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This is a list of episodes for Disenchantment, an animated series created by Matt Groening for streaming on Netflix.

Please be aware that all spoilers will be completely unmarked on these pages.

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    Season 1 (2018) 
  1. A Princess, an Elf, and a Demon Walk Into a Bar: Princess Bean tries to run away with her new demon friend Luci when she is forced to marry a foreign prince. Meanwhile, a disgruntled elf named Elfo flees from his village of Elfwood to experience life in the outside world, while also befriending Bean and Luci along the way.
  2. For Whom the Pig Oinks: After being recaptured by her new fiance, Bean looks for a new way to get out of her arranged wedding. Meanwhile, Bean's father King Zøg and his wizard Sorcerio perform experiments with Elfo's magical blood.
  3. The Princess of Darkness: Under encouragement from Luci, Bean starts misbehaving to the point of committing petty crimes around the city. Concerned by his daughter's delinquency, Zøg hires a creepy exorcist to get rid of Luci.
  4. Castle Party Massacre: When Zøg gets sick and travels away to cure his illness, Bean throws a wild party in the castle in the hopes of getting laid by men. However, an invading army of Land Vikings crash the party and then attack the royal palace.
  5. Faster, Princess! Kill! Kill!: Zøg kicks Bean out of the castle until she proves capable of living on her own. Bean tries looking for different jobs without success, eventually becoming a reluctant apprentice of Zøg's executioner. Meanwhile, Elfo runs off into the forest, and encounters a creepy man and woman who live in a gingerbread house.
  6. Swamp and Circumstance: Zøg gives Bean a chance to prove her worth by appointing her as Dreamland's ambassador to the neighboring kingdom of Dankmire, which is Queen Oona's homeland. But when Bean and her family go on a diplomatic trip to Dankmire, they wind up causing an international incident.
  7. Love's Tender Rampage: While getting high on drugs with his friends, Elfo lies to Bean that he has a girlfriend that they've never seen before. So Bean sends the knights on a quest to find Elfo's "girlfriend", only to return with a captive giant woman who happens to match Elfo's exact description. Hilarity ensues when Elfo tries desperately to keep up his convoluted charade.
  8. The Limits of Immortality: Bean and Luci embark on an epic quest, traveling around the known world to rescue Elfo from a mysterious kidnapper, while also searching for the final ingredient to the Elixir of Life: the Eternity Pendant.
  9. To Thine Own Elf Be True: When something strange and wrong is discovered about Elfo, he travels with Luci and Bean, returning to his hometown of Elfwood to learn the truth about who he is.
  10. Dreamland Falls: After making a difficult decision in the previous episode, Bean looks forward to the future. However, the consequences of Bean's choice spiral out of control, revealing some dark secrets along the way.

    Season 2 (2019) 
  1. The Disenchantress: Bean is taken by her mother to her home kingdom, but she is deeply distrustful of the strange things in this new country.
  2. Stairway to Hell: Bean, Elfo and Luci descend into Hell in order to find a way to bring Elfo back to life.
  3. The Very Thing: Oona joins a pirate crew that wants to get the treasures of Dreamland, while Bean and her friends find a Zøg maddened by loneliness.
  4. The Lonely Heart is a Hunter: A lonely and heartbroken Zøg falls in love with a forest Selkie. Meanwhile, Bean has strange dreams of her mother. Luci and Elfo fight for Kissy.
  5. Our Bodies, Our Elves: A disease spreads through the elves, which leads Bean and Elfo in a mission to find a berry that might heal them.
  6. The Dreamland Job: Bean, angry at being publically shamed on her father's orders, learns that the elves are being overtaxed, so she decides to get a circus troupe to rob her father's treasure vault.
  7. Love's Slimy Embrace: Zøg learns from a duke that gout is the illness of the rich men, so he has Luci help him get gout, and a lonely Derek makes a friend in a one-eyed octopus he calls Slimy.
  8. In Her Own Write: While Zøg deals with his feelings for Dagmer by ignoring them and erasing all traces of her, Bean tries to put down her feelings into writing, only to crash against sexism in theater.
  9. The Electric Princess: After a mysterious dragon-like airship crashes in Dreamland, Bean decides to join its pilot in the travel back to his homeland - but the consequences are earth-shaking.
  10. Tiabeanie Falls: Bean is accused of a crime in Dreamland, forcing her to face a very much one-sided court.


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