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Maj. Gen. George Hammond: Colonel, you've had the most experience in fighting this hostile. Assuming you have to defend yourself in the field, are you up to it?
Col. Jack O'Neill: We beat 'em once.
Hammond: I'll take that as a "maybe".

A three-part, generally comedic dialogue trope that goes as follows:

  1. Alice asks Bob a yes/no question, or communicates something else that should get a yes/no response (request, offer, etc.)
  2. Bob does something other than responding "yes" or "no".
  3. Alice asks how Bob's response is to be interpreted as an answer and/or offers her own interpretation. ("Is that a 'yes' or 'no'?" "Is that a 'yes'?" "I'll take that as a 'no'." etc.)

The trope is very flexible, as long as the three parts are there.note  Step 2 could be verbal or nonverbal. It could be an Implied Answer, a Non-Answer or something completely unrelated; it could be an indecisive answer or a very decisive one (just not usually, for obvious reasons, a simple "yes" or "no"); it could be ambiguously an answer, a perfectly clear answer, perfectly clearly not an answer to the question at all, an apparent bizarre Non Sequitur, and so forth. As such, step 3 could be a perfectly reasonable response, Comically Missing the Point, stating the obvious, sarcasm, wishful thinking, etc.

Compare Non-Answer, where the question is not necessarily a yes/no question, but the answer given is still insufficient. May be a Cryptically Unhelpful Answer. If a question is not a yes or no question but the answerer responds "Yes," or "No," that's probably a Mathematician's Answer.


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  • One infamous Dairy Queen commercial has the Lips mascot stating that Dairy Queen has the galaxy's greatest shake and proving it by inviting an alien named Phil to sip some of the shake and judge for himself.
    DQ Lips: [after Phil has sipped some of the shake and smacked his lips] So, Phil, is it?
    [Phil roars and explodes into a pile of green slime]
    DQ Lips: That's Phil's yes.

