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As per the Spoilers Off policy, all spoilers are unmarked here.

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    Bean held responsible for Guysbert's death 
  • Why does everyone act like Bean directly killed Prince Guysbert? Sure, she panicked and knocked the ring out of his hand, but the prince could have easily stepped to the side to grab the ring, instead of impaling his head on the pointy chair. It's not like Bean was there pushing his head onto the blade.
    • Because it's more or less a world filled with stupid people who blame her for it because of Rule of Funny.
    • The only person who explicitly claims that Bean killed Guysbert is his brother Merkimer, who was actually pleased because it made him heir to the throne of Bentwood. Luci mentions it offhandedly, but as if it were a joke. It took a while for anybody to even dislodge Guysbert from the throne and even then they just tossed him on a rubbish pile.

    The Bozak's attack 
  • Why did the Bozaks immediately attack the ship, they're allies with Dreamland and were presumably close to Dreamland, so why did they attack the first ship they saw?
    • Presumably, the Bozaks mistook the fireworks launched by the Party Barge for cannon fire, they didn't start attacking until they saw this apparent provocation.
      • Except that they were shouting and waving weapons even before the cannon was fired. You would think that since they were headed towards Dreamland, a deep water port, they wouldn't have immediately shown arms to just any ship they came across.

    Elfo's fake girlfriend 
  • Why did Elfo need to make up a fake girlfriend? We know he's had at least one actual girlfriend, who very conveniently lives in a Hidden Elf Village and therefore won't be bumping into Bean and Luci anytime soon (or at least, he had no reason to believe at the time that she would). All he had to do was tell the truth for the most part, but pretend that they were still together, so why the frantic improvisation?
    • Perhaps it was the Bliss slowly taking into effect?
    • He was likely trying to make Bean jealous while he was at it, given his crush on her and the embarrassment of Luci's teasing. When Luci points out the likelihood of the girlfriend in question being an elf (something Bean likely wouldn't feel threatened by if she was interested in Elfo herself) he remarks "No, she's big! Bigger than you'll ever be!" and describes her as a Green-Eyed Redhead, all of which are commonly seen as attractive traits.
    • He was also combating every detail Luci used to describe Bean. She doesn't have white hair, she has red hair. She doesn't have two blue eyes, she has one green eye.

    Big Jo's immortality 
  • So, does anyone have any ideas or guesses for how Big Jo could survive falling into that volcano?
    • It's been implied that Big Jo isn't exactly human (between the teleportation, deep (but not complete) knowledge of the supernatural, etc.); it's possible he could be anything from another species to able to resurrect himself (he does offhand mention spending years practicing necromancy after all).

     Hiding the corpses 
  • At the end of "Castle Party Massacre", why did Bean, Elfo, and Luci decide to shove all those corpses up inside Zog's chimney, instead of dropping them down the trapdoor to the ocean? Was this supposed to be an intentional What an Idiot! moment?
    • Maybe they were worried the bodies would wash up on shore. If Vikings washed up, one could assume their ship sank. But citizens washing ashore would look suspicious. And they probably thought the King would retire for the night, so they could smuggle out the bodies later when the coast was clear.
    • But then the next question becomes: what did they do with the Land Viking ship that was parked right outside of the castle?
      • That ship must have been moved or destroyed offscreen.

