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WARNING: All spoilers are unmarked!

Disenchantment is part of a Shared Universe with Futurama and The Simpsons.
Some day, there might even be a crossover special involving all three shows (similar to "Simpsorama"). Well, that's assuming if Matt Groening can get copyright permissions from Fox; if not, there will at least be a Lawyer-Friendly Cameo.
  • In "Dreamland Falls", there's a very brief Freeze-Frame Bonus cameo of Fry, Bender, and Farnsworth inside the time machine from the Futurama episode "The Late Philip J. Fry". While this is just a fun Easter Egg for now, it does open up the possibility of these shows being connected together.
  • In The Simpsons episode "Treehouse of Horror XXIX", there are brief cameos of the Planet Express Ship from Futurama, and also of Luci from Disenchantment. These gags are definitely meant to make us connect these shows together, even if it's only been done jokingly so far.
    • As fragile as continuity is in The Simpsons to begin with, the Treehouse of Horror episodes are even more outside it. Luci turning up there is in no way meant to "make us connect the shows together". It's a joke and nothing more.
  • How to tie them all in? Perhaps some type of dark force (such as a curse) will plague humanity with yellow skin that won't be cured until thousands of years into the future.
    • One episode of Futurama has Fry developing a disease called "Simpson's Jaundice", turning his skin yellow.

Stock fantasy tropes (characters/creatures/plots/settings/etc.) that might be featured and parodied in future episodes.

There will be celebrity guest stars in this show.
Though unlike The Simpsons or Futurama where they usually played themselves, this won't be the case in Disenchantment, because this show's setting doesn't resemble the "real world" at all. Despite this, the celebrity guests will voice characters that are either in-universe self-parodies, or spoofs of other characters they've played; either way, expect plenty of Actor Allusions and Casting Gags.

One of the reasons Princess Bean doesn't want to marry Prince Guysbert...
...Is because she's secretly gay.
  • The actress who voices Bean is bisexual, so they might try to address this somehow. Whether Bean turns out to be a lesbian or bisexual, it would really explain her stereotypically masculine personality.
  • At least for now, this theory is (partially) jossed. In the episode "Castle Party Massacre", Bean is shown (desperately) attempting to have sex with various men, so this would definitely rule her out as being a lesbian. However, while it hasn't been confirmed nor even implied that Bean could be bisexual, this has yet to be disproven either, so it's still an open possibility for future seasons.
    • Being a tomboyish girl doesn't necessarily indicate a desire to have a girlfriend, despite what certain stereotypes may suggest. And as already mentioned above, Bean definitely prefers finding potential boyfriends.
    • However, it's very interesting to note that in "For Whom the Pig Oinks", while everyone was sailing towards Mermaid Island, Bean had also stuffed her ears (along with all the men aboard the ship) to protect herself from the sirens' singing. Whether that siren song was just magical mind control, or something that would only influence people who find it attractive, isn't clear.
  • Bean's bisexuality is finally confirmed in "Last Splash". She ends up falling hard in love with Mora the mermaid.

Cloyd and the Enchantress are evil and out to destroy Dreamland.
According to some info, she might be the one who sent Luci as Bean's wedding gift; and Luci may be a demon sent to destabilize the kingdom by messing with Bean.
  • Confirmed in the first episode.

Luci will ditch the Enchantress' plan and pull a Heel–Face Turn.
The show's theme is about finding who you are, and as Luci is one of Bean's closest friends, he'll reconsider his mission to hurt her; because unlike the Enchantress, Bean is actually nice to him and believes everyone deserves to find their own path, whereas the Enchantress assigned him this mission and possibly created or coerced him to serve this plan.
  • Possibly confirmed in the Season 1 finale. It's never directly spelled out whether the Enchantress and Cloyd are working with Dagmar or not, but Luci definitely sides with Zog once he discovers that Dagmar poisoned the wine meant for him.
  • Fully confirmed in season 2. Luci helps Bean escape Maru through hell so they can rescue Elfo, and even gives up his immortality to save them.

Elfo will call Luci out on his attempts to hurt Bean and everyone else that cares about him.
After Luci almost gets her killed or really crosses the line, he'll give him a HUGE "The Reason You Suck" Speech about how even though he's a demon, he's also Bean's closest friend; and no matter how much he can be a pain, she still loves him. This will cause him to have a Jerkass Realization and be a step towards his Redemption Quest.
  • Jossed, at no point does Luci do anything that seriously harms Elfo or Bean, nor does he piss them off hard enough to have them question his actions.

The Enchantress will order Luci to get rid of Elfo, because he acts as Bean's conscience.
Upon realizing Elfo is like the angel on Bean's shoulder just as Luci is the devil on her other shoulder, the Enchantress will order Luci to get rid of Elfo, which would not only give Luci the opportunity to lead her on the path of darkness, but also increase it. This order will give Luci the chance to think deeply about his purpose and where his loyalties lie: with his friends, or with the Enchantress?
  • Jossed. Not only does Luci never get a command from the Enchantress (or anyone) to harm Elfo, Luci is just as heartbroken as Bean when Elfo is killed by one of Zog's knights.

Luci isn't really working for Cloyd and the Enchantress at all.
While they did send him to corrupt Bean and orchestrate the fall of Dreamland, Luci isn't loyal to them at all, and is only doing what he's doing because... he's a demon and that's what demons do. He couldn't care less about their plans; for him this is all just for giggles.
  • Confirmed, more or less? While Cloyd and the Enchantress did send Luci to Bean as part of their evil plans, Luci doesn't even seem to be aware of who Cloyd or the Enchantress are, let alone take any orders from them.

The Enchantress, someone working with her, or both, had something to do with Queen Dagmar's death.
Either she or someone affiliated with her cast a curse on Dagmar and/or poisoned her, causing her to become fatally ill.

The Enchantress is actually a longtime enemy of Dreamland, and an old nemesis of Queen Dagmar.
The Enchantress had a bitter rivalry with Queen Dagmar, or maybe even the Enchantress was Dagmar's Evil Former Friend. After the late Queen's death, someone blamed the Enchantress for it, and she had to flee into hiding. She's plotting revenge against not only the remainder of the royal family, but also whoever killed Dagmar, for murdering her before she got the chance to do it.
  • Jossed. Dagmar is the Enchantress' sister, and part of the same plot. However Dagmar unintentionally poisoned herself after a young Bean accidentally pulled a Poisoned Chalice Switcheroo.

