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Nightmare Fuel / Disney Ducks Comic Universe

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These Disney comics have plentiful. Some examples:

  • The Reginella saga provides more than a few, mostly through Reginella and her Pacificus people's psychic powers... But not limited to them:
  • Gyro in the 'classic' Paperinik stories is prone to do some terrifying things. Paperinik's famed memory-erasing candies? Gyro invented them of his own initiative (Donald found out about them when he told Gyro he was Paperinik and the inventor decided that wiping his own memory was the best way to keep the secret). How do we prove to Donald we just made him invulnerable? Shooting him with rhino-hunting rounds. And that's the normal and good Gyro, his evil Literal Split Personality Mad Ducktor is a lot worse.
  • "Paperino e i Gamberi in Salmì" has Huey, Dewey and Louie run Donald out of town and say "You're not our uncle... you're a medal snatcher!" just for getting a medal until they grow up, meaning he didn't steal it from them. Just the idea that someone who's usually the Only Sane Man / The Smart Guy could be capable of reacting before thinking, chasing Donald and disowning him for such a petty reason is an unsettling notion.
  • Magica De Spell. Imagine a woman that wants something you have and don't want to part with-and is extremely cunning, completely ruthless, has an arsenal of gas bombs she can make in her kitchen plus other "recipes", and can spy you at any moment. That's why Scrooge's terrified of her.
    • A single gesture showing how vile she can be: upon receiving Croesus' first coin from Scrooge and using it to complete the charm that would give her Midas Touch, she shakes Donald's hand... While wearing the charm. And immediately calls Scrooge out for apparently scamming her when Donald doesn't turn into gold, showing it wasn't an accident.
    • The Italian version is even worse: she's a bit softer and is incapacitated by garlic, but has also enough firepower to level Duckburg, should she wish so. And when her relatively low magical reserves allow her to cut loose she's next to unstoppable:
      • In one story she attacks the Money Bin right after the Beagle Boys have done so with giant mechs and were easily swatted away-and she not only takes on the same defenses, she actually topples the Money Bin-as a prank. She's taken down when Scrooge manages to hit her with concentrated garlic juice-and her next assault has her allied with the Beagle Boys, each of whom now has enough power to single-handedly conquer the Money Bin thanks to a spell that Magica had just lying around (and she hadn't used on herself because it wouldn't work on witches).
      • In "Scrooge's Last Adventure" she's allied with the Beagle Boys, Rockerduck and Glomgold-and as her part of the plan she attacks the Money Bin, casually makes all the defenses completely harmless, and as the Number One Dime was still covered in garlic she teleports all the money in another dimension and leaves, letting the Beagle Boys waltz in, hold everyone at gunpoint, and take the Dime for her.
    • Something even scarier: she's not the most powerful witch around. Her grandmother is easily stronger but nicer, Hazel is just as powerful but doesn't like to harm people, Madame Mim is only a bit stronger (as long as she doesn't turn into a dragon) but rather random and just as likely to be good or bad depending on her whims-but each of the three members of the Witches Council are not only more powerful than any of the above combined, they're also extremely wicked-enough that whenever they show up, Magica, for all her power, immediately grovels in terror.
      • An example of the Witches Council in action comes from "Scrooge's Last Adventure": due to circumstances out of Magica's control, the Number One Dime is now worthless for the Midas Touch spell-and the Council suddenly appears, declares Magica a failure, and casually turns her into a fairy, completely changing her powers into ones she has no idea how to use, Ratface into a good familiar, and her spellbook into a fairy one. Later Scrooge convinces them to reverse their judgement... And, after declaring that one day they'll make him pay for being right, they turn Magica, Ratface and her spellbook back just as easily as they had changed them to begin with.
      • Something even scarier: there's actually a few dozens of magic users that powerful, collectively known as archmages. And in one occasion, one of them purposefully targeted Magica out of annoyance.
      • The most powerful witch ever is Spelonca, who has mercifully died of old age centuries ago. However, wishing her immense powers wouldn't be lost, she created a potion to obtain them, hiding the ingredients in a set of 99 caves with any one hosting an extremely difficult task so only the worthy could obtain her powers. Ever since her death, many have faced the 99 Caves of Spelonca, but all had to give up halfway... Until Magica found out and, with Ratface's support, passed all of them in three days. The only thing that stopped her from obtaining invincibility was that the final ingredient was her worst enemy's #1 Dime... But she still came that close from virtual omnipotence.
    • Magica's best friend, Roberta the Expert Witch. She's not as powerful as her... So she compensates with cunning and copious amounts of extremely effective Magitek that Scrooge has little defense against. One story has Scrooge notice that he has a large number of batteries he couldn't sell for years, so he puts them out on a discount-and Roberta buys them to make a magical device that expels Scrooge's greed from him so she and Magica can waltz in and have him spend all his money and give them the Number One Dime, and when Scrooge's greed takes Donald as host and he temporarily takes over the family fortune she repeats the feat, with an added brainwashing aspect-and then she does it on the Nephews and Quackmore when the greed takes the Nephews as hosts (Quackmore was hit just to be sure). The only reason the witches were defeated was that her device' energy had been completely drained by the last use and it could not be recharged, just in time for the greed to come back to Scrooge.
  • The Black Knight. Hoo boy, where do we start...
