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"What is this feeling that I don't want to drink away?" "That's hope."

Disenchantment might take place in a Crapsack World, but it makes the genuine friendship built between three unlikely and flawed protagonists even more sweet.

Spoilers Off applies to all "Moments" pages, so all spoilers are unmarked.

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Season 1

    "A Princess, an Elf, and a Demon Walk Into a Bar" 
  • After all the chaos of their escape, the central trio settle down for the night and have their first real conversation, in which they quickly start to truly bond. Elfo is even excited at Luci cruelly mocking his dreams because he sees it as friendly banter.
    Bean: What is this feeling I don't want to drink away?
    Elfo: That's hope. It's hope!
  • Oona attempting to give Bean a talk about the birds and the bees, even if she can't really relate. Given that the two don't really get along in most cases, it means something that Oona at least tried to be a good stepmother.

    "The Princess of Darkness" 
  • Even though Luci is well, a demon, he really shows his altruistic side when he voluntarily surrenders himself to the crazy exorcist Big Jo, in order to save Bean from being set on fire and burning to death, even though he easily could've saved his own skin by doing nothing.
  • Bean and Elfo return the favor by tracking down Big Jo to a volcano, just to save Luci from being thrown into the lava. Because that's what friends do, right?

    "Faster, Princess! Kill! Kill!" 
  • Bean ultimately refusing to execute Gwen the Witch. Which turned out to be a pretty good decision, as Gwen was completely harmless and innocent of the crimes she was accused of. After Hansel and Gretel (the real culprits behind all the gruesome murders) are killed, Gwen is exonerated and allowed to go free, so she can finally live in peace with her sister (who as it later turns out, somehow survived getting blown up in the house).
  • Zog publicly honoring Bean (or as close as he's likely to come, at least) after her heroism in defeating Hansel and Gretel.

    "Love's Tender Rampage" 
  • Tess uses her Crystal Ball eye to see Bean's fortune, and sympathizes with how sad the princess' life is.
  • Bean helps Tess to escape, knowing "what it's like to feel like a freak". This accidentally comes off as insensitive as Tess doesn't think she's a freak, but it's the thought that counts.

    "The Limits of Immortality" 
  • As questionable as their motives might be, it's surprisingly sweet to watch Odval be supportive and affectionate to Sorcerio, especially given how dry and snarky he is to everyone else.
    • And before that, Sorcerio's nickname for Odval, "Oddie", is honestly just plain sweet and adorable, even with all their mysteries.

    "To Thine Own Elf Be True" 
  • Combined with a Tearjerker, Luci shows how much he's truly come to care for his companions when Elfo is killed. Dripping with Tranquil Fury, he demands "Who did that?", to which all the soldiers understandably back away with no one owning up to it.
  • Bean tearfully embraces her mother Dagmar after reviving her with the Elixir of Life.

    "Dreamland Falls" 
  • Bean and Luci pay their respects for their late friend Elfo at his funeral.
    • The fact that Tess came to Elfo's funeral in spite of all the crap he put her through.
    • Dagmar suggesting that Elfo be given a grand funeral due to his role in bringing her back. Considering what comes out about her later, it could count as a Pet the Dog moment.
  • Luci takes it upon himself to investigate what's really going on with Dagmar, to no apparent advantage to himself (in fact, he may even be actively working against his mission by trying to prevent Bean from being corrupted, showing that he cares more about her than his job by now). After telling Zog the truth, he gave the poor guy a sympathetic look and even showed him the shelf reveal.

Season 2

    "The Disenchantress" 

    "Stairway to Hell" 
  • Thanks to a bad connection, Elfo only hears Bean telling him to go to Hell with no context about it being a way to get him back to life. But he trusts her so innately that he immediately sets out getting there.
  • After living a Butt-Monkey life, Jerry has become God's favorite, to the point that Elfo calling him something as basic as "dum-dum" gets him damned to Hell.
  • After some very questionable moments about whose side he's really on, Luci ultimately gives up his new promotion, his wings, and even his immortality forever to get Bean and Elfo back to Earth.

    "The Very Thing" 
  • Oona angrily points out that, despite all their differences (including being a completely different species to the point where even their reproductive methods are different) and Oona being essentially a Replacement Scrappy for everyone in a strange kingdom with no one to turn to, she still did her best to love Bean and tried to be a good mother to her. While they rarely spoke, Oona was always polite, even kind, to Bean. Yet Bean was always cold and suspicious of her, even immediately suspecting her of being the one to poison the entire kingdom. Despite all of this, Oona still easily forgives her for everything (except stealing her drugs), which leads to...
  • Oona legitimetely offering Bean a chance to join her in pirate escapades.

    "The Lonely Heart is a Hunter" 

    "Tiabeanie Falls" 
  • When Luci, Elfo, and Bean are about to be burned at the stake, Luci reveals that he's been stripped of his immortality, and is going to die with the other two. Bean and Elfo are not at all upset, and the three friends take comfort in the fact that they will die together. When the blaze starts to reach them, Bean simply says "See you in Hell, boys", not showing anger, but thinking of her only two real friends.


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