Jerry was the one who killed Queen Dagmar.
Jerry, for unknown reasons, killed Dagmar and framed the Enchantress due to their long standing hatred and rivalry; so while Dreamland is busy with going after the Enchantress, he can plan his own goals in the shadows.
  • Jossed. As noted above, it was Dagmar who attempted to poison Zog, only to accidentally poison herself.

Luci will fall in love with Bean.
Luci grows close to Bean, even though he's her demon. Not only will he rebel against the Enchantress, but fall for Bean as well.
  • Jossed, at least for now. It's Elfo who develops a (one-sided) crush on Bean; and although Luci begins to demonstrate that he does legitimately care for Bean, so far there's no indication that Luci will get into any sort of Love Triangle with them. If anything, Luci seems content with just being Bean's friend, he has yet to show any romantic/sexual attraction to her.

Luci and Elfo will argue and bicker Like an Old Married Couple.
They're basically Bean's Yin and Yang. Their disagreements over right and wrong will be Played for Laughs.
  • Pretty much confirmed as canon. Taken up to eleven when they briefly become roommates.

The Enchantress lied to Luci about what he is so that he'll continue her plan.
Demons are supposed to be sinners beyond redemption, but Luci isn't (exactly) like that. He actually grows to care for Bean, and is (kinda) likable in his own twisted way. Either Luci was like this to begin with, or there was a mistake in the process of creating him. And whenever Luci feels any personal confusion about his more redeeming qualities, the Enchantress tricks him into thinking it's something else; because she fears that he may become really loyal to Bean and betray his original master.
  • Jossed. There's no indication that Luci knows there is a plan, or was even affiliated with Cloyd and the Enchantress at all. He was only doing what demons do.

Odval's backstory is that he was once affiliated with the Enchantress.
Odval was working with the Enchantress until Sorcerio came into the picture. This led him to turn against the Enchantress. She is also out to get revenge on Odval and Socerio for his betrayal.

Dagmar is affiliated with the Enchantress.
When Bean, Elfo, and Luci got the Eternity Pendant for the Elixir of Life, Cloyd and the Enchantress were happy with this outcome. Bean later uses it to resurrect Dagmar, which ultimately leads to Dreamland's downfall.
  • Confirmed. Dagmar is Cloyd and the Enchantress' sister, and part of the same conspiracy.

Elfo will come back.
We all know that Elfo is too much of a main character to stay dead for good. And whatever his non-elf ancestry is, it will help with bringing him back to life.
  • Seems likely, considering The Stinger at the end of Season 1.
  • Confirmed. He's back by the second episode of season 2.

Odval's secret plotting with Oona will result in a temporary breakup with Socerio.
Odval and Socerio will fight after everyone finds out about him helping Oona behind their backs, leading to a temporary breakup until Odval regains his trust.

Elfo's other half of his mixed ancestry.
  • The only hint we have is that his father was "into bigger women", so not a gnome or fairy, it has to be someone larger than an elf.
    • Human.
    • Dragon, due to the green skin.
    • Giant.
    • Dankmirian.
    • High Fantasy style, Tolkien-esque High Elf.
    • Dwarf or Beastman, due to his dad falling for her after she whacked him.
    • Goblin. He looks pretty goblin-esque to me.
    • Mermaid? If only because of The Stinger from the Season 1 finale.
    • Ogre? They're definitely rather big, plus it could explain Elfo's nose shape.
    • Jamie Squarefoot, a female version of the Manx folklore character Jimmy Squarefoot, a pig-headed humanoid.
    • A sea serpent, one more magic than most.
  • In the episode "To Thine Own Elf Be True", we see a partial reveal of a needlepoint Elfo's mom made of the family. Dad is seen to be elf-sized for reference, and we see Elfo's mom's hand before Elfo drops the needlepoint. Her hand is about four times larger than Elfo's dad's hand. Giant would seem most likely, given how it appears much chunkier than human hands in the series, except for the nose. Tess' nose in "Love's Tender Rampage" is nothing like Elfo's, so presumably giant is ruled out. Elfo's mom could therefore potentially be an orc or ogre, who may have larger hands relative to body size plus a pug nose like Elfo's. Goblins, however, seem unlikely to have very large hands like in the needlepoint.
  • Elfo's mother could be an ogre. Reasons supporting this theory? In the first episode "A Princess, An Elf And A Demon Walk Into A Bar", Elfo stumbles across the army of ogres not long after leaving Elfwood; this would imply the ogres live nearby the elves. They also ignored Elfo during the battle, suggesting that the ogres are on neutral or even friendly terms with the elves. Given the implied proximity between the ogres and Elfwood, Elfo's father could have encountered a female ogre just outside the village and had relations with her. Another clue to Elfo's mom being an ogre - ogres have a very strong sense of smell. A blinded ogre was still able to smell humans; Elfo was able to locate his hidden village by smelling it, indicating he has ogre's blood.
    • This theory seems to be strengthened by an Ogre who helps them in Part 2.
    • CONFIRMED in Part 4! Grogda is Elfo's biological mother!!

Elfo's nose.
Comes from his mother. Whatever species she is. No one else in the entire wider realm as shown through the first 10 episodes has a similar nose shape. The only species that even comes close are pigs.

The person who captured Luci was either Big Jo or the Enchantress.
When Luci got captured in "Dreamland Falls", it sounded like he got put in a jar. This is Big Jo's method for capturing demons. On the other hand, it could have been the Enchantress, seeing Luci as a liability if by any chance she saw Luci warn Zog.
  • Perhaps Big Jo was hired to capture Luci and take him back to Cloyd and the Enchantress (or some other third party)?
  • Mixed. It was Damgar herself who captured him.

Luci will become an Ascended Demon.
Though Luci is a demon, he has redeeming qualities, particularly his genuine friendships with Bean and Elfo. He'll therefore have a redemption arc, that will redeem his soul and become Bean's angel guardian.
  • I think it's far more likely that, no matter how much more likable Luci becomes, he's still going to remain a demon with some jerkish qualities.
  • There seems to be at least some movement in this direction. In Part 2 Luci sacrifices his powers and immortality to help Bean escape Hell with Elfo's soul. He's still technically a demon, however his Heroic Sacrifice certainly demonstrates how much he cares for his friends.
  • Semi-confirmed at the end of Season 3, where he ends up in Heaven when he dies. He's not happy about it, though, and is still thoroughly demon even after returning to Earth.

