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"What a lovely couple you make. A shame I didn't bring my camera. But I'll always remember you just like this."

"Power—Beyond that of a god! The walls of reality crumble before me! Yes, a universe to remake in my image! I will devour every dimension until!"
Quentin "Mysterio" Beck, after reassembling the Tablet of Order and Chaos, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Given the source material, it comes as no surprise that video games based on Marvel Comics feature heinous villains.

Entries in each folder are by release date.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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Spider-Man (Dr. Doom's Revenge! can be found below)

Insomniac series

  • First game:
    • Main game & The City That Never Sleeps DLC: Screwball is a narcissistic, sadistic live streamer who will do anything for the sake of views. In the main game, she fakes a kidnapping in order to grab Spider-Man's attention. During Spider-Man's search for the "hostage", Screwball's followers place bombs around a city street that he has to disable. In The City That Never Sleeps, Screwball runs a series of challenges that involve setting up EMP transmitters around New York that can knock out the city's power, having her goons hold people hostage and sending out more goons to find "haters" and beat or even kill them. Screwball's final challenges involve her planting bombs around the city, which she says will blow up half the city if Spider-Man doesn't find them. When Spider-Man finally finds her, Screwball puts bombs on rooftops where her fans are throwing parties during the chase, showing she's willing to risk the lives of her fans just to get views.
    • The City That Never Sleeps only: Hammerhead, real name Joseph Martello, is a sadistic Maggia don who yearns for the "good old days" when mobsters like him ruled New York City with an iron fist, and the police knew to look the other way. When Sable International leaves their technology behind after the Devil's Breath incident, Hammerhead arms his men with as much as he can find—subsequently hoarding humanitarian supplies desperately needed by the war-torn country of Symkaria—and tears up the streets of New York with a brutal gang war against the other crime families so he can seize power, while attempting to have countless civilians killed through car bombings, assaults on witnesses and police escorts, and assassinations conducted by particularly brutal hitmen. When Spider-Man and Yuri Watanabe attempt to stop him, Hammerhead provokes Yuri into shooting him by massacring numerous cops before having other crime bosses slowly drowned in cement, trying to broadcast their deaths across the city. When that fails, he goes into hiding and has himself converted into a cyborg using the dangerous Project Olympus armor, forcing an Oscorp scientist to upgrade his men as well without care to the many that die from the procedure. When Hammerhead resurfaces, he tortures Silver Sable with a power drill until she gives him the most dangerous Sable Tech in her arsenal.
  • Miles Morales: Simon Krieger is the sociopathic head of the research and development at Roxxon. Placed in charge of the Nuform Project, Krieger has Rick Mason develop Nuform, only for it to make civilians horribly sick, with Krieger choosing to distribute it anyways, ignoring the risks out of pure greed. When Rick Mason tries to stop the project, Krieger kills him, resulting in Rick's sister, Phin, becoming the Tinkerer. When Phin steals the Nuform, Krieger has his enforcer, Rhino, capture both Miles and Phin, going back on his deal with Prowler to let Miles go, and has them both tortured for information, with Krieger implying that he plans on dissecting Miles for his powers. Knowing that Phin plans to destroy Roxxon Plaza, Krieger has the Nuform reactor sabotaged so it will destroy all of Harlem instead of just Roxxon Plaza while Krieger hides in his bunker to survive the blast, planning on painting himself as an victim of a terrorist attack, before remaking Harlem in his own image. A cruel and corrupt businessman with no regard towards human life, Krieger will murder anyone just for the sake of money.
  • Spider-Man 2:
    • The Venom symbiote is an extraterrestrial entity that arrived on Earth in a spiral-marked meteor with the intent of conquering it for the Hive. Costing Curt Connors his arm when it tried to bond to him, it was captured by Oscorp and used as an experimental treatment for Harry Osborn's terminal illness. Deeming Spider-Man—Peter Parker—a superior host, it tries to abandon Harry to bond to Spidey several times before Harry willingly relinquishes it to save Peter's life. Making Peter increasingly aggressive even towards his loved ones, the symbiote takes over him while he sleeps and viciously attacks Kraven's Hunters before trying to kill Mary Jane when she attempts to shock Peter awake. Attempting to goad Peter into killing Kraven, the symbiote fully takes over Peter and tries to kill Miles Morales before being defeated. Rejected by Peter, the symbiote re-bonds to Harry and twists his dream of healing the world to further its own goals—gaslighting him by impersonating his late mother. Influencing—if not outright controlling—Harry as Venom, the symbiote causes him to brutally kill dozens of Oscorp's security forces and Kraven's Hunters; kill Kraven by devouring his head; infect Mary Jane Watson with the Scream symbiote out of spite at Peter; and use the spiral meteor to unleash a horde of symbiotes to conquer the Earth. When Peter refuses to join it and resists its attempts to forcibly corrupt him, the Venom symbiote fully takes over Harry and tries to kill Peter and his loved ones.
    • "Cletus Kasady" is the alias of a psychopathic cult leader who has a noted history of gathering followers—often by kidnapping and brainwashing innocent people, gaslighting them into believing he cares about them, using them to commit heinous acts of violence and destruction, and ultimately manipulating them into killing themselves both to dispose of them when they've outlived their usefulness and for his own sadistic amusement. As "the Flame", he seeks to bring about the Crimson Hour—burning the world down one city at a time—by having his current group of followers commit arson and plant explosives in areas where mass civilian casualties will occur, such as a hospital or apartment block. Taunting Yuri Watanabe over her failure to stop him from disposing of his previous cult, the Flame lures her and Spider-Man into several traps, tries to burn Spider-Man alive, and then steals a surviving sample of the Venom symbiote—declaring his intent to use it to bring about the Crimson Hour by becoming the embodiment of Carnage.