    Fan Works 
  • Bait and Switch:
    • Used when Eleya is inspecting the repairs made by her chief engineer to a hull breach.
      Capt. Kanril Eleya: Will the repairs hold if we get into another firefight?
      LCDR. Bynam Ehrob: We replaced and sealed all of the damaged pressure hull plates to better than shipyard spec, ma'am. Triple-checked it myself.
      Eleya: I'll take that as a maybe.
      Bynam: Ha! Little miss negative.
    • Again in Remembrance of the Fallen when Eleya, as a fourth-year cadet at Starfleet Academy, asks her major advisor if she has to take a gig tutoring a pair of first-years for extra credit (to make up for a rough start to the semester after her boyfriend left her).
      Cdr. Thrass: No, you can still pass if you get a 90 or better on your remaining assignments, which shouldn't be a problem. But my personal preference would be to have the extra room to maneuver.
      Eleya: You could've just said "yes", sir.
  • In The Day the Dursleys Came to Hogwarts, Harry's cousin fights with Draco, Crabbe and Goyle after Draco tries to get him to demonstrate "Harry Hunting".
    Dudley: Am I gonna be able to patch things up with him later? Or is this one of those things that won't go away?
    Harry: Welcome to the club of Lifetime Enemies of Draco Malfoy.
    Dudley: So that's a no?
  • Family- The Second Year:
    Harry: Uhm... Sue... is there any chance that you'd let me play against Slytherin?
    Susan: Seriously? You seriously have to ask me that question?
    Harry: I take it that's a no, then?
  • Harry Hibiki and the Philosopher's Stone:
    Ranma: Hey Kunō, are you alright?
    Tatewaki: Saotome, I have lived the last four years in the body of a child, just found out my father is the reason my mother died and that magic, something he has beat into my head as evil and the cause of Mother's death had nothing to do with it other than he hates it.
    Ranma: So that's a no.
  • In Harry Potter and the Bodacious Bodyguard Tonks helps rescue Harry and Dudley from the dementors.
    Tonks: Oy, Dursley, can you walk?
    Dudley: I, er... what?
    Tonks: I'll take that as a yes.
  • Harry Potter and the Cetra Heritage:
    Jenova: Voldemort? What a strange name. But mine is pretty strange, so I guess I can't talk. A friend of yours?
    Harry: He murdered my parents and tried to kill me.
    Jenova: So that's a no then.
  • Harry Potter and the Scars of the Past:
    Harry: Any chance you could make [the reporters] leave?
    Tonks: You crazy? This is massive— Ministry appointed teacher tortures precious celebrity. This here, young Harry, is journalist gold.
    Harry: So that's a no?
  • How the Light Gets In: A variation. Dean and Nyssa went on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge to avenge Laurel. Once this is over, Dean (who has minor injuries) asks if she's hurt. Nyssa just chuckles, clearly finding the question ludicrous. Dean takes that as answer enough and moves on.
  • Is Your Great-Aunt an AI?: GLaDOS mentions the possibility of performing various tests on Peter Pettigrew.
    Gordon: Wow. Should I feel sorry for him?
    GLaDOS: He betrayed two of his closest friends to their deaths, by all accounts, and condemned a third to prison with monster guards who suck the life and happiness from their surroundings more than the average corporate manager.
    Gordon: ...I guess that's a no, right?
  • The Palaververse: In The Tempest, when Gellert asks if things are "about to get unreasonable" and the rhinoceros emperor brushes him off condescendingly, Gellert takes that as a "yes".
    "Excuse me," said Gellert amiably, stepping in between Burro and the Emperor, "Are things about to get unreasonable?"
    The Emperor, who towered above the griffon, turned to regard him, his expression impassive. "Step lightly around matters beyond your concern, little chieftain."
    "Taken as a yes. Excellent. I'm good at 'unreasonable'." Gellert cracked the knuckles on his claws.
  • In Reboot, Snape, Harry and Hermione kill the basilisk shortly before first year.
    Snape: It's done. It's dead. Now all we need to do is render the beast. I don't suppose you fancy helping us out with that mammoth task, do you?
    McGonagall: Potions never was my best subject.
    Snape: So that's a no, then?
  • The Silent World of Cassandra Evans:
    Cassandra: Everybody says how nice and clever my Mum was but nobody talks about my Dad. Is it because he was a bit of a bastard?
    Snape: James Charlus Potter, your father, was a brute and a braggart and a fool. He and his cronies, the princes of Gryffindor, liked to think that they were pranksters but they ruled this place through bullying and fear. I knew he'd never do right by my Lilypad but she could never see it. I knew he'd never marry...
    Cassandra: So that's a yes then. You're not very Slytherin when you talk about my parents, are you.
  • In Sympathetic Properties, Hermione goes through a goblin memory extraction process which leaves humans a little addled for a short time afterwards.
    Dan Granger: Are you alright?
    Hermione: Blueberry?
    Dan Granger: I'm going to take that as a "yes."
  • In The Vanishing Cabinet of Time Harry is reading the Potter family grimoire.
    Hermione: You find what Remus was talking about yet?
    Harry: Are you mental? I just got started with this. There is hundreds of pages in here. For all I know it could be in the latter fourth of the book, and here I am going from front to back!
    Hermione: So that would be a "no".