Luci has Hidden Depths he's embarrassed about, and tries to keep hidden.
Luci is good at and has interest in something portrayed as feminine, like ballet or poetry, that he'll try to hide.

Luci will try to convince Dagmar to go through a Heel–Face Turn instead of continuing the path of darkness like him.
Luci, seeing that though she's evil she genuinely loves Bean, will try to convince Dagmar to change for her loved ones and tell her how he became a demon. His story and genuine affection for Bean will either change Dagmar's heart or at least make her reconsider.
  • Not Jossed, however thus far there's no indication that Dagmar sees Bean as anything other than a means to an end. Not that it can't be revealed that she actually does and will in the future.

Odval and Socerio will get married.
After they're cured of the poison, Socerio will make the move he was waiting for, and now feels it's the right time.
  • Depends, is same-sex marriage even legal or a thing that exists in this medieval fantasy world? I know this show is (intentionally) very far from being historically accurate, but still.
    • Best guess, if Zog approves it will happen, if he doesn't it won't.

Socerio will have doubts about his relationship with Odval.
After everyone finds out about Odval helping Oona, Socerio will come to doubt if whatever they had was real to him.

Oona will be redeemed.
Like Bean said, Oona is probably undergoing a Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal. Perhaps if they just apologize for not giving her a chance, Oona will finally understand Bean's struggles, and realize she too didn't give her much of a chance; and then promise to be a better (step)mom to her and Derek, or at least someone Bean can relate to if she wants her to be her mom.
  • What does Oona need to be redeemed for? Her being the villain in "Dreamland Falls" is already known to be a Red Herring.
    • Well one, she hid from the royal family and told Odval they would all pay, and went behind their backs to warn Dankmire.
  • Confirmed, not that she actually needed redemption. She makes her peace with Zog and Bean early in Part 2, though does divorce Zog to continue her life as a pirate.

Someone deliberately killed Elfo.
The arrow that hit Elfo was loosed when he turned his back. Someone did that on purpose. The timing of the arrow as well as the direction wasn't an accident at all. It was murder.
  • Even further, someone killed Elfo as an intentional alternative for Bean to revive as opposed to her mother. Someone working against the effort to bring back Dagmar purposely set up Bean's Sadistic Choice, assuming she'd choose her best friend.
  • That, or the killer hoped to provoke Bean into wanting to get her hands on some elf blood herself so she could revive Elfo, and convince the other elves, whom she befriended, to open the gate to Elfwood again.

Odval is working for Dagmar.
In "Dreamland Falls", Odval was shown to be Dagmar's prime minister. In "To Thine Own Elf Be True", Odval let Bean go — presumably on Zog's orders — to follow them to the elf village. However what if it was originally Odval's idea? Perhaps he knew there was an elf village, and told Zog about Bean escaping while not revealing they were looking for Elfwood. Pendergast and his knights simply took advantage of the opportunity to attack the village and recover elf blood.
  • Plus when you think about it, how could Dagmar petrify so many people before she broke out the big one? She was hanging out with Bean half of the time. The timing of their escape plus her destruction of the kingdom, couldn't have been solely her doing. She had to have had help, and who better than her prime minister. Plus the look on Socerio's face looked confused and devastated, as if it was by someone close because he was reaching out to someone. And after that Odval seemed calm. Sure he's usually stoic, but most would think he'd be more surprised unless he was the one.
  • Jossed.

Odval was the one who petrified Sorcerio.
The look on Sorcerio's petrified face looked devastated and confused, plus he was holding out his hand as if he was reaching out in sadness like when Dagmar, reached out hers to Bean. Odval afterwards remained calm. Sure he's usually calm, but you'd think he'd show some devastation unless he already got that out because he did. Dagmar was hanging out with Bean for most of the time, so someone else had to have done all those crimes while Dagmar was distracting Bean.
  • Jossed. Dagmar is the one who was petrifying everyone.

Odval figured out Dagmar was evil long ago.
He brought Zog and Dagmar the wine, seal intact, so he would be the first to figure out that the only way the wine could be poisoned, would be if one of the two of them added it. But he didn't say anything, for fear of being executed if he dared to incriminate the grieving king's beloved wife, and she was a statue in any case. When she was unexpectedly un-petrified, he continued to stay silent so he wouldn't be killed for not speaking up earlier. So he did the only thing he could do, and helped Oona with her own problems.

Oona will join forces with Zog and Zog will fall for her.
Zog will find out that Oona survived the stone curse, possibly because she was already hiding, or possibly because she can climb walls. At first she will be distant, claiming that Zog deserves what happened to him. However, when she finds out that Bean is in trouble, she will reveal that despite their differences, she cares for Bean as her own daughter and help Zog track her down. During their adventures to recover Bean, Zog will realize that he does care for Oona / fall for her romantically.
  • Partly Jossed as of Part 2. Oona and Zog do work together to help end the curse on Dreamland and they part on amicable terms. However they do divorce.

Derek also survived the curse.
We didn't see Derek get turned to stone, and he was locked away in a tall tower. Chances are he was not hit by the cursed sludge, and is still alive.
  • Confirmed. He manages to survive by "fishing" seagulls for several days until Zog and Oona remember he's up there.

The series is All Just a Dream of Bean's.
Matt Groening has been on record saying "The very first thing you see in animation on Disenchantment... gives a big clue as to what the nature of this universe is", and the first image in the first episode's opening title cards is Bean asleep on her bed (the first shot of the episode proper is also of Bean's bed, though she's been replaced with the captured guard). Furthermore, the name of the kingdom is Dreamland, though compared to its more fantastic neighbors, Dreamland is a fairly mundane nation.
  • I hope they really don't pull the All Just a Dream twist, for so many reasons.
  • The first thing in color animation is a rotating pan of the castle - with a lens flare effect from the rising sun that doesn't get used in the rest of the show - at the end of the opening credits. Since it doesn't have any credits captioning it and sets up the first scene, that's one more possibility. They're all waking up from a dream, and the passage of time in the show only starts with the first episode? Some real Dark City stuff?
  • Variation: It's a Bait-and-Switch. The opening shows Bean in the bed, in the show, we know it's not really her. Maybe it really is all Just A Dream, but it's a prophetic dream. Submitted for your approval: Dagmar mentions that Bean shouldn't have any issues with the curse because she's past the age it manifests, but that curse is madness and paranoia and murder, all things that would easily fall in line with someone who has a gift of prophecy, but can't control it or tell the difference between a prophetic vision, regular dreams and reality, sort of a mad seer type of thing- like that one theory about the Mad King being driven mad by a powerful seer trying to warn him from two generations in the future about problems he had no real way of being aware of at the time. It IS a dream, a dream that Bean is having in the first episode about the events that are to follow; she's going to do her Coming of Age in the dream and wake up on the day of her wedding, having learned all the lessons and discovered all the secrets she needs to save the day. Zog mentions that Dreamland is called Dreamland because it makes dreams more powerful, and if Bean has powerful dreams already and she's sleeping on top of the heart of the most obviously-magical culture we've seen so far, that could explain why it was a dream powerful enough to include events that Bean couldn't possibly be present for or aware of.

