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See here for instances focusing on Donald Duck.

Carl Barks' Comics

  • Gyro Gearloose trying to figure out why a bird is singing, as a way to test a machine that is, essentially, an electronic oracle in "The Know-it-all Machine".
    • The ending is also pure gold, as Gyro goes insane and proceeds to sing like a bird.
      • Oh, and why did the bird sing? Gyro eventually uses a talk with animals machine to figure it out. The bird answers
    Bird:Maybe I'm sad, maybe I'm glad, maybe I'm a little mad?
    • Speaking of Gyro, Helper vs. the desert in "The Sure-Fire Gold Finder".
    • In another Gyro story, Gyro invents a machine that can predict the future - but will only answer a direct question, and will not volunteer information that isn't explicitly asked for. He asks how to catch the biggest fish in a creek, and succeeds - until it turns out to be so big it pulls him in. Later, he drives up to a nasty blind turn, and asks if anyone is coming from the left so he can turn right. The machine denies it - and Gyro promptly runs headfirst into a truck driving on the wrong side of the road. When he meets a fortuneteller while walking home, he ruefully claims he wouldn't know what to ask the man.
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    • In yet another, Gyro tries going on a picnic, only for the usual picnicking hazards to spring up (ants, high winds, rain, etc). Gyro spends the story inventing a few simple methods for keeping them at bay... and it's not until he nails the roof on that he realizes he's invented a small house, which rather undermines the point of a picnic.
  • Against his tightwad instincts, Scrooge must spend several surplus million dollars when he runs out of vault space to store it. After hours of what is, for him, torture, Scrooge discovers he's earned more money all the while, so he still has the surplus regardless! His response is priceless.
    • Even Donald's abilities to waste money reaches its end in this story. After weeks of living of the best food and drink money can buy and getting new cars if the old one doesn't match the scenery, he and the boys are so tired of it that they just want to buy a hot dog. Then they request that the hot dog stand owner wrap them in gold leaves to make them more expensive.
      • It gets worse: It turns out that Scrooge owns so many businesses he can't keep track of them all - and the money rolling back in is largely his, which they spent at restaurants, car dealerships, etc.
  • The boys' repeated failures with their animal calls in The Mines of King Solomon.
    • The story is also funny when you consider the fact that back in 1951, in No Such Varmint, the triplets looked down on their Uncle Donald for taking up the practice of snake charming. Six years later and they are now charming animals, with Donald being somewhat annoyed as their insistence on doing so.
    • Throughout the story, the boys are practicing their Woodchuck animal calls using a set of special kazoos, with increasingly unpleasant results, such as attracting a swarm of gila lizards in the desert. While lost in King Solomons Mines, they use the kazoos again in the hopes that the calls will attract some sort of animal and lead them out. Cue a massive horde consisting of every animal imaginable (mostly predators) come rushing through the tunnels, drawn by the random calls they used, forcing everyone to grab random plane tickets from the trunk Scrooge had been lugging around the whole story, and flee in different directions to escape. The story ends several weeks later when an exhausted Scrooge stumbles into his office, having finally managed to make it home, only to find out that the rest of the family is still scattered across the world, and have sent letters home asking for airfare back. He agrees, on one condition.
    Scrooge: That they throw away those blasted kazoos!!
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  • In one comic, Scrooge is being followed by a thug, and tries to escape him...until he sees a wanted poster offering a 5000 dollar reward for the crook, at which point the tables are turned.
  • During a visit to Grandma Duck's house, Huey, Dewey, and Louie ask where Grandma put the television set Donald gave her for Christmas. She admits that she's put a cloth over it, and uses it as an extra table. When they ask why she doesn't turn it on, her response is wonderfully straightforward:
    Grandma: I did once, and a bunch o' nosy strangers poked their heads in that little window an' started chatterin' away! It was awful!
