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As per the Spoilers Off policy, all spoilers are unmarked here.

Fridge Brilliance

  • Why does the Fairy have the mannerisms of an old hooker? Because there is a school of thought that argues that, in Peter Pan, she's supposed to represent one.
    • More likely it's a play on words, "trick" referring both to a magic trick, and being slang for having sex with a prostitute.
  • Some viewers complained that the cynical and depressed Elfo in the first episode became much more generically bland and content in the series proper. However given how saccharine Elfwood is, anything other than their mindless sort of jollity would seem depressing by comparison. Additionally, Elfo has stopped being cynical simply because he got what he wanted; to live in a place where people can be miserable, and happiness isn't enforced by threat of hanging.
    • Not only did Elfo get what he wanted, it's likely he's very eager to learn about and explore the world without being obliged to restrict his feelings. Thus, he approaches nearly everything he encounters with Wide-Eyed Idealism, while learning how to respond to those things realistically.
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    • To muddle the stew, it's also possible that the Happiness Is Mandatory mentality is still inside Elfo; even though he doesn't like it, he falls back on reacting to things with joy. But he's also learning how to react realistically and true to his feelings.
    • Elfwood is so oppressive, that it makes Brave New World look libertarian in comparison! So naturally, Elfo is cynical because he can see the lie for what it is. But the outside world is the exact opposite; despite its name, Dreamland has no such pretense. Zog doesn't even really pretend to be a benevolent ruler, and all the ugliness is out in the open. So Elfo can just take it as it really is, and even finds it interesting.
  • Everything in Elfwood has a Meaningful Name; Shocko gasps, Weirdo stares at couples copulating, and Elmo is an elm tree. Elfo's name doesn't say much, unless you take it as a Suspiciously Specific Denial that he is most definitely an elf.
    Sorcerio: Tacking an '-o' on the end of 'Elf'? It's suspiciously on the nose.
    • Tess was about to explain the truth about Elfo when he interrupts and tells Bean that he was lying about Tess being his girlfriend. This could be foreshadowing to the revelation that Elfo is not a full-blooded elf.
  • Sven the Viking mentions that Bean has "stormy breath" at one point — a very well-hidden hint at her being more than an ordinary human with an odd hair color.
    • Her white hair color in general is a clue that Bean is more than she seems. Because at no point in the series is it said to be a dye job; and no other humans (besides her own mother) in the setting have white fantasy hair like that.
      • Dagmar's mom (Bean's grandmother) had the same hair as Bean and Dagmar... and also had Bean's buck teeth. She's seen on a portrait on a wall in "The Princess of Darkness" as the King discusses with Odval how to handle Bean's behavior.
  • Emperor Cloyd and the Enchantress both speak with vaguely English-sounding upper-class accents. Who else does so? Dagmar! Zog states that she was the daughter of a noble from a faraway land, but doesn't specify where. Her accent, use of the petrification potion and escape by sea indicate a connection to Maru.
    • When Bean tries to use the crystal ball, the sparks that jump from her fingertips are the same visual effect as when the Enchantress cast a spell on Luci through her own scrying device.
  • Luci's cat-like persona makes a special sort of sense when you realize that it's the people of Maru who called him up and sicked him on Bean.
  • In Season 1 Episode 4, Bean and Elfo unwittingly release a wagon-full of demons into the world, all of whom have wings except Luci. When they visit Hell in Season 2, Luci reveals that demons earn their wings when promoted, and promotions are handed out based on being a jerk. So why does he still not have wings? Because he's a better person than he lets on.
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  • Late in Season 2, Zog has a surprisingly heartfelt conversation with Derek about how justice is more complicated than in story books, and how no matter how fair you try to be someone always feels screwed, so sometimes you just have to go with your gut. So, why is Zog so execution happy in the show? At some point in the past he probably Stopped Caring (especially since he was The Wrongful Heir to the Throne in a Crapsack World) when he realized that no matter what judgement he gave some people would always be unhappy, so now he makes whatever snap decisions are quickest and easiest for himself.

Fridge Horror

  • In "A Princess, an Elf, and a Demon Walk Into a Bar", Bean makes a point of establishing she's not a virgin. However subsequent episodes establish that she can't get laid because all the men in Dreamland are terrified of her father. Considering Zog's warning to the court when Bean shamelessly strips off her top in the pilot, there's almost certainly a good reason why they're afraid.

Fridge Logic


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