    • First, the eponymous knight is perhaps the most unstoppable Juggernaut in all fiction depicted so far. Nothing aside from diamond have been shown to be able to stop him, and he didn't even have to exert any effort. If you think liquid and gas can be used to go around physically touching him, nope, they're shown to be just ineffective at stopping him. And it's still a suit of armor underneath the Omnisolve, so just using diamonds as projectiles does nothing. Donald tried using a boulder-sized diamond as a cannonball against him, which might have worked... if he hadn't waited too long and bragged about what he was about to do, allowing the Black Knight to counter the attack. Oh, and he has a sword coated in the same substance as well, which he uses to dissolve or cut apart any obstacle in front of him if he doesn't feel like walking right through it.
    • The source of the Black Knight's power? A liquid Scrooge commissioned Gyro to invent, the Omnisolve. Its debut shows that careless handling of said liquid will result in The End of the World as We Know It scenario, as it hollows the earth and causes the earth's solid core to break out of the earth like a metal ball breaking out of a fishbowl. If it's any comfort, all known supply of Omnisolve have been used up to create the Black Knight armor. Oh, and this also means that he's nightmarishly difficult to defeat, because not only do you have to overcome his armor, you have to make sure he lands on something he can't dissolve, otherwise he'll plunge straight into the Earth and destroy the planet. The second story ends with the Ducks pulling an unconscious Arsene out of his armor, then sending it into space with one of Gyro's hover-scooters... only for the Stinger to show Arsene observing the armor in orbit around the Earth using a telescope, while reading a book about rocket science.
    • The man wearing the Black Knight armor, Arpin Lusene, is Scrooge's most competent, formidable foe ever. As a master thief, he can break out of any attempt to bind him and he steals things which should be impossible to be stolen such as the bullets of your gun and the filament of your camera flash. Most dangerously is his intelligence; it was him who had the brilliant idea of coating a suit of armor with the Omnisolve, and he's savvy enough to make sure prior tactics that did him in were nullified in subsequent encounter. On the other hand, he's one damn Graceful Loser, that at the end of it all, even Scrooge saw him as a Worthy Opponent. Another creepy thing about him is that he doesnt actually want to steal Scrooge's fortune, he wants to destroy it using the armor, because three cubic acres of cash is too much for even him to carry off. It's not out of malice, but out of a desire to cement his status as the greatest thief of all time, which no one will dispute if every last coin is gone from the Money Bin.
    • The way The Black Knight is drawn which invokes Uncanny Valley. He's always drawn pitch-black with no shading at all, aside from certain uncoated parts, making him look less a black suit of armor, but rather a pitch black hole in reality.
  • A story drawn by Marco Rota features Donald visiting Gyro Gearloose, who has to leave on urgent business. Donald takes a nap on a bed in Gyro's workshop, before waking up to find it is night, and as he leaves he finds that Duckburg is deserted except for various bizarre sights Donald witnesses such as an emaciated Gus Goose who has been fired by Grandma Duck, a Beagle Boy who is also a Dirty Cop, who is then joined by a horde of Beagle Boys pursuing Donald and descending on Scrooge's Money Bin. Scrooge activates the building's self-destruct but dies in the explosion, then transforms into a freaking 10-story monster made out of gold coins. Donald return to Gyro's workshop to find that Little Helper, now a fully-sized Mad Scientist and Robotic Psychopath, has shrunk Gyro to be his slave. In the end, it turns out that it was All Just a Dream, and Donald accidentally was using an invention of Gyro that can induce nightmares. Now why would Gyro even invent such a potion?
  • Whenever she goes in Woman Scorned mode, Brigitta can be a right terror. She usually limits herself to try and outsell Scrooge at his latest endeavor (and always gives him a run for his money, if she doesn't succeed outright), but the very first story that showed this side of her had her willfully cause the extinction of an entire species of plants out of spite: she was outselling Scrooge's cake business by using wild strawberries that grow on the bottom of the ocean, and when he found out and she couldn't legally bar him from using them too she revealed to the world where said strawberries grew, causing hundreds of competitors ships to pluck all strawberries and pollute that part of the ocean to the point the plants nearly died off, and when Scrooge arrived his fleet's own exhausts finished them off.
  • Professor Elektron is easily one of the darkest villains Paperinik ever faced in the weekly comics. He starts by effortlessly kidnapping Paperinik, revealing that he already knows his secret identity, and then hypnotizing him into forgetting his superheroic persona - with the implication that he could've easily killed Donald, but chose not to. Then he sends a robotic Paperinik duplicate to steal an experimental power sources, which he uses to power a machine designed to disintegrate every living thing in Duckburg. Why? He wants to replace them with androids, which he believes to be superior to organic beings. And he doesn't intend to stop at Duckburg: he plans to exponentially extend his methods to the entire world.
    • Then comes the reveal: he's an android himself. We discover that the original Elektron was growing old, so he built the android as a replacement to continue his studies in his stead... except that the android had all the original's intellect, but none of his humanity. It's not-so-subtly implied that android!Elektron ended up murdering his own creator.
  • From way back in Barks's "The Old Castle's Secret", we have the Ghost of Sir Quackly. He's completely invisible, except in a direct light source, which will cast the shadow of his skeleton, a surprisingly creepy effect. He's hell-bent on protecting his treasure, even from his own kin and clan. He moves so silently that he's hard to detect, and worse, he's not intangible, even while invisible - he's strong enough to haul his own heavy treasure box around with ease. He knows the ins and outs of Castle McDuck better than anyone, and can pop up anywhere. Last, he has absolutely no compunctions about attacking anyone who gets too close to the treasure. Even the fact that he's actually a jewel thief in disguise doesn't make him any less dangerous.


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