    Films — Animation 
  • Played for drama in Aladdin. Aladdin, as Prince Ali, is bound, gagged, and thrown off a cliff into the ocean. In his struggles to get free, he manages to rub the lamp before he passes out. The Genie wants to free Aladdin, but after Aladdin tricked him into getting them out of the Cave of Wonders with no wishing, they agreed "no more freebies", so he can't save Aladdin without an actual wish. He reminds Aladdin of this, saying, "You have to say, 'Genie, I want you to save my life.' Got it?" He quickly interprets an unconscious head bob as a yes and saves Aladdin at the cost of a wish.
  • When Belle from Beauty and the Beast was first taken hostage in the castle, she was kept in the dungeon. Lumiere tells Beast that, if Belle is supposed to fall in love with him, it would probably help to give her an actual room. Despite wording the suggestion in the most tactful way possible, Beast growls at Lumiere so fiercely his flames are almost lit out before storming off. Lumiere takes that as a no.
    Lumiere: [nervously] Then again maybe not!
  • Footrot Flats: The Dog's Tale:
    Cooch: You wouldn't happen to have seen my stag, would you?
    Irish Murphy: Ah, piss off!
    Cooch: Is that a yes or a no?
    Irish Murphy: That's a formal recommendation.
  • Kung Fu Panda 3: As Po and his father are departing for the panda village...
    Viper: Do you really think Po can master chi?
    Shifu: It doesn't matter what I think. It only matters what the universe think.
    Mantis: So... that's a "no"?
    [Shifu slumps]
  • Robots: During the final confrontation, Rodney is trying to bring a concussed Bigweld to his senses.
    Rodney: Mr. Bigweld, are you okay?
    Bigweld: I'm the prettiest girl at the Harvest Moon Ball!
    Rodney: I'll take that as a "no"...
  • Up has two examples in the beginning.
    • First with Carl being greeted with the construction foreman about his house.
      Foreman Tom: Well just to let you know, my boss would be happy to take this old place off your hands, and for double his last offer double the initial offer! What do you say to that? [Carl blasts the foreman in the face with his leaf blower] ...I'll take that as a no.
    • And after Carl makes his feelings on the matter clear to the land developer:
      Foreman: This is serious! He wants your house!
      Carl: Tell him he can have our house!
      Foreman: ...Really?
      Carl: When I'm dead! [Carl slams the door]
      Foreman: ...I'll take that as a maybe!

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Beauty Shop, after Gina gives Elizabeth the bank teller a makeover in an attempt to get a loan:
    Gina: Do you like it?
    Elizabeth: Oh! [hugs]
    Gina: [laugh] I guess that's a "yes," or is that the way you fight?
  • In Clue, they get into a vicious circle of this:
    Colonel Mustard: Wadsworth, am I right in thinking there is nobody else in this house?
    Wadsworth: Mmm, no.
    Colonel Mustard: Then there IS someone else in this house?
    Wadsworth: No, sorry. I said "no," meaning "yes."
    Colonel Mustard: "No," meaning "yes"!? Look, I want a straight answer. Is there someone else or isn't there, yes or no?
    Wadsworth: Um, no.
    Colonel Mustard: "No," there IS, or "no," there ISN'T?
    Wadsworth: Yes.
    Mrs. White: [smashing her glass against the fireplace] PLEASE!
  • In The Expendables, Barney shoots the team traitor Gunnar. He asks Barney if he's going to die. Barney just tells him that the shot hit him two inches above the heart. He takes that as a yes. However, he shows up alive and healthy at the end of the film.
  • In HOUBA! On the Trail of the Marsupilami, General Hermoso is making "a proposal he can't refuse" to the captured Marsupilami (despite him being a smart but non-talking animal), until the Corporal nudges Marsu with the barrel of his gun, eliciting a pained squeal. Hermoso takes that as a "yes".
  • Pirates of the Caribbean:
  • Young Frankenstein has this between the good doctor and Inspector Kemp:
    Inspector Kemp: Then I may give the villagers your complete assurance that you have no interest whatsoever in continuing your grandfather's work?
    Monster: [in background] MMMMMMM!
    Inspector Kemp: May I take that for a yes?
    Frederick: ...Mmm.

