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"Your receipt. You can keep the freakin' change."
"Koichi, if you hadn't stepped up the way you did, I would have been long dead. Even all alone, you fought valiantly right up to the end. There's no doubt about it: you've matured."
Jotaro Kujo compliments a meek highschool student, Koichi Hirose

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is famous for how much crazier it can get with each succeeding generation.

  • The anime has been praised by, of all people, the New York Times. They call it a "treasure" and praise the "rollicking, sentimental action".
  • Both Pat Metheny Group and Savage Garden placed the characters on their compilation album jackets in Japan, as a little nod to the anime helping their Revival by Commercialization. For Pat Metheny Group, Essential Collection Last Train Home would also be their first greatest hits album. The progessive rock band Yes, though not issuing a greatest hits of their own, have also tweeted their thanks to the Japanese fandom for their support.
    "Thrilled that so many folks are happy we allowed ‘I Want You’ to be used in #jojo_anime - it’s a cool show and I was happy to say yes."
    • On a similar note, Robert Fripp acknowledging the confusing abilities of King Crimson. Robert Fripp, the same man who's frantic and borderline totalitarian with the copyright of his work, was amused at being referenced.
  • At the official JoJo's panel at Anime Expo 2016, Viz Media teased a special guest appearance. Turns out, it was a video message from Hirohiko Araki himself, thanking the American fandom for their support, and saying he'd like to visit eventually. Not only that, but the panel came with the announcement of more manga, an English translation of Araki's "how to make manga" book, Blu-Rays of Parts 1-4, and another sneak preview of the long-awaited Stardust Crusaders dub. Alongside the fan panel, acknowledgement at the Warner Bros. Anime panel (where limited edition Stardust Crusaders postcards were given out), and Eyes of Heaven being playable at the Bandai-Namco booth, it looks like the series finally went from No Export for You to Cash Cow Franchise in the States!
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  • The anime making it onto Toonami on Adult Swim, ensuring that many more audiences beyond those of streaming services will be able to see it (with an english dub, to boot). Props especially go to Viz Media securing the distribution rights from Warner Bros., otherwise the show quite possibly wouldn't have aired at all (due to Warner Bros. not being interested in airing the show on television).