    Odval's alliances 
  • Who does Odval work for? He is clearly the prime minister and top adviser for King Zog, but in "Dreamland Falls" he is seen working with Oona to warn Dankmire about Dreamland wanting to kill her. Later, he is seen suggesting to Zog that he should kill Oona. So, who is his boss? There was the thought that it might be Queen Dagmar, but then why would he have been turned to stone? It can't be Oona, unless the kill order was part of some plot of hers.
    • Odval works for Zog, but it seems he's willing to go behind his back when he disagrees with him (seeing how incompetent Zog is, it's probably the only reason Dreamland even remotely functions). What most likely happened was he warned Oona because he knew that any action against her most likely would plunge Dreamland into war with Dankmire; and was hoping they could smooth things over later, but when he believed Oona was cursing the kingdom, he decided she was the greater threat and needed to be dealt with.
    • One of Odval's jobs is diplomacy, and he probably had to do a great deal of it after the events of "Swamp and Circumstances", whereas Zog seemingly forgot about the whole mess as soon as he made it back to Dreamland. Odval is also more of realist when it comes to Dreamland's military preparedness, or lack thereof. So he would naturally want to avoid having Oona go running back to Dankmire crying that Zog cast her aside (or worse). As noted above, he probably has to go against Zog fairly often since Zog lacks the skills a king should have and tends to either act on impulse without considering consequences or else avoids acting at all.

    Where's the Eternity Pendant? 
  • At the end of season two, did everybody just forget that they have the Eternity Pendant? Sure it could have prevented Odval’s plans, but somebody else could have still mentioned it.
    • Did they still have it? Or did Oona take it with her when she left on her career of piracy?

    Bean trusting Dagmar 
  • Why was Bean not instantly suspicious of her mother the moment she learned they were going to Maru? Was she just not paying attention to Big Joe's exposition in "The Limits of Immortality," when he mentioned that very same Maru was responsible for Cremorrah's destruction with the very same stone curse that was used against Dreamland?
    • Bean is not a deep thinker, especially when she doesn't have Luci and Elfo to bounce ideas off of.

    Five month timeskip 
  • So, in "The Very Thing" Luci mentions it's been five months since Elfo died. When exactly did that Time Skip happen? Everything that occured after his death (Bean reviving Dagmar, Dagmar revealing her true colors and petrifying Dreamland, her and Bean traveling to Maru, Bean learning her mom's true nature, she and Luci getting Elfo out of hell etc.) happens in rappid succession, suggesting a time span of at most a few weeks.
    • Traveling by boat takes quite some time and Maru is supposedly far away. It could realistically be expected that part of those five months were spent travelling to and from Maru.
    • Add to that that time in heaven/hell may very well pass differently, Lucy being a demon would be able to tell the difference time-wise.
    • It is also possible that Lucy was just exaggerating.

    Hidden Elf Village? 
  • It was established at the very beginning that no elf has ever left Elfwood except for Leavo (and apparently Returno, who never returned). But in season two it is indicated that the elves are very wealthy from selling candy and that Pops used to be a traveling salesman, which is how he met Elfo's mother and discovered where the Legendberry tree was located in the Valley of the Ogres. So which is it? Did the elves always stay in Elfwood, or do they send out salesmen?
    • It could be a case of 'Exact Words' in play here, elves have actually ventured out of Elfwood but no one had left as in "abandoned the village forever".
  • On a related note: who created Elfwood? It is the single most advanced bit of magic depicted on the show, but no elves exhibit magical powers. The elves do not seem to use magic in their neighborhood in Dreamland as it has no protections or concealment. This implies that they cannot duplicate the magic that protects Elfwood.
  • And why did the elves not return to Elfwood? They left because their blood was needed to unpetrify the Dreamlanders, but they settled down in Elf Alley afterwards. It would be understandable if a few elves would have stayed, but it seems like the whole population moved in.
    • It's made clear that there's something in Dreamland the Elves were after, we just don't know what.
      • The final episode of season two gives a hint as to what that something might be.

    Big Jo's methods 
  • Big Jo is shown exorcising the demons he captured by throwing them into an active volcano. But why would they be affected by that, since it's stated that they are immortal, resistant to fire, and are later shown to live in a literal Fire and Brimstone Hell? It's later revealed that demons can lose their immortality, but it's never implied that Big Jo knows that, or that he could be able to turn them into mortal creatures somehow.
    • Maybe it wasn't killing them, but simply banishing them back to Hell.


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