  • In Dodger, after Dodger beats up a man who was threatening his life, breaking his nose so he can't speak intelligibly, and drags him away to leave him on the street, he says: "You are a very lucky man. And if I ever see your face around here again you will have what we in the business call a very close shave. Understand? I will assume that was a yes."
  • The Hobbit: After the defeat of Smaug, Laketown sends troops to the mountain to seek compensation for the destruction of their town by the dragon. Thorin refuses to negotiate while there is an army at his gates, especially while the wood elves have their own army there as well. They give him some time to think it over, and after some hours the Laketown messengers return to give what Bilbo thinks is a reasonable demand and hear Thorin's response. He isn't in a talking mood.
    Messenger: At the least he shall deliver one twelfth portion of the treasure unto Bard, as the dragon-slayer, and as the heir of Girion. From that portion Bard will himself contribute to the aid of Esgaroth; but if Thorin would have the friendship and honour of the lands about, as his sires had of old, then he will give also somewhat of his own for the comfort of the men of the Lake.
    [Thorin shoots an arrow that hits the messenger's shield]
    Messenger: Since such is your answer, I declare the Mountain besieged. You shall not depart from it, until you call on your side for a truce and a parley. We will bear no weapons against you, but we leave you to your gold. You may eat that, if you will!

    Live-Action TV 
  • In the Firefly episode "Shindig" one of Inara's rich clients offers her an opportunity to stay with him as his personal Companion.
    Inara: You're a generous man.
    Atherton Wing: That is not a "yes".
    Inara: It's not a "no", either.
  • JAG: In "Tribunal", Sturgis is assigned as co-defense counsel for the fictional Al-Qaida No 3 in the military tribunal held aboard a warship, and has an Army Special Forces captain on the stand to answer questions about unconventional warfare by US Forces and that of unlawful combatants. The implication of the final question being that there's not always a distinct difference between them.
    Sturgis: One final question. On certain operations, Special Forces personnel remove all insignia. Your dog tags, anything that could identify you. Is that correct?
    Army Captain: That's classified, sir.
    Sturgis: Let the record reflect that was not a "no".
  • In Merlin, Arthur proposes to Guinevere who responds with The Glomp. Arthur looks puzzled for a moment and asks "Is that a yes?" prompting Gwen to let him go and clarify that she did mean to say yes.
  • Stargate SG-1:
    • Used in the pilot episode "Children of the Gods". Jack answers Hammond's question in a reasonably confident tone of voice, but by this point Air Force personnel have been torn up pretty badly by the Jaffa both times they've met them, so you can understand Hammond not sharing Jack's confidence.
      Maj. Gen. George Hammond: Colonel, you've had the most experience in fighting this hostile. Assuming you have to defend yourself in the field, are you up to it?
      Col. Jack O'Neill: We beat 'em once.
      Hammond: I'll take that as a "maybe".
    • After beaming onto an enemy ship and coming under heavy fire, Colonel Mitchell announces his presence and asks the enemy soldiers to surrender. When they don't stop shooting, he says "That's a no" and starts returning fire.
  • Star Trek: Voyager: In "Scorpion", when Borg drone Seven of Nine disapproves of Janeway's plan, she asks if Seven has a better one.
    Seven: We are Borg.
    Tuvok: I'll take that as a "yes."
  • WandaVision: In "The Series Finale", we have this exchange between the two Visions as they're fighting in midair...
    Hex Vision: Might we resolve this peacefully?
    White Vision: Wanda Maximoff must be neutralized. You must be destroyed.
    Hex Vision: A "no," then.
  • Yes, Minister practically oozes with those, especially by Hacker on any of Sir Humphrey's (often deliberate) fits of vague, unfocused Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness.

