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"The legacy of that shield is ... complicated."

Captain America is a Marvel Comics superhero. Steve Rogers was a small, skinny young man who yearned to join the Army during World War II, but had always been rejected. Finally, he was given a chance with Operation: Rebirth, Dr. Abraham Erskine's attempt to create a Super Soldier formula. It worked on Steve, but a Nazi spy ended up killing Erskine and the formula was lost. After fighting in World War II with his sidekick Bucky Barnes, Captain America was accidentally frozen in the ice and revived in the modern day, where he joined The Avengers.

Captain America has appeared in:

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    Major storylines 


    Animated Films 
  • A clearly Ultimate-inspired Cap appeared in the Ultimate Avengers animated films (2006) note .


    Marvel Cinematic Universe (multimedia) 

    Live-Action Films (non-MCU) 

    Video Games 

    Western Animation 
  • The Marvel Super Heroes (1966): An animated anthology series which adapted several Marvel Comics for television. This also introduced an often-repeated theme song for Cap: "When Captain America throws his mighty shield, all those who chose to oppose his shield must yield..."
  • Cap made various guest appearances and cameos in the 90's Marvel cartoons, like X-Men: TAS (appearing as an alternate version in another, Professor X-less future, and in one of the last episodes, teaming up with Wolverine in World War II), major roles in Spider-Man: TAS, and a couple of cameos as part of The Avengers in Fantastic Four, and a guest role in the horrible late 90s Avengers cartoon. He was planned to get his own series at that point (stories, character models, and a one-minute pitchfilm were all made), but was canned because of Marvel's bankruptcy; its slot in the Fox Kids lineup was filled by The Secret Files of The Spy Dogs.
  • The animated series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2010-2012) includes Captain America as one of the major characters. In a manner paralleling the Silver Age Avengers comics, he became the sixth superhero to join the team. Chronologically speaking, four episodes pass in between the event that led to the founding of the Avengers, and the events that led to Cap joining their team, just as his comic incarnation joined in issue four of the first Avengers volume.
  • Avengers Assemble (2013-), an Avengers animated series developed in conjunction with Man of Action Studios, features Captain America as one of the foremost members.
  • He makes some appearances in Marvel Rising (2018-) — see his entry on the character page for details.

And if you're wondering where Captain America's shield is now, let's just say you can catch it weeknights on CBS at eleven-thirty-five EST...