Fry, Bender, and Farnsworth have a very brief cameo in their time machine. On their way forward, they end up travelling to a few different pseudo-medieval eras formed sometime after previous modern civilizations had collapsed. Perhaps this is one of them?
  • Even in the first episode of Futurama, as Fry is frozen, at some point, human civilization on Earth is wiped out by aliens, then humans rebuild into a medieval age again... before aliens destroy human civilization a second time. So it is certainly possible this is just human civilization going through the motions.
  • While this is a fun theory and all, I would be kinda disappointed if it became canon. After all, Disenchantment, Simpsons, and Futurama were all summed up as being about the past, present, and future respectively, so it should stay consistent.
    • The Futurama cameo does not necessarily support this theory. That time machine had the flaw it could only go forward in time, not back. So in order to reach their own time again Fry, Bender, and Farnsworth had to continue traveling forward to the moment the Universe was destroyed and recreated, then go through all of history from the Big Bang onward. So on their way, they would pass through the Middle Ages as well.

Merkimer actually is Bean's One True Love.
The main reason Bean rejected Merkimer (other than his being forced on her by her father) was because he was an arrogant dick. However we've seen since his transformation he's begun to undergo Character Development. Come Season 2, Merkimer will take a few levels in kindness, drop much of his jerkass behavior, and show that he actually is a pretty good guy (it helps that he's also actually competent, and not a Miles Gloriosus like is common with such a character). Bean will see how he's changed, and realize she may have judged him too harshly.
  • Maybe Merkimer will grow some humility over time, but I can't see him actually getting together with Bean.
  • Merkimer shows some considerable growth in season 2. He tries to encourage a depressed Zog in the aftermath of Dreamland being cursed, and remind him that he could still be the formidable warrior he was in his youth. And while he stole Bean's play, he mainly did it so she could have it performed in the only way it would be possible in Dreamland. Misguided, maybe, and there was a bit of self-service in his motivation as well, but points for effort. And when he realized his testimony about being "smitten" by Bean's beauty was only going to damn her at her trial, he went out of his way to try to defend her by admitting his Baleful Polymorph was his own dumb fault, and not the result of anything Bean did to him. He's probably got a ways to go, yet, but baby steps.

If Bean falls for Merkimer, then Elfo will get together with Luci.
If Bean changes her mind about Merkimer and because she seems to prefer Elfo as a friend, the next best thing for Elfo is Luci. After all what's the Yang without its Yin. Luci could be secretly bisexual, Elfo's the one that unleashed Luci's sadness, and they're close.

Dagmar and Elfo's mother are from the same far away land / are part of the same conflict.
There's nothing like him seen before in the land, and there's no one like Dagmar — and Bean — in the land either. And both of their true identities have a lot of mystery surrounding them. Dagmar is on one side of the conflict — and Elfo's mother was on the other. And eventually the half-human Bean and the half-elf Elfo will have to decide if they'll let those differences put them at odds or not.
  • Jossed. Dagmar is from the kingdom of Maru. Elfo's mother's identity has yet to be confirmed, but is strongly hinted to be an Ogre.

The person/people who retrieved Elfo's body was either his mother or the race/tribe his mother belongs to.
Either way, when he comes back to life, either he or the audience will have another piece of information about his mother.
  • The figures who pulled Elfo out of the water seem to be... mermaids? It would be odd to find out that Elfo is half-merman.
  • Jossed. The Mermaids of Mermaid Island retrieved his body...and intended to eat him, had Bean not reunited his soul and body. They're unreleated to his mother.

Emperor Cloyd, the Enchantress, Dagmar (and by extension Bean) are all somehow related/connected.
  • Perhaps Cloyd and the Enchantress are lovers? In the first episode, they're shown taking a nap together. They seem to be pretty close to each other, and seem to respect each other very well.
  • It's heavily implied that Dagmar is working for Maru, and may even be from there. Perhaps Dagmar is the sister of either Cloyd or the Enchantress? After all, Dagmar was stated to be a noblewoman from a distant land. If this is true, then Cloyd would be Bean's uncle (or the Enchantress would be her aunt).
  • Confirmed. Cloyd and the Enchantress (whose name is Rebecca) are Dagmer's younger siblings. And Jerry is their brother, too.

Cloyd and the Enchantress are either Dagmar's parents, and Bean's grandparents; or Dagmar's brother and sister-in-law, and Bean's uncle and aunt.
Zog states she was the daughter of a nobleman from a distant land, aka Maru. Earlier it was found out that Cloyd is the Emperor. He and the Enchantress seem quite close, and no one knows how old they are, so perhaps they could be her parents. Then again in the third episode, when Bean was robbing her family's tomb, there were two Maru-esque themed tombs; so perhaps Dagmar's parents died, so her brother Cloyd inherited the throne of Maru, while Dagmar became Dreamland's co-ruler.

Both Prince Derek and Queen Oona were not turned to stone.
Could be simply that Derek was in a tall tower, so the potion did not reach him; while Oona is capable of wall-climbing, so she was able to find ways of avoiding the concoction.
  • Or, maybe Oona's species (genes she passed onto Derek) could be immune to the potion.
  • Confirmed for both. Derek was in the tower, while Oona managed to avert the potion and get into the sea.