    Video Games 
  • Early in the Mass Effect 3 DLC "Citadel", Shepard winds up in trouble (big shock) and Wrex (or James Vega if Wrex is dead) arrives to bail Shepard out. As the two of them defend their position from waves of mercenaries:
    Wrex/James: Shepard, you've got a plan for getting us out of here, right?
    Shepard: Wrex/James, please. I'm a professional.
    Wrex/James: That's not a yes...
    Shepard: It's not a no!
  • Towards the end of Portal 2:
    • In the run-up to the final boss fight, Wheatley tries to cajole Chell into killing herself. If you just leave without jumping into the masher, Wheatley responds with a simple "I'll take that as a 'no', then." If you take the time to shoot a mine into the monitor before you go, his response is longer and a lot angrier, but is basically amounts to the same thing.
    • During the fight itself, the Announcer voice does this.
      Announcer: Corrupted core, are you ready to start the procedure?
      Wheatley: [sarcastically] What do you think?
      Announcer: Interpreting vague answer as "yes".
      Wheatley: No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Didn't pick up on my sarcasm!
  • Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse: If you ask Bluster Blaster about the Sam clones in "Beyond the Alley of the Dolls", it leads to this exchange:
    Sam: Do you know anything about these Sam clones running around?
    Bluster Blaster: THOSE ARE REAL?!
    Sam: Uh... Yeah?
    Bluster Blaster: HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!
    Max: I'll take that as a "no".
  • Soundtrack Attack: Steven stares in awe at a temple sculpted after a Gem, referring to it as a "giant woman". Pearl asks if Opal really impacted him that much; when Steven doesn't respond, still breathtaken by the statue, Amethyst says she'll take that as a "yes".
  • Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People: In "Homestar Ruiner", the first time you get caught by Strong Mad while sneaking into the King of Town's castle, Strong Bad will ask him if he's here to help him steal Homestar's criminal record. Cut to Strong Bad being thrown out the window of the castle.
    Strong Bad: I'll take that as a no.

    Visual Novels 
  • My Little Investigations: When Apple Bloom doesn't look convinced at Twilight Sparkle's promise not to tell anyone what she just told her, she promises it with a Pinkie Pie swear from the show: "Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye." The response this gets is "That a yes?"

  • anti-HEROES, "He Makes Himself Clear"
    Lana: And what exactly makes you so important to know about this prophecy, huh?
    Turrick: I wrote it.
    Lana: ... Oh. So, considering you're such a great guy and all, you wouldn't happen to be nice enough to explain everything to me, would you?
    [Turrick blows her balloon with a spell]
    Lana: Aaah!! I'll take that as a "no."
  • Darths & Droids:
    • Episode 899:
      GM: Red Ten shoots desperately at the grille. Pete, do you want to roll, since you're controlling his X-wing?
      Pete: This is precisely the situation I have this bag of NPC dice for!
      GM: I'll take that as a—
      Pete: 15!
    • Episode 1207:
      Jabba's droid: You are a protocol droid, are you not?
      C-3PO: No.
      Jabba's droid: Do you mean no you are not, or no you are?
      C-3PO: Yes.
  • Girl Genius: The general (and chief cook) of the Corbetite Railway monks doesn't bother himself with niceties:
    Brother Vadaxxus: You! In the stupid hat. Are those your ships up there?
    Martellus von Blitzengaard: Stupid— I am the Storm King!
    Brother Vadaxxus: So that's a "Yes."
  • Grrl Power:
    • Maxima has some troubles with a new recruit that was previously entranced by the team's succubus.
      Maxima: Until this is resolved, I don't want you two in the same room, understood?
      Jabberwokky: [restrained] I want to punch her in the mouth and then kiss it all better!
      Maxima: [massages her temples] SIIIIIIIIIIGH I'll take that as a yes.
    • Upon meeting Sydney's parents, Maxima muses that she must taking after her father. Sydney is too distracted to give a straight answer, when Mr. Scoville Senior grabs his daughter in his arms and excitedly babbles how proud he is she'd become a superhero fighting bad guys.
      Maxima: I'll take that as a yes.
  • Not a Villain: In Page 566, Bandit takes Jane's silence as a yes for the rest of the party:
    Bandit: Can we declare that means yes?
    Danni: I'll go with that.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • In strip 115, Vaarsuvius is paralyzed and Durkon is trying to ask them whether they're paralyzed or not, but since they are, all they can say is "Nunnh." Durkon keeps asking questions about what this answer means.
    • Strip 512:
      Haley: Thanh, can you handle the granary guards by yourself?
      Thanh: The anguished souls of a thousand unjustly slain Azurites will guide each swing of my blade.
      Haley: I'll take that as a "Yes."
    • Done by Gannji the lizardfolk on his latest meeting with Haley:
      Gannji: So, no hard feelings on the whole kidnapping thing?
      Haley: If anything happens to [my father], you'll make a very stylish handbag.
      Gannji: I'm going to choose to hear that as, "We cool."
  • Sluggy Freelance, "The Bug, the Witch, and the Robot":
    K'Z'K: You're a scientist, Riff! Calculate how much force it would take to bank-shot Torg's spine off the building across the street. Is this about enough?
    Riff: NO!
    K'Z'K: I take it in this case, no means yes.
  • Schlock Mercenary: The 01/16/03 strip.
    Tagon: Massey, you've been with us since before Doyt came aboard. During that time have we done anything illegal?
    Massey: Do you want me to sort the list by date, or do you want it grouped into "felonies" and "misdemeanors"?
    Tagon: You could have just said "yes" and left it at that.
    Massey: A couple of items may fall under "high treason" or "war crimes". I'll have to check.

