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"This fellow reeks of brimstone and blood worse than anyone I've ever laid eyes on! HE IS PURE EVIL, right down to his very bones! Is he a victim of circumstance, you're wondering? Not on your life! He's been evil since he drew his first breath!"
Robert E. O. Speedwagon on Dio Brando, Phantom Blood

During its extraordinarily long run, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has showcased a great variety of antagonists. Many are merely jerks; some are comical in their ineptitude; others still are sympathetic characters with understandable motives and tragic pasts. Then there's another breed of villain: those who commit horrific actions with no justification. Here are the latter.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

Manga & Anime
  • Phantom Blood (first appearance): Dio Brando is the Overarching Villain of the entire series, rising from humble beginnings to become a global threat who looms large over the events of this Generational Saga. After murdering his abusive father, Dio is taken in by the kind-hearted George Joestar and starts to covet his wealth, so Dio goes about ruining his adopted brother Jonathan's life, attempting to gouge out an eye, stealing the first kiss from his girlfriend Erina, and burning his beloved dog alive. Dio later poisons George in an attempt to claim his inheritance, and after being thwarted, stabs him fatally as a blood sacrifice to activate the Stone Mask and become a vampire. Dio then renounces his humanity and sets up a base in a nearby medieval town, draining its inhabitants of life one-by-one. When a mother agrees to let Dio zombify her on the condition that he doesn't lay a hand on her baby, he watches with amusement as the zombified woman eats her own child. After being defeated by Jonathan and reduced to a disembodied head, Dio stalks and murders Jonathan on his honeymoon cruise, before stealing Jonathan's body. Returning in Part III, Dio tries to prevent Jotaro and his friends from reaching him by having a hitman bring down the passenger plane they're on, and murdering his loyal right-hand woman Enya Geil to ensure that she doesn't divulge his powers. In the climactic confrontation with Jotaro and company, Dio abducts a man, forces him to drive at lethal speeds through crowds of pedestrians in pursuit of his foes, and then kills him by using him as a projectile. Part VI reveals details about the now-deceased Dio's grand plan: he manipulated his fanatically loyal follower Enrico Pucci into seeking to rewrite reality into Dio's warped vision of "heaven", meaning nothing but unchecked power for Dio and more grovelling support from his underlings.
  • Stardust Crusaders:
    • J. Geil, one of Dio Brando's henchmen, stands out as one of the vilest, and most sadistic, of the minor villains encountered by Jotaro and his friends. Driven by a lust for teenage girls, he raped and killed the young Sherry Polnareff (and attempted to murder her friend as well, succeeding in the OVA), prompting her brother Jean Pierre to join the heroes and seek revenge. He boasts that she was just one of countless girls that he raped and killed. When confronted by Polnareff and Kakyoin, he shows himself to be a coward of the highest order, placing his stand in the eyes of a little boy and telling his opponents that they'll never reach him without gouging out the boy's eyes. When this fails, he escapes and inflicts grievous, potentially fatal wounds on a man to dress him up as a decoy for a sneak attack. Finally, he attracts a crowd of at least 10 people, then hides his Stand among them before trying to goad Polnareff to mow them down by gloating about what he did to his sister. He dies showing nothing but pride in his actions.
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    • Terence (Telence) T. D'Arby/D'Arby the Younger is the younger brother of Daniel J. D'Arby, and like him, has the ability to steal a person's soul when they admit defeat in their heart before turning them into dolls. Unlike his affable and nobler brother, any politeness Terence spews is an obvious attempt to hide the childish psychopath he really is, changing anybody who is defeated by him in a video game into a doll, while, unlike Daniel, keeping them fully aware of their situation and powerless to do anything about it. Besides having done this to at least 20 people, it is also implied that Terence is very abusive towards his brother, admitting to beating him nearly to death one time after catching him flirt with his girlfriend. When the heroes stumbles across his path, he traps them in Dio's basement and forces them to play videogames for their souls, while using his stand to give himself an advantage. Through these methods he defeats Kakyoin and adds him to the collection, intending to do the same to Jotaro and Joseph, threatening to kill Kakyoin if they attack him. While only a minor villain, Terence manages to be one of the few villains that the heroes show nothing but contempt and disgust for.
  • Diamond Is Unbreakable: Anjuro "Angelo" Katagiri is a Serial Killer and Japan's most notorious criminal. A robber and rapist since the age of 12, his infamy reached its peak after an incident in which he raped and killed two teenage boys before taking a third one hostage. He arranged a ransom with the boy's rich parents, but revealed at the exchange that he had cut off the boy's penis and killed him, and then killed one of the policemen who came for him. After escaping prison, Angelo body-jacked a man, took a woman hostage at knifepoint and tried to stab her to death in a fit of pique. After Josuke thwarts him, he goes on a killing spree with 7 civilian deaths. He attempts to kill Josuke and his mother out of spite, and then kills Josuke's grandfather. He returns for another attempt on their lives, and when defeated, he taunts Josuke with his grandfather's death and the fact that he can't kill Angelo without becoming like him, before threatening to throttle a young boy to death.
  • Vento Aureo ("Golden Wind"):
    • Diavolo is the mysterious "boss" of Passione, who was ruthless enough to be able to edge out all the other Mafia families. However, he causes his more conscientious employees to rebel by rejecting the ethics adhered to by other Mafiosi and selling hard drugs to minors. Driven by extreme paranoia, he resolves to erase all traces of his past identity and kill anyone who has seen his face. Years ago he attempted to kill his mother by sewing her mouth shut (a torment he later inflicts on a young boy) and burying her alive. He then burned his village to the ground, intending to kill everyone and being listed as a casualty; at least seven people are killed by this, and Diavolo intended to kill more. He rules his organization with an iron fist and makes a gruesome example of two of his elite assassins, Gelato and Sorbet, when they breach his privacy. He dismembers Sorbet alive—which causes Gelato to commit suicide to avoid a similar fate—and then sends the bodies to their comrades as a macabre warning. When he learns that he has a teenage daughter, he responds by plotting to murder her, almost doing it himself before Bruno intervenes. Additionally, it was Diavolo who sold the Stand Arrows to Enya Geil, making him responsible for the outbreak of empowered villains that has driven the events of the series from Part III onward. Heartless, paranoid and grandiose, Diavolo believed himself to be a rightful emperor over the whole world and stopped at nothing in pursuit of power.
    • Cioccolata, the most sadistic member of Passione, is a Serial Killer whose main joy in life is seeing pain and fear expressed on the face of someone about to die. He volunteered in aged care for the chance to drive vulnerable people to suicide by poisoning them and breaking their spirits by telling them that nobody would come to visit them. Inspired to become a doctor after filming the deaths of the elderly, Cioccolata would then purposefully kill the patients that fell under his knife by operating on them while fully conscious. From this cruelty was born a gruesome power: His Stand, Green Day, inflicts people with mold that causes them to die in agony as their bodies fall apart. While waiting to ambush the heroes, he kills several bystanders in this way. Rather than finishing off his targets while they're at his mercy, he waits while his similarly depraved partner Secco records their anguished expressions for posterity. He then takes a helicopter to pursue his foes and kills everyone else in sight. The anime adds to his list of crimes by having him be the one who butchered Sorbet. As a sadist unconstrained by morality and reason, Cioccolata earns the contempt of everyone he encounters.
  • Stone Ocean: Kenzō is an egotistical former cult leader who was arrested for drugging and burning alive over 30 of his followers, and now hires himself out as an assassin. His preferred method of murder involving hitting pressure points that result in his victims drowning in their own fluids, Kenzō introduces himself to Jolyne Cujoh by killing dozens of prisoners in the area with his drowning technique and then tries to kill her. Kenzō afterwards delivers a painful, vicious fight to Foo Fighters, laughing at her pain and trying to murder her in the agonizing method of an electric chair for sheer sadism.
  • Steel Ball Run: The Alternate Universe counterpart of Diego "Dio" Brando is completely devoid of his main counterpart's nobler qualities. Brought into the universe by the dying Funny Valentine, Alternate Diego agrees to secure the corpse parts solely so that all good fortune in the world would be centered on him, dooming most of the world to calamity. During his battle with Johnny, Alternate Diego tricks him into killing several of Diego's fans by using them as shields, mockingly blaming Johnny for their deaths. Upon being confronted by the young Lucy Steel, Alternate Diego attacks her, proudly claiming that he'll take his time raping and torturing Lucy before killing her.