  • During a treasure hunt at sea, Donald tries getting some fishing in. Unfortunately for him, his fishing line goes directly outside the window of the cabin where Uncle Scrooge is working on navigation. A few minutes later, Donald gets a tug on his line, and hauls up a large, heavy sack with a note attached:
    Note: You've caught 50 Lbs of potatoes! Peel 'em!
  • In "The Lemming with the Locket", Donald and the boys find that a sack of some imported cheese from Norway came with a surprise: a strange rodent (The titular lemming) inside. Unable to identify it, they take it to Scrooge, the most worldly duck they know. They dump it on his desk and ask what it is - except instead of calmly identifying it, Scrooge just freaks out and tries to smash it with his cane.
  • In The Looney Lunar Gold Rush, the Ducks stop at a newly built space station on their way to the golden moon, and the nephews demand lunch in the cafeteria. Food that on Earth barely cost 10 cents (in 1963) costs hundreds of thousands, apparently just because of the novelty. Imagine convention or amusement park food, magnified a thousandfold.
  • In Race to the South Seas, Donald and the kids are racing Gladstone to try and rescue Uncle Scrooge from where his plane went down somewhere in the south Pacific. After going through absolute hell to try and beat Gladstone's luck, Donald silently watches from the bushes in fury as his rival is literally borne to Scrooge on a litter carried by native islanders, who turn out to be Scrooge's employees. Everyone is shocked when Scrooge is outraged that Gladstone found him — it turns out he faked the crash to get away from everyone in Duckburg and conduct his business in peace for a while.
    Scrooge: And now you find me!... even here! Just for that, I'm cutting you out of my will! I'll leave my fortune to Donald Duck, who was kind enough to keep his long-nosed face out of my sight! Now git!

Don Rosa's Comics

  • Seriously, everything regarding the Black Knight and his accent. Especially the ending of "The Black Knight Glorps Again":
    Scrooge: (after Donald's read a letter from the Knight) Why are you reading with his outrageous accent?
    Donald: Because he even writes with that outrageous accent.
  • The strangeness escalation of Donald's TV shows in "Guardians of the Lost Library", where the hero's vehicle always bursts into flames for no reason. Be it a car.. .A speedboat... A horse... Even a comet.note 
  • In "Dream of a Lifetime", the Inception-like dream machine makes any sound Scrooge hears during his sleep will appear as a RELATED object in his dream. Note the word "RELATED"
    Beagle Boy: Didnt your mother ever tell you not to eat prunes before bed?!
    • Donald meeting a young Glittering Goldie in Scrooge's dream about Klondike. It's funnier if you remember he's met her as a mellowed out old woman, but not in her snarky Femme Fatale prime.
    Goldie: Aint you kind of far from the sea, sailor?
  • In the anniversary celebration A Little Something Special, Scrooge is bored out of his mind at a celebration in his honor, held away from his Money Bin. The speaker is a tall pig, but Donald notices something when he glances down, and taps Scrooge on the shoulder. Looking down, Scrooge sees that the pig man casts Flintheart Glomgold's shadow. His next thought balloon is presented as a rebus:
    (Pig) + (Glomgold's Shadow) = (Glomgold) + (Magic) ; (Flintheart Glomgold) + (Magic) = (Magica) ; (Glomgold) + (Magica) = !!!!!
    • Sadly, the rebus is not continued when he learns the Beagle Boys have also joined forces with Glomgold and Magica.
    • It's even more hilarious when Scrooge then runs from the celebration, and Glomgold, in his disguise, desperately tries to beg the very confused Chief of Police to shoot the guest of honour down.
    Mayor: Won't that ruin the festivities?
    • Magica buys several of the expensive magical items from a warlock merchant using the money Flintheart provided.
    Warlock: Why do these moneybags have an "F" on them?
    Magica: Maybe I got them from my fairy godmother, what do you care?!
    • At the end, with their plan in ruins, Magica and the Beagle Boys decide to get revenge on Glomgold for screwing them over, and team up to loot HIS money bin in South Africa. Glomgold returns home in time to see the Beagle Boys emptying his bin while Magica runs off with his first Rand.
