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"I could try... for Pooh."

Pooh's Grand Adventure is a more epic take on Winnie the Pooh, so there's definitely plenty of awesome to go around.

  • Owl's song is full of awesome, epic imagery as he conjures up a grand, epic quest during his Disney Acid Sequence, even if it's teeming with Nightmare Fuel.
  • When Pooh nearly falls down the gorge the first time, Piglet jumps down and catches him with one hand and grabs a branch with the other. Even Rabbit and Eeyore are shocked by this. Even better, he didn't even hesitate to save his friend when he started to fall down.
  • The gang overcoming their various flaws in order to get to Christopher Robin, all in the name of Pooh, who at this point they think is dead.
    • Rabbit finally putting away the map for good and thinking up a way forward to the Eye of Skull on his own, after relying on it for most of the film.
    • "One for the money, two for the show, three... because it comes before four. And here we go!" (What follows is Tigger doing the biggest bounce of his life.)
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    • Piglet must then climb to a long vine and push it free so they can use it to bring Rabbit and Eeyore up the length of the cave to Skull. He needs a few minutes to do it, but eventually he is able to do so, riding harmlessly back down to the others.
    • While a less pronounced moment than the others, seeing Tigger, Rabbit, and Piglet (who can't even reach the ground to actually help) pull Eeyore up to the Eye is still pretty awesome.
  • Let’s face it. The entire plot of the film is this. Pooh and friends are perfectly willing to go on an epic and dangerous quest, one that's almost worthy of being in a Lord of the Rings book, to save Christopher Robin. That, is friendship! Even more impressive when you realize that this was a Direct-to-Video release, succeeding at being something other than a quick cash-in.
    • That said plot actually serves as both a Coming-of-Age Story with deep, mature themes of growing up and leaving childhood behind, of innocence lost and innocence retained, and bonds of love and friendship that can transcend physicality, AND a Deconstruction/character study of the Pooh characters that touches upon their psychology and has them confront the flaws and strengths they've had for decades, is pretty dang awesome itself, especially for a Winnie The Pooh film by Disney, and a Direct-to-Video one at that.
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  • When Piglet being carried away by butterflies takes Pooh with him, leaving the honeypot wobbling on the tree branch, Tigger quickly saves the honey pot just in time! Now that's friendship between someone who loves honey and another who hates it.
  • Speaking of Pooh and honey; the fact that Pooh who is most known for his large appetite and endless cravings for honey was able to put aside his most basic vice and instinct and go for the better part of two whole days without eating any Honey is awesome in itself. Sure the others didn't eat either but Pooh actually had the honey Christopher Robin left him but subconsciously refused to eat it because he was so focused on finding his friend the whole time.
  • At the end of the film, we see Piglet happily sitting atop the tree that he nearly fell from at the beginning of the film, having learned to face and conquer his fears at last.


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