    Web Videos 
  • In The Nostalgia Critic's review of Star Trek: Insurrection:
    Critic: What was that?
    Linkara: That was a clip from the show.
    Critic: Oh God, don't tell me...
    Linkara: Yes, I have every episode of Star Trek in my ship's databanks.
    [the Critic is holding a pillow to his face and beating it with his fist]
    Linkara: I intend to use them throughout this review whenever the continuity seems off.
    Come to think of it, we could probably have used that a few scenes ago; mind if we go back?
    Critic: [muffled by the pillow] Aaaaaaaaarrrrghhhh!!
    Linkara: I'll take that as a "no."
  • In the first episode of Ultra Fast Pony, Rarity apparently models Twilight in a gimp suit off-screen. Rarity asks if she likes it, and when she's met with silence, she takes it as a no.

    Western Animation 
  • At the end of "Night Bears" from Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot, Grumpy Bear asks Sweet Dreams Bear if she can send him again his dream with a never-ending food cabinet. She tells him to "Keep dreaming," leading him to ask if that's a yes or a no, and to start begging.
  • Futurama: In "Roswell that Ends Well":
    President Harry Truman: Bushwah! Now what's your mission? Are you planning to make some kind of alien-human hybrid?
    Zoidberg: Are you coming on to me?
    Truman: Hot crackers! I take exception to that!
    Zoidberg: [sexily] I'm not hearing a no...
  • Gravity Falls: From the beginning of "Land Before Swine":
    Mabel: Finally, we're alone, Waddles! What do you think, dance party?
    [Waddles just looks at Mabel and snorts]
    Mabel: I'm not hearing a "no".
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:
    • Done twice in a row in one conversation in "The Ticket Master":
      Applejack: I've got apple pie, apple fritters, apple tarts, apple dumplings, apple crisps, apple crumblers, and apple brown betty... uh, the dessert, not my auntie. What do you say there, best friend?
      [Twilight Sparkle's stomach rumbles]
      Applejack: Is that a "yes"?
      Twilight: No. No! I don't know who I'm giving the ticket to. And all these favors aren't making it any easier to decide. In fact, I'm less certain now than I was this morning! Aargh! [runs off]
      Applejack: So... that's a "maybe"?
    • "Dragonshy", between one of the ponies and her non-talking rabbit Angel (note that the trope doesn't appear until the last lines):
      Angel: [coughs]
      Fluttershy: Oh, goodness! Are you okay?
      Angel: [coughs]
      Fluttershy: Are you coughing because there's a carrot stuck in your throat?
      Angel: [coughs]
      Fluttershy: Because you need some water?
      [Angel looks exasperated, coughs enormously and lifts Fluttershy's chin to make her look up]
      Fluttershy: [gasp] Because of that giant cloud of scary black smoke?
      [Angel throws a carrot at her head, looking annoyed]
      Fluttershy: I'll take that as a "yes."
    • In "Green Isn't Your Color":
      Twilight: It's the perfect plan! You can't tell anyone about it. Promise me you won't tell anyone?
      [Pinkie Pie makes a long series of gestures that seem to be miming various actions, including digging at the ground]
      Twilight: So... you do promise, or you don't?