    Glomgold: What did I do to deserve this?! Dont answer that.
    • The magical disguises Magica put on the Beagle Boys fail while the one disguised as Gladstone talks to ms. Typefast. Thing is, the disguises only fail halfway, leaving a normal looking beagle boy still dressed in Gladstone's outfit. Which has no pants. Typefast is looking down when she screams and passes out. A later scene even shows that the Beagle Boy has adjusted his outfit to cover his crotch.
  • In The Black Knight, Scrooge tried everything he can to stop the titular Black Knight. He asked the National Guard to launch a missile strike against The Black Knight, and...
    Soldier: Hmph! Scrooge McDuck just called and ordered an anti-tank missile for home delivery! What's he think we are, a pizza joint?
    Officer: Push the button, man! McDuck's taxes pay for 97.3 percent of this entire installation!
    • Not that it does a damn thing, since the Knight's armor dissolves the entire missile, with the exception of the fins... which keep flying and almost impale Donald.
  • "Escape from Forbidden Valley": Donald gets abducted by a female hadrosaur who thinks he's her baby. Parts of her treatment includes shoving worms down his throat to feed him before thinking a solution to end his screaming would be to make him sleep. Donald keeps protesting vividly as she places him on some vines shaped like a hammock, only to fall instantly to sleep once she starts rocking him. Later she finally gets tired of his screaming and... decides to spank him. Poor Huey, Dewey and Louie appear just in time to witness it.
    Huey: Is that hadrosaur doing what I think she's doing to unca Donald?
    Dewey: Giving him something he mighta needed since... "since dinosaurs ruled the Earth"?
    • When he's rescured, Donald asks if they witnessed this. The nephews poorly try to lie about it.
    • The giant moth who shows up when the group makes camp for the night, being drawn to their camp fire, and refuses to leave. It ends up spending the whole night there, even letting Dewey use it as a pillow, before departing the next morning.
    • When the group later flees the Forbidden Valley, Donald tosses one of the dinosaur eggs Scrooge found in an abandoned nest to the female dinosaur to keep her from wrecking their escape craft. When Huey asks him what if that was a Tyrannosaurus egg (the female in question is a hadrosaur, a duck-billed herbivore dinosaur), Donald just responds that if it is, "one day, Forbidden Valley will have a very sweet-natured Tyrannosaur". When the second egg hatches, its revealed to be another hadrosaur
    • When the cast is originally left in the Forbidden Valley, a Tyrannosaurus is accidently tripped over the wall sealing the valley away from the rest of the world, dumping him right by the tribespeople who left the main characters there. At the end, the ducks are wondering whatever happened to them, only for the reader to see them being chased by the tyrannosaur in the background. Scrooge later reveals that he got his desired trade deal with the tribe that he was looking for at the start of the story, as their village had been wrecked AGAIN (a reference to the original Forbidden Valley story when their village was first wrecked in a dinosaur stampede).
  • The notorious Life And Times supplementary story The Prisoner Of White Agony Creek opens with the nephews finding the lock of Goldie's hair that Scrooge keeps in his trunk. The following discussion eventually veers into exactly what happened while Goldie lived with Scrooge at his gold claim. While the nephews have no idea, Donald certainly does and has a huge Oh, Crap! moment before ushering out his innocent nephews to keep them from hearing the very R-rated details of the story.
  • In An Eye for Details, Rosa decides to explain why Donald can see the difference between Huey, Dewey and Louie, when they are seemingly exactly identical. Turns out he has developed an incredible eye for detail, which Scrooge immediately tries to exploit.
    • The Running Gag that Donald mentions incredible minute details whenever Scrooge asks him to tell the difference between the boys.
    Donald: It's simple. Huey is the one with the tiny speck in his eye, Dewey has an extra wrinkle on his thumb, and Louie has a crooked freckle.