Oona and Derek will play a bigger role in Season 2.
Oona and (especially) Derek were mostly in the background much of the time. We'll see what exactly Oona was planning in the Season 1 finale and how that will affect upcoming events. Derek will at least get more speaking roles. And both of them will interact more with Bean, because we didn't see or understand enough of their family relationships.
  • Mixed. Oona had a big part early in the season, but was largely Put On a Pirate Ship for the rest of the season. Derek wasn't prominent early on, but plays a big role in the season finale.

Big Jo will assist in saving Dreamland.
Cloyd and the Enchantress know and dislike the "accursed weirdo", and because they're evil and Jo believes he's the good guy, he will assist in saving Dreamland from Maru. While helping, he'll come to realize that Luci isn't all that bad, and play a key part in his redemption arc.
  • I'm not sure if Big Jo would be eager to help out Bean, Elfo, or Luci, given they've fought twice and they tried to kill him. If Big Jo has to team up with them, it's probably for Jo's own personal reasons (given that Cloyd and the Enchantress sent a demon to Bean, maybe he'll assume that Maru is in league with Hell and are therefore his enemies), rather than out of any concern for saving Dreamland or getting to know Luci better.
  • Jossed. Big Jo doesn't even appear in Season 2.

If Big Jo decides to join forces with Zog and Luci, he will begin to see Luci's kinder side.
He'll begin to see his softer side, especially for Bean and Elfo, and reconsider if he's more than some demon.
  • Jossed. Jo doesn't even appear in season 2. Although we do Luci's love for his friends leads him to a major Heroic Sacrifice by giving up his immortality to save them from Hell.

Guysbert isn't dead.
He'll turn up alive and well... okay not well but still alive in Season 2, so the Running Gag can be milked some more.
  • Wait, how is Guybsbert going to turn up alive if he's missing his brain?
    • Well he clearly wasn't using it before it fell out.

Guysbert will return as a ghost.
He will haunt the castle, presumably as a phantom with a sword still stuck in his head. Because Guysbert (arguably) had some unfinished business (getting mortally injured before his wedding could even conclude properly), he will continue being an annoyance until Bean can figure out a way of putting her former fiance's soul to rest.
  • Until then, he'll haunt Zøg, being one of his only companions. They'll get along terribly.

The Wishmaster exists.
In the first episode, the Fairy tells Bean, Elfo, and Luci about the Wishmaster and where to find him, but the heroes instead find the Washmaster. The Fairy definitely didn't mishear Bean's request for a wish, and she does say that her friend knew he was "the real deal". The Washmaster never denies the Wishmaster's existence; no one evens says the Wishmaster's name in front of him, so he couldn't have said, "I'm the Washmaster; the Wishmaster is over there." It's possible that the Wishmaster lives close to the Washmaster, but the heroes were distracted before they could meet him. Maybe he could reverse the curse of stone upon Dreamland.

Giants are immune to the potion.
Meaning that Tess survived in the off-chance she was still in Dreamland.

It wasn't Big Jo who "captured" Luci.
It was Gwen the Witch. Luci explained the situation and she used magic to get them both away, but now they are too far to catch up with Bean and reveal the truth.
  • Jossed. At least as far as Gwen. Luci was captured by Dagmar.

Sorcerio was blonde in his youth.
His hair looks like lightning. I bet in his younger days, his hair was yellow like lightning. It's just common sense.

Dankmire will take over the remains of Dreamland.
Oona is still a queen there due to still being Zøg's wife, meaning her family/people might try to "claim" the land.
  • Or perhaps, Oona flees back home to Dankmire to warn her family about Zog's possible threat on her life. Dankmire responds by mobilizing their army for an invasion, only to find Dreamland abandoned and populated only with statues. They decide to take Zog (and Derek, or any other possible survivors) captive, until Zog can clear up the situation and (more-or-less) make amends with Oona; before planning out how to find Dagmar, rescue Bean, and restore Dreamland back to life.
  • Jossed. Dankmire plays no part in season 2, though Oona helps restore the kingdom with her pirate crew.

Zog and/or Bean will seek out help from Elfwood.
They will have to ask the elves to give enough blood to create more of the Elixir of Life and cure the petrified citizens of Dreamland, and maybe even revive Elfo as well. Though of course, getting the elves to trust them will be tricky, given the earlier attack by Zog's knights on their village. However, they'll eventually persuade the elves by offering to trade something they really want in exchange; for example, a lifetime supply of all the best alcoholic beverages from Dreamland?
  • Confirmed. Zog ends up letting all the elves live in Dreamland in exchange of them helping cure the petrified Dreamlanders. They do seem to have some ulterior motives over something that lies under the castle, though...

Season 2 will involve more world traveling, with less focus in Dreamland.
The story will be about Bean and other characters roaming the world, looking for a way to reverse the effects of the stone potion, along with other plotlines.
  • Jossed. Dreamland is restored in episode 3, and most of the season takes place there aside from a few adventures like in season 1.

Mop Girl is going to be vital to the plot.
Perhaps she's related to Bean? Maybe it's just Groening's art style, but her jaw looks quite a bit like Bean's. Even if she's not, half her face is hidden, she's been drawn attention to twice, and she conspicuously doesn't have a name. She seems like someone who might play a larger role later in the story.
  • Additional theory: Odval's secretary Miss Moonpence will also play a bigger role later on, if only because so far, we've only seen one of her eyeballs, which makes her an even more mysterious character than Mop Girl.

The Seekers (Odval's and Sorcerio's secret society) will play a larger role later on.
Sure, they seem like just a weird sex cult for now, but they do claim to be secretly manipulating political affairs. They have to be part of some sort of grand conspiracy, which may possibly be connected to (or conflict with) the conspiracies planned by Queen Dagmar, Emperor Cloyd and the Enchantress.

Dagmar is not (completely) human.
Dagmar looks human, but she is actually a member of another (magical) species. Whatever she is, the Crystal Ball would have rejected her using it, just like it did to Bean when she tried to use it. This would be a bit ironic, that both of Zog's two wives would each give him a Half-Human Hybrid child. And perhaps having a partly human child was a part of the "destiny" that Dagmar was talking about.

Some of the demons that Bean and Elfo accidentally freed in "The Princess of Darkness" will appear again later.
While Bean is traveling around the world, she'll come across at least a few demons committing evil, chaos, and mischief; haunting houses, scaring the hell out of others, and possessing random people. Whether she wants to or not, Bean will have to get rid of some demons that are causing trouble.