Other games

  • (The Amazing) Spider-Man vs. the Kingpin (Sega CD version): Wilson "The Kingpin" Fisk frames Spider-Man for the theft and intended use of a nuclear bomb, which he himself intends to use to destroy New York City as part of a plan to Take Over the World and rid himself of Spider-Man once and for all; if the player runs out of time, the bomb goes off and destroys New York just as he planned. He additionally frames Spider-Man for kidnapping and threatening to kill Mary Jane, part of a plan to lure him to his hideout for the final showdown. Should Spider-Man fail to save Mary Jane from acid in time, the Kingpin laughs and mockingly offers condolences, and if he gets defeated by Kingpin, the latter kills them both onscreen, savoring every moment. Lacking any of his comic counterpart's nobler traits, this Kingpin is willing to do anything and everything to destroy Spider-Man and New York itself.
  • Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage: Cletus Kasady, aka Carnage, is the same malevolent maniac who opens the game slaughtering his way through groups of security guards to escape Ravencroft. Amassing a team of villains at his side, Carnage begins spreading a Hate Plague through New York that turns citizens violent and aggressive. Carnage kills anyone in his way as he kidnaps his "father" Venom and subjects him to brutal torture with fire and sound. Carnage plans to drive all of New York into violent insanity so the city will tear itself apart in honor of his villainy.
  • Spider-Man 3 (PS3, 360, PC version): Luke Carlyle is a former industrialist whose business crumbled after the Daily Bugle uncovered his corrupt practices. Seeking revenge against the city that ruined him, Carlyle adopted the identity of "Carlyle the Mad Bomber" and led a series of terrorist attacks across Manhattan. After destroying his old building, Carlyle had his men plant explosives throughout the city, focusing mostly on locations that would cause civilian casualties. When Spider-Man foils his plans, Carlyle launches an attack on the Daily Bugle and kidnaps J. Jonah Jameson. Carlyle places an explosive collar around Jameson's neck and tosses him out of his helicopter in an attempt to kill him and Spider-Man. Carlyle ultimately escapes after Spider-Man takes out his helicopter, but not before setting off the explosives he had rigged in each of his henchmen's suits.
  • Web of Shadows has, depending on the version, different components of Venom:
    • Windows; 360; PS3; Wii version: The Venom symbiote itself has grown so powerful that it has nearly completely overridden Eddie Brock's mind and become its own threat. Spreading symbiotes across New York while gorging itself on innocents and threatening Spider-Man's loved ones, the Venom symbiote transforms most of New York into an apocalyptic wasteland where almost all citizens have been turned into its symbiote zombies. Boarding a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, the Venom symbiote plans to traverse the globe and infect all life on Earth with its taint to assume absolute dominion.
    • Amazing Allies Edition (PS2 and PSP): Eddie Brock himself is nothing like any of his usual incarnations. Hating Spider-Man for untold reasons, Venom allows Jackal to experiment on him in order to speed up his symbiote suit's growth rate, then spreads his symbiote across Manhattan, infecting hundreds of people, including Spider-Man's friends, and turning them into mindless, hate-filled zombies. After manipulating many of Spider-Man's foes into assisting him in destroying the Wall-Crawler, Venom reveals he plans to allow his symbiote to spread across the planet, infecting every human around the world once Spider-Man is dead.
  • Shattered Dimensions: Mysterio—Quentin Beck—is portrayed as far more wicked and dangerous than in the comic. Failing to steal the Tablet of Order and Chaos due to Spider-Man's interference, Mysterio escapes with one of the now-shattered fragments of the Tablet. Realizing the power of his fragment, Mysterio goes on a rampage, destroying anything in his path in search for the other fragments. After finding Madame Web's location, Mysterio tortures her, then uses her as a hostage to force Spider-Man to retrieve the rest of the Tablet's fragments for him. Restoring the Tablet to its original state, Mysterio gains god-like powers, destroys the Multiverse, and plans to remake it in his image.
  • Edge of Time: Walker Sloan is a sociopathic industrialist from the 2099 future, functioning as the catalyst behind the game's events. Chafing under his lowly position in Alchemax, Sloan travels back in time and changes history to one where Alchemax has asserted control over most of Earth. Under Sloan's banner, Alchemax performs mass human experimentation on civilians with monstrous results, and runs the state of humanity into the ground under its dystopic heels. Personally experimenting on Eddie Brock and implanting mind control chips into him so as to command his alter ego "Anti-Venom", Sloan sends him on a rampage that endangers innocents while torturing him into further savage mutations, hoping to annihilate Spider-Man and gain even more control of time until Sloan can rewrite all reality.
  • Unlimited: Dark Mysterio hails from a dimension in which he led the Sinister Six to destroy Spider-Man and conquer the world. In his quest to obtain further power, Dark Mysterio travels to hundreds of other dimensions, killing their heroes and stealing their energy source of Iso-8 to boost the Six's abilities, a process that destroys each dimension they invade. With countless billions left dead in his wake, Dark Mysterio dispatches his minions to the Earth this game takes place on, using the Six to cause all manner of destruction such as poisoning civilians; experimenting on hundreds of people with Iso-8; or nearly blowing up all of New York City. Dark Mysterio desires nothing more than the continuous invading and decimation of all realities until he reigns supreme.