    • Scrooge fails again and again to exploit Donald's eye for detail, usually because he neglected to prepare Donald properly, or because he overworked him. At first, Donald spends too much time inspecting each device for minute and irrelevant differences, so Scrooge only gives him a second to inspect each. This causes Donald to destroy hundreds of them because they have different serial numbers.
      • Another time, Scrooge lets him work at his own pace, and gives him a picture to compare a bunch of steel beams to. What he failed to mention is that the picture was of a defective beam, so Donald ends up clearing hundreds of beams with the exact same defect!
    • It's worse than that, he didn't just clear already defective beams, he spent thousands on making functional beams defective!
    • At the very end, Scrooge mentions that, in spite of Donald causing a massive spill of molten metal at a foundry, there's only one damaged part of the building - because the entire construct was fused into a solid mass as a result of the spill.


  • The Dick Kinney/Al Hubbard story Fall Guy starring Donald and Fethry is pretty much one nine-page-long CMOF: Donald and Fethry are on a vacation by Niagara Falls, and Fethry keeps trying to go over the falls in a barrel, completely unaware that this is against the law. Through various accidents and mishaps, both the guard at the Niagara Falls and Donald end up in barrels and going over the falls, leaving Fethry to lament: "Everybody gets a turn but me!"
  • One four-page William Van Horn story has Donald and Jones trying to stop their fighting by simply ignoring one another. This goes about as well as you could expect, particularly when both of them begin to suspect that the other isn't doing his fair share of ignoring. It escalates to what looks to be a really huge fight — and then, the story's last panel cuts away to a police car driving at top speed down the road with the police radio annoincing: "Calling all cars! Calling all cars! Two neighbors ignoring one another on Elm Street! Proceed with caution!"
  • One story has Donald enter Bolivar (called "Bernie" in the story) in a talent contest for dogs, betting a month's dishwashing with Huey, Dewey and Louie that he'll win. When Bolivar is too lazy to be trained, Donald decides to cheat by outfitting him with a special collar made by Gyro Gearloose, one that makes Bolivar copy all the motions Donald makes. Come the talent show, Donald is all set to make Bolivar do an elegant dance on-stage — but accidentally hits his head and knocks himself out, causing Bolivar to lie completely still on the stage for the entire time he's on, to the boos and jeers of the audience. The story ends with Donald and Bolivar (still wearing the collar) both washing dishes, using the exact same motions, and glaring at one another.
  • An Italian comic parodied Twilight. Daisy wrote it with Brigitta as an assistant/editor. It features Donald as "Edward Duckullen" and Daisy as Daisybella.
  • Another Italian comic has this exchange between Scrooge and Gyro:
    Scrooge: (storming into Gyro's workshop) Gyro! I need your help more than ever!
    Gyro: Don't tell me it's your spats again? Buy a new pair, for crying out loud! I've repaired your old spats twenty times!
    Scrooge: It's not the spats.
    Gyro (working himself up to a frenzy) They can't be fixed again! I'm only human! There's a limit to what I can do!
    Scrooge: It's not the spats! I want you to send me back in time to 1775!
    Gyro: What? That's all? (instantly calm again) I thought you were going to pester me about your spats again.
  • One story featured Grandma winning an "all-rest vacation". Gus asks if he can come with her... to give her the good example, because he doesn't think she is able to rest. He then dares her to go one single minute idle hands. Cue her staying in place cleaning the floor by using her foot and a rag.
    • The exact same scene is redone with the roles reversed: Grandma dares Gus to stay awake for one single minute. Cue him standing upright, eyes open, snoring.
    • Then Donald and Fethry come to the farm to take care of it along with Gus. As the bus with Grandma is leaving, Fethry turns to "go combing the potato tree" with a rake, Donald is knocked out with said rake, and Gus is again asleep.
    Grandma: *from the bus* LET ME OFF!
    • And finally... rolling pin-fu. Seriously.
