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"Hello, detective. I want you to remember this day. Most people don't have the luxury of knowing which day will be their last...If you're watching this, I'm already dead. But death won't stop my Gamma project, King of Elements. The world will never recover from this one: people will burn, hearts will literally turn to stone. The four elements will unite to create a chaos you couldn't even imagine. Enjoy. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.
Archibald Karr, Mystery Trackers: The Four Aces bonus chapter

The various heroes of the Shared Universe created by Elephant Games have faced numerous opponents over the years. While many of them turned out to be either tragic or sympathetic, there were several who stand out in their sheer viciousness and cruelty.

Series are listed by release date of the first game.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

Haunted Hotel series
  • Beyond the Page: The Creature is an otherworldly being who controls other monsters from another dimension called "The Other Side". Contacting a desperate writer, Michael Carpenter, the Creature offered him a deal, whereby it will give him numerous sources for inspiration to write successful horror novels in exchange for Carpenter allowing it to use his Prime Hotel as its personal access point to Earth. Keeping Carpenter prisoner in his hotel, the Creature has its monsters hunt down and turn innocent people into feral, withered skeleton creatures called "Wendigos", which it keeps in a state of eternal suffering, using them as its "puppets" and "attack dogs", while also letting the creatures from "The Other Side" kill anyone they see.

Mystery Trackers series

  • Raincliff: Rafael Brown, aka the Headless Man, is the main villain of the bonus chapter, whose presence is hinted at during the main game. The father of Mortimer, Dorian and Belle Brown, Rafael uses his family condition to remain invisible at all times and commit massacres of countless people across Raincliff, forcing his family to imprison him for decades. Escaping several times to slaughter more people and cause chaos on the streets, forcing people to abandon Raincliff and turning it into a "Ghost Town", Rafael desires to murder his children for imprisoning him. Getting free after the events of the main game, Rafael's first action was to kill one of his own sons, after which he captures another and ties him up on the spinning wheel with the toxic flowers, hoping to drag out his suffering.
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  • The Four Aces: Archibald Karr is a powerful businessman in the city of Brightfield, who decided to create his own secret group called "The Four Aces" and perform experiments to create various hybrids. Starting off with animals and creating various bizzare creatures this way, Archibald soon moved to human subjects, fusing their DNA with that off the various animals, resulting in the subjects slowly being reduced to feral animal state. Performing such experiments on his own nephew, causing an outbreak and chaos on the streets of the city, leading to death of several people and the evacuation of the town's population, Archibald tries to destroy the whole town along with his nephew, his girlfriend Kelly, and the Detective, who he tries to kill during the game, while also horrifically killing off his accomplices. Activating his "Gamma Project" in the bonus chapter after his death, Archibald planned to spread his toxic clouds, which slowly killed people, across the entire world.
  • Winterpoint Tragedy:
    • The first nameless Cold Stalker is the driving force behind the whole game, who decided to use his powers to Take Over the World. A member of a race of evolved humans, the Cold Stalker was awakened by the group of scientists, upon which he attacked them, taking over their minds to make them his slaves. Rampaging through Inuit settlement and increasing the number of his slaves, the Cold Stalker left one of them to freeze to death in the cold lake and put his slaves to work in his base. Managing to get the artifact, which increases his powers, the Cold Stalker intended to it to freeze the entire world and kill off all life.
    • The second nameless Cold Stalker is the main antagonist of the bonus chapter, who became active after the defeat of the first one. Getting in the helicopter in which the Mystery Trackers transported the first one, the second Cold Stalker caused the helicopter to crash, taking away the magic crystal and leaving his fellow Cold Stalker to die in the fire along with the pilot. Trying to get rid of the Detective, the second Cold Stalker put the Detective's ally on ice to slowly freeze him to death, throwing the only thing that can save him into the fire, while he escapes, planning to restart the plan of the first Cold Stalker and resume his quest on killing all life on Earth.
  • Paxton Creek Avenger: Edwin Driver assumes the identity of the titular Paxton Creek Avenger after he was fired from the Mystery Trackers for his experiments on humans. Convincing his brother to join him, Edwin lured the daughter of the leader of the Mystery Trackers to the local theater, kidnapping her to trap the Mystery Tracker agents and start the fire in the theater. Abandoning his brother later on, after stealing one of the artifacts from the Mystery Trackers, Edwin tries to use it to destroy the whole town, along with all the population within it, out of pure spite.

Grim Tales series

  • The Stone Queen: Dennis Sheldon is a genius scientist and an extremely greedy businessman who desires to be the richest man in the world. Finding out about the flower of life that was capable of turning ordinary stones to diamonds, Sheldon discovered that the flower resided in the magical Stone Kingdom and provided life to the entire underground world beneath the town of Stoneville. Becoming the new mayor of Stoneville, Sheldon decided to demolish the mines around the town to get the flower, and when young Brandon tried to stop him, Sheldon shot and nearly killed him, provoking the wrath of the Stone Queen, who then turned all people in the town into statues. Upon being released, Sheldon tracks down the location of the flower of life and used his machinery to take it away, despite knowing that the entire Stone Kingdom would slowly die without the flower.
  • Graywitch: Abigail Oswald is the sister of Emily Oswald, who became furious after Victor choose her sister instead of her. Deciding to take revenge, Abigail threw her sister off a cliff, killing her, while spreading her curse around the streets, resulting in several people dying, solely so she could frame Victor for it and prevent him from resurrecting her sister. As this resulted in Victor getting killed and Emily becoming a Frankenstein-like creature, Abigail leads the inquisition in hunting her down, also planning to capture and torture both Stacy and Anna Gray. After being defeated, Abigail managed to come back in the bonus chapter, posing as the Unspeakable One and unleashing her curse upon the entire town, painfully reducing nearly all of Graywitch to skeletons, as she plans to sacrifice their souls to grant herself immortality and eternal beauty.
  • The Hunger: Martin Velcoro is a former member of an excavation group from the 19th century, who discovered the sphere of eternal life in the ancient site, which he used to make himself immortal in exchange for his soul. To fuel the sphere and prolong his own life, Martin regularly murdered and devoured the souls of 17 young girls every 17 years, while he traveled across the world. Committing his murders for over a century and not planning to stop, Martin framed the innocent police officer, Chris Lewis, when he picked on the trail, forcing him to quit the police force. Killing Anna's niece Jackie in his latest murder spree, Martin stalked and threatened Anna, before he tried to erase part of her family as revenge.


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