Prince Derek isn't just the heir to Dreamland, he is (or eventually will be) next in line to the throne of Dankmire too.
Maybe the current/previous Crown Prince of Dankmire has (or will) die or have something bad happen to him, leaving behind Derek as the next guy in the line of succession to not just one, but two kingdoms. This will become relevant in a future season's storyline.

"Bean" is in a coma, and Emperor Cloyd and the Enchantress of Maru are her real-world parents working to wake her up.
Come on, the main city is called "Dreamland" for quiznak's sake. Bean is clearly drunkenly asleep or in a coma. Neither Cloyd nor the Enchantress has shown a clear reason for wanting to destroy Dreamland, but are personally interested in Bean.

Big Jo is the son of the Duchess who was possessed by Stacianne LeBlatt.
Stacy recounts an anecdote of how she once possessed an unnamed noblewoman, who then just suddenly dropped dead for no apparent reason. Later when Jo is throwing the captured demons into the volcano, Stacy yells at him, "I possessed your mother, and she liked it!" While this statement could've just simply been one last acerbic taunt, if she was telling the literal truth, it could at least partially explain Jo's personal hatred of all demons; he desires nothing but revenge for his mom's death, which he blamed on Stacy.

Oona is in love for real with Zog.
But after years of being actually married to him, she's... not that much in love anymore. This WMG is brought to you by a couple of Freeze-Frame Bonus bits in the last episode, during Zog's competition where he meets Dagmar, while a younger Oona is seen a few seats away to Dagmar's right side.

People only keep mistaking Luci for a cat, because they've never actually seen one before.
Luci really only has only the vaguest resemblance to a cat - he has a long tail, pointy things on his head, fangs, and a relatively small stature, but otherwise no one who actually knew what a cat looked like would mistake him for one. No actual cats have made an appearance in the series so far, so it's possible they're just a rare species in the show's universe, or at least they're just not native to Dreamland. Anyone mistaking Luci for a cat has heard of cats before but never actually seen one in the flesh.

Returno the Elf never returned to Elfwood because he got eaten by a hawk.
In the first episode, the Elf King mentions how no one returns to Elfwood after leaving, not even an elf called Returno. Right after Elfo leaves Elfwood, he gets grabbed by a hawk. This is probably the reason why Returno never returned.

Returno the Elf will eventually return to Elfwood, or at least make an appearance.
He seems like an obvious setup for a delayed Brick Joke.

The reason why elves eat so much candy is because they need it.
The elves in Elfwood seem to have a diet consisting entirely of confectionery and sweet desserts, but none of them seem to be overweight, malnourished, or otherwise unhealthy because of it. Probably due to some sort of magical elf biology, their bodies require large amounts of processed sugar to survive, and they metabolize it so efficiently that the sugar doesn't really turn into too much excess body fat.

Elfo, due to only being a half-elf, doesn't need or want as much candy as the pure-elves do, hence why he got sick of eating candy all day and desired to experience other tastes besides sweetness. But even then, he can't completely resist his instinctive cravings for sugar, as shown when he gets lured into Hansel and Gretel's gingerbread house. Furthermore, one episode shows Sorcerio studying Elfo's blood under a microscope, and he can see what looked like pieces of candy floating in the blood sample.

Emperor Cloyd and the Enchantress are immortal.
What kind of villains allow a teenage girl to get away with an Immortality Inducer, unless they have no need of it themselves? The outside view of Cloyd's palace depicts an ancient-looking society rather than a medieval one. Likewise, the ship that picks up Dagmar and Bean looks of ancient design. Their society could be in pre-Medieval Stasis if the rulership hasn't changed in centuries.
  • It should be kept in mind that Maru looks rather culturally distinct from Dreamland. And Cremorrah, a neighboring kingdom of Maru, seems to have an ancient Middle Eastern vibe.
  • Dreamland is depicted as a port city with sailing ships coming and going. On the map, Maru and Cremorrah are both not that far beyond Mermaid Island and Walrus Island, which could be reached from Dreamland by barge. It would be rather bizarre for a port like Dreamland to not have cultural ties to a nearby island civilization like Maru unless Maru were somehow restricting travel and trade with Dreamland. Yet, at the same time, Maru clearly has territorial designs on Dreamland as the closest mainland port. Emperor Cloyd and the Enchantress seemingly know a lot more about Dreamland than vice versa. They also don't appear bothered by their plans being delayed 15 years.

Big Jo or another villain will blackmail Luci into doing something evil.
Remember in "Swamp and Circumstance", when Luci spiked Bean's water with alcohol and ruined her chance to be a good diplomat? If someone could show Bean what her best friend did, he'd be screwed. This could be a part of Luci's redemption arc, so he ends up telling Bean himself, along with calling Dankmire to end the war and make things right.
  • I have a feeling that Luci and Bean have already forgotten about that drunken mishap in Dankmire. And I don't think either of them would really care enough to dwell back on that moment.
  • Pretty much everyone seems to have forgotten about the mishap in Dankmire. Even Odval is more concerned about the ramifications of Zog divorcing Oona than anything else. Bean certainly shows no angst about it in the following episodes. Based on her prior (unsuccessful) attempts at holding down a job, she probably just dismissed the whole thing as another such failure, and went back to drinking and carousing like she usually does.

When Bean and Luci visit Hell in Season 2, they'll probably encounter the souls of some deceased villains from Season 1.
Most likely Sven (and his fellow Land Vikings), Hansel and Gretel, and that unnamed pair of Dankmirian hillbillies who tried to feed them to a swamp monster.
  • Confirmed, Hansel and Gretel appear.

The steampunk city and airship (as seen in the Season 2 trailer) are from the distant future.
Just look at how anachronistic they are. This might imply that Bean will somehow get sent to the future in order to see them.
  • Jossed. They're merely from another distant country called Steamland, though Bean asks if the pilot is from the future.

Dagmar is the victim of a curse on her family.
In "The Disenchantress," we learn that the royal family of Maru is occasionally subject to a curse of madness. Dagmar is a victim of this curse, and this, rather than the demonic pact and prophecy that she, Cloyd, and the Enchantress mention, is what is truly driving her actions. Dagmar really is a good woman at heart, and at some point Bean will find a way to break the curse and lead her to a Heel–Face Turn.

