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When Pooh asks you to read you a note.

Pooh's Grand Adventure has plenty of laughs... and in a film this Dark and Edgy, it needs every moment.

  • Any of the facial expressions the characters make. Unsurprisingly, the movie was animated in Japan.
  • The Running Gag of Pooh trying so hard to remember the encouraging words Christopher Robin had told him. He even tries to remember it in his sleep. "Braver than our beans", anyone?
  • When Pooh finds Piglet high up the canopy of his house
    Pooh: Why, Piglet. Whatever are you doing up there?
    Piglet: I'm doing just what Christopher Robin said I should do. I'm gonna look my fear of heights right in the face, and conquer it! [the branch he's on breaks] That is, if it doesn't conquer ME first!
    • Then Tigger arrives at the scene
    Tigger: Hiya, Pooh! Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! What's up?
    Pooh: Hello, Tigger! Piglet is up.
    Piglet: HEEELP!!!!
    Tigger: Oh, relax, Piglet, ol' pal. There's no difference between falling a thousand feet to the jagged rocks below and tumblin' out of bed.
    (Piglet uncovers his eyes and grins)
    Piglet: Oh. Really?
    Tigger: Why, sure! [chuckles, then clears throat] ([Beat]) Uh...Except for the splat at the end, they're practically similar.
    (Piglet's smile droops; He covers his eyes again)
    • Then as Tigger is trying to catch Piglet and get him down, acorns falling from the tree from every bounce impact. After several misses, Tigger glares at his own tail.
    Tigger: What's the matter with you? Bein' a second-rate bouncer is NOT what Tiggers like best!
    • Then when Tigger finally catches Piglet, the acorns from Tigger's bouncing cascade down and sweep him, Pooh and Piglet away like an avalanche.
  • From very early on, Rabbit is trying to uproot a carrot but it won't come out of the ground]
    Rabbit: 'It doesn't matter if you think you're not ripe! This is Rabbit's garden, and Rabbit does his harvesting BY THE BOOK! [shows his book "The Bunny's Farm Companion", while dramatic music plays] As it clearly says in the official almanac, today is... [clears throat in an official manner] "The first day of fall, following the last day of summer: [sternly, with a glare] Harvest Day." Any questions?
    Pooh: [in distance] Hellooooooooooooooooooo!
    Rabbit: [sighing] Yes, yes, the rutabaga in the back row, "hello" what? (Alarmed face; then is dragged by Pooh, Tigger and Piglet and their acorn avalanche)
    Pooh: Hello, Rabbit!
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  • This line from Eeyore about the honey pot that Pooh believes belongs to someone else.
    Eeyore: It isn't mine. Then again, few things are...
  • Pooh is about to read Christopher Robin's note, but can't as it's smeared with honey. He then asks Rabbit to read it, and Rabbit's face (pictured on this page) suggests that he really thought Pooh couldn't read at all.
    • Rabbit tries to read the note, only to suffer the same issue Pooh did, the note being completely illegible due to being smeared with honey.
    Rabbit: I can read this note with my eyes shut. (chuckles) It says, uh... "Wig... egg... no... umba... whooooh-who... beeg... Igmllll...mooojo... Boo-goo, moo-gum, burbum, illiya-kumyah..." (Rabbit sheepishly looks up from the note. Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore all stare at him. He tosses the note back to Pooh.) Well, I could've read it if Tigger hadn't bounced me so!
  • "On a scale of 1 to 10... it's not good!" To cap it off, after Owl dramatically reads the word "skull", Pooh repeats it in a flat tone of confusion, which takes away all the suspense.
  • Owl's Wrong Genre Savviness provides a lot of humor throughout "Adventure is a Wonderful Thing" (when it's not veering into Nightmare Fuel instead). Right towards the end, Owl declines Pooh's invitation to come along, despite having spent the past few minutes singing how grand adventure is, and sees the thoroughly rattled group off, even chasing Rabbit back to the group when he tries to run away.