Other Media

  • Diamond Is Unbreakable Chapter 1 (2017 film): Anjuro "Angelo" Katagiri shares his manga counterpart's depravity and lust for murder. A vicious murderer—his own father being his first victim—who is introduced stabbing his latest victim to death in front of the man's lover, Angelo later slaughters his way out of police custody by utilizing his newly-acquired Stand. Using his Stand to continue his killing spree, tearing apart the insides of over half-a-dozen people to kick things off, Angelo develops a seething hatred for the young teenager Josuke Higashikata after the boy saves Angelo's latest victim from a brutal death. Angelo invades the home of Josuke, sadistically murdering the boy's grandfather and attempting the same on his mother, all as payback for thwarting him, and, even when cornered and defeated, Angelo spends his final moments trying to blame all of his crimes on outside forces just to escape punishment.
  • Eyes of Heaven: Heaven Ascension DIO is an alternate version of Dio Brando who succeeded in his plan to wipe out the Joestar lineage and become a god. Having slaughtered his way through innocents and enemies alike to achieve godhood, DIO absorbed the souls of 36 people to power himself up, and altered reality to turn his world into one that worshipped him. Upon learning that there are an infinite number of realities across time and space, DIO begins plotting to conquer them all, starting with the primary timeline. DIO corrupts the souls of each JoJo's friends and family members, forcing them to fight one another before DIO murders them all and steals their souls, and, in the end, DIO shrugs off the death of his "friend" Enrico Pucci, murders Jotaro's daughter in front of him, and proclaims his plans to warp all realities until there is only one, where all worship DIO.


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