massive flood of the poison to turn (almost) everyone in Dreamland into stone. After Dagmar tricks Bean into leaving the country with her, Zog is left behind in his petrified ghost-town of a city.

Season 2

    The Disenchantress 
  • Whatever Dagmar and her siblings are up to. They are apparently planning to use Bean as some kind of sacrifice or vessel for some dark magical power. The ritual they plan for her involves screwing a crown into her skull. And they're not even sure if it will even work; they've tried it before with their youngest brother Jerry, and it made him a simpleton with divots in his head.


Season 3

    Subterranean Homesick Blues 
  • Zog arranges to fake his death and have Penderghast sneak him out of Dreamland. As he rides out in a coffin with viewport, he sees Penderghast's head on a pike above him. Once he reaches the graveyard, he discovers that he's been riding with the Archdruidess the whole time, and he can only watch as she buries him alive with a vicious grin on her face.

    You’re the Bean 
  • Speaking of taphophobia and claustrophobia, the B-plot of the episode revolves around Zog slowly suffocating in his coffin and losing his sanity the more he stays inside of it. Even when the underground creatures save him by accident, the experience traumatized him so much, that he has a Sanity Slippage for much of Season 3.

    Bean Falls Down 
  • Doubles as Tear Jerker. Bean is truly at her lowest point at the series. Luci is dead, Elfo has been taken, and now she's at the mercy of her mother about to be married off to some unknown being in Hell.

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