  • Next Dimension: Bastion is an AI who claims to defend humanity against mutants but is really just a psychopath. After being freed from SHIELD captivity by his Prime Sentinel minions, Bastion devises a new scheme to destroy mutantkind. Bastion hires the Brotherhood to attack Xavier's school and uses that attack as a distraction so his Sentinels can kidnap Forge, a mutant who can invent anything. Bastion proceeds to torture Forge, forcing him to build a device that neutralizes mutant powers and then outfits all of his Sentinels with that device. Bastion ultimately plans to use this device to depower the world's mutant population, so that he can easily kill them off. Though Bastion claims he is guided by good intentions, he is really just a sadistic bigot.
  • X2: Wolverine's Revenge: The Professor, real name Truett Hudson, is a mastermind behind the Weapon X project, an experiment designed to create the perfect killing machine. To this end, the Professor experiments on a least a dozen people, turning them into mindless feral mutants, before he gets his hands on Victor Creed, aka Sabretooth, and Logan, aka Wolverine. Kidnapping the two, the Professor commits a number of painful experiments on them, wiping their minds and turning them into perfect soldiers. When Logan escapes and confronts the Professor, the latter informs him that he injected all Weapon X subjects with the Shiva Virus, which would kill them in a few years, leading to Logan starting to search for the cure several years later.
  • X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse: Apocalypse is once again presented as a extremely cruel Social Darwinist. Apocalypse starts the game by conquering Genosha, locking all the Genoshan mutants in a makeshift prison so he can test them for harmonic DNA, a particular DNA type that will increase his own power. When the X-Men come to liberate Genohsa, Apocalypse attempts to destroy the Genoshan Sea Wall, which would have killed almost every mutant in Genosha. After Genosha is liberated, the X-Men track Apocalypse's forces to the Savage Land, where they attempt to destroy the technology that keeps the Savage Land in tropic temperatures; this would result in the inhabitants of the Savage Land freezing to death. Later Apocalypse manages to conquer New York City, dropping a bomb that flattens several neighborhoods, just to make room for his tower. Apocalypse again imprisons the mutants and tests them for harmonic DNA, while having his forces attempt to drive the human refugees into the sea, setting up anti-aircraft guns to prevent anyone from rescuing them. Apocalypse is such a powerful and cruel foe that the X-Men and the Brotherhood team up to stop him.
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine (PlayStation 2 & Wii version): Colonel William Stryker is a high-ranking officer within the US Army and the head of the Weapon X project. Having assembled the team of mutants in the past, Stryker uses them to complete his own personal operations, at one point ordering them to massacre a militia within an African village, and then tries to torture information from innocent civilians there about the adamantium that located within the area. When Logan rebelled against him, Stryker knocked him out and then tried to obliterate the village with a nuke. In the present, manipulating Logan to become his subject in the Weapon X program, Stryker experiments on countless humans, transforming them into his mindless brutes who suffer so much that they thank Logan for killing them.
  • Destiny: Bastion is an AI created to defend humanity against mutants, but grew beyond his programming and became a threat to humanity. Seemingly killed in battle with the X-Men, Bastion survives by uploading his program into an orbiting satellite. Making contact with Luis Reyes, the head of the Mutant Response Division, Bastion creates a plan to take over the world by turning everyone into his mindless slaves. Directing Reyes to obtains a sample of Xavier's DNA and uses it to replicate Xavier's Psychic Powers, so that he can take control of the MRD, U-Men and the Purifiers, Bastion has him kidnap mutants and subject them to dangerous and potentially lethal experiments in order to harvest more mutant powers. Bastion then orders Reyes to cause further tension between humans and mutants in San Francisco by launching an attack on a rally which was supposed to promote peace between humans and mutants, and framing Magneto.

