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Awesome / Atlantis: Milo's Return

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  • Kida riding the tentacles of the Kraken to rescue Audrey.
  • Carnaby's demise at the mercy of the Dust Coyotes.
    Carnaby: Uh, what is this?
    Milo: (angrily) Retribution.
  • Mole saving Audrey from falling by using his Tunnel King abilities to get to her. "You cannot live without me!" Audrey gives a huge smile for it.
  • After getting The Spear of Destiny, Kida takes out the two giants by dropping Hellstrom's floating castle on top of them!
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  • In the last scene, Queen Kida using the Spear of Destiny to raise Atlantis to the surface and Whitmore's voiceover assuring that things were much better for it. Also a Heartwarming Moment.


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