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Trivia / Pooh's Grand Adventure

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  • Fake Brit: Brady Blumh as Christopher Robin.
  • Milestone Celebration: Walt Disney Home Video timed the 2006 DVD release with the 80th anniversary of the first Winnie-the-Pooh book.
  • Non-Singing Voice:
    • Tigger's singing is done by Pooh's voice actor, Jim Cummings, rather than Paul Winchellnote 
    • Eeyore's singing is done by Dylan Watson rather than Peter Cullen
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    • Frankie J. Galasso does the singing did Christopher Robin rather than Brady Bluhm
    • Steve Schatzberg sings for Piglet rather then John Fielder
  • The Other Darrin: Most the New Adventures voice cast reprised their roles, as they would for several projects after. The only exceptions are Andre Stokja as Owl (replacing Hal Smith who died shortly after the series ended), and Brady Blumh as Christopher Robin.
  • Role Reprise: Paul Winchell returns as Tigger, having gradually bowed out of New Adventures due to failing health.

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