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Heartwarming / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.
The one time that having your worldview be shattered makes your life better.
With five stories having been wrapped up, they all culminate into the events of Stone Ocean, and with it bringing the story arc of the Joestar Bloodline to a close, it has to make everything they went through all worth it.

  • Emporio calls Jolyne 'big sister' from the moment he meets her, and in turn she's quite protective of him.
  • After getting back the money she'd loaned to another inmate via sprinkling the remains of a quarter into her drink, Jolyne encourages another inmate (who she'd seen getting exploited earlier) to take advantage of her trick to get her own money back. Jolyne might be one of the rougher JoJos, but she still has the heart of a Joestar.
  • Jolyne's absent father, Jotaro, sends her an amulet in prison. Inside is a picture of her parents, but it also maims her finger, so in disgust she throws it away. Turns out that the amulet also contained the tip of a Stand Arrow, which awakens her Stone Free and helps her survive the many dangers of the prison, and later on when Jotaro visits her in Prison they are attacked and cornered by an assassin. Jotaro stops time and moves to protect Jolyne, only to have both his Stand disc and memory disc taken by Whitesnake. Before he passes out, he hands Jolyne the amulet back, revealing that among everything else, it also contains a communicator to signal a submarine to break her out of jail and take her to shore, where she'll be safe. Jolyne finally realizes all that he's done for her, and demands "How can you?!"
  • Jolyne wrings her wet coat out on fearsome enemy Foo Fighters, revitalizing them even after it had nearly killed her because she realized that it wasn't protecting Whitesnake's discs out of a loyalty to Whitesnake but rather because it was protecting its own identity and intellect, which had only become real after gaining its powers from the Foo Fighters Stand disc. Foo Fighters is so grateful that they possess the dead body of a prisoner named Atroe and uses their great power to aid Jolyne. They even state that until then they had not lived, and was only mindlessly protecting the discs, but after meeting Jolyne, they had truly began to live.
  • The anime adaptation gives Ermes' revenge against Sports Maxx much more levity. Once she's pummeled Sports Maxx into dust, a light shines where his body dissipates, and from it comes Gloria's spirit... who proceeds to give Ermes a hug.
  • A minor one, but when they first leave the prision, we get to see Emporio happily admiring everything around him, finally getting the chance to act like a normal kid for a change. Specially significant since it's the first time in his entire life that he's been out of Green Dolphin.
  • When Jolyne and Ermes are ready to chase Pucci and Donatello Versus into the hospital, Emporio says he wants to come with them, but Jolyne refuses, on account that she entrusts him to deliver Jotaro's Memory disc to the Speedwagon Foundation. The real heartwarming part comes in how, true to Emporio referring to her as a sister figure, Jolyne calmly reassures him that he can do it, and gives him a kiss on the cheek.
  • In spite of the controversy it has created, the ending to this part with the universe reset can be heartwarming when you think real hard about it. After all of the hard battles our protagonists have been facing since Part 1, the ending of Stone Ocean ends with our protagonists doing the impossible by having Emporio end the never-ending battle against evil and create a world where there is no more adversity for our heroes. After everything that has happened since the beginning it is comforting to think that the heroes got what they wanted in the end.
    • Another in relation to the ending is the implication that much like Jolyne and her friends, many of the beloved characters who died in previous parts may have came back to life in the new universe under new identities. While its very likely that most of the characters are no longer the people they once were this means that Bruno, Abbacchio, and Narancia may have been able to reunite with Giorno and the other Gang-Stars, Polnareff no longer has to live inside a turtle and may have been reunited with Avdol and Iggy and maybe even Cherie, Kakyoin may have finally returned home to his parents, and possibly even Old Joseph meeting an older version of Caesar. It's also implied that Jotaro became a better parent to Jolyne without any stress nor indications of ongoing threats.
  • A very minor anime-only moment during the ending sequence is Irene telling Anakiss to stop the car for the hitchhiker, who by appearance is Weather's incarnation in the new universe. In the original manga it was left ambiguous on if Irene and her friends had taken in this strange man for their trip to visit Jotaro, but the anime clears up any doubt and shows him running for the car just before the credits roll. Even through time and space and another universe entirely, Jolyne will always take time to help her friends.
  • Dio and Pucci's relationship deserves a mention. While one would be quick to crack jokes about the overt sexual tension between them, the two have a connection that can reasonably be deemed a bromance. Dio interacts with Pucci the way a teenage girl would with her bestie, and even feels guilty for doubting Pucci's loyalty to him. Everyone else in Dio's life he's used for his own pleasure, be they henchmen or sexual lovers, but Pucci is the only human he's had any sort of compassion for on a deep, intimate level.