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Funny / Atlantis: Milo's Return

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  • When investigating the Kraken, Milo trying to explain a life preserver to Kida.
    Kida: So you wear it and it preserves your life, like our crystals?
    Milo: No, no. You throw it to someone in the water.
    Kida: Oh, so it is a game?
    Milo: No. You only throw it if someone is drowning.
    Kida: Does that not make it hard for them to play the game? (walks back inside before Milo can explain more)
  • Everything Mole does.
    • When the team gets attacked by the Kraken for the first time, Mole loses his cheese that he was eating which rolls into the water. When the Kraken reveals itself for the first time (in this case showing off its tentacles and roaring), Mole weakly says "Uh, you can have it."
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    • Later, when Vinny is under the control of the kraken, we hear Mole deal with it off-screen. It's revealed he knocked Vinny silly with a wrench.
    • When he thinks Vinny is back under its control, he raises the wrench up over his head.
    Mole: I will just distract him again! (Vinny pulls on his goggles and snaps them over his eyes) Ah! I'm blinded!
    • After he saves Audrey from falling to her death: "You see? You cannot live without me."
  • Milo thinking his and Kida's tank is going towards a mountain, only for a mouth to open up revealing itself to be the kraken. His Oh, Crap! face is as hilarious as the line.
    Milo: That is not a mountain.
  • As they watch the pod sink, Milo and Audrey tease Vinny about playing patty-cake with the sea monster.
    Vinny: No. I don't mind a little patty-cake... but I really don't wanna be here when the bombs on that sub pod hit bottom. (closes pod lid, Audrey and Milo glance at each other as they both dash to get inside their pods)
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  • Vinny apparently blew up his flower shop again!
  • Vinny's "special blend". How it didn't blow up the second they tried to use it is beyond this troper.
    Vinny: I start with a batter of gelatinous nitroglycerin, dribble it on a shaped charge of a TNT, and top it with just a dusting of black powder. (Beat) And oregano. You can't make a bomb without oregano. Makes a very nice boom. Let the lobster chew on that.
  • Mole tastes all of the clay bowls, but when he comes up to a particular one, he bites into it and, to his disgust, finds out it's plastic. He throws it over his shoulder to Obby who happily eats it.
  • Audrey picking up a bow and arrow muttering, "Look, an antique," and fires it. Cue Mole yelping in pain off-screen.
  • Kida's Sustained Misunderstanding with Milo on a spear inside a glass case. After the conversation below Milo just gives up as he facepalms in exhaustion.
    Kida: How are people to use these things if they're locked behind glass?
    Milo: It's for protection.
    Kida: I know what the spear is for. But why is it in a glass case?
    Milo: No, the glass case is for protection.
    Kida: Wouldn't the spear be better protection than a glass case?
    Milo: (getting exasperated) Yes... No! It's there to protect from someone who might want to steal it.
    Kida: (Beat) Why would someone want to steal a glass case?
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  • The dust wolves surround the group and Sweet asks if anyone had a doggy bone.
  • As the crew flies after a madman who thinks himself Odin, Milo comments that the storm started around the time he stole the Macguffin. Audrey dismisses the idea of "old gods affecting the weather", and Vinny gives us this.
    Vinny: "Well, there was that Indian wind god, spirit, whatever, Kraken. Yeah, the Kraken might have been a god. Maybe not. And that big Atlantis crystal... that was kind of like a god."
    • After seeing Þrymr for the first time:
  • In the ending, two Atlantean men kiss Ms. Packard with joy. True to form, without any excitement, Ms. Packard's only indication that the kiss did not go unnoticed is this quote:
    Ms. Packard: (Monotone) I just swallowed my gum.

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