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Heartwarming / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run

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Spoilers Off applies to all "Moments" pages, so all spoilers are unmarked!

  • Gyro risking everything to save the life of a kid that he doesn’t even know goes to show what a Nice Guy he is.
  • Diego’s mom burning her own hands so that her son can have his dinner proves that she is hands down one of the best moms in the history of manga.
  • After Mountain Tim helps Lucy to escape from Valentine's compound, he is cornered and defeated by Blackmore. Blackmore offers to ignore Mountain Tim's transgressions and take him to a hospital if he sells out his co-conspirator. Tim refuses Blackmore, willing to die to keep his beloved's identity secret, before being shot in the head.
  • Johnny willingly hands over three corpse parts, the very items that have motivated him to come as far as he did, for Gyro's safety. It truly serves as a testament to how close the two have become, over the course of the race.
  • Wekapipo finding out that not only is his sister alive, but that none other than Gyro saved her life.
  • During the fight against Valentine, Johnny is about to be killed by him before Valentine hesitates upon seeing a mouse in the distance. Said mouse is implied to be Danny, meaning that he never left Johnny.
  • Johnny thanking Gyro as he’s about to unleash Tusk Act 4 on Valentine is perhaps the single most touching-yet-heartwrenching moment in the series.
  • Toward the end, after years of animosity between them over the death of Johnny's brother, Johnny's father shows up at the start of the final leg of the race to cheer him on. And with one tearful glance from Johnny, we knew they have finally made peace with each other.
    George Joestar: Ladies and Gentlemen! Please, please hear me out for a moment. I am that boy.... Johnny Joestar's father... Only now, after all these years do I realize that I have been unforgivably cruel towards him.... (Barely holding his composure) I know... that no matter how much.... I apologize... there may be no way to undo the harm... I wrought on his heart.... But... (trembling in tears) Johnny.... all alone.... My Little Boy.... came all this way from the West Coast to here.... I'm so proud of him! Thank you for hearing me out!"
  • The story ends with Johnny being able to walk and taking the corpse of Gyro back to his home in Italy. As he leaves, Johnny embraces the breeze of the Atlantic ocean and recollects all the experiences he and his friend shared during the race.
    Why don't we pray that we have a safe voyage, crossing the Atlantic and getting you [Gyro] back home... "home... let's go home..."
  • A minor one from a minor character, but during the last stretch of the race, we see a small act of quiet, dignified kindness from Baba Yaga. Despite the fact that he has been doing relatively well and was one of the frontrunners during the 8th stage, when he finds that his horse has been injured, rather than pushing it further for a chance at victory, he quietly steps off, hugs the horse and retires from the race. No anger, no drama, just a palpable, wordless "you did your best" to his partner, and off he goes into the sunset.