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Nightmare Fuel / Mickey's House of Villains

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Being a Halloween Special, House of Villains does have some nightmare fuel, be it from the shorts or the framing animation.

  • The prologue has some pretty creepy, atmospheric music as the title card plays. The sky is purple-red, and the moon is bright orange, setting a very ominous atmosphere.
  • The villains marching into the House is a bit frightening, even if Piglet and Bambi appear among them.
  • Minnie notes that there seems to be a large amount of villains attending the House, which is a frightening concept if it was played straight (we see Frollo, Chernabog, and Maleficent in one place, for one).
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  • The robot chef becomes a control freak over Mickey's life and is nearly invincible during his ensuing fight with the mouse. Mickey eventually causes him to crash when water is poured on him, and he's forced to flee with Pluto from the destruction of their new home.
  • Goofy, and eventually Donald, are literally killed for How to Haunt a House. Even though it's temporary and played for laughs, it's still pretty frightening to see Donald and Goofy get killed.
    • The title cards for the short are also spooky in set up, a cemetery at night during a storm.
  • The kid who taxidermizes insects is rather unsettling. He sees that the Goofy's are perfectly sentient beings but he's still out to kill them.
    • Earlier in the short, one Goofy is Eaten Alive by a frog.
  • Jafar promises the villains that they'll put their plan into action soon. The swinging hourglass in front of Mickey signifies that the mouse's time is almost up.
  • Ajax is an Ax-Crazy ape who hunts Donald and the nephews through their large, old house. At the end he almost crushes Donald to death before being subdued by tear gas.
  • "It's Our House Now" is a fun showstopper, but it's still the Disney Villains overwhelming and capturing the collective heroes of Disney. Mickey and Minnie and their inner circle are kicked out while the heroes are locked in the kitchen. The look on Mickey and Minnie's face and the music really pounds in that they lost.
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  • The newly rechristened House of Villains also has a creepy, pinkish and smoky atmosphere that's pretty dark.
  • Donald poses as a Jason Voorhees Expy to scare the kids out of their candy, but his initial appearance is pretty frightening nonetheless.
  • The nephews posing as zombies who were scared to death is pretty creepy and they threaten to bury Donald alive for it.
  • It's a mostly comedic moment, but when Mickey, Donald and Goofy try to retake the House, Jafar snaps his fingers and Hades, Ursula, and Chernabog arrive as his security.
  • The witch from Hansel and Gretel fattens up Mickey and Minnie and then runs downstairs in a mad fit of glee, and immediately prepares her kitchen to cook roast mice. Mickey realizes something is up, and the witch's approaching shadow is pretty creepy. They then run for their lives, besieged by the Witch's magical candy and sweets.
    • The two fail to escape and are caged. They see the witch's kitchen and realize what she's planning to do to them. She then looks them over and decides to kill and cook Mickey first while Minnie is initially helpless.
    • The two mice end up in the witch's oven, which is more like a chamber of a hellish inferno, and barely escape.

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