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  • Disney Animated Canon:
    • Tinkerbell from Peter Pan. Just look at her sexy green dress and those legs.
    • Miss Kitty Mouse from The Great Mouse Detective. Her only appearance in the film is her putting on a burlesque performance while stripping from a dress to a showgirl outfit, earning quite a bit of cheers from the bar patrons.
    • Ariel from The Little Mermaid (1989). A gorgeous red-headed bikini-top wearing mermaid with a mesmerizing voice. Plus, when she first becomes human, the only thing she's wearing is her Seashell Bra.
    • Not the main character, but In Beauty and the Beast we have the Bimbettes trio, the Gaston's fangirls. Beautiful, fashionably dressed and adoring triplets. And are quite... bouncy.
      • Also Babette, French Maid of castle. Averted as she's a feather duster, but her human form looks somewhat like Belle crossed with the Bimbettes.
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    • Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. Definitely an attractive Disney Princess, especially in her red slave suit. Plus, she is the first (human) princess that wear a Bare Your Midriff outfit.
    • Kida from Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire, who is a beautiful Atlantean princess with tanned skin, white hair, and blue eyes who wears a skimpy outfit comprised of nothing but a light blue bra, a single gold earring on her right ear, a gold armband on her left arm, a dark blue sarong with a single pink stripe with gold outlines and a light blue waistband and sash, and two gold anklets on her right leg. Who happens to be voiced by Cree Summer.
    • Megara from Hercules, oh so much. Courtesy of Ken Duncan's expressive animation to the point where she is atypical to other characters for the company. She may be one of the most underrated female protagonists in the Disney franchise, but she's certainly one of the sexiest. Interestingly Megara's body was based off Greek pottery.
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    • Pocahontas is given Age Lift from the historical events and is exceptionally gorgeous with the little clothes she has on. Hell, in the Disney's version of the events we are led to believe the only reason John Smith didn't shoot Pocahontas immediately is because she was so hot.
    • Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame performs a pole dance wearing a red low-cut dress that accentuates her curvaceous figure. Deconstructed in that she attracts attention from men, but she ends up becoming the target of an extremely dangerous, immoral repressed sociopath's lust.
      Judge Claude Frollo: She will be mine, or she will burn!
    • Nani in Lilo & Stitch. Her legs are more focused and it's mildly implied that she tries to put on a motherly/feminine image to better see herself as Lilo's caretaker.
    • Charlotte "Lottie" La Bouff from The Princess and the Frog. We always see her wearing dresses that show her shape.
    • Jane Porter of Tarzan already looks quite lovely in the big poofy dress she is introduced in, but it's when she trades it in for a Fur Bikini that we get to see just how incredibly gorgeous she really is.
    • Elsa of Frozen looks to be the bustier one next to her sister and her ice gown she makes herself has a slit that reveals quite a bit of leg.
    • Gazelle from Zootopia. A popular singer who wears an incredibly skimpy outfit complete with a nice midriff and Hartman Hips. Helps by the fact that she's voiced by Shakira, who is just as much of a Ms. Fanservice in the music industry.
    • Slue-Foot Sue from the "Pecos Bill" segment in Melody Time. A buxom, red-headed cowgirl with big blue eyes, she's first introduced riding on the back of a catfish while her dress billows up and flashes her underwear. She just gets more fanservicey after she dons a corset and a bustle on her wedding day with Pecos Bill, giving her a ridiculously tiny waist and an enormous backside. Not to mention her exaggerated Sexy Walk; she can barely take a step without swaying her hips from side to side.
  • DC Universe Animated Original Movies:
    • Batman: Assault on Arkham:
      • Harley Quinn and Killer Frost are both naked (or at least go full-frontal) at least once in the film.
      • And Poison Ivy, Stripperiffic as ever, shows up during the mass breakout at Arkham.
    • Superman/Batman: Apocalypse:
      • Supergirl is completely nude when she first arrives, then ends up wearing only an overcoat. She also seems to have a fondness for Stripperiffic outfits when she goes shopping with Clark and winds up wearing a bra during her tenure as a Fury.
      • Big Barda is introduced wearing only a towel, and you can see her shadow while she gets dressed.
      • The Amazons are shown in very loving detail. Just about all of them.
      • Hell, even the Female Furies who tend toward the Gonk are depicted as notably more attractive this time around.
    • Wonder Woman (2009): Again, The Amazons.
    • Bekka in Justice League: Gods and Monsters, who is her reality's own Wonder Woman, has an outfit with an open, exposed cleavage, is a fairly sexually liberated redhead and is implied to be into BDSM with Trevor.
    • Batman and Harley Quinn:
      • Harley Quinn herself. Her waitress costume is insanely revealing. In her apartment she's in underwear that shows off more of her butt than it covers and shows it off when she bends over. Her song and dance number looks like she's about to have an orgasm on stage (and she often sounds like she's having one too) and that's not even mentioning her seduction of Nightwing.
      • The waitresses at the Hooters-esque restaurant, Superbabes. They all wear very revealing outfits based on DC heroines, some of which are completely accurate to the outfits worn by those heroines in the comics, like Catwoman and Starfire.