  • The Italian saga Fantaleggende, published on the Italian "Topolino" weekly. Set in the middle ages, it tends to alternate normal or even epic moments with rather crazy things:
    • The narrator. A minstrel whose audience will pepper with eggs, tomatoes and other things (including a cake. That he ate) when he takes a pause between a chapter of the current story and the next or starts a new story in the old setting (the audience wants something new). He also has troubles rhyming his narration-And was once caught plagiarizing The Betrothed reading directly from the book.
    • Donald the Unsaddled, so-called because he falls from all horses. Including wooden ones when he was a child. Gyro procures him three pedal-powered mechanical horses, with rather hilarious consequences:
      • The first one is too frail, and breaks after tripping on a rock;
      • The second one is tougher and tracked. On the other hand, it can't cross rivers or jump ravines;
      • The third one is winged, to jump over obstacles. And too heavy;
      • The winged one gets modified with the addition of an energy crystal of alien origins, so that, with a little run-up, it will jump over obstables. Donald decides to play it safe, so he takes a long run-up... And lands on the moon;
      • In the third and final story, the knights must go and fight pirates, but the mechanical horse is out of commission. Donald needs another steed, and jumps on Gyro's flying carpet. A broken flying carpet. The only reason he doesn't get on the moon is that he crashes on a communication device an alien traveling salesman was sending down on Earth, with Donald quickly mistaking the salesman for a genie due the lamp-like form of the device and the hologram making him look like a genie. The alien only humours him due the need to sell his merchandise, as he has his ship's hold still half-full...;
      • Donald's first wish is, of course, a steed that won't unsaddle him. The alien has him steal the white elephant of a child sultan traveling to reach his realm.
    • In the final story, Gyro invented a machine to multiply king Scrooge's coins. As it's actually a slot machine (not that he knows), you can guess how it goes.
      • Later the alien salesman finally reaches Scrooge's castle, and his merchandise includes a slot machine. That he calls the one-armed bandit. Scrooge gets pissed.
    • In the second story, Pete is called Bronze Leg, but everyone calls him Bronze Face-Italian slang for someone shameless.
    • Whenever evil wizard Black Spot contacts his Dragon Pete from the moon through apparitions in fire or water, the apparition medium hits Pete.
  • In Italian stories, the Running Gag of insulting garden gnomes, with the insult coming literally out of the blue every single time.
  • In a 'classic' Paperinik story (that is, not one of the Paperinik New Adventures series), Rockerduck and Brigitta are talking about their troubles with Scrooge, when Rockerduck starts crying out Fyodor Dostoevsky's name, and we get this pearl:
    Brigitta: "Poor boy! Too much stress, you know? He cracked!"
    Rockerduck: "Ignore her! I'm not crazy! It's so easy! Dostevsky! Get it?"
    Brigitta: "No!"
    Rockerduck: "Dostoevsky! The Russian writer! The author of-"
  • In Brigitta's debut story "The Last Babaloo", Scrooge got rid of her stalking for the day by promising him a beret in babaloo fur, believing that babaloo is just a nonsense word. Then his nephews inform him it's an actual and incredibly rare animal that is used to make fur clothing, leading to a priceless face. It gets even better when Scrooge, after hunting down the last babaloo referred to that in-story because the last beret of babaloo fur had been sold years earlier, finds out that he had bought that beret in 1898 and given it to Brigitta in one of their early encounters to try and get rid of her, before forgetting that babaloo was an actual word.
  • "Zio Paperone e l'Ultima Avventura" ("Scrooge's Last Adventure") is mostly an epic-level story, but includes some funny moments in the last part:
  • In a Paperinik story the threat comes from time-displaced people and animals (including a Tyrannosaurus rex, seen fighting some conquistadores). Gyro reveals that it's a side effect of a device he invented, that, once charged, will change history. Gyro, of course, realized the danger and got rid of the blueprints. Did he burn them? Rip them? Eat them (all suggested by Paperinik)? No: he threw them in the trash can, because usually nobody can understand his inventions (as it happens, the villain of the story, professor Brain could, and kept Gyro's lab under surveillance). When Gyro and Paperinik track down Brain they both call Gyro an idiot for it.
