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Nightmare Fuel / Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

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  • Reportedly, in the first trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance "[...] stuff gets crazy. The sky starts raining Soras. No, seriously. A dozen unconscious Soras slowly float down from the sky like a cute boy meteor shower.". That's a simple trailer; in comparison, the game is bound to be worse.
  • The Jump Festa trailer is about 80% fandom-rejoice fuel, but the last 20% is Nightmare Fuel. It begins with the current page image, Master Xehanort. At the end, we see young Xehanort and Vanitas talking with Sora in unison, with Vanitas sporting a Psychotic Smirk, saying they know that Sora's heart has other hearts inside.
  • The PG-13 Rated Opening sets the mood pretty well, with Terra-Xehanort attacking Braig with his Keyblade while Even and the preteen Ienzo wither away on the floor.
  • Let's talk about The World Ends with You characters in Traverse Town: to be caught in the Reaper's Game they're apparently playing, they needed to die in Shibuya. Then, while dead, before they could win their game and come Back from the Dead, Shibuya was destroyed by the Heartless. Joshua, who knows about this as the Composer, cannot save their souls, and instead makes Living Memory copies of them out of Rhyme's dreams. Even though they're playing the Reaper's Game, there are no Reapers in Traverse Town, and with no Game to play, their lives are just ticking away. And if Joshua does return to reunite with their spirits in Shibuya, why wouldn't the Game's impetus get in the picture, not considering the "entry fee"?
    • Worse, it's implied that unlike the Final Fantasy characters, those are the actual original cast from The World Ends with You. The Heartless erased everything in Shibuya, and those people were all Joshua could save.
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  • A leaked spoilerous scene from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance has Sora talking with Roxas in the wrecked ruins of The World That Never Wasnote . When Roxas holds Sora's hands, he starts transferring his memories to him. Thus, various screens from Days and Two pass by, implying Sora's experiencing the whole Trauma Conga Line at once. It even seems the poor guy's having a seizure from it. And all the while, Roxas is just smiling...
  • Master Xehanort's latest plan combines Ven's fate and Terra's. In short, not only is Sora comatose from his Heart being broken, but Xehanort wants to turn him into Soranort. And even after Mickey and Riku rescue Sora from Xehanort, he's left comatose, in the same position (metaphorically and literally) as Ven. Knowing he gets better doesn't really help.
    • The deliberate amount of Mind Rape that Xehanort put Sora through in order to render him comatose actually outright tops what he did to Ven and Terra, because it's not just in The World That Never Was that he does it in, no that's just where he goes all out, he does it in every single world he meets Sora in. No attempts to be a decent guy, nothing, he just gets right to business this time around.
  • Windup Way in Prankster's Paradise features a giant, creepy clown head as a background object in one of the corridors. Its eyes even follow your movements.
    • The worst part? That's not exactly a game original. It's based on the giant talking head from this scene (around the 15-second mark). Except, while it was mildly disturbing there, here, the devs just made it worse!
  • Does anyone else find the concept of 13 Xehanorts running around at the same time horrifying?
    • Not just the concept of 13 Xehanorts, but the fact that out of the six we already know about, two of them were achieved by Xehanort possessing someone other than Terra... Braig and Isa. When you think about how different Isa in Birth by Sleep was from Saix, and consider that Saix has had the yellow eyes and pointed ears associated with Xehanort possession ever since his first chronological appearance in Days... he's been possessed for at least a year, and we have no idea how aware of it he was.
      • The Secret Reports from 358/2 Days give a good indication as to how aware he was: Not remotely. In an early report, Saix talks about his plans with Axel. As they go on, he gets increasingly cold and unemotional, wondering what's happened. Meaning Xehanort's been slowly supplanting Saix's entire being, and the guy has no idea it's even happening.
  • Dream Drop Distance also demonstrates that, despite being an old man, Master Xehanort can still be pretty damn scary while doing nothing but talking. The way he casually talks about how badly he screwed up the lives of Terra, Ven, and Aqua while slouching in his chair and smirking really shows how far he's jumped off the slippery slope. Props to Leonard Nimoy for doing a truly chilling job.
  • One of the truly scary parts of DDD was one scene with Yen Sid. After learning the true extent of Xehanort's planning extending to putting his Heartless in Destiny Islands at the point of its destruction solely to make sure he can time travel there, he promptly freaks out, and the realization comes across that for all of his calm planning and advice, Master Yen Sid is terrified. OOC Is Serious Business was heavily in effect. It calms down quickly, but it also puts into perspective the scene with Kairi in the secret ending as a last ditch effort to throw a Spanner in the Works, rather than just trying to protect the Princessses.
  • Not to mention Rinzler's very existence (or lack thereof). Even if he isn't the TRON Sora knew (the Tron from the Grid and the original ENCOM server and the Tron from Space Paranoids are two different characters) you still feel for the poor guy.
  • Sora's dream version of The World That Never Was. The place is a twisted wreck, with buildings sliced in half, others contorting crazily, and 'Contorted City' has large chunks of building flying at you. What's really the icing on the cake though is the world theme ("Sacred Distance") that sounds like a distorted and unsettling version of "Sacred Moon".
  • Anti Black Coat Nightmare. Despite the Word Salad Title, he is extremely scary in his own twisted way. He has attacks that look similar to a fountain of blood, and is extremely fast. Even though his attack that sucks out almost all your health can be blocked, you may not see it coming.
  • While more in-game than in-universe, fighting Julius can be pretty frightening. Even more if you aren't prepared, and happen to just enter the area without knowing that he's there. He's a huge, hulking beast that's not just incredibly strong and capable of obliterating you with a handful of strikes, but some of his attacks are consecutive and pretty difficult to dodge. There's one where he just charges at you, and if you dodge, he'll turn around and charge right back. Though, the cartoon skidding sound when that attack ends counters the scary.
  • The visit to Symphony of Sorcery on Riku's side culminates with a boss battle with none other than the king of Disney Nightmare Fuel - Chernabog himself.
    • For starters, when Riku accepts to go to Chernabog's domain, the scenery around him suddenly disappears with some unsettling, sharp sound effects, and Riku is left to plummet through the void. It's as if the world itself is saying "alright, you're on your own, bye!"
    • Riku then arrives in the area around Bald Mountain, which is a broken, volcanically active hellscape, which fits since we are dealing with Satan himself. As Riku's talk with Young Xehanort progresses, the main volcano in the area begins erupting more and more frequently, until Young Xehanort warns Riku that "[his] abyss awaits". Xehanort flees, and the volcano erupts violently, and Chernabog materializes with a roar. Then the way he looks around and then finds Riku, staring right at the camera, should make any player shake in their boots.
    • During the fight, Chernabog launches you far, far away so that he can attack you from afar with his dark magic and legions of ghouls. Just the sight of Chernabog from far away is unnerving, as you imagine what it'd be like to see that from say, an airplane passing through, or worse, on the ground, and seeing that thing up and about.
    • The ghouls also drain your health as they stick to you like leeches. There's nothing to say that if you were killed by them, you'd join their ranks...
  • "My name is Lea. Got it memorized?" Even though he just saved Mickey and friends' collective bacon, something about the monotone way Lea says those words is bone-chilling.
  • Sora encountering Xemnas and Young Xehanort in The Grid. First of all, both villains remain in their black cloaks while Sora is wearing black armor. Second, Xemnas makes copies of Sora to tell him how data can be used to change personalities. And finally, Xehanort opens the airlock behind Sora, causing him to suffocate from the winds.

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