      Pinkie Pie: Uhh, yes! Obviously, that's why I [repeats the gestures] zipped my mouth closed, then locked it with a key, then dug a hole, then buried the key, then built a house on top of the hole where I buried the key, then moved into the house on top of the hole. [grin]
      Twilight: Obviously...
    • In "Owl's Well That Ends Well", Spike sarcastically interprets a Rock Bottom + Tempting Fate situation by this model. "Could it get any worse?" (Cue the Rain.) "I guess that's a 'yes'."
    • At the beginning of "Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 1", Applejack proudly states that the Mane Six are united by the Elements of Harmony, and no royal duties are going to change that. "Right, Everypony? Right, Pinkie Pie?" But Pinkie is daydreaming about "creamy, creamy frosting". After Fluttershy helpfully wipes her friend's mouth, she adds "We should take that as a 'yes'."
    • Parodied in "Tanks for the Memories" when Rainbow Dash is in denial.
      Spike: NO!
      Rainbow Dash: I'll take that as a "yes."
  • Phineas and Ferb are trying to reunite the members of the band Love Handel. They visit the old bass player, who isn't interested because he thinks nobody remembers him. They change his mind with a musical number about how fabulous he is. At the end, Ferb's Mandatory Line for the episode is "May we take that as a yes?"
  • Ready Jet Go!:
    • At the beginning of "Solar System Bake-Off", Mitchell talks to his dog Cody. Cody ignores him, and Mitchell takes that as a "Yes, Mitchell! That's my goal too!" Not too long afterwards, Cody grunts at Mr. Peterson, which he interprets as a "Yes, I understand, Mr. Peterson"
    • In "A Visit from Uncle Zucchini", when Zucchini asks Moonbeam if the "planet" up ahead is Earth, she says "no" by strumming a bad chord on her guitar. Zucchini takes that as a "yes".
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
    • In "Jellyfishing", SpongeBob and Patrick give a full body cast-covered Squidward a jellyfish as a get-well present, as a way of apologizing for the trouble and havoc they caused him the previous day.
      SpongeBob: You're not still mad, are you?
      [Squidward opens jar in SpongeBob and Patrick's direction]
      Patrick: Yup, he's still mad.
    • Also used in "Chimps Ahoy", when Lord Reginald is being tortured by Patrick's invention:
      Dr. Marmalade: Lord Reginald, are you all right? [shrieks and explosions are heard] I'm sorry, was that a yes?
  • In Static Shock, a sunspot is messing with Static's powers, but unfortunately he has to deal with Hot Streak. He tries to trick Hot Streak into thinking that the sunspot has made him even more powerful, but the ruse falters. Static gives Hot Streak a chance to surrender, which he just laughs at. Static mutters that he'll take that as a no. Hot Streak responds "Wrong. This is a no!" and starts hurling fireballs at Static.
  • On an episode of Xiaolin Showdown, Omi uses an object to split him into copies, which unfortunately suffer from Clone Degeneration. When one of the copies runs across a Shen Gong Wu as the same time as Jack Spicer, Jack challenges him to a Xiaolin Showdown. When the copy doesn't answer, he asks him if he accepts. The copy just beeps his nose. Jack decides to take that as a yes.

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