    • Brain succeeded in activating it but Paperinik managed to enter the new timeline where the villain rules over the world, and when he and a group of rebels discover how to restore the old one they lack the means due Paperinik's gadgets having exhausted their charge. What does Paperinik do? He finds a terminal of the time-changing device, goes back to the old timeline, and kidnaps his past self. And he does it by asking his counterpart if he sees his punch and then punching him out with the other. Even Future!Paperinik is surprised it worked...
    • After seeing that Future!Paperinik is buff, Past!Paperinik asks him how did he train his body and learned martial arts, expecting the help of an Old Master. It was actually thanks to a series of VHS from a correspondence course.
    • After a hard battle, the Paperiniks and the rebels have seized both Brain and the device to restore the old timeline, but the device's controls are crypted and Brain won't reveal the code, also boasting he's immune to Truth Serum and isn't ticklish. Then we see Future!Paperinik rolling his sleeves and getting permission from Past!Paperinik, and a Gilligan Cut later a very beaten Brain is telling them the code.
    • The Paperiniks and the rebels restore the old timeline in such a way the device fails fully activating, with Past!Paperinik erasing his memory of the adventure to preserve the timeline. When the device fails fully activating, Brain orders his Mooks to attack Paperinik, with Gyro cowering behind the villain... And their faces as they see Paperinik inflict a brutal Curb-Stomp Battle are to be seen to be believed.
  • The end of the parody of Les Misérables sees Javert finally catch Scrooge Valjean... And tell him he's been pardoned five years earlier. Scrooge's reaction is priceless.
    • The fact Javert chased Scrooge's Valjean for five years straight just to tell him that, and leaves his life as soon as he does.
  • At every edition of The World Cup, Magica's fanatism over Italy's national team.
    • In 2018 Italy failed to get in the tournament. Cue Scrooge's complaining that this year Magica won't leave him alone for the duration (in fact the 2018 World Cup story on the Italian Mickey Mouse magazine starts with Magica trying an assault on the Money Bin while Scrooge's away).
  • In "Uncle Scrooge and the Wonderful Old Slipper", Magica has a potion to make something irresistible-and she uses it to make Scrooge give her his entire fortune and economic empire in exchange for an old slipper. That Magica choose specifically because she knew how ridiculous it would be.
    • Scrooge and everyone who saw the slipper fighting over it.
    • Scrooge's reaction when Donald and the Nephews destroy the slipper and tell him what he did for it.
    • In the end, Scrooge recovers the remnants of the potion... And uses it to have Magica sell him everything back for a button. That she promptly starts fighting Ratface over.
  • One of Magica's best plans consisted in casting a spell that would push her magical powers to archmage levels, thus allowing her to take the Number One Dime without Scrooge being unable to stop her, but the spell requires a potion with number of rare ingredients, the last of which would be discovered alongside the full recipe only after recovering the second to last one. After an epic quest she arrives at the recipe and discovers the missing ingredient: her worst enemy's most prized possession. She has a Villainous Breakdown then and there.
  • In one occasion, Scrooge had got the plans for Artificial Gravity technology from a stranded time traveler in exchange for help to try and build a time machine back home, only to have the plans snatched by Rockerduck's men disguised as Guardians of Time with the excuse introducing technologies before they were supposed to be invented is a crime and he's lucky they won't fine or arrest him. Thus Rockerduck introduces the technology decades early... And then the real Guardians of Time take notice, track down the time traveler to the Money Bin, and meet Scrooge who gleefully tells them when and where Rockerduck got the technology. Cue the Guardians of Time blitzing Rockerduck and taking the plans directly from his hands while informing him that introducing a technology before it's supposed to be invented is indeed a crime and he's lucky they won't fine or arrest him for it or impersonating them.
