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Spoilers Off applies to all "Moments" pages, so all spoilers are unmarked.

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Season 1

    "The Princess of Darkness" 
  • Luci forcing himself to be the good guy, and putting out the fire around Bean which Big Jo set to exorcise her.
  • Bean and Elfo taking out Big Jo, with his own arm!

    "Castle Party Massacre" 
  • Bean, Elfo, and Luci fighting off the horde of murderous Vikings who've taken over the castle. And eventually forcing all of them to fall down Zog's trapdoor to the ocean to their doom.

    "Faster, Princess! Kill! Kill!" 
  • Bean's confrontation with Hansel and Gretel, which ultimately saves Gwen the Witch from an unwarranted execution. Even better is how she killed the siblings. She accidentally lodged one end of an axe into Gretel's head, and despite Gretel's body being stuck on the weapon, she still has enough strength to slam it down into Hansel.

    "Love's Tender Rampage" 
  • Tess calling Elfo a dick after the way he treated her throughout the episode.

    "To Thine Own Elf Be True" 
  • The elves of Elfwood, as it turns out, are far more hardcore than previously thought. When Pendergast's knights arrive and attack their village, they successfully defend themselves and drive away these human warriors, giving them quite a humiliating defeat.

Season 2

    "The Disenchantress" 
  • While being shoved overboard tied up and chained to an anchor, Oona dislocates her arms so she can fight Dagmar some more, and ends up dragging the Eternity Pendant with her.
  • A mortally wounded Jerry takes the hammer out of his own head, and takes out Dagmar by the Chekhov's Skill the family itself just taught him.
    Jerry: I aimed for where she was going to be.

    "Stairway to Hell" 
  • Zog overcomes his episode's worth of self-doubt and saves Merkimer, kicking all kinds of troll ass with a killer Shout-Out to a certain previous role of John DiMaggio's.
  • Luci plan to use the demons' natural love of torment and torture, to help get his friends out of hell.

    "The Very Thing" 
  • Also called Oona is a badass ep.

    "Our Bodies, Our Elves" 
  • Elfo rescues Bean from Ogre prison by using Deadly Dodging to get them all to kill each other.
    Bean: Wow, Elfo. You're kind of scary when you're in a blood rage.

    "The Dreamland Job" 

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