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Nightmare Fuel / Mickey's Christmas Carol

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  • The Ghost of Christmas Future is a very sinister-looking Pete, who generally is an Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain, who throws Scrooge into his own grave, and then laughs evilly while Scrooge desperately grips onto the walls of the grave while red smoke and flames rise out of his coffin. Out of all the adaptations of A Christmas Carol out there, one of very few with Scrooge falling into hell is the Mickey Mouse version.
    Scrooge: Spirit...Whose lonely grave is this?
    (The ghost lights a match, and reveals Scrooge's name on the grave. He then uses that match to light his cigar)
    GoCF: Why, yours, Ebenezer! (knocks him into the grave) THE RICHEST MAN IN THE CEMETERY! (Evil Laugh)
  • In the inspirational record adaptation, the Ghost of Christmas Future is played by the wicked queen (in her old hag form) from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The original record includes a storybook, which features three images of Scrooge with Wicked Queen!Ghost of Christmas Future, the first of which has her appearing in his bedroom. Right after he'd seen what was happening to Bob's family, no less.
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  • Right after finishing his day at work, probably past midnight, Scrooge goes back home walking alone through the dark and snowy streets of London. When he finally arrives to his house and starts unlocking the door, we receive a close-up of the lion-faced door knob, which suddenly starts transforming into Goofy-Jacob Marley's face while throwing a ghostly and mournful "Scroooge".


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