Marvel Cinematic Universe non-canon tie-in games

  • The Incredible Hulk: Major Glenn Talbot, a far cry from his later MCU characterization, is a homicidal army major obsessed with taking down the Hulk, Bruce Banner, through any means necessary. Beginning his attacks on Hulk by launching numerous missile strikes on him, Talbot disregards his soldiers' objections that the missiles will impact many highly-populated areas of New York, and pins all the ensuing destruction on the Hulk. When press helicopters fly too close to his military base, Talbot orders them all shot down, hoping to silence the reporters' attempts to oust him as a madman. Showing no care for innocents, Talbot kidnaps both Hulk's best friend, Rick Jones, and his Love Interest, Betty Ross, to use as hostages to draw him out, and, when the army turns on him after they learn of his crimes, Talbot responds by killing the soldiers sent after him, attempting to murder the Hulk, then setting his Hulkbuster armor to detonate, fully knowing it will wipe out most of the city, just to kill the Hulk. A sociopath who abused his power for no reason other than blind hatred and jealousy, Glenn Talbot stood out, even to Bruce Banner, as a truly wicked man whose hatred made him far worse than the "monsters" he claimed to be fighting.
  • Captain America: Super Soldier: Dr. Arnim Zola is the head researcher of HYDRA and the mastermind behind Project: Master Man. Hoping to achieve immortality by perfecting the Super Serum, Zola began experimenting on HYDRA's own forces to give them an edge in battle. These experiments included augmenting soldiers with cybernetic attachments, with some procedures so extensive they turned the soldiers into mindless berserkers in a constant state of pain. When Baron Zemo tried to have Zola's research scaled back, he sabotaged an experiment that left Zemo permanently disfigured. Zola attempted to extract the Super Soldier serum from Captain America's blood, and planned to turn James Falsworth into a sleeper agent for HYDRA. Believing flesh was inherently limited, Zola used a series of robotic bodies to try to kill Captain America and use the Sleeper to start a new age free of his "inferiors".
  • Iron Man 3: The Official Game:
    • Aldrich Killian, after the events of the film, managed to download his consciousness into a new body, becoming MODOK. As MODOK, intending to hurt Tony, he has AIM lead attacks to take over Stark Industries' network, with his ultimate goal being to download himself into the network, start World War III using Tony's weapons, and rule over what's left.
    • Ezekiel Stane is the second-in-command of AIM's forces and the illegitimate son of Obadiah Stane. Resentful over never knowing his father and glad to see him gone, Ezekiel felt entitled to own everything Tony Stark had. Believing himself to be the true heir to Stark Industries, Ezekiel allied himself with AIM and helped them commit a series of terrorist attacks and destroy everything Tony cherished. When he sent the Living Laser to attack Iron Man, Ezekiel kidnapped Pepper Potts in the hopes of having her transfer Tony's assets over to him. When that failed, he hooked Pepper up to an electric chair that would torture her to death and summoned Iron Man to fight him so the couple would hear each other's dying screams.
  • Thor: The Dark World: The Official Game: Malekith the Accursed, the leader of the Dark Elves and the root of all evil in the game, differs from the version seen in the film. Desiring to return the universe to the "darkness" that existed before life sprouted throughout the cosmos, Malekith begins collecting powerful Uru weapons to use in a ritual to fulfill his desire. Sending his minions throughout the Nine Realms, Malekith has innocents killed, monstrous creatures released, and entire villages razed to the ground, all in various attempts to distract Thor from stopping him. With no loyalty to his "partners", as seen when he betrayed and attempted to murder both the Frost Giants and the God of Mischief, Loki, when they outlived their usefulness, Malekith proclaims himself a god before trying to wipe out all life in the universe, so as to make the Dark Elves the reigning power once again, with himself as ruler supreme.
  • Future Fight: MODOK, head of A.I.M., is revealed to be the instigator of the collapse of reality in this game. He sends Jocasta into the past to distract the Avengers from his plans to destroy the universe and remake it in his image by having Jocasta distract the Avengers from exposing MODOK's goals by making them focus by other villains such as Ultron, HYDRA and Fisk. This in turn leaves the Avengers with no time to stop reality from destroying itself. When the Avengers defeat their Bad Future counterparts in Chapter 8, MODOK reveals that he was responsible for sending Jocasta to the past to prevent the Avengers from stopping him, having done this 90,000 times in the past before, with each effort having the same outcome in facilitating the destruction of reality, with every reality being more unstable than the last. He subsequently orders Jocasta to reset the timeline, leaving the Avengers to their fate while he recreates the universe in his own image.

