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Nightmare Fuel / TRON: Evolution

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True to franchise tradition, Tron Evolution does not skimp on the Mind Rape, ultra-violence, or the techno soundtrack.

  • Piecing together the story behind Abraxas through the disc fragments. The Iso, Jalen, was just as trusting and naive as his species hat would indicate. Enough so that he trusted Clu when the Administrator offered a "gift" in the form of an "upgrade," saying it was a reward for his performance in the Game Arena and a peace offering to the Iso race. Turned out that "gift" was the viral code that turned him into Abaxas, thus giving Clu the False Flag Operation he needed to gain popular support, overthrow Flynn, and exterminate the Isos.
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  • The realization that, like in TRON 2.0, that all the virus-corrupted Programs you have to fight are not doing this willingly.
  • The Boss Battle against Gibson. He's been corrupted by the virus, is trying to fight from the inside, failing, and is begging Anon the entire time to be de-rezzed.
  • The way Clu kills off Radia. Even though you know it's coming, her realization of horror when Clu lets her look at Abraxas and lets her realize exactly what the whole plan is nanoseconds before she is de-rezzed is somewhere between Nightmare Fuel and Tear Jerker.
  • The fate of Anon. Grievously wounded after defeating Abraxas, he barely manages to push Quorra to safety before being unceremoniously squished like a bug by a ruined Recognizer.


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