The Crystal Ball contains Bean's sealed-away magic.
Bean is, in reality, considerably more powerful than the rest of her family, so Dagmar sealed her magic away in the Crystal Ball. This is why it shocked her in "Dreamland Falls", and why Dagmar pulls her away from it... and also why Luci immediately tries to rewind its vision "a lot further".

Note also that Luci returns the Crystal Ball after getting it back from Tess, and he does so by carrying it an inch or two from Bean's face. This is related to how it maintains its power. Alternately, the castle itself is imbued with Bean's power, and that's why there's so many sun motifs.

Dagmar isn't immortal, but she can revive herself upon death. (This is unique to her and a separate thing from the Eternity Pendant's immortality.)
The reason it seems like Dagmar is suddenly more familiar with Dreamland, in the second half of "Dreamland Falls", than she ought to be for someone who's been petrified for 15 years is because there's more than one Dagmar running around at that point. Petrification counts as "death" and so caused her to revive, but didn't erase Statue!Dagmar, whom Bean revived with the Eternity Pendant. The revived Dagmar laid low for 15 years - because she was supposed to be dead, and there would be questions if a dead woman showed herself in public.

A bunch of characters get petrified at times when it would have been difficult for Dagmar to have done it. Take Bunty - in order to petrify her, Dagmar would have had to get up to Bean's room and sneak out again before Bean could, and without meeting her, in a castle with single paths to and from its spires. (The other Dagmar did this, Oona ran into her as she was leaving Bean's room, and was in the process of chasing after her for that Scare Chord - why else would Oona, who can crawl up stone walls, bother running? This is the point where Oona figures out what's going on with Dagmar, and why she ends up chasing her into the sea.)

And then there's the case of Luci getting bottled. Dagmar never leaves Bean's side once they head up to the "library", and yet is the only person in the castle at that point who could both bottle Luci and he would recognize with a surprised "You!".

This means Bean could have actually (accidentally) killed Dagmar in Maru, and she could show up later without a scratch on her despite her clothes getting a little singed.

The passage of time is weird in the Season 2, and this is deliberate.
"The Disenchantress" seems to begin on the same night as "Dreamland Falls", but Bean is in Maru for only three days or so. "Stairway to Hell" is roughly real-time from Bean's perspective, but enough time passes for Zog that the Bozaks can fully pillage the castle, and he has the time to track/kill them to rescue Merkemer - and it's apparently been a week for him since the mass petrification. Then Luci mentions that Elfo's been dead for five months at the beginning of "The Very Thing" and Bean doesn't correct him (and then they spend a night with the Mermaids and then a day and night in a rowboat before getting back to Dreamland). Now, we could just be seeing them at different points in time - that is, Zog returned from saving Merkemer immediately before Bean and co. floated back to Dreamland - and this seems to be what happens with Oona, who doesn't seem to have spent a whole lot of time at the ocean floor.

And it's all a deliberate attempt to screw with the viewer's perception of the passage of time, to heighten the reveal that someone or something is dreaming the events of the show.

  • Or it could simply be that Bean and Luci's trip to Hell happens at a different rate because...they're in Hell. It's a common aspect of interactions with other worlds in mythology, IE stories of people who spent a night feasting with The Fair Folk only to discover decades have passed in the real world.

The coffee girl at "The Jittery", Miri, is also Mop Girl at the castle... and the assassin from Steamland
Bean said she knew Mia from somewhere, and in response, Miri specifically points out how she's Beneath Suspicion - and she is visually identical to the Mop Girl at the castle. She knows about technology from outside Dreamland, such as coffee, and is generally much more self-aware than a random peasant girl should be. As Mop Girl, she points out the unhygenic nature of how King Zog is being treated (because she can't resist, even though she's there to deal with him), which shows more high-tech knowledge, but keeps her cover because there's no particular need to risk it when the people of Dreamland are killing him for her.
  • Mop Girl states that her name is Miri in Season 4, so that part is confirmed, but there's no evidence that she's a Steamland assassin.

The Metal Crown of Maru and Bean's "family curse" of madness are directly related to the prophesy.
You'll notice that in all of the portraits of Maru rulers, they're all wearing the same Metal Crown. And Jerry goes on about how all of them were nuts in some way or another. Now, this crown is revealed to have the distinct - and gruesome - feature of having spikes on the inside that are meant to be driven into the wearer's head and that he himself was made to wear it at a young age. Which caused him to have permanent brain damage. All of this did nothing to help the state of the kingdom of Maru. Jerry's state is implicity shown to be a "failure."

The crown is the reason all of those past rulers went full on murderous madness. It's an established trend on both sides of Bean's family, and with Bean herself, that murderous, chaotic behavior is a norm. Driving metal spikes right into the brain would only solidify and exacerbate it (or make them "a permanent 10 year old").

So, why would Dagmar and her siblings want to use something that obviously causes irrevocable damage to the wearer? Why hasn't Cloyd used it on himself? Why hasn't Dagmar bit the bullet and put it on? Why would Bean wearing it renew the family name/fortune/kingdom and payback a debt to Hell?

Because that individual/their soul/sanity is the blood sacrifice needed to make Maru a powerful kingdom! Some ancient ruler of Maru must have made a literal deal with the devil; powerful knowledge/magics/prosperity in exchange for one member of the royal family every generation or so. And it has to be the RIGHT family member, not just anyone. Bean was meant to be the new sacrifice for Maru, Dagmar specifically had her for those purposes!

Maru's Royal Family Is Not Cursed
There's no curse on the family at all. The reason so many of their rulers go mad is because they're sticking spikes in their heads.

Odval is connected to the assassin from Steamland
Quite possibly he hired them. We know he arranged it so if something happened to Zog he would be able to turn Derek into a puppet king and he flinched when Zog, Pendergast, and Sorcerio were messing with the pistol, hinting he knew what it actually was and how it works (the fact he could use actual terms when describing the 'wand' not withstanding). He also demonstrates some competency in handling it himself in private, suggesting he actually does know how to use it.
  • Original Poster here. jossed. It was the Arch-Druidess

The reason Dagmar had to have a child with someone outside of Maru is because all of Maru's nobility are horribly inbred
This might be a bit of a reach but hear me out. Inbreeding was once common among nobility and royalty in the real world, most famously with the Haspburgs. It's theoretically possible that the royal line and nobility of Maru had a similarly high rate of inbreeding going on, which is why when we do see Maru we only see four members of the royal family, and a generally empty palace. Dagmar had to have a child with someone outside the family line because otherwise, there would be no suitable heir to the throne. Cloyd doesn't just "not care for children", he is incapable of having children. This would explain the "Family Curse", it's simply a matter of that much inbreeding resulting in an absurdly high percentage of mental illness among the royalty and nobility. Dagmar might have been forced to make the choice to marry a willing dolt from another land and assassinate him, because otherwise she would not be able to produce a suitable heir to bring back to the homeland. Cloyd, The Empress, and Dagmar might not even necessarily know that the inbreeding is the reason they have to do this, just that it's the only way to preserve the family line for another generation.
  • The series had done a Royal Inbreeding joke already, with Guysbert and Merkimer's Father/Uncle and Mother/Aunt in the first episode. Though I had the impression the "family curse" of Maru's royal family was on account of the spiked crown.