    • Batman: Gotham by Gaslight:
      • Poison Ivy is depicted as a exotic Belly Dancer called "Ivy, the Plant Lady" who performs in a plant-themed harem bikini, rather than being a seductive Femme Fatale like in the comics.
      • Selina also provides plenty of fan service while wearing a very form fitting dress throughout the film. During Selina's cabaret show, she leads the others girls in a sexy dance sequence, with both the men and women enthralled by her. At one point during said show, she even spins around and gives the audience a brief flash of the backside of her panties. Later in the film, we get to see her Sexy Silhouette while she's changing and even later, while sneaking Batman/Bruce away from the police, she and him strip down and position them selves to invoke Interrupted Intimacy when the police pull over and inspect her carriage... before actually getting intimate when they leave.
    • Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay:
  • El Cid turns Jimena into this trope after she becomes an harem girl for the Big Bad. She even dances for him to distract him.
  • Princess Teegra from Fire and Ice definitely belongs with her costume being a small thong bikini. It's a natural since she was designed by Frank Frazetta... Frazetta specializes in fanservice.
  • Rita Malone from Aardman's Flushed Away ought to count as a PG-rated version of this trope. During the movie her pants drop at one point (revealing blue-striped boxer shorts) and seems to enjoy shaking her butt as a taunt to pursuers. But then again, she is voiced by Kate Winslet...
  • Most of the female characters in Heavy Metal are buxom ideals and are completely naked, especially the ones in the "Den" story.
  • Helen Parr/Elastigirl from The Incredibles. She's a beautiful Action Mom, and wears a form-fitting jumpsuit that shows off her figure and accommodates her superpowers. She also gets a few Male Gaze shots.
  • Downplayed examples in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls due to the all-ages nature of the franchise, but still present:
    • The Dazzlings, the main antagonist from My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Rainbow Rocks. The three have slow, slinky movements, including a lot of swinging of their hips; they have melodious voices, and alluring gazes. When telling the group about them, Twilight specifically mentions the legends said the three were beautiful. Being sirens, it all comes with the territory as part of their allure.
    • Among all the girls, Rarity is the one with no qualms relying on her sex appeal. Most of her clothes are no more revealing than the others', but they're always feminine and elegant, and Rarity knows how to emphasize them with her Sexy Walk or Modeling Poses. Most obvious in the short "The Other Side", which has her wearing a form-fitting strapless bodysuit and pose in a suggestive way in some scenes.
    • Of course, not even she has anything on Vignette Valencia from Rollercoaster of Friendship, a social media influencer who... well, I think #Bangs sums it up nicely.
  • Courtney, from ParaNorman is quite pretty, with a shapely figure. The Hartman Hips certainly don't hurt.
  • Tzipporah from The Prince of Egypt. Her slave outfit is quite fanservicey... wait that's just her normal clothes.
  • Chel from The Road to El Dorado. She wears a very skimpy outfit, has huge hips (as demonstrated in a ball-game scene) and openly seduces one of the male protagonist. Hell both male protagonists are attracted to her.
  • If you didn't consider Astrid Hoffferson from How to Train Your Dragon a Ms Fanservice, she certainly is in the third movie where She's All Grown Up. The whole Tsundere, turned into Action Girlfriend trope also helps Astrid's appeal and not to mention her beautiful and form-fitting wedding dress at the end.
    • From the same series, there's also Ruffnut the female twin of Tuffnut.
  • Goldie from Rock-A-Doodle, a sexy pheasant showgirl. She seems an anthropomorphic bird version of Jessica Rabbit. In fact, Goldie was an attempt to replicate the sex appeal of Jessica.
  • The first incarnation of Lola Bunny in Space Jam was made to be this, considering she wears short shorts bares her midriff and acts seductively. For example, after beating Bugs at a game between the two of them, Lola leaves the scene in an exaggerated swaying motion with her hips, leaving all the males in the room flabbergasted. And Bugs is barely able to stand.
  • Downplayed but Spider-Gwen from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has been noted by fans to be very curvy, thanks to the spandex she wears around her legs, hips and rear being quite form-fitting.
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Jessica Rabbit. She is integral to the plot, but her fanservice features are taken Up to Eleven. She was a gorgeous lady in red, her buxom is better, her neckline is impossibly low, she's got super long legs, there were some racy panty shots, and the like. No wonder every man and every cartoon is Distracted by the Sexy and enjoys Eating the Eye Candy when she's present.
  • Holli Would from Cool World is a Darker and Edgier version of Jessica Rabbit (as the entire movie to Who Framed Roger Rabbit). She is a blonde, voluptuous and evil vixen (performed by Kim Basinger); the entire movie is in fact about the subject of Jack Deebs, the main character, have a Perverse Sexual Lust for Holli. Also the waitress Lonette would qualify; she has black hair in a ponytail, red lipstick and wears a red dress with a pink stripe on it.
  • Wizards had Elinore, a extremely sexy fairy in a skimpy white outfit that was pretty much transparent.
  • Sasha from All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 is something of a dog version of Jessica Rabbit. She's played as sensually as a non-anthropomorphic dog in a family film can be. Sasha is a singer in a night club whose musical number consists of pretty much every male dog drooling over her.

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