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Nightmare Fuel / Atlantis: Milo's Return

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WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

  • The first portion of the film takes place in Krakenstaff, an eerie Norwegian town populated with blankly-responsive townsfolk and controlled by Edgar Vulgud, a malicious old man in cahoots with the Kraken, a horrific mind-controlling tentacled sea monster. Dagon, anyone?
    • Vulgud himself. He essentially made a deal with the Kraken, giving the souls of the townspeople to the creature.
    • The Kraken is so large, we almost never see the entire thing in view, only closeups of its body. Even when you do see the whole thing that doesn't make it any less horrifying, since it's a massive mess of glowing eyes and tentacles with a titanic maw. Not only that, but it can also hypnotize you and is shown to be intelligent enough to willingly attempt to exert control over a town full of people.
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    • The way the Kraken has the ability to mind-control any unsuspecting mind. It's especially scary when it seamlessly lures Audrey to it, and then takes over Vinnie without being noticed.
    • There's a deleted scene where Inger asks her baby to give her a hug and it's a baby Kraken, a disturbing nod to the The Shadow Over Innsmouth plot point of the Deep Ones mating with humans to yield monstrous offspring.
  • The Dust Coyotes. Imagine you are just walking along somewhere, not a care in the world, and suddenly a dust storm appears out of nowhere. Then you hear the howling and thousands of red eyes start staring at you with malicious intent. Then the dust takes on the form of a thousand coyotes, all of which are snarling and howling and has the intention of ripping you to shreds. Imagine seeing them at night. Yeah, sweet dreams. And if that wasn't enough, the villain of that particular part is turned into ONE OF THEM! There's no telling if he's simply been made a ghost, or a mindless servant to attack any intruder such as himself.
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  • Surtr, a giant fiery demon summoned so that Ragnarok may begin...AND IT ALMOST SUCCEEDS.
  • Ymir. He's so big he's mistaken for a mountain.


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