Other games

  • The Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America in Dr. Doom's Revenge!: Dr. Doom, the brilliant, yet twisted dictator of Latveria, is more fiendish than usual in this game and tie-in comic. Dr. Doom steals a nuclear missile from an American military base in Europe and upgrades the nuclear missile so it cannot be stopped after it is launched. Dr. Doom contacts the US government and demands they give him control of the US or he will nuke New York City. Suspecting that the US government will send superheroes to Latveria to thwart his plans, Dr. Doom hires several supervillains to guard his castle and the missile, promising them riches if they succeed in stopping the heroes and death if they fail him.
  • The Punisher: General Kreigkopf is the leader of the Russian Syndicate in the second portion of the game. An associate of the Gnucci Family, Kreigkopf would supply them with drugs and money from the harbor. When Castle attacks the harbor, he discovers Kreigkopf has been smuggling in weapons, including a tank and a nuke. Frank discovers that Kreigkopf is also part of a Human Trafficking ring. Kreigkopf sends the Russian to attack Castle at his apartment. When Castle and Furry invade Grand Nixon Island, he prepares to launch the nuke at New York City, and manages to get it to the point it's supposedly irreversible before Frank kills him.
  • Ultimate Alliance series:
    • First game: Mephisto is the ruler of Mephisto's Realm. Striking a deal with Doctor Doom, Mephisto gave Doom the powerful Twilight Sword in exchange for the soul of the X-Man Nightcrawler. When the heroes traveled to Mephisto's Realm to rescue Nightcrawler, Mephisto's equally depraved son, Blackheart, manages to capture Jean Grey for him. Mephisto then has both Nightcrawler and Jean Grey locked in separate cages hanging above the bottomless pit of the Infinite Vortex. The demon lord gives the heroes a Sadistic Choice of freeing one of the X-Men, at the cost of letting the other plummet into the Vortex to their death. When finally confronted by the heroes, Mephisto congratulates them for surviving in his realm for so long and promises to reward them by resurrecting the soul of the sacrificed X-Men. However, Mephisto reveals that he had corrupted their soul into becoming his brainwashed puppet, and sics them on the heroes so he could claim their souls as well. Despite the heroes managing to free the corrupted X-Men, they will still be forever bound as Mephisto's slave. Rather than live as his pawn and to give the heroes a chance to escape, the X-Man will perform a Heroic Sacrifice to stop Mephisto. The deaths of the X-Man will result in two separate bad endings depending on the player's choice of who to sacrifice. In another bad ending, Mephisto will attempt to conquer our dimension resulting in cataclysmic destruction. Despite only appearing in one level, Mephisto stands out from the plethora of villains the game has to offer.
    • The Black Order (third game and a Continuity Reboot): Dormammu is the supreme ruler of the Dark Dimension and Arch-Enemy of Doctor Strange. When the heroes flee to the Dimension to escape the titular Black Order, they progress through and eventually find Dormammu has brainwashed Strange, using him to open a portal through which he can travel through directly and merge the Dark Dimension with the "main" universe, planning to use the Reality Stone to accomplish this to corrupt and torture all of reality. Once he becomes aware of the party, he turns Strange against them and takes great amusement at their efforts not to kill the