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The untold powers of the Golden Rectangle...

  • Let's be honest, the premise of Steel Ball Run is awesome, being a giant horse race across the United States with a $50,000,000 in 2020  cash prize for the winner, and the greatest horsemen, cowboys and jockeys of the entire world gathering to show their skills. When a journalist brings up the possibility of the race failing if the hardships make it so no one finishes it, Stephen Steel's answer is awesome too.
    Stephen Steel: Failure is... Listen up! True failure is forgetting the pioneer spirit and staying far away from challenging hardships! There is no such thing as failure in this race! There are only adventurers! This Steel Ball Run race will be an event the likes of which the world has never experienced before!
    • The first stage perfectly sums up how awesome this race is. There are 3600 participants lining up along the Californian coast, all starting to ride at the same time in a big wave. And then some of the favorites and dark horses begin to already compete for the first place, using their sheer talent at horseriding like Diego, Gyro using his Steel Balls to create himself an advantage, Pocoloco keeping the pace and momentarily taking the first place because of his sheer luck, and Sandman running with his feet alone against galloping horse, also almost finishing the stage first!
  • Gyro and Johnny are able to work against Sugar Mountain's ability, like the Honest Axe fable except forcing the user to use up what they earned from their honesty, by entering a city and spending copious amounts of the money they earned. Gyro decides to buy a skyscraper that turns out to pretty much print its own money, which is not a good thing for the two. So Gyro gives it away, along with 600 million dollars, during the fight against the Eleven Men to the casino patrons, who immediately agree to be their bodyguards, saving their asses when it looks like they're about to get gunned down.
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  • During the fight with Axl R.O., Johnny figures out a new way to use Tusk... but its first use gets him in trouble by saddling him with Axl's own "sacrifices" (which manifest as angry, murderous ghosts). Axl swipes his Corpse Parts and makes a break for it. Johnny's solution? Let Axl kill him - as he learned earlier, killing someone while Civil War is active makes them one of your "sacrifices" and brings them back. So he unhesitatingly lets Axl stab him in the throat, which causes him to appear unharmed right next to Axl and puts all of Axl's "sacrifices" back on their original owner.
  • Shortly after fight with Axl.R.O., three assassins attempted to gun down Johnny and Gyro. They disposed of them in seconds, without turning to face them or even breaking the conversation. And they did it in a middle of a crowd, without anyone noticing.
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  • Minor villain Magenta Magneta actually takes himself down in his first appearance by forgetting basic laws of gravity. After being rescued by Diego and being sent after Steven Steel, however, he takes a major level in badass, starting by appearing in Steel's carriage window suddenly and confusing him into holding a ruler to help with his new lack of depth perception and shooting him almost fatally. It then turns into a major fight between him and the newly allied Wekapipo, ending with Wekapipo and Magenta being thrown into the Delaware River and Wekapipo being forced to pull an Anubis/Notorious B.I.G by trapping Magenta underwater.
  • Lucy Steel of Steel Ball Run is frequently considered nothing more than a young, pretty piece of arm-candy for her industrialist husband. What she actually is, is a Determinator Guile Hero who makes up for what she lacks in combat prowess with her intelligence, perceptiveness, and willingness to do anything... ANYTHING to protect the people she cares about. It comes to a head when she defeats the second Diego Brando in his moment of triumph by showing up with the severed head of the original Diego, using the setting's rule of Never the Selves Shall Meet to kill him.
  • After countless trials and the death of Gyro, Johnny finally learns how to spin the steel ball, which results in his stand evolving. The evolved stand proceeds to open Love Train with its bare hands, and beat the shit out of Valentine.
    Johnny: Gyro...Thank you.
    • However, that is not to undersell the power of the Super Spin, as its abilities as shown by Gyro and then Johnny show that the nigh invincible Love Train can't deflect the ultimate infinite energy. The power of Ball Breaker was enough to force Valentine to age substantially in the span of seconds and would have killed Valentine on its own if the steel ball wasn't ruined, and Tusk's Super Spin chased Valentine down no matter what dimension he ran to and forced him underground. Valentine was completely defeated, and the saint's corpse wasn't going to save him.
    • Valentine's beatdown really has to be elaborated on: up 'til now, there haven't been many melee Stands in Steel Ball Run — that is, Stands that attack on their own, like Star Platinum or Crazy Diamond. And then Tusk evolves to ACT 4, busts open D4C Love Train's dimensional wall (something previously thought impossible), and Stand Rushes him, accompanied by a very familiar Battle Cry:
    • The way Tusk ACT 4's immense strength is portrayed deserves another special mention. It doesn't just bypass Love Train like Ball Breaker did or make it disappear or anything, it actually physically grabs onto the side of Valentine's pocket dimension and tears it open with its bare hands, with an unchanging expression. It's a hell of an introduction to a stand and pretty much the pinnacle of representing psychic powers in physical forms as Araki originally envisioned.
  • And even then, the fight isn't over yet! Johnny talks to the President, who is now immobile and cannot dimension-hop due to the Spin. He notes that he can bargain with Johnny, if he pleases, by bringing in a Gyro from another dimension to replace the one he killed. Johnny refuses, and tosses a pistol to the presidents side. He says that he'll trust the president if he picks up the pistol- as Johnny suspects Valentine is harboring another one on him to shoot Johnny with, which will fuse with the pistol at his side and break if Valentine touches it. Valentine hesitates, then reaffirms his values that he is in the right. He then whips out his pistol that he was hiding, even though he knew it would kill him. It did.
  • And even then, it's STILL not over! Johnny's final battle isn't against Valentine— it's against The World. The same The World from part 3, time stop and all.
    • At one point, DIO has Tusk Act 4 emerging from a hole in the wall next to it during a time stop. He considers it an excellent opportunity to take it's arm... Only to see Tusk Act 4 moving during the time stop. DIO runs away from it.
    • A villanous one for DIO managing to win the fight. During a final chase on a bridge, DIO uses his time skip ability to get close to Johnny and shot him, making him fall off his horse. Johnny manages to shoot his Tusk Act 4 one more time, and DIO calmly explaining how he's forseen it and allowing himself to get hit, only to chop off his own leg as it's hit and throwing it at Johnny, who's trap by his own infinite rotation and unable to undo it since, being dismounted, can't use the horse power to shoot another one and undo the damage. Then, with his leg still severed, he jumps on his horse and goes on to still win the race.

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