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Nightmare Fuel / Pooh's Grand Adventure

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Aw, Pooh's Grand Adventure is just another happy-go-lucky Pooh Bear movie. It's not like the series to get all dark and scary, right?

WRONG! Otherwise, why would it have this page in the first place?

  • Some of the imagery in the Disney Acid Sequence.
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  • The entire group plummeting into a gorge.
  • The scene where Piglet is nearly abducted by butterflies.
  • The Skullasaurus. We never actually see it, but there's a sense that it's always around somewhere, watching the gang and waiting for a chance to strike...
  • The cave with giant crystals that reflect and distort Pooh's figure. One reflection was so scary, the gang mistook it for the Skullasaurus.
  • Seeing the cast of freaking Winnie-the-Pooh almost cross the Despair Event Horizon can be disturbing for a little kid.
  • The Upside Down Rock was far more unsettling than it needed to be.
    Rabbit: The Upside Down Rock... if you've made it this far... you're where... monsters are...
  • And then comes our heroes' first encounter with the Skullasaurus. Who knew that they could make the growling and gurgling of Pooh's stomach so horrifyingly scary?! You have to really see the scene yourself to appreciate how scary the combination of Hell Is That Noise, Nothing Is Scarier, and Dissonant Serenity is.
    • After Rabbit reads the description for Upside Down Rock, the awful, hellish roars begin, and sound distant, but seem to be coming from the Biggest Woods of All that the group just exited. Everyone slowly turns to the sound, and stand there in silence, unsure what to do. Piglet, still smiling though his eyes betray his inner horror, asks lightly what that was. Tigger then deduces it was the Skullasaurus, as they all huddle together and back up from the forest.
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    • Rabbit takes charge and leads the group through a dark, scary forest of thorns, reasoning the Skullasaurus wouldn't follow them into such a hostile environment that the group themselves is having trouble traversing. Nope. Then the Skullasaurus' roars are heard nearby.
  • When the gang arrives at Skull, they realize that they spent the night in the place and are understandably horrified. When they ponder entering, the camera pans deeper and deeper into the dark depths of Skull, as the group worries about whatever horrors await them.
    Rabbit: But... We have no idea what we'll find!
    Eeyore: (the Skullasaurus roars in the distance, prompting him to sprint inside) But we know what's gonna find US!
  • The various horrors inside Skull:
    • Piglet passes a deep cliff with smoke rising from below, and as he calls out for Christopher Robin, a plume of smoke takes the shape of a nightmarish, skull-like glare before fading away as Piglet looks.
    • Tigger disturbs a swarm of bats and runs for his life.
    • Eeyore is crossing a narrow bridge, but it gives out on him, sending him plummeting a great distance. He gets caught in some vines and branches, and inadvertently dons a dinosaur-ish helmet of branches. He's hit by a falling Piglet, and once he hits the ground he runs for his life. Piglet looks behind them to see his monstrous shadow.
    • Rabbit, meanwhile, panicked by all the commotion, falls into a long tunnel and just keeps tumbling and tumbling, and we see numerous fossils surrounding the tunnel.


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