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Elephant Games is a Russian video game company that specializes in highly detailed Hidden Object Games. Their games span a wide variety of genres, from supernatural mysteries to fantasy to lighter puzzle games.

They first became known for their Mystery Trackers series of games and have since branched out into other stories, such as the Surface and the Grim Tales series. Gamezebo has praised their stunning artwork and immersive game environments.

Game series developed by Elephant Games include:

  • Mystery Trackers
    • The Void
    • Raincliff
    • Black Isle
    • The Four Aces
    • Silent Hollow
    • Raincliff's Phantoms
    • Blackrow's Secret
    • The Nightsville Horror
    • The Winterpoint Tragedy
    • The Paxton Creek Avenger
    • Train to Hellswich
    • Queen of Hearts

  • Grim Tales
    • The Bride
    • The Legacy
    • The Wishes
    • The Stone Queen
    • Bloody Mary
    • The Vengeance
    • Colour of Fright
    • The Final Suspect
    • Threads of Destiny
    • The Heir
    • Crimson Hollow
    • Graywitch

  • Surface
    • Mystery Of Another World
    • The Noise She Couldn't Make
    • The Soaring City
    • The Pantheon
    • Reel Life
    • Game of the Gods
    • Alone in the Mist
    • Return to Another World
    • Lost Tales
    • Virtual Detective

  • Christmas Stories

  • Lost In The City
    • Lost In The City
    • Lost In The City: Post Scriptum

  • Riddles of Fate
    • Wild Hunt
    • Into Oblivion
    • Memento Mori

  • Chimeras
    • Tune of Revenge
    • The Signs of Prophecy

  • Mystery Case Filesnote 
    • Fate's Carnival
    • Dire Grove, Sacred Grove

  • The Haunted Hotel series
    • Haunted Hotel
    • Believe the Lies
    • Lonely Dream
    • Charles Dexter Ward
    • Eclipse
    • Ancient Bane
    • Death Sentence
    • Eternity
    • Phoenix
    • The X
    • The Axiom Butcher
    • Silent Waters
    • The Thirteenth
    • Personal Nightmare
    • The Evil Inside
    • Lost Dreams
    • Beyond the Page

  • Detectives United
    • Origins
    • The Darkest Shrine


Tropes Commonly Seen:

  • Another Dimension: The Surface series is based on this trope, although it's revealed in The Noise She Couldn't Make that the dimension in particular is a coma patient's mind.
  • Call-Back/Continuity Nod: Raincliff's Phantoms is the sequel to Raincliff, and one of the Brown siblings is mentioned in Black Isle as having joined the agency. One of the Browns' long-lost relatives is revealed to be the Big Bad in Raincliff's Phantoms.
  • Conspicuous CG: In Mystery Trackers, your character is accompanied by a cute miniature pinscher named Elf. The fact that he's so simplistically animated stands out against the beautifully detailed settings.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Games made prior to the Mystery Trackers games had simplistic CGI characters and iffy gameplay. It's not until they produced The Void that they hit their stride.
    • The first Mystery Trackers game does not employ live actors as seen in later installments and the CGI characters are less polished.
  • Featureless Protagonist: Zig-zagged.
    • The most you'll get from the NPCs is a reference to your title if you're a detective, but other games will state your gender.
    • Averted in The Pantheon and Game of the Gods, where you play as the protagonist and her appearance is shown in the opening scenes.
    • In The Soaring City and Reel Life, there is nothing stated about your appearance, but your gender is stated with voiceovers.
    • You play as Fred, Scrooge's estranged nephew, in their version of A Christmas Carol; nothing of your appearance is mentioned.
    • It's implied in the Mystery Trackers games that the player character is female, as Paxton Creek Avenger shows the character wearing high heeled boots and the coat's hem resembles a dress.
    • Grim Tales: Colour of Fright gives you your first glimpse of what your character, psychic detective Anna Gray, looks like: you're seen in a photograph and while your face remains obscured, you're revealed to have auburn hair and an average body type which suggests middle age. By the time of the following game, Grim Tales: The Final Suspect, you've become a white-haired, somewhat chunky, elderly Jessica Fletcher type.
    • Completely averted in the Detectives United series, where you always play as one of the three members of the group, and each of them has a portrait on the screen to show you their appearance. The two you are not playing at a given moment are often seen as well.
  • Full Motion Video: Surface and Mystery Trackers started out using these with their characters and cutscenes, but by their respective fourth games, have settled for using traditional animation of the characters and dropping the full motion cutscenes.
  • Hidden Object Game: Gamezebo considers them one of the best creators in the casual game industry, on par with Big Fish Games, Alawar, Blue Tea Games, Boomzap Entertainment, and ERS Game Studios.
  • Lighter and Softer: The Christmas Stories games are much lighthearted than their other hidden object games, as they are mainly riffs on classic fairy tales.
  • Level-Map Display: One of their signature features is a map interface that eliminates backtracking. It's especially useful in the plot-heavy games.
  • Massive Multiplayer Crossover: Well, "massive" is a stretch, but the Detectives United series brings together James Blackthorn from the Haunted Hotel games, Anna Gray and her father Richard from Grim Tales, and Agents Brown and Shade from Mystery Trackers. They join forces to solve mysteries that would be impossible for them to handle on their own.
  • Medium Blending: The first three games of the Surface and Mystery Trackers games superimposed live actors moving against the painted backgrounds, but have since dropped it in favor of photo-filtered renditions of the actors for a more seamless blending.
  • Mission Control: Agent Shade is this for Anna, Brown, and James in Detectives United.
  • Non-Human Sidekick:
    • Starting with Black Isle, your Mystery Trackers character is accompanied by a miniature pinscher named Elf. It's then revealed that all agents in the Mystery Trackers agency has a pet sidekick with them.
    • Fate's Carnival introduces Isis, Madame Fate's cat, as the Master Detective's sidekick in her journey.
  • Occult Detective:
    • The Mystery Trackers are an agency that specializes in supernatural mysteries.
    • The partnership of the Detectives United also falls into this.
  • Scenery Porn: These games are beautifully rendered, but in the spookier supernatural settings such as Fate's Carnival or the Grim Tales series, it can lead to Scenery Gorn.
  • Shout-Out: Haunted Hotel: Beyond the Page makes a very obvious one to the Harry Potter books, with James mentioning "the soul artifacts in those wizard boy books you showed me."
  • Title Drop: At the end of the first Detectives United game, Agent Shade proposes the game title as the name for the partnership.
  • Two Guys and a Girl: James, Brown, and Anna in Detectives United.
  • Whole Plot Reference: The plot of Game of the Gods is a darker take on Jumanji.
  • You Have to Burn the Web: Crops up from time to time as a puzzle solution.

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