Sky Gunderson survived his fall
We've already seen characters like Big Jo survive certain death, and Sky falling out of the airship is one that could easily be survivable with offscreen phlebotinum. Especially for a scientist and inventor of his caliber.
  • Jossed in Season 4, where he's seen in Hell.

Leavo will appear with Dagmar
Whatever Leavo left Elfland to look for clearly has something to do with the strange white Elves in Dagmar's company at the end of "Teabeanie Falls," and Rulo apparently knows something about it as well, since Leavo advising him he found what he was searching for convinced him to move his people to Dreamland. Leavo will therefore make a return appearance in Season 3 in alliance with Dagmar, and provide some exposition about the white Elves and just what they have to do with the castle and Dagmar's goals.
  • Half-confirmed. Leavo does appear with Dagmar, but as her prisoner, not her ally.

Bean and Elfo will have a Plot-Mandated Friendship Failure in Season 4.
Related to the discovery at Season 3 finale that Dreamland was once the elves' homeland, until Bean's ancestors drove them off and the elves placed a curse on her family as a result. Even before that, Elfo feels that he and Bean were drifting apart due to her becoming queen; while Bean sees her loved ones leave her (Elfo giving himself up), sent away (her dad sent to a crazy house), or die (Luci), and is afraid of becoming like her mom.

Trogs were elves once.
They live beneath the kingdom, more or less in the ruins of the ancient Elven kingdom. They're elves who stayed behind and slowly mutated due to their subterranean lifestyle.
  • Mostly confirmed in Season 4, though the reason for their appearance is due to their magic goo. One swig of it turns Leavo into a Trog.

Mop Girl is the true ruler of Dreamland, and the series will end with her on the throne
Part 3's finale establishes Dreamland is the true home of the Elves, all of whom are of a short stature. Mop Girl, despite being around Bean's age, is still super short and easily mistaken for a child at points. If Zog marrying Oona is normal, interspecies marriages might not be a big deal in Dreamland's world, so it's possible an Elf King married a human, and from that lineage came Mop Girl.

Mop Girl is Yog's daughter, displaced by Dagmar to clear the way for Bean.
Exactly what it says on the tin. We know that Oona was in love with Yog, Zog's brother, who was king before him, and that's all we know. He could very easily have had a daughter, one who would have been in Dagmar's way. Dagmar did something to get rid of her, or was otherwise satisfied that she'd never press a claim to the throne.

The rightful rulers who were cursed are the Trogs, with a King Trog who remained on the throne
It never says the rightful rulers are the humans who lived there, and now that we know that Dreamland is literally built on top of the home of the Elves, we know they're not the rightful rulers of crap; why else would a book about the secret kings of Dreamland refer to the "rightful rulers" as if they weren't talking about themselves? Whatever strife divided the Elves ended with the Candyass Elves being cursed to look like Elfo, one of which was King Trog, who took the name (or had it already) and married a human in a political alliance much like the one between Oona and Zog, complete with interspecies marriage. That union produced a half-elven lineage from King Trog forward, which is why Mop Girl is both magical and short, and her ears are never shown. Likewise:

Elfo is named Elfo because he's a Trog.

Elfo. Every other elf's name describes what he does. Elfo's not his real name, they just call him that so that people won't question how different he is. Of course he's an elf, his name is frigging Elfo.

  • Jossed. He's not half Trog/half elf as Trogs and elves are the same species, and his ogre mother wanted him named Elfo so he'd be proud to be an elf.

Elfo is royalty on his mom's side.
The Eternity Pendant works with Elfo's blood, which the incantation specifies requires the blood of a true-born Elf. If he were anything else, wouldn't it have failed completely? True-born doesn't necessarily mean 'pure blooded', it refers to a politically-legitimate birth. We don't know anything about Elfo's mother, but interspecies marriage is a thing. If Elfo is green because his mom was a goblin princess or something, it'd mean that a) Elfo is the true-born (half-)elven heir to her kingdom, and b) he's an eligible suitor for Bean.
  • Confirmed, though the wrong species for his mother; she's an ogre and the current Ogre Queen.

Aggog came from a kingdom in the sky, like the Giant in Jack and the Beanstalk

  • Rulo's crown is shaped like Castle Dreamland. If that motif carries over to the humans, Zog's crown is a circle of spikes sitting on a cloud.

Zog and Ursula ended up producing offspring.

  • If you look closely during the scenes with the angry mob in season 3's episode "Hey Pig Spender", you see a bear cub looking at them from the brush. This bear's face looks somewhat like Zog; this bear cub is Zog's offspring from Ursula, the forest selkie.
    • Confirmed in Part 4; the bear cub, Jasper, IS the offspring of Zog and Ursula!

Luci is immortal again and doesn't know it
After dying, going to Heaven and then managing to sneak out again, Luci is able to reenter his body, the head having been reanimated by Bean and the rest of him by the Trogs using the magic goo. Thing is, Luci died by decapitation! Yet, it is a Running Gag throughout Season 4 that his head keeps falling off and his body can just put it back on as if nothing had happened. He has become capable of surviving the very thing that killed him before! Whether this is because of God, magic, or some combination of the two, Luci seems to be immortal again. But he may not believe that Asmodium's punishment could be undone and so he thinks that he is still mortal. This is further implied by the fact that he is still magical. Miri is able to use him like a gun that shoots fire and he is also able to enter the mirror and pull Bean out because he is her personal demon.

The Grand Finale will be titled something along the lines of "The Rise of Bean"
As an echo of the Falls titles of the past season finales.