  • After thinking the Skullosaurus is there when they arrive at the Upside Down Rock, these lines:
    Tigger: Which way do we run?
    Piglet: Where do we hide?
    Rabbit: What's the shortest shortcut home?!
    Pooh: [points to the right] I believe, uh, that way is a good way. [Tigger, Eeyore, Rabbit, and Piglet immediately run away. Pooh examines the map and then points to the left.] Although...this way could be better. [Tigger, Rabbit, Eeyore, and Piglet immediately run in that direction. He then points back in the same direction he was pointing out earlier.] If not over here. [Tigger, Rabbit, Eeyore, and Piglet immediately run back in that direction. He then points back to the left.] Although...there might be particularly pleasant as well.
    • You can hear Tigger yell an exasperated "Oh, gimme a break will ya?!?" throughout Pooh's befuddled navigation.
    • After all this, Rabbit quickly decides enough is enough, and the map must be entrusted with someone else:
    Rabbit: We're getting nowhere fast Pooh, a-and that just won't do! A leader must be someone with er-leaderly...Quick thinking. Informed. Someone like.... [ponders hard for a moment...then smugly takes map] Me.
  • When the gang is in the forest of thorns.
    Rabbit: [noticing a venus flytrap] Why, look! Is that that a golden dahlia daffodilus? [leans in closer] Rare for this location.
    [The plant chomps inches from his face]
    • Later as Rabbit is trying to figure out this location.
    Pooh: What exactly is this location, Rabbit? Would it be nearer to Christopher Robin than farther?
    Rabbit: [nervously] Why-Why we're right here. Where else would we be? [Rabbit scratches his head in confusion and frustration] Owl, where are we? [Looks at the map showing a pond with ducks that reads] "Nice Peaceful Spot." Ha! Indeed!
  • Somehow, when Piglet and Pooh fall down from the butterflies, they land directly on Rabbit, who uneasily gets to his feet dizzy.
  • When Pooh and the gang find Tigger stuck in the gorge.
    Pooh: Tigger, of all the safer places to be, I don't think this is one. You could fall.
    Tigger: Y-yeah. W-Well, you know what they say. "W-What doesn't bounce up has gotta fall down."
    • Then as Pooh and the others try to pull Tigger out of the gorge.
    Tigger: Look at the biceps on that bear. I don't deserve to dangle from the same precipice.
    Eeyore: [mutters as he tries to hold on to a root with his teeth]
    Tigger: What's donkey-boy sayin'?
    Eeyore: (releases the root) I said "Ouch!"
    (He realizes he's let go of the root, and he and the others plummet into the gorge)
  • One of Pooh's later attempts to remember Christopher Robin's aphorism: "You are smarter when you're pink! Does that help?" Of course, it whiplashes into Tear Jerker from there, because it doesn't help, Rabbit slides further into his Heroic BSoD and the rest of the cast follow suit.
  • The entire scene with Rabbit trying to sleep. He's sleeping right next to Tigger, and Tigger is snoring, chuckling, and slapping Rabbit's nose with his tail.
  • When Piglet realizes that the gang has spent the night in the Skull Cave, he starts running to them babbling, jabbering, and gibbering hysterically.
    Piglet: OH, DEAR!!!
    [sprints towards Pooh and Rabbit, babbling incoherently]
    Pooh: Piglet?
    Rabbit: Try to be specific!
    [Piglet continues jabbering as Tigger and Eeyore approach]
    Piglet: SHU SHIE SKE SKU SKE SHOO SHU (jumps on Pooh's shoulder and points) Skull.
    The gang gasps and shrieks upon seeing the Skull Cave.
  • After running their way through Skull, most of the group collides with each other right in the middle.
    Piglet: [surpisingly jovial] Tigger! Rabbit! Eeyore!
  • Pooh's puckered face he gets stuck in the crystals.


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