Sorcerer despite being in mortal peril at his hand. When Strange attempts to break free, Dormammu possesses him directly and vows that for the "crime" of trespassing, they shall pay with their lives. Angered when the Reality Stone causes an anomaly that allows his temporary defeat and the heroes steal the stone back, Dormammu drops all pretense of courtesy and respect and attempts to kill the party one final time as they flee to the moon. Despite his superficial politeness, and being the villain for only one chapter, Dormammu's ultimate goal of absorbing, corrupting and torturing the universe, combined with his godlike powers and sadism, make him even viler than main villain Thanos.
  • Ghost Rider (2007) (GBA version): Mephisto is behind all the evil in the game. Seeking to expand his hellish kingdom, Mephisto decides to create a Hell on Earth by drawing a glyph that would break the seal between Hell and Earth and trigger the apocalypse. Choosing Johnny Blaze to become the Ghost Rider, Mephisto has Blaze's dad killed, and orders Vengeance to kill his girlfriend Roxanne when Blaze refuses to serve him. Once the glyph has been drawn into the Earth by Johnny, Mephisto tries to kill Johnny so that nobody can stop him.
  • Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite: Ultron, upon fusing with Sigma, begins seeking the Infinity Stones to remake both the Marvel and Capcom universes to his liking. Attacking Xgard, Ultron-Sigma uses the Sigma Virus to enslave its people, parading them in front of Thor before infecting him and forcing him to fight his friends while Ultron gloats. He also schemes with Grandmaster Meio to drop a virus-loaded bomb on Earth to infect all living things on the planet. When Dante tricks him with the Soul Stone, Ultron Omega attempts to slowly drain him of his life. Desiring nothing less than the extinction of all souls, Ultron is loathed by every hero and almost every villain.
  • Marvel's Avengers: Monica Rappaccini is the sociopathic scientist and the right-hand woman of George "MODOK" Tarleton. Wanting to acquire a Terrigen crystal for her own purposes, Rappaccini manipulates Tarleton to bring the crystal near the A-Day celebration, hiring Taskmaster to launch an attack to steal it and resulting in the deaths of thousands. After the attack, Rappaccini kidnaps hundreds of Inhumans to experiment on them, exposing them to Dark Terrigen in order to produce Adaptoids, apathetic to the torment they suffer. In the wake of MODOK's defeat, Rappaccini usurps control of A.I.M. as the Scientist Supreme, attempting to exploit the Cosmic Cube to ward off the Kree and lord over Earth for herself.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy (2021): Magus, the personification of Adam Warlock's dark thoughts, is the true leader of the Universal Church of Truth. Sealed away in the Soul Stone, Magus manipulates the Church's Grand Unifier Raker into brainwashing people into following the Church. Feeding on the souls of his followers, with not even children being safe, Magus, upon his accidental release from the Stone, acquires Nikki Gold to serve as the Church's Matriarch, killing her adopted mother Ko-Rel for protecting her. Using his powers, Magus entraps his followers in a state of despair known as "The Promise", making them believe their deceased loved ones are alive as he devours their souls. With plans to use his ever-growing power to consume the entire galaxy, Magus has his followers' planets wiped clean for their souls, and with Raker perishing by the Guardians' hands, takes over Warlock's body to destroy the galaxy.