    "Who'd have expected that? My idea was so good it turned out being true."
    • Scrooge and Donald trying to make sense when the real Guardians of Time show up at the Money Bin to collect the stranded time traveler and tell them what would have happened had they not got there months before Scrooge first met them.
  • From "The Secret Santa Spell":
    • At the start, Magica takes advantage of her annoying relatives visiting her to recruit Rosolio (her unwanted fiance) for an attempt at the Number One Dime, disguising themselves as Christmas bagpiper (an Italian tradition) to try and enter the Money Bin. Scrooge sees through it immediately, but lets them come close to prove it through his new security system, that identifies villainous plots and reacts accordingly. Said system unleashes a Killer Robot after the intruders.
    • After going back home she's asked by her niece Minima why she doesn't just ask Santa for the Dime. She already did it for the past six years, and she gave up on that plan. Then Minima tells her of the titular secret Santa spell, that is by asking for the same gift for seven years in a row Santa will have to give it to you... At which point Magica grabs the unsent letter, realizes that it's too late to mail it, and so flies to the North Pole with Ratface to deliver it personally.
    • Santa's elf that collects the letters from around Antarctica... Traveling with a sled pulled by gluttonous penguins. And then he stumbles on a giant ice cube with Magica and Ratface inside: she didn't put up cold climate clothes, so she froze along the way.
    • After being brought to Santa's palace, Magica is revived by medical elves funnelling hot chocolate milk in her beak. And she hates sweets, so she turns everyone in the room into toads.
    • After Magica's outburst, the security realize she's hostile and moves in to stop her. Problem is, the first wave is animated teddy bears, prompting Magica to sarcastically ask if animated snowmen are next. They are. And they've been intimidated.
    • In the meantime, seeing her aunt's obsession with the Dime, Minima decides to take it herself and give it to Magica as a Christmas present. Due her good intentions and moving silently because she arrived by night and didn't want to wake up anyone, she doesn't trigger the defenses, thus she's able to walk to the Money Bin, exchange it with a chocolate coin, walk out, and teleport back to Naples without anyone noticing.
    • After delivering the letter and brainwashing Santa, Magica goes to Duckburg with the sled, and they walk to the Money Bin. The security system identifies Santa as hostile, so, because Scrooge decides to be nice, it unleashes a robotic Angry Guard Dog. Hey, Scrooge wanted to be nice to the robot dog: it moves around so little...
    • Santa turning the robot dog into an electric sheep and the Money Bin into marzipan. This is when Scrooge realizes that the Santa helping Magica is the real deal.
    • After Magica is given the apparent Dime and teleports away, Santa is confronted by Scrooge, furious for both the theft and what he did in the process. In the end Scrooge convinces Santa to help him recovering the Dime in exchange for Scrooge being actually nice and generous... Including letting people take a bite from the marzipan Money Bin before it changes back on Boxing Day.
    • In the meantime, Magica is preparing to make her spell with the Number One Dime... Cue Minima complaining she opened her present early, with Magica being too excited to actually take a look at the coin she has in her hand and leaving right before Minima sees her aunt's present is still unopened.
    • After beating Santa on Christmas Eve, Magica makes her spell to have into her the "essence" of the coin... And Minima arrives and tells her it was a chocolate coin. Magica's furious face before the spell activates is priceless.
    • Magica turning (temporarily) good due having into her the essence of a chocolate coin.
    • At the end of the story, Scrooge and Donald managing the line of people that want to take a bite from the marzipan Money Bin and enforcing a "one bite rule".
  • In Italian stories, Association Football is incredibly Serious Business for all magic users. To the point Magica will ignore the quest for the Number One Dime if Italy's team is playing, it's impossible to fix World Cup matches because every team has a magic user trying to do it for them and their spells cancel each other out (and if they didn't there's an Archmage ready to do the job himself), and an Archmage was once stripped of his position and powers for cheating at a soccer match by magically forcing his players